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Latest data on #Russia's federal budget in May: Oil and gas revenues decline, but still more than 2021 (nominal). Other revenue (VAT etc.) below 2021, despite 17.1% inflation. 1/
Contracting imports clearly visible in VAT statistic (dark blue = this year).
Unfortunately, Minfin will not publish detailed montly data on budget expenditure anymore. It is supposed to make it harder to impose #sanctions (but the only real rationale I see is hiding problems or spending on the war). 3/…
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Pakistan’s Budget Isn’t Enough to Unlock IMF Loan, Citi Says - @business
#Pakistan’s plan to trim its #deficit by slashing spending may not be enough to convince the International Monetary Fund to resume its loan program, according to economists at Citigroup Inc.

The tax-to-GDP ratio is budgeted to rise to 9.2% of gross domestic product in the year starting July 1 from 8.6%, which seems low versus Pakistan’s emerging market peers and its own history. Interest payments are estimated to consume about 44% of revenue.

#Pakistan #KSE100
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Wo stehen wir mit dem #Klimaschutz in 🇩🇪? Die #Umsetzungslücke ist groß, die Regierung will die Lücke mit einem #Klimaschutzsofortprogramm aus Oster- & #Sommerpaket schließen. Wo stehen wir im politischen Prozess? Und sind die Ziele ambitioniert genug?
Eine Einordnung 1/n🧵
2/ Die Ziele aus dem #Klimaschutzgesetz kann man mit dem vergleichen, was mit bestehenden Maßnahmen erreicht wird (Basis: Projektionsbericht 2021). Schon bis 2030 besteht eine #Umsetzungslücke von über 1Gt, worauf #Habeck @BMWK in der #Eröffnungsbilanz selbst hingewiesen hat. Eröffnungsbilanz BMWK:
3/ Die Regierung will die Lücke in zwei Schritten schließen: mit dem #Oster- & #Sommerpaket, die zusammen das #Klimaschutzsofortprogramm bilden. Spätestens 2024 will die Regierung wieder auf dem Zielpfad sein. Die eigene Benchmark der🚦-Regierung ist also gesetzt. Eröffnungsbilanz BMWK:
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ARTF & the #World_Bank approved 3 projects totaling $793 million that will provide urgent& essential food, livelihood& health services to Afghans. All 3 projects will be implemented off-budget out of the interim #Taliban admin’s control, through #UN& NGOs.…
The 3 projects:
1. The Afghanistan Emergency Food Security Project will help in the production of food crops for smallholder farmers& prevent the further deterioration of food security. The project will focus on wheat production, supporting about 300,000 households in two rounds.
2. The Afghanistan Community Resilience& Livelihoods Project will help provide short-term livelihood opportunities& deliver urgent essential services in rural& urban areas. The project aims to provide livelihood&income for 1 million households in 6,450 rural communities&8 cities.
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At present, the #SriLankan economy is extremely precarious. Although the former government’s budget projected revenue of SLR 2.3 trillion, SLR 1.6 trillion is the realistic projection of this year’s revenue: PM of Sri Lanka #RanilWickremesinghe, in #Colombo

#Economy #SriLanka Image
The estimated govt expenditure for this year is SLR 3.3 trillion. However, due to increase in interest rates & addl expenditure of ex-govt, total govt expenditure is SLR 4 trillion. Budget deficit for the yr is SLR 2.4 trillion. This amount equals 13% of the #GDP: PM of Sri Lanka
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A short 🧵 on oil&gas revenue: It always accrues with a lag, so a strong April for the #budget = a strong March for oil&gas, driven in part by a weak ruble. Taxes on #oil production in March had a very high coefficient (Urals at 91, USD/RUB at 104) and were paid in April. 1/3
The same holds for export tariffs which are based on past prices. Tariffs per ton are lower starting May 1.
Crude oil export tariffs per ton:
January 46.7 USD
February 47.7 USD
March 58.3 USD
April 61.2 USD
May 49.6 USD
This means that oil&gas revenue will be significantly lower in May. Reuters estimated that oil production tax could fall from 1.3 trillion to 0.73 trillion for April (paid in May). Needless to say: This is still very comfortable for the Russian budget. 3/3
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Can we see war costs in #Russia's federal budget? I looked for any indications in monthly budget data. Disclaimer: #Budget execution is often erratic and it's difficult to draw conclusions from one data point. I first looked at National Defence - not much to see here. 1/7
There is a small increase in Economy, but it does not look significant (especially since the data is not adjusted for inflation). 2/7
Maybe the most interesting change: Healthcare. There is a strong increase, but it coincided with a big wave of Covid19 infections. 3/7
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[ thread 🧵 on the NOC’s LFB account ]

In late May 2019, Belqacem Haftar visited DC in a bid to secure U.S. assistance in setting up a mechanism meant to deposit $$$ proceeds from #oil exports into a special account in lieu of sending them straight to the CBL in Tripoli.
The next year, in the summer of 2020, the US & the UN endorsed the idea of preventing oil $$$ proceeds from being funneled directly & systematically to the CBL in Tripoli.

But the rationale now promoted was not the one advocated by Haftar & his associates.
In 2020, international diplomats began suggesting the formation of a special #committee overseeing the equitable & transparent distribution of oil #revenues among the three provinces, & among essential #budget categories.

Said #committee would be above the govt & above the CBL.
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How to reduce the Cost of a Typical Maisonette by 40% through Design Thinking.

A Short Thread. 🧵

#Bungalow vs. #Maisonette

The most common reasons people build Maisonettes are

1. To have less footprint on the ground.
2. To afford family members a common room upstairs
3. To fit the hype of a neighbourhood.
4. The aesthetic of Maisonettes is attractive.
5. To enjoy better views beyond.
The most important factor that affects the overall cost of a building is the Size.

Size is everything. From it are all costs resultant, from Consultancy Fees to Finishing Costs

One can fulfill optimum cost by reducing the most expensive part of a Maisonette : The Upper Floor
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IVCA Gets New Top Team: @BKartRed of @BlumeVentures To Take Over As Chair, Ashley Menezes of ChrysCap is Vice Chair reports @Shruti_Malhotra

@SiddarthMPai @RajanAnandan
@Sequoia_India @ShereenBhan…
@BKartRed @BlumeVentures @Shruti_Malhotra @IndianVCA @Accel_India @SiddarthMPai @RajanAnandan @Sequoia_India @ShereenBhan Karthik Reddy's appointment as Chairperson comes as the Indian Venture & Alternate Capital Association (@IndianVCA), an apex, not-for-profit body for all alternative #investments in India elected its new executive committee for a 2-year term from 2022–24. Image
Driven by @IndianVCA's Executive Committee Members (2020-22), the industry body’s efforts have been recognised by the #Budget 2020 & 2021 with several key notifications, said Renuka Ramnath, Outgoing #IVCA Chairperson, & Founder, MD & CEO, @MultiplesPE. Image
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Suivez en direct mon enfilade de gazouillis alors que je prends la parole sur le projet de loi #C16 (Loi portant octroi à Sa Majesté de crédits pour l’administration publique fédérale pendant l’exercice se terminant le 31 mars 2023).
Le #C16 prévoit le financement de ce que l’on appelle les « crédits provisoires », qui donnent au gouvernement le pouvoir de dépenser, avant l’approbation du Budget principal des dépenses.
Étant arrivé ici avec une expérience assez étendue dans le secteur privé, je peux vous assurer que ce processus déclenche des signaux d'alarme pour moi.
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Follow my live🧵below as I speak to Bill #C16 (An Act for granting to Her Majesty certain sums of money for the federal public administration for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023).
Bill #C16 provides funding for what is known as “Interim Supply” which grants spending authority for the government, prior to the approval of the Main Estimates.
As someone who came to this place with a fairly extensive background in the private sector, I can assure you that this process raises red flags for me.
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Thread: The President’s #budget released yesterday would provide $71.9 billion for HUD programs, a 9% increase over the FY22 bill enacted earlier this month. Many of the new funds are targeted to people who need them the most – as it should be. Here are some highlights:
The budget requests sufficient funding to maintain existing #Housing Choice Vouchers and expand assistance to an additional 200,000 households.
Due to limited funding, only 1 in 4 people eligible for rental assistance receive it. The majority of those in need are people of color, and new vouchers will help more people access stable #housing.…
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Warum ist der #Budget-Ansatz zwar gut, um die Dringlichkeit des #Klimaproblems aufzuzeigen, aber kein geeigenter handlungsleitender Ansatz auf nationaler Ebene? Das zeigen @Oliver_Geden und ich in dieser Analyse… @MCC_Berlin @SWP_Europe
Ein thread 1/n 🧵
2/ Auf globaler Ebene gibt es einen fast linearen Zusammenhang zwischen kumulativen CO2-Emissionen und Temperatur. Das CO2-#Restbudget gibt an, wieviel CO2 noch netto in die Atmosphäre abgegeben werden darf, um die globale Erwärmung auf ein bestimmtes Niveau zu begrenzen.
3/ Allerdings ist das #CO2Budget mit klimawissenschaftlich begründeten Unsicherheiten behaftet (zb Klimasensitivität, Beitrag non-CO2, neue Erkenntnisse). In den #IPCC Berichten wurden immer wieder Korrekturen vorgenommen. An der Dringlichkeit des Klimaproblems ändert das nichts
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Have you ever found yourself missing credit card debts, or losing money on subscriptions you made a year ago?

Reason: Your finances are not organized 💸

Let's fix it 🧵 👇
⚠️ Caution: Not trying to give you any financial advice.

Showing you how my Smart Finance Tracker @NotionHQ template solves the most common financial mistakes most people do.

Know more about the template 👇
You need to get mindful of your finances. The most common mistakes people do are:-

- Going Without a Plan (Budget)

- Not clearing your debts first

- Never trying to invest

- Not tracking your subscriptions

- Not Reflecting on your transactions
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Whether you´re new to gambling, or have been a seasoned card or Slots player at live casinos, it´s important that you set a gambling #budget and ensure that you stick to it. It’s no secret that people who gamble often become #addicted to the thrill they receive… when they begin; and like with any addiction, those who are addicted to gambling find themselves needing to up the ante in order to get the same feeling of excitement that they did in their early gambling days. Those who become addicted to gambling may find a need to increase the amounts that they wager to increase the thrill, and hopefully increase the size of the jackpot available to them; although while their risks may increase,
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Infrastructure as a Theme

A Thread!

#stockmarket #investing #infrastructure #infrastocks

To understand the infrastructure cycle, we go back in time and look at our previous super Capex cycle, which started from 2003 to 2012

#capex #Markets

We saw that the commodity prices were increasing, reforms such as the Electricity Act came into play and government spending grew at a rapid pace of 23% CAGR. This led to overall growth in the capital cycle

#commodity #economy

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A Thread on Income Tax and Middle Class

1. #UnionBudget2022 placed. Apart from several excellent proposals and measures suggested in order to achieve sustainable growth of National economy, government suggested no change in the existing income tax rates and exemptions. This is
2. exactly where d typical middle class, generally unaware of the intricate details of economics, remain interested. This is exactly the issue which concerns them the most and this is what they treat as yardstick to measure the extent of concern the government shows towards them.
3. Not unlike with any other previous governments of independent India,this time too they feel deprived. To understand the matter a little more precisely and to judge the extent of justification behind this feeling of the middle class, let us penetrate a little further.
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Busting some myths about #IncomeTax Hon FM said during her budget speech that we are largely a tax *'non- compliant'* society and presented that only *3.7 Crores* are filing ITRs in this poor country of 125 Crore population.

We have 82 Crore Voters out of which,
*75% are Agriculturists/Farmers* i.e. 61.5 Crores (You exempted them straightaway, but they can buy cars, bungalows etc. as you quoted. Your political colleagues, who called themselves agriculturist/farmers,are also enjoying this exemption*)
*Balance remains, 20.5 Crores*

*Less:24% BPL Class* (Below poverty line)

Means 15 Crore population (who are non-agriculturist and non-BPL).
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🪡 The day after the #UnionBudget is the closest India’s media comes to peddling pornography. There’s so much public display of affection—ranging from flirting to petting, from kissing to kissing the ass—that the moral police could easily charge it with indecency. (1/5)
2️⃣ There are the usual diabetes-inducing 10/10 pronouncements of the “captains of industry”, drafted by hacks-turned-PR shills, competing word for word with newspaper headlines, which compete with #PIB releases. Like, “#Nirmala presents ‘Amrit Kaal’ budget”.
3️⃣ Although India has been warned of the “2A variant” by former chief economic advisor Arvind Subramaniam, only @gautam_adani has dropped his pearls of wisdom on @nsitharaman’s offering. Mukesh Ambani has let employees of his execrable TV channels to bare their patriotic fangs.
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Key Highlights of Budget 2022

#Budget2022 #StockEdge
E-passports, the issuance of E passports using embedded ship and futuristic technology will be rolled out in 2022-23 to enhance the convenience for the citizens in their overseas travel.
#Budget2022 #StockEdge
States will be encouraged to revise syllabi of agricultural universities to meet needs of natural, zero-budget & organic farming, modern-day agriculture.
#Budget2022 #StockEdge
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Nirmala Sitharaman presents #Budget2022 in Parliament, #Sensex jumps over 800 points

Catch all the #BudgetSession2022 live updates.👇…

The Budget seeks to lay a blueprint for the next 25 years, says the finance minister.

“We are confident of withstanding challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic,” says #NirmalaSitharaman.

Catch all the #Budget2022 live updates.👇…
Nirmala Sitharaman says the government strives to provide necessary ecosystem for middle class.

“This Budget hopes to lay the foundation for Amrit Kal from India at 75 to India at 100,” she adds.

Catch all the #Budget2022 live updates.👇…
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PLI in 14 Sectors to create 50 lakh new jobs and additional production of Rs 30 lakh Cr

Budget lays blueprint of Amritkaal

Modern Infra for India at 100 with Multi modal approach

PM GatiShakti,Energy transition, Climate Action to fuel Sustainable development

PM #GatiShakti Master Plan to power 25000km of Highways

Unified Logistics Interface Program for JIT Inventory Management

Railways to fuel Logistics for Small Farmers

One Station One Product for Local Businesses

2000km under Kawach

400 Vande Bharat Trains
100 Cargo Terminals
NRDP for Better Connectivity

Rs 20000Cr to boost Transport Infra

Rs 2.73 lakh Cr as Public Procurement/MSP for Wheat &Paddy

Focus on Natural,Chemical Free& Zero Budget Farming

Drones for Agriculture

ECLGS till March 2023,with total cover of Rs 5 lakh Cr

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Hello readers!

The Union budget speech is seconds away!

Stay tuned for #BudgetBytes
FM reiterates estimated GDP growth of 9.2%. Recognises potential for robust growth despite omicron.

Committed to strengthening the abilities of the poor and financial inclusion: FM

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