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It’s that time of the year when we look back on how India charted new pathways in #Diplomacy and left an imprint on the global agenda.
The year began with the 10th #IndiaJapan Strategic Dialogue, which provided a platform for blossoming of deep rooted ties into a special strategic & global partnership
The then Japanese Foreign Minister @konotaromp attended the summit along with the former EAM Smt. Sushma Swaraj
@konotaromp @MofaJapan_en @IndianEmbTokyo @PIB_India A World Reorder: New Geometries; Fluid Partnerships; Uncertain Outcomes.
The 4th edition of @raisinadialogue, a flagship annual geopolitical and geostrategic conference, was organised by @orfonline and @MEAIndia

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#WeekendReading Thread | @GreatGameIndia

Kartarpur Corridor - ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan

While the intention appears to be noble the larger Pakistani plot behind #KartarpurCorridor is ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan directed at the #Khalistan2020 Referendum…
According to leaked information of a high-level meeting, the United States and India’s failure to reach a long-expected trade deal on Sept. 24 has sparked fears of a full-fledged India US #TradeWar.…
A scientist with the National Remote Sensing Centre #NRSC of the Indian Space Research Organisation #ISRO was found murdered in his apartment in #Hyderabad.…
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Huge foreign policy setback as Xi announces support to Pakistan on Kashmir just ahead of India-China Mammalapuram summit where he is meeting Modi

Remember, China had backed Pak even at UNSC & UN General Assembly

Not internationalization of Kashmir?

During Xi's visit in 2014, when Modi hosted him in Gujarat, several MoUs about setting up of Chinese industrial parks, mega infra projects etc were inked. It was also agreed to reduce the trade deficit.

BJP & Media went gaga over it. 5 years later, nothing has materialised.

In 2015, Modi visited China & met CEOs of top Chinese companies. The two countries signed MoUs worth $22 billion

Media PR went into overdrive saying it's a big win for Make in India

Reality: 4 years later, Modi's visit yielded no breakthroughs on border issues or business

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Day 0: Terror threat
Day 1: 370, UT, precautionary measure
Day 2: Everything is normal.
Day 10: Everything is becoming normal
Day 20: Kashmir is returning to normalcy
Day 30: Kashmir is normal, but you can't go there.
Day 40: This is normal for Kashmir
Day 50: ...1/
Day 50: Kashmir is normal only but can't disrupt militants communication without shutting off ALL communication
Day 60: Soon there will be normalcy.
Day 70? 80? 90? 100?........

Govt keeps bringing "normal" to normalcy and gets further and further away. #StandWithKashmir 2/
Forget sympathy for Kashmiris. Forget any "human" feelings for them. Say Kashmiris are evil and must die only. No one cares. Ok fine.

How is it helping the ANYONE?

Are Kashmiri Pandits closer to going home? 3/
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After raising protest in a letter to President Trump, now American lawmakers have acted legally against India over the #Kashmir issue urging for US intervention. What makes the report more startling is that the doc was submitted just days after #HowdyModi…
On 12 Sept 2019 Senators Chris Van Hollen, Todd Young, Ben Cardin and Lindsay Graham wrote a letter to President Trump raising concerns over #Kashmir issue. Congressman Eric Swalwell said Kashmir is not just about India but has worldwide military, economic and moral consequences.
In a first step towards legislative action by American lawmakers against India over #Kashmir US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has added an appeal to end what it calls a “humanitarian crisis” in Kashmir in its report ahead of the annual Foreign Appropriations Act for 2020.
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This USA visit was an extremely productive one. Over the last few days, I have been able to take part in a diverse range of programmes, the outcomes of which will greatly benefit India and our development trajectory.
At the @UN, I shared my thoughts on how India’s development strides have transformed the landscape of our nation and how India will keep working towards making our planet more peaceful, prosperous and harmonious. I also had excellent bilateral meetings with fellow world leaders.
From the @UN forum, I shared views on India’s progress in healthcare, mitigating climate change and the need for all those who believe in humanity to come together to fight terror. India was honoured to host a special event marking the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
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Thoughts on @ImranKhanPTI interaction with @RichardHaass at @CFR_org
1)Pak IMF Bailout-Flip Flops, blames previous govts-No way out to wriggle out of CAD other than IMF hand.
2)Sino-Pak relations - sings praise of china (xi will be happy). Uighurs-cleverly, nicks query away.1/n
Professes world to learn from china.
3)US-Pak relations: Puts the ball on US for pivoting creation of Jihadi cretins. Disappointed over breakdown of afg talks - hopes to influence @realDonaldTrump to restart negotiations with Taliban & also to intervene in Info-Pak conflict.2/n
4)Query on contents of Abbottabad commission report on Osama Bin Laden fiasco - Squarely denies knowledge on contents of the report.
5) Query on power matrix with Gen Bajwa - Poodle fakes on him being in control & army backing him. Well Bajwa will be very happy on that.3/n
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7 weeks today since #Kashmir special status revoked by Indian govt. Landlines returning to life, but mobile phone and internet services still blocked. Fearing violence, parents aren’t sending children to schools. @soutikbbc…
Except for pharmacies, most shops closed. Some open, only in the evening. Police say militant outfits have been distributing pamphlets warning people against opening shops, banks, fuel stations.…
Locals allege security forces are spreading fear by illegally detaining men and boys. The BBC spoke to 17 families that alleged a child from their home was locked up for several days. Some said they were beaten. @shaluyadavbbc…
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As an Indian American, today's #HowdyModi/Trump rally feels absurd

Why celebrate someone trying to deport 500k Indians from the US, and kill #H4EAD, which allowed ~100k Indian women to work legally?

But here's the weirdest part…


#AdiosModi /1…
Indian American kids get bullied every single fucking day.

"Sand n*gger"
"Curry m*nkey"

The list goes on and on.

And it's been getting worse.

Because of Trumpism.

#AdiosModi /2…
There are lots of reasons why someone might disagree with Modi—civil liberties, environment, anti-minority politics, press, Kashmir…

But put that aside for a minute

The dude literally hugged the man inspiring violence against our children

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I have wanted for many months now, to identify as many US based anti-Hindu roaches of Indian background (desis). Thanks to the #HowdyModi event this weekend, they all came out and were easy to tell. Sharing the list here-

@tonyashai (not sure of his religion)
Swati Narayan
Manpreet K Singh

(I couldn't find twitter handles for above two but the screenshot below shows which orgs they work for.)
Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. (of Pannun Law Firm NY)

If you're anti-Modi or anti-BJP because of his Kashmir policy, you're for all intent anti-Hindu and your name is on this list (or will be soon).
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.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump:

“HELLO HOUSTON! I am thrilled to be in the beautiful state of TEXAS with one of America’s greatest and most loyal friends: Prime Minister @narendramodi of India!”

#HowdyModi Image
“Prime Minister Modi and I have come to Houston to celebrate everything that unites America and India: our ‘shared dreams and bright futures’. I have also come to express my profound gratitude to the nearly 4 million amazing Indian-Americans all across our country.“ Image
“The ties between our two nations are grounded in our common values and our shared commitment to DEMOCRACY. We are free nations, with great faith, and a fierce devotion to our national independence.“ Image
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the big take away - India now want to give two hoots to any future Democrat administration's histrionics like they did with often given lectures by the likes of Robin Raphaeil, Madeline Alfbright or Clintons. Basically they showed middle finger. 1/n #HowdyModi
It is a deal (negotiator Vs deal talk by Modi) with Republicans - u scratch and I scratch. Basically using our Indian American networks, the Indians here will be asked to vote for Republicans in key swing states. FL, NC, SC, OH. Screw NY, NJ and CA 😂2/n #HowdyModi
This is a new diplomacy format where Modi will bring his strengths in visiting country. Diplomacy is no more just between leaders and babus. It includes the soft power into mix. 3/n #HowdyModi
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The global importance and power of the economic/military alliance between the United States and India is epic in proportions. It is reshaping the world in real time. #HowdyModi
India will be assertive in pursuit of border and national security interests with the full backing of the United States. Pakistan and China are shook.
Pakistan is the flagship of China's "Belt and Road" initiative as is evident by the $47 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). China erred significantly by including the disputed region of Kashmir in their plan. CPEC is blocked.
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In #Pakistan, Govt & pundits shouldn't make too much of #Trump appearance at #HowdyModi. It's a circus for #Indian PM, endorsing @realDonaldTrump for a 2nd term while the pro-#India lobby in DC works with anti-#Trump base, & hoping to keep him away from #Kashmir if possible @AQpk
PM #Modi has this in mind while trying to appease #Trump at #HowdyModi: #American restrictions on I.T. visa abuse by #Indian immigrants (aka 'Skilled Immig'), ending #India oil imports from #Iran, jeopardizing #Indian interests in #Afghanistan, & Trump rehabilitating #Pakistan
#Trump turning the screws on #India on trade tariffs, forcing end to oil import from #Iran & forcing India to buy from #USA/#KSA/#GCC, talking to #Pakistan on #Afghanistan, & restricting immigration from India, are things that worry #NewDelhi deeply. Watching #ImranKhan in....
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Speaking at #AdiosModi protest of #HowdyModi about how Modi's totalitarian regime is crushing freedom of expression & thought throughout India — raiding homes of professors, writers, activists to interrogate them about the books they own or their pictures of Ambedkar on the wall.
While naked & homeless children survive only by begging in the streets of Delhi, the capital of India, that nation's autocratic ruler just squandered over $2.5 million for a 3-hour spectacle with no other purpose than to whitewash his blood-drenched history. #HowdyModi #AdiosModi
We need to thank the American politicians who heroically refused to attend this event today. I want to name some names. That includes people like Congressman @BradSherman & @RepAlGreen. #HowdyModi #AdiosModi
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PM Narendra Modi's address at 'Howdy, Modi' event: Top quotes


#HowdyModi #HowdyModiWithTimes
We are working tirelessly to achieve a New India: PM @narendramodi

Keep following our LIVE blog for more details:

#HowdyModi #HowdyModiWithTimes
@narendramodi “We are challenging ourselves, we are changing ourselves,” says PM @narendramodi

Keep following our LIVE blog for more details:

#HowdyModi #HowdyModiWithTimes
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Let this immigrant kid from Uttar Pradesh finally be useful, live tweeting a translation of #HowdyModi speech by @narendramodi in Hindi. He apologizes to the Indian Americans who couldn't make it into the venue.
It's live here:
@narendramodi "Houston is strong," ha ha in English. "The name of this event is Howdy Modi. Howdy Modi. However, Modi alone is nothing."
@narendramodi "Everything is fine," again LOL in English. All is fine in the liberal democracy of India. Everything is moving forward....
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What all haven’t they done to bring down Narendra Damodardas Modi ?
Everyday we learn anew how these Merchants of Poverty kept India fettered & chained for their own personal gain & greed.
Today, from the very heart of a country, which once denied him a visa because of these same Merchants, threatened by the possibility of a Narendra Damodardas Modi, he stands in an humongous arena, symbolic at so many levels.

A son risen from the soil to an undisputed position
with a thumping mandate via a democratic process,
a hardworking, beacon of hope,
an instiller & motivator of pride in our own abilities,
a proud Indian, unapologetic Hindu, comfortable in his skin, to the relief of millions who exhaled after centuries.
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This is the story Mr President — looking forward to full exposure and investigation.
Enjoy your flight to Texas❤️🇺🇸 President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure via @YouTube
@YouTube I just can't stop smiling, PM Modi is introducing you Mr President. Houston's loving PM Modi and their President!
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People have started arriving at NRG stadium in Houston, Texas, to attend #HowdyModi event.

#ModiInUSA #HowdyModiWithTimes

Picture credits: ANI

LIVE blog for more details:
Press delegation boarding Air Force One; President of the United States,
, will be attending #HowdyModi event in Houston, today

Keep following our LIVE blog for more details:

#HowdyModi #HowdyModiWithTimes
@realDonaldTrump Dhols, Dhamaal and Dances at the NRG stadium before PM @narendramodi arrives to address crowd at Houston.

#HowdyModi #HowdyModiWithTimes

Keep following our LIVE blog for more details:
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My upcoming USA visit would include various high-level programmes that would further cement India’s ties with USA, important multilateral events and interactions with the Indian community as well as business leaders. Here are the details.
The USA visit begins with a wide range of programmes in Houston. I would be interacting with top energy sector CEOs, various groups of Indians based there and top ranking leaders of USA. The programmes in the energetic city of Houston will surely add greater energy to our ties.
On Sunday, the 22nd at 10:15 AM local time there would be a large community programme in Houston. We are honoured that @POTUS @realDonaldTrump is gracing the programme with his presence. This gathering would be a new milestone in India-USA ties. #HowdyModi
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