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Feb 26, 2021 19 tweets 17 min read
1/19 Want to provide counternarrative to piece @TodaywithClaire @MacCoillte with @NiamhOBeirne from @HSELive re #covid19 & #Antigen testing-see "Track & Trace" segment from 4'50" onward @LeoVaradkar @CarrollJennifer @MurphyEoghan @MichealMartinTD @DonnellyStephen @michaelmina_lab 2/19… NO'B stated #Antigen tests are 50~60% sensitive at most in asymptomatics & only recommended by HSE in symptomatic patients such as in outbreaks or hospital settings. Its v disappointing that a health official with such a huge audience would say this.
Feb 11, 2021 5 tweets 7 min read
#antigen testing again falsely discredited - this time by @GabrielScally on @cooper_m @TonightVMTV saying that it has “no particularly useful function” and is “positively dangerous”. Here he repeats the erroneous assertions of @deeksj in his now discredited @bmj paper @johndeeks was firmly rebutted here… by @michaelmina_lab @bealelab @profbuchan @louiseckenny @martinmckee @SMHopkins @jacquiavelli @ProfCalumSemple among several others
Oct 27, 2020 13 tweets 8 min read
1/13 Really interesting read Rory. Thx for sharing. I agree, its v difficult to remain clear headed when theres so much data & it can all be interpreted in different ways. Prof. @AndrewEwing11 is unhappy with #Sweden's strategy and has been openly critical - he's entitled to that 2/13 I think that data is being represented in a way that suits the narrative.I added extra columns:"since Aug 7" & "since Sept 7".I used Oct 14 as end point (date of publication).I also highlighted Netherlands in red as it was best performing in the table and good for comparison
Oct 25, 2020 11 tweets 9 min read
1/11 Want to talk about PCR testing. Cycle threshold (Ct) means how hard did the PCR test have to work (amplification cycles) to find viral genetic material. @robertfservice @michaelmina_lab @FatEmperor… 2/11 If Ct is low (lots of virus) then patient was shedding lots of virus & was infectious; if Ct is high (not much virus) then patient likely to be at end of infection or infected in the past and/or no longer infectious.