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No es por echarles a perder el fin de semana pero ¿recuerdan que marcelo dijo que estábamos comprometidos con @gavi y el proyecto #COVAX para tener acceso asegurado a la vacuna vs #covid19?
Pues … sorpresa !!!
Abro #Hilo
@gavi Pues resulta que ayer se venció el plazo para firmar el compromiso de compra… y no hay noticias de que hubiéramos firmado nada. 🙄
De haber firmado, México hubiera tenido que pagar el ENGANCHE (aprox. $1.30USD por dosis) el día 9 de Octubre.
@gavi Ahora bien, en un inesperado giro de la historia, en el camino AMLO® “nombró” a @HLGatell como responsable de encontrar las #vacunas vs #covid19 (además de toooda la chamba que tiene como super-subsecretario). Aparentemente eso marcó un mayor distanciamiento entre Marcelo y él.
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As we continue to open up the state and economy, today, I announced that students in JSS3 and SSS2 in all public schools in Lagos should resume physical classes for the new academic session from September 21, 2020. ImageImage
We encourage private school owners to consider staggered classes and alternate school days for their students. In the same vein, gyms and cinemas are allowed to open at 33% of their capacity while also ensuring all safety protocols are put in place for patrons. Image
I also announced further ease of restrictions on places of worships. Churches and mosques can perform daily prayers and mid-week services.

We are happy about the downward trend in reported cases of #COVID19 and we urge Lagosians to continue to follow all safety protocols.
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We have the protocols. Now we know how there will very likely be an Emergency Use Approval (EUA) for a vaccine prior to November 3. The company and political motivations are fully aligned.
1. The criteria for an EUA is that it "may be effective"… Image
2. Nearly every day we hear from @pfizer's CEO @AlbertBourla that they will know if their vaccine is working by the end of October.
Only the Data and Safety Monitoring Board is reviewing the data at specific intervals, the interim analyses
So how will they (Pfizer) know that?
3. The 1st interim analysis for that trial is at 32 events, infections, which can and likely will be mild. The stopping rules as reviewed by @biosbenk @EmoryRollins are "aggressive" and "unusual" for the number of interim analyses (4) and Bayesian approach… Image
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The instantaneous risk (i.e. at any time point) for a vulnerable person to get infected with #COVID19 in a random mixing population is simply the prevalence of the virus in the population.
Though, if we assumed that a % of a population will get infected eventually before the epidemic recedes, the entire population social-distancing increases the proportion of 'at-risk' people getting infected, relative to a scenario where only at-risk people sheltered.
The risk of #COVID19 to different demographies is highly variable, with elderly being at >1,000x higher risk than young people. As such, a reduction in the number of infections, but leading to a higher proportion of elderly being infected can lead to a higher death toll.
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Crec que aquest article cau en tots els errors que critica. Bàsicament, que s'està fent mala ciència i ens creiem els articles que diuen allò que volem sentir.
Diu coses que cal dir encara que no agradin, però es deixa al tinter les coses que TAMBÉ cal dir.
2 essencials.
/1 Image
La primera: la inclusió de la tecnologia educativa requereix una transformació pedagògica A FONS.

Sinó, estem mesurant FATAL el seu impacte.

Per entendre'ns: si posem un motor elèctric a un cotxe i, enlloc d'endollar-lo, li seguim posant benzina, NO FUNCIONA.

Doncs això estem fent amb l'educació i la tecnologia.

Tenim unes eines digitals que transformen radicalment la manera d'accedir al coneixement, de treballar amb ell i, en conseqüència, d'aprendre'n.

I seguim fent el mateix a classe.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/19/2020…
How to Ship a Vaccine at –80°C, and Other Obstacles in the Covid Fight…

#COVID19 #obstacle #vaccines
Let the Institutional Innovation Begin! (Part I)…

#innovation #institutions
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Thread - Schadenfreude

Justice Ginsburg should have retired during Obama's administration. She was diseased and terminally so, and knew it. She could have lived out her life comfortably.

But she was an arrogant and vain woman.
She, like so many others, believed that Hillary was "the chosen one", much like Anikin Skywalker was believed to be the "chosen one." She was entitled to be President, to *rule*.

And thus she would, and as a result RBG would retire in glory, as Hillary selected her replacement.
But -- she was wrong. Hillary was not the "chosen one"; she, like RBG, was a vain and arrogant woman.

And she lost -- to a literal scripted TV show host with a lot of money. The white-hot hatred that flowed through both subsequent to 2016 has driven the Left insane since.
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Are flights "safe"?

This is a question that I have been asked dozens of times by friends/colleagues/media

This week, @CDC_EIDjournal published a couple of reports of #covid19 transmission on flights


-… ImageImage
2/ The way I think about transmission here is the way I think about it anywhere—it can happen, but the question is what are the odds of it happening, & how do those weigh into the benefits/costs of the decision to travel?

Also, how can I further reduce the risk of transmission?
3/ First, in terms of those two studies, an important caveat—both describe transmission from before masking was required on flights.

They were from early March, where few people were masking on flights.

The index cases described here were not wearing masks. One was symptomatic.
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I think the least disruptive way to control #SARSCoV2 is to act early, focus on high transmission settings, masks, and Test-Trace-Isolate-Quarantine to keep Re below 1. But with rising cases, this strategy looks less and less plausible in many parts of Europe.
This could be a prelude to what I fear will be a difficult winter. Controlling #COVID19 will require combinations of tighter measures with difficult trade-offs and serious societal, health, and economic implications.

When implementing economic stimuli, we have to keep in mind that the pandemic is not the only crisis we face:

1) The pandemic will be over in 2021 or 2022 (widespread immunity, hopefully via a vaccine).

2) The climate crisis is here to stay.

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Enfin un éditorial qui pose l' #épidémie #Covid19 dans l'ampleur de ce qu'elle est:

"#SARSCoV2 ne fait pas que tuer" et porte "un niveau élevé de séquelles et de formes longues, voire chroniques" #covidlong et des conséquences socio-économiques 1/…
dont il serait temps de se préoccuper car il ne s'agit pas uniquement de la capacité du système hospitalier à absorber les flux de malades graves. A quel moment épidémiologistes et medecins vont-ils evoquer les risques #covidlong, compter et soigner tous les malades?
Le « coût » de l’immunité collective ne peut pas se limiter au compte des seuls morts. Et les chiffres prennent une toute autre envergure s’ils sont inclusifs de tous les effets de la maladie sur le corps social dans sa totalité.
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Thread 1/10: NEW Our @TheLancet Commission on #COVID19 just released its first set of detailed deliberations, heavy emphasis on global disparities.

While some statements may seem self-evident, we also raise some key non-obvious issues @richardhorton1…
Thread 2/10: Some large particles settle out of the air quickly because of gravity (2 m [6 ft] distancing rule), but majority are smaller particles that stay aloft travel beyond 2 m (6 ft)...large outdoor events often preceded or followed by indoor crowds at bars pubs restaurants
Thread 3/10: ...failure to control the pandemic is a style of political leadership that has been termed medical populism, political leaders “simplifying the pandemic by downplaying its impacts or touting easy solutions or treatments, spectacularizing their responses to crisis..."
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More data demonstrating the low (but not 0%) risk of acquiring #COVID19 on flights.

2 business class passengers likely transmitted virus to 2 flight attendants on this 15 hour flight in early March, 2020.

No mention of masks. Image

2nd example: On a 10 hour flight, 1 person (also reported in business class) likely transmitted to 16 others, out of 217 passenger & crew. Proximity a risk.

Once again: "Face masks were neither recommended nor widely used on airplanes in early March" Image

Could there be something about business class that facilitates transmission (e.g. seating arrangement/air flow, lax mask use)? Is this a real issue vs reporting bias? Not sure.

Other examples of rather limited #COVID19 transmission on planes here 👇

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We know #COVID19 testing is really about Collecting and Scraping our DNA for Genome Analytics and Data Science.

The Coronavirus (Retention of Fingerprints and DNA Profiles in the Interests of National Security) Regulations 2020 was recently extended.


As an open public example of this.

Coronagenes is using our #DNA from the PCR Tests to find out why some people get sick and some don't.

Uploading your #DNA home test data can speed up #COVID19 DNA genetic research.
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Nothing has changed. Yesterday morning, @realDonaldTrump was leading our country towards thousands of more deaths from #COVID19 as we pass the 200,000 mark this weekend. 1/
.@senatemajldr ever cynical, never caring refuses any real relief bill on the pandemic because he simply doesn't give a shit about any of us. 2/
The entire @GOP from @GOPChairwoman, to @GOPLeader, @kayleighmcenany will lie, obfuscate and distract from all this, because each of them is willing to sacrifice human lives for power. 3/
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A great court ruling against Penn. Gov. Tom Wolf's unending #Covid19 restrictions -- by William S. Stickman IV, U.S. District Judge:… I will tweet many delightful statements. You may follow the thread I'm about to start . . .
"Indeed, the greatest threats to our system of constitutional liberties my arise when the end are laudable, and the intent is good—especially in a time of emergency.
"In an emergency, even a vigilant public may let down its guard over its constitutional liberties only to find that liberties, once relinquished, are hard to recoup and . . .
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1) In less than two weeks, the number of Montreal schools affected by the #pandemic — but not necessarily declaring outbreaks — has nearly quadrupled. In this thread, I will try to explain what may be going on within the student population in the city.
2) Please compare the two maps below, courtesy of, the first dated Sept. 6 and the second today, Sept. 18. In the first map, Montreal counted two dozen schools where at least one student or employee tested positive. By Friday, that figure jumped to 93. Image
3) One of those schools, Herzliah, was forced Thursday to close for two weeks after a #COVID19 outbreak infected at least 15 students and a teacher. Six other schools have confirmed outbreaks less than three weeks into the academic year, according to the public health department.
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⚠️Airplane outbreak on a February London==>Hanoi Vietnam Airlines flight ✈️. Two key findings:

📌In business class, attack rate was 62% (13/21)

📌Among pax seated w/in 2 meters (2 biz seats) from case 1, 11 (92%) were #SARSCoV2 positive!

➡️ Flights not safe. #COVID19 🧵 below ImageImage
2) Of the 15 persons with flight-associated cases, 12 (80%) had traveled in business class with case 1, and 2 travelers (cases 14 and 15) and 1 flight attendant (case 16) had been in economy class. Image
3) the London woman had traveled to Milan and Paris for Paris Fashion Week (conventions again!!!) just before her London flight to Hanoi on March 1st.

➡️ we know these international travel is what makes pandemic spread so fast across globe.
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PCR positive for #COVID19 does not mean you are infectious

It means you have virus RNA

Like DNA left at a crime scene, it doesn’t mean the virus is still there

Virologists cautioned about equating PCR to live virus since the start of the “molecular revolution” in clinical labs
Why is this important?

Read the thread by @covidpath 👆 and I explain a bit more here 👇
To clarify the top tweet, it COULD mean you are infectious, but might not. A PCR with a very low Ct value means you are very likely infectious, should be isolated and contacts traced. Interpreting the Ct value is extremely helpful at the low Ct (high viral load) values to triage
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#COVID19 #coronavirus #amd09vault #amd09threads #amd09joemlibrary #17plus

Complete News Source
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In the last 24 hours, two more Ontario #LTC residents died of #COVID19:…

There remain 22 active Ontario #LTC home outbreaks (see figure).

@ASPphysician has challenged me to say what must be done to get this under control.

Here it is (a thread).

1/8 Image
We need swift action to control community transmission of #COVID19 which is getting out of control.

In our @CMAJ study, the prevalence of #COVID19 in the community surrounding a home was strongly associated with the odds of an outbreak (aOR = 1.91):…

2/8 Image
Controlling community transmission is imperative, as staff neighborhood characteristics are also significant predictors of outbreaks:…

As @DFisman showed, lagged staff infections were associated with death among #LTC residents:…

3/8 Image
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So we are in the second wave of the virus... people are terrified and moaning at the very thought of a second lockdown. It has already caused such detriment to people’s mental and physical health... BUT... I’ve been in ‘lockdown’ for over a decade... Image
All due to my chronic health condition. I was bed bound for over ten years and I’ve been mainly housebound for a further four. People have called lockdown a ‘prison’... but that prison has been my life... my entire world for ALL of my adult life
In fact, my life has been even more like a prison. What the general public faced, is more freedom than I’ve had since I was fourteen. Still, it was really hard for people. They struggled.
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#COVID19 #coronavirus #amd09vault #amd09threads #amd09joemlibrary #17plus

Complete News Source
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BREAKING NEWS: Utah records 1,117 new cases of #COVID19. It is the highest EVER for the state since the pandemic began in March. @fox13 #utpol #Utah #COVID19
.@GovHerbert told me today's cases were going to be really bad.

Here's the math on #COVID19 in Utah, per @UtahDepOfHealth...

Cases: 61,775 (1,117 new)
Tested: 743,737 (8,559 new)
Hospitalizations: 3,444 (43 new)
Deaths: 437 (0 new)

@fox13 #utpol #Utah
.@UtahDepOfHealth is reporting the rolling 7-day average for positive #COVID19 tests is 726 per day. The rolling 7-day average for percent of positive laboratory tests is 12.5%. @fox13 #utpol #Utah ImageImageImageImage
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🚨BREAKING: @HHSGov spokesman Michael Caputo and Dr. Paul Alexander tried to “browbeat” @CDCgov officials at the peak of the #pandemic—challenging the #science behind their public statements + attempting to silence CDC staff—to politically spin the data.…
When Dr. Anne Schuchat, CDC principal deputy director, advised Americans to #WearAMask and warned, “We have way too much virus across the country,” Alexander—a part-time assistant professor of health research methods—wrote: “Her aim is to embarrass the president.”🙄

Alexander emailed Caputo, “She is duplicitous,” asking him to “remind” Schuchat that thousands of Americans died “under her work” during the 2009 H1N1 swine flu outbreak.

12,500 Americans died of swine flu in 1 year vs. >200,000 of #COVID19 in 6 months💥…
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