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Daily media briefing on #COVID19 with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "As of 6am GVA time this morning, #China has reported a total of 77,362 cases of #COVID19 to WHO, including 2618 deaths.

In the past 24 hours, 🇨🇳 has reported 416 new confirmed cases & 150 deaths.

We’re encouraged by the continued decline in cases in 🇨🇳"-@DrTedros #coronavirus
@DrTedros "Earlier today the WHO-#China joint mission concluded its visit & delivered its report.

As you know, the team has traveled to several different provinces, including Wuhan"-@DrTedros #COVID19 #coronavirus
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So WHO doesn’t use ‘pandemic’ category anymore🤷🏻‍♂️: "There is no official category (for a pandemic)," WHO spokesman said. “For the sake of clarification, WHO does not use the old system of 6 phases — that ranged from phase 1 to phase 6 (a pandemic)” #COVID19…
2) but the @WorldBank still does have a “pandemic” threshold because it has a WB Pandemic bonds that defaults for investors if complicated series of triggers are met. Met yet? Not yet but we are close for #COVID19.…
3) Million$💰question: What triggers World Bank Pandemic Bonds’ full default? Complicated Class A/B rules+dates but basically >=2500 deaths across multiple countries, and min X in other countries in multiple regions. Dig in if you want to read full bond:…
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1. @WHO #Covid19 mission chief Bruce Aylward says the virus may be in China for some months.
The country will need to phase the lifting of the different containment measures, Aylward said.
From Beijing press conference.
@WHO 2. @WHO's #Covid19 mission chief Bruce Aylward says China's lifting of containment measures "is a risk" and is being managed very closely.
@WHO 3. @WHO #Covid19 mission chief Bruce Aylward says the virus "has to be considered capable of causing enormous health, economic and societal impacts in any setting."
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Due parole sulla narrazione grafica del #COVID19.
C’è un divario fra “il rischio” e “la percezione del rischio” che non si può eliminare del tutto. Compito di chi comunica, sia con i grafici che con le notizie, è far sì che questo divario sia il più stretto possibile. (1)
In Italia in questi giorni la mappa più rilanciata, tanto da essere lo sfondo per il Consiglio dei Ministri, è questa dello Johns Hopkins, come ha fatto notare ieri @ales9000. Vediamo la grafica. (2)
Sfondo nero e cerchi rossi sono una “scelta grafica”: potrebbero “significare” qualsiasi cosa, anche il numero di coniglietti per Paese, ma “comunicano” pericolo e morte. (3)
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Tabriz, NW #Iran
As regime officials refuse to provide any adequate aid for the public in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, ordinary people are distributing free face masks to help their fellow compatriots.
Tehran, #Iran
Scenes of individuals falling & losing their conscience in public as the coronavirus spreads across the country.
More people are complaining of regime officials refusing to take proper action.
The Iranian capital has a population of around 12 million.
-Kuwait: 3 people returning from #Iran infected by coronavirus.
-Iran Health Minister: 47 tested positive, 12 have died.
-Four tested positive in Gilan, northern Iran; two died. Officials waiting for test results of 70 patients. Most will likely be positive.
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IT IS TIME: people have asked if I’m prepping for #COVID19. I’ve evaded answering- but I think I’m ready to cross the Rubicon on the inevitable to arrive. “Fortune favors the prepared mind” ~Pasteur. Great preparation💪🏼 guide by @jonst0kes on what we need:…
2) Three key goals to aims for: 📌1. Be able to shelter in your home for at least two weeks (the longer, the better) without leaving for supplies or outside help. If we have a significant amount of transmission here in the US...
3) ...”you’ll probably want the option of avoiding other people and public places. Or, if things get really dire, it may be recommended or required that you stay in your home for a period of time.
📌2. Be able to protect yourself against picking up the virus.
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#Coronavirus UPDATE Feb 23 9PM EST
The current statistics for #China alone:
Of the 79,157 confirmed cases globally
- 76,554 cases are in China
-10,968 cases of those are severe
-2,450 patients have died
-23,532 have recovered
1a/7 Info outside China & US #Covid19USA 👇🏾
1b/7 #Coronavirus outside China Feb 23 9PM EST

Graphic indicates all cases outside China EXCEPT:
for the #DiamondPrincess
Of the 3,711 passengers and crew:
-691 are confirmed infected w/ #COVID19
-all are either hospitalized or quarantined

#US #Covid19usa Info below
#US #COVID19 Update Feb 16 9PM EST
- 36* confirmed cases in 6 states
- 42 states waiting on 50 test results
- US Citizens under Mandatory Quarantine: 750+
We are also monitoring the 320,000 US service members stationed in Europe.
2/7 #CoronavirusUS #Italy #Coronavirus #Covid
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My sister wrote abt niece possibly contracting #coronavirus during home Super Bowl Party in US and denied testing by Santa Clara County Health Department bc supposedly not qualified according to CDC guidelines on Chinese forum. Translation thread #COVID19…
“My kid having fever, even tho didn’t come into direct contact w people returning from China. But turns out people attending my Super Bowl Party at home had contact w people coming back frm China. 2 friends also sick with same symptoms as my child. doc denied my request 4 test”
Doctors all said if she hasn’t been to #Wuhan recently or come in contact with confirmed #coronavirus patients, then will not test. I insisted on X-ray today (Feb 19), she has pneumonia. I asked 4 test, was told to contact local health department which came back with same answer
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1/n Essential hyperlinks for #SARSCoV2 #COVID19

Past Time to Tell the Public: “It Will Probably Go Pandemic, and
We Should All Prepare Now”…
by Jody Lanard and Peter M. Sandman
Virology Down Under Blog by Ian M Mackay, PhD (EIC)
Feb 23 2020
@MackayIM 3/n Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), February 2020…
Page last reviewed: Feb 12 2020
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Lots to digest on #COVID19 this morning, will pick out some highlights from @JHSPH_CHS

First, preprint out of China looking at 93 SARS-CoV-2 genomes finding:
- Huanan market not the outbreak source but an amplifier
- Circulating widely earlier in Wuhan, from prob mid-late Nov
Global picture:
- 1402 cases outside China in 28 countries (new detection in Lebanon & Israel)
- 43 cases & deaths in Iran, spread from Qom > at least 4 other cities
- 602 cases in South Korea
- 132 cases, 2 deaths in Italy
- Diamond Princess cases now 691, 3rd death

Complicating infection control, this @SCMPNews report suggests people who have been discharged as 'recovered' have returned #COVID19 positives & remain infectious, prompting Wuhan authorities to quarantine all discharges for another 14 days…
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THREAD - Update on #covid19 #CoronavirusOutbreak #ireland We hope to hear conferences tomorrow from @WHO @HSELive with guidelines on where we go from here. Mass H2H transmission evident in many countries,including Italy. Italy was 1st country in Europe to close border w/China (1)
Why does Italy have so many cases and Ireland has none? Well Italy wisely began testing all pts presenting with flu like symptoms for #covid19, to see if evidence of H2H transmission, which they indeed did find. (2)
HSE currently only testing for #covid19 in pts with flu like symptoms AND travel hx to China or effected areas. Community acquired infection won't be picked up with these tests. Hence why we are not picking up on these cases. H2H transmission is undeniably occurring here too. (3)
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Der Virologe, der heute im Interview beim @ndr war, @ChanasitJonas, hat heute einen etwas kryptischen Thread abgesetzt. Ich will kurz darüber sprechen/übersetzen, wie ich ihn verstehe:
Behandlung der durch den Virus ausgelösten Krankheit (#COVID19) muss jetzt Priorität haben, 1/x
➡ und nicht das Eindämmen des Virus (in Fachkreisen #SARScov2 genannt) selbst. COVID-19 ist die daraus folgende Atemwegserkrankung. ABER: die (bedingt) erfolgversprechenden Medikamente Chloroquine & Resochin (eigentlich normalerweise für Malaria) werden nicht mehr in Dtld. 2/x
➡ produziert von Bayer. Engpässe bei effektiven Medikamenten, wie diesen müssen verhindert werden! (Dann liefert er einen Link+Screenshot der Studie, die auf eine Wirksamkeit des Malariamedikament bei #COVID19 hinweist.) Im 2. Tweet weist er darauf hin, dass die Ressourcen 3/x
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That's a tough question, but, if it helps, here's how I'm currently thinking about #COVID19 in the US.
To begin, it's always prudent to prepare, but not panic. I'd point you to @cmyeaton, @HelenBranswell, and @mlipsitch who are the rational experts (w/ consistent Twitter presences) that I look to for all things epidemic preparedness and this US Gov. site:
Regarding impacts, there's scant evidence that travel restrictions are feasible ways to prevent spread. That has not stopped governments from imposing them. Given the irrationality of our current admin, anything seems possible… &…
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There has been a lot of concern globally, about the capacity of African countries to respond in the event of #COVID19 outbreak

One clear difference between the 2014 Ebola outbreak and now, is the rise of regional health institutes- @OoasWaho & @AfricaCDC

Since the beginning of the #COVID19 outbreak in China, our coordination in Africa has been anchored by structures developed by @WHOAFRO, @AfricaCDC & @OoasWaho

These institutions have created a platform for collaboration, data sharing, training & capacity building
Through @AfricaCDC, colleagues from Member States have been trained in various areas in the last one month:

*Laboratory diagnosis
*Infection prevention and control
*Point of entry surveillance
*Risk communications

The use of regional resources for these training is exemplary!
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Posting or retweeting about the #COVID19 coronavirus on twitter?

You're playing a role of editor/reporter.

@mlipsitch and @BillHanage have written an excellent piece on how to responsibly communicate about the epidemic. It's a must-read.…
@mlipsitch @BillHanage They make a point (#2) I've been stressing when talking about #COVID19 misinformation.

With a fast-breaking situation we instinctually want the latest information. Yesterday's @NYTimes feels too old, so we turn to twitter.

But this *reduces* the quality of information we get.
@mlipsitch @BillHanage @nytimes The problem is, when you do that you open yourself up to all kinds of misinformation and disinformation. Rumors, misinterpretations, propaganda, etc.

Retweet dynamics on Twitter effectively select for the most alarmist, shocking, surprising information—not the most accurate.
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Why are scientists alarmed when the first #COVID19 cases we hear of in a country are deaths? I thought it worth clarifying.

It's not because we worry the virus is "bad", "getting worse" or "changing". It's because #SARSCoV2 *doesn't* seem to lead to death very quickly. (1/n)
It seems like #SARSCoV2 infection takes about 3-4 weeks to overwhelm someone & lead to death - if it does, which for many it does not.

But this then implies that when we see deaths, those people have had the virus for weeks beforehand... (2/n)
And if no cases or only very few, well-tracable cases were detected during those weeks, #SARSCoV2 was circulating undetected.

And then only detected in some people who got ill enough to die. We know that's only a small fraction of the population... (3/n)
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It’s time for a Pandemic thread for #COVID19

(prompted by questions from the excellent @MackayIM & @onisillos - thank-you)

🌏What is a pandemic?
🌍Are we in a pandemic?
🌎How do pandemic and PHEIC declarations differ?
🌏What is the impact of declaring a pandemic?

2. A pandemic refers to the spread of a disease worldwide or over a significant proportion of the world, generally considered to be two or more continents. “Pandemic” is a descriptive term, not a legal term, and specifically describes spread, not severity, of a disease.
3. Spread is more than just cases in a country but transmission. But @WHO pandemic guidance no longer delineates b/w limited/sustained human to human transmission (after H1N1). Rather, WHO uses 4 phases: pandemic is simply “global spread” with severity risk assessed separately.
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Let me pick up, where I left off yesterday: As #covid19 efforts shift from containment to mitigation, we have a window of opportunity to prepare the world. What does that mean?
There is a whole range of questions about what measures could and should be taken to slow down #SARSCoV2. I recommend this great thread by @mlipsitch to get a start on that.

@mlipsitch We will be talking about this a lot in the coming days and weeks. Every society will have to figure out what measures they deem reasonable and appropriate. But that is a discussion that needs to happen! So I wanted to focus on the point I raised yesterday about communication.
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NEW: A growing number of public health experts say #covid19 is probably impossible to stop, and that we're looking at a pandemic:…

Why? Allow me to thread:
New and growing outbreaks in Italy, Iran, South Korea, and on the cruise ship in Japan show how highly contagious this virus is, and how cases may be lurking silently in countries around the world.

But there's more reason to believe we're tilting toward or in a pandemic...
1) Countries are still mostly looking for the disease in people who’ve traveled from China. That means they're likely missing cases.

2) Flu season ongoing, this virus looks like flu, and it's possible cases are being missed that way, too...
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Astonishing spread of #SARSCoV2 in congregate settings is deeply concerning. We're seeing it in hosps, churches, prisons, cruise ships... These are significant amplifying events that could rep a "turning point" where it is no longer foreseeable that we can contain #COVID19.
Equally concerning, & connected to spread in congregate settings, is probable community transmission in Iran, Italy, South Korea, Japan. @CDCgov expects sustained transmission in US. These are all warning signs of foreseeability of #COVID19 pandemic.
While China reports reduced #COVID19 case counts (but rising deaths), it's foreseeable that #SARSCoV2 could become endemic in China, regionally, & specific countries on multiple continents.
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Are countries (like Italy) imposing quarantining measures and cancelations of mass-gatherings over-reacting? My sense is no, they are doing the right thing. #COVID19 is serious, and we need to take it seriously. Contrary to some statements, this is not “just like the flu”. /1
Looking at the numbers, the case fatality ratio is ~1% for COVID19. For seasonal flu, it's ~0.1%. Yes, some uncertainties around both measures, and lots of contextual dependencies; but we must assume a ~10x higher death rate. /2
Looking at the Chinese numbers from early February, 18.5% of cases were severe or critical, requiring hospitalization. For flu, that tends to be in the 1-2% (…) Again, we must assume ~10x higher hospitalization (severity / cases)./3
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Boletim de atualização #APPT @PneumoPR sobre o novo #coronavirus #2019nCoV

📌 🇰🇷 Coréia do Sul elevou o alerta para o nível máximo após o número de casos atingir 602.
📌 Desde 22/ Fev o @CDCgov passou a *Não recomendar #viagens #🛫 para #idosos ou portadores de doenças crônicas como #DPOC para: a #CoréiadoSul #🇰🇷, #Japão #🇯🇵 além da #China 🇨🇳, incluindo #HongKong.
📌 Itália 🇮🇹 - Número de casos de #COVID19 ultrapassou 100, sendo 89 na região da Lombardia.

📌 China 🇨🇳 - Número de casos atingiu 76.936 com 2.442 óbitos.
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥@realDonaldTrump laid out his plan to fuск with the Supreme Court right here: 1. I will sign papers for an EMERGENCY. 2. We will be sued in 9th COURT. 3. We will take it to the Supreme Court. 4. We will win. cc @AmandiOnAir @tribelaw @RepJeffries @keithboykin
💥BOOM💥One month before Trump projected the plan to use the power of declaring a national emergency in order to push his Abuse of Powers to his stacked SCOTUS, @ARTEM_KLYUSHIN broadcast Putin’s plan:
🔥🔥The president defended his national emergency by boasting that he’ll win at the Supreme Court because it’s full of HIS judges🔥🔥He said that he didn’t have to declare a National Emergency- he just wants to get it done faster😳…
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Reminder: As of today (Feb 23), the US remains extremely limited in #COVID19 testing. Only 3 of ~100 public health labs have @CDC test kits working and CDC is not sharing what went wrong with the kits. How to know if COVID19 is spreading here if we are not looking for it. 1/7
@cdc Now >10 days since CDC recalled kits w still no explanation for failure. Failure to share what went wrong hinders progress by all labs nationwide. Expeditious sharing of information is a must during epidemics. We say this to China and CDC should practice as well. 2/7 ...
@cdc Without more information, public health labs & well resourced hospital labs setting up CDC published assay in-house are held at complete standstill, unable to prepare for what will inevitably be concern for local transmission. 3/7 ....
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