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🧵/ NEW: UK study throws cold water (again) on the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” the upshots are:
🔸#VaccinesWork but #DeltaVariant changed the game so #MaskUp
🔸unvaxed kids are the fuel, vaxed adults are the match
🔸#DeltaVariant infection in fully vaxed persons is *common*
2/ The study involves nearly 100,000 persons, and it’s run out of the Imperial College London (UK). Here’s the link to a pre-print of the article:…
3/🔸#VaccinesWork: unvaccinated persons were 3X more likely to test positive than *fully* vaccinated persons
🔸44% of #DeltaVariant infections occurred in *fully* vaccinated… Image
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1/🧵🎥 Former ICU Nurse with #LongCOVID👇 describes disabling #POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)
“I'm an Ivy League grad & former ICU nurse who got COVID a year ago (before #vaccination). I had no medical problems & now suffering Long COVID so badly…”
2/ …”that I can’t work in the ICU and basically have a desk job. POTS & Long COVID gave me a racing heart, dizzy head & inability to function adequately in life. It’s horrible. My brain fog makes it impossible to execute tasks to care for patients. Life as I knew it seems over.” Image
3/ …she said, “It irks me to hear people downplay this disease when I'm suffering this badly a year later. I’ve been vaccinated myself now. We are surging again. People are scared. Let’s talk this out & find a way out of the €%£! pandemic.”
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📣Avant d'aller vous faire vacciner, le principe de précaution est de mise, ce thread me tiens à cœur.

-🛑-Thread (à dérouler).

#Maj le 29 juillet 2021. Image
- Objectif des travaux :
Faire le point sur les données précoces signalées après vaccination des 12 à 15 ans et des 16-25 ans par un vaccin ARNm. Les myocardites et péricardites sont particulièrement considérées ici.

- 2 études :
2 groupes sont comparés : 12-15 ans et 16-25 ans. Image
-Méthode 🧑‍🔬:
Deux bases de données ont été utilisées :

-V-safe 📱: outil pour smartphone qui utilise la messagerie texte et des enquêtes Web. Il permet d’informer le CDC des effets secondaires par les personnes vaccinées.

-VAERS 💻: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. ImageImage
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نه دوست دانشمندم.
گسترش واریانت دلتا به خاطر خستگی مردم نیست.
شما از کشوری صحبت میکنید که جان مردم را در میان کاسبان درمان تنها گذاشتند
نه یک ریال کمک هزینه این بحران را دادند. نه یک ریال در درمان بیماران کمک کردند.
نه یک پاداش کار حسابی به کادر واقعی درمان دادند.
نه نظارت اصولی بر کار بیمارستانهای خصوصی که خون مردم را در شیشه کردند.
نه در رسانه رسمی کشور، مرتب در مورد این بیماری آموزش دادند
نه در زمینه کاهش ارزش ریال سیستم های حمایتی فعال کردند.
نه با کنترل گرانی کمک کردند مردم تغذیه درست داشته باشند.
نه با سوبسید دارویی به شرکتهای
داروسازی قیمت دارو را ثابت نگهداشتند.
نه این مردم مقصر نیستند.
این مردم تا توانستند ایستادند. برای شرفشان ایستادند.
اینها همان مردمان جنگ هستند.
اینها همان مردمانی هستند که مجبورند در فضای ترسناک "پاندمی" برای اینکه از فقر گرسنه نمانند کار کنند.
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🗣️ Tengo un restaurante o cafetería y quiero mejorar la calidad del aire en él, de cara al #SARSCoV2...

¿Qué puedo hacer?

Al ser la #COVID19 una enfermedad de transmisión aérea
➡️ Debemos respirar la menor concentración vírica posible (la deseable es NULA)

0️⃣ Exterior
1️⃣ Ventilación medida
2️⃣ Aforo según CO2
3️⃣ Distancia interpersonal
4️⃣ Mascarillas ajustadas el máximo tiempo posible
5️⃣ Filtrado Image
0️⃣ Las actividades al EXTERIOR son el primer punto a considerar, si las condiciones climáticas lo permiten
✅ Ventilación muy, muy elevada

🗣️ Ojo, cumpliendo siempre la regla del DOS DE TRES de @linseymarr:
🔹Aire libre
🔹Distancia interpersonal
🔹Mascarillas ajustadas Image
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🇫🇷La France annonce aujourd'hui 26 829 nouveaux cas de #Covid_19 et 57 décès liés au #coronavirus.

↔️Soit une baisse de 0,15% des cas par rapport à J-7

☑️Depuis le début, 6 178 632 cas et 112 024 décès #Covid ont été recensés en France.


⤵️#Thread BilanQuotidien⤵️
En terme de #vaccination, au 02/08 en France, il y avait au total :

🟢42 895 720 personnes ayant reçu au moins une dose de vaccin contre la #Covid_19
Soit + 303 673 en 24 heures.

✅Parmi elles, 35 738 643 sont totalement vaccinées
Soit + 266 504 en 24 heures.

➡️L'Incidence #Covid globale en France est aujourd'hui de 225

C'est donc -0,3 par rapport à hier.
🤔Début d'une baisse durable ?

🔷Le taux de positivité des tests est en moyenne de : 4,15% contre 4,12% à J-7

#Delta #COVID19
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🧵/ Gov. Cuomo should resign, not only for engaging in sexual harassment, but also because his team leveraged their roles in New York State’s #COVID19 response to advance a political agenda

A brief thread on what we know, how we know it, and why it matters *right now*
2/ The New York State AG report describes how members of Gov. Cuomo’s inner circle appeared to coerce political support from local county executives in exchange for access to #COVID19 vaccinations.… Image
3/ The report describes a pattern of targeted and persistent thinly-veiled threats. Cuomo’s COVID-19 Vaccine Czar’s reference to the “formulaic nature of vaccine distribution” raises serious questions about the role that 3rd-parties may have unwittingly played in the scheme Image
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Since the #January6th #Capitol attack, US-based militia movement groups have somewhat altered their strategies. @jaredlholt and @avaniyadav_ took a look at the state of play and identified 8 trends to know about. 🧵⬇️…
@jaredlholt @avaniyadav_ The first 3 deal w/ how militia groups are organizing online. In the fallout of #January6th, many groups are splintering, dissolving, & regrouping at a smaller scale - including rebranding & using @Facebook to attract users before migrating to alternative platforms like @telegram
@jaredlholt @avaniyadav_ @Facebook @telegram Other militia groups have turned to hawking merchandise from sympathetic companies. One site, MyMilitia, uses a service called Flex Offers, offering users more than 45 affiliate links to retailers selling products likely to be popular w/ members: clothing, guns, ammo, tools, etc.
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⚠️Journal de Médecine de Suède
«Nous pensons que l'Agence du médicament devrait suivre l'exemple de la🇨🇿, de la🇸🇰 et de plusieurs autres pays et approuver #ivermectine comme traitement pour #COVID19»…
Cette tribune a été publiée dans le grand Journal de Médecine de Suède par 3 médecins, qui ont étudié toutes les études publiées dans le monde sur #Ivermectine et qui réclament à leur tour le recours à ce médicament contre la Covid-19, comme ailleurs dans le monde.
Le Journal de médecine🇸🇪 précise :
«À ce jour, il existe 102 études sur l'effet de l'ivermectine sur Covid19.
64 de ces études comparent traitement #ivermectine à un groupe témoin et 62 sont évaluées par des pairs.
Au total, 585 chercheurs et 22 425 patients ont été inclus.»
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BREAKING—Florida shatters its all time high daily record with 11,515 hospitalizations—the highest admissions per hospital bed in the US. FL’s 2020 year record was 10,170. Louisiana surging as well as rest of the South and part of the Southwest. 🧵 #COVID19 ImageImage
2) Not only are hospital beds filling up… “Hospitals around the state report having to put emergency room visitors in beds in hallways and others document a noticeable drop in the age of patients.” ⚠️…
3) Positivity % of #COVID19 also surging nationwide. Especially the in South. Image
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1/ Environ 60000 citoyens avec @DIVIZIO1 et @AssoCovid


2/ Environ 54000 avec @dejaVuLegal

3/ @CercleDL…
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Tentative d'assassinat du Président de #Madagascar Andy Rajoelina... les décès suspects ou tentatives manquées s'accumulent... c'est curieux, non ? Une vraie question !
Quel mobile derrière cette opération impliquant des agents spéciaux français ?
Un "contrat" d'élimination physique en représailles à son insoumission à l'égard de l'agenda vaccinale de l'oligarchie financière internationale ?
Rappelons que le Président Madagascar a fait le choix audacieux de promouvoir le à base d'1 plante locale : #artemisia
(#Armoise annuelle)
S'agit-il d'1 #OperationHomo (homicide) susceptible de mettre en cause 1 "cellule alpha" de tueurs des #ServicesFrançais ?
contre 1 Président malgache qui a résisté à toutes les pressions et injonctions mondialistes ?
L'affaire interroge, non ?
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#auspol #covid19 for all modelling and government reports, people get lost in the details, and ignore the framing. This report just operationalises National Cabinet’s 4-stage strategy for pandemic exit. It’s not advice on how to best exit the pandemic. /1
The clear (and surrendering) assumption of the National Cabinet plan is that Covid will become endemic. It ran up the white flag, with potentially catastrophic future outcomes. The assumption that an endemic Covid will be relatively mild and controllable has no basis. /2
Endemic disease is a multi-generational, enormous cost, in lives and resources, for any society. It’s a decision to embed a new, potentially highly dangerous, ongoing disease in practical perpetuity. A huge scientific and moral decision. Has attracted almost zero scrutiny. /3
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Media briefing on the actions taken, preparedness and updates on #COVID19 to begin in a few minutes

Live from ⏰ 4 PM


📡 Live Now 📡

It has been noted that the #COVID19 cases being reported are from a limited trajectory/area

49.85 % of total #COVID cases of last week is reported from Kerala


18 Districts are reporting increasing trend in Daily New #COVID19 Cases in last 4 weeks; these 18 districts account for 47.5% of the total cases

Includes 3 districts from Maharashtra - Ahmednagar, Solapur, Beed


@InfoAhmednagar @InfoBeed
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#COVID19 #Delta #Thread 🇨🇳#Chine
Statistiques officielles, nouveaux cas à hier 2 août :
🔴Symptomatiques : 61 infections (Jiangsu 45, Hunan 6, Hubei 3, Henan 2, Yunnan 2, Beijing 1, Shanghai 1, Fujian 1) +
🟥 Asymptomatiques : 23 nouveaux (Henan 15, Hubei 6, Hunan 2)
🇨🇳Chine #Wuhan, la ville qui a connu le premier lockdown au monde, toute la population, 11 M, va subir des tests #COVID19. Même si c'est uniquement 6 cas les autorités recommandent de ne pas paniquer mais d'annuler tout voyage non essentiel en dehors de la province de Hubei
🇨🇳#Chine #Delta Dans la province de #Jiangsu des barrages routiers et des postes de contrôle auraient été mis en place sur les principales routes reliant la province.
Au delà, dans tout le pays les gens sont encouragés à ne pas voyager s'ils ne doivent pas le faire (Pic #BBC)
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देशातील #Coronavirus 🦠 परिस्थितीवर 📺 मीडिया ब्रीफिंग

नॅशनल मीडिया सेंटर, नवी दिल्ली येथे

⏰ : 4:00 PM

लाइव पाहा @PIB_India च्या युट्यूब चॅनेल वर
222 जिल्ह्यांमध्ये #COVID19 रुग्णसंख्येमध्ये घट दिसून आली असून केवळ 57 जिल्ह्यांमध्ये प्रामुख्याने कोरोनाच्या जास्त केसेस दिसून येत आहेत
यामध्ये महाराष्ट्रातील अहमदनगर, सोलापूर आणि बीड या जिल्ह्यांमध्ये रुग्ण संख्येचा वाढता कल दिसून येत आहे - @MoHFW_INDIA
78,700 सक्रिय रुग्ण संख्येसह महाराष्ट्रामध्ये देशातील एकूण सक्रिय रुग्ण संख्येच्या ~20 टक्के रुग्ण आहेत - @MoHFW_INDIA
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1/5 Eine neue @rki_de-Review Studie untersucht, welche #Reisebeschränkungen am wirksamsten waren, um die Verbreitung von #COVID19 einzudämmen. Pre-proof jetzt im Journal of Infection:


@CBcheraoui @Elie__Akl @SPARK_AUB @biainfection

2/5 Weltweit gingen die meisten Länder im Laufe des Jahres 2020 dazu über, vollständige durch gezielte #Grenzschließungen zu ersetzen, welche durch #Quarantäne- und Testpflichten (#Screenings) für Reisende begleitet wurden.
3/5 Nach der derzeitigen Datenlage haben Grenzschließungen das Potenzial:
1⃣ #COVID19-Fälle zu reduzieren,
2⃣ Ausbreitungen über Länder/Regionen hinweg zu unterbrechen,
3⃣ Ausbruchsgeschehen zu verlangsamen.
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1/5 Which #TravelRestrictions were most effective to contain the spread of #COVID19?🌍New systematic review out now in the Journal of Infection (pre-proof):


@rki_de @CBcheraoui @Elie__Akl @SPARK_AUB @biainfection

2/5 In 2020, most countries switched from total to targeted #border closures followed by mandatory #quarantine and #screening of #travelers.
3/5 Evidence suggests: border closures may reduce the number of #COVID19 cases, disrupt disease spread across countries/between regions & slow #outbreak progression.

Early implementation, in combination with measures to reduce #transmission rates, likely enhances these effects.
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Et sur le déni de soin avant l'hospitalisation depuis mars-avril 2020 ?
#Covid19 : les multiples thérapies précoces proposées s’affinent. Le vaccin, seule voie de sortie de l’impasse politique et sanitaire ? Faut-il aller en justice pour avoir la vérité ?

Déni de soin ? Mal traités ?




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Nine (9) states are dealing with critical staffing shortages in at least 1 out of every 5 hospitals: #Alabama, #Arizona, #Louisiana, #Missouri, #NewMexico, #Oklahoma, #RhodeIsland, #SouthCarolina, and #WestVirginia
*Note* the shortages are not necessarily due to COVID


Yellow = # of hospitals indicating “yes” to critical staffing shortage
Blue = # of hospitals indicating “no” to critical staffing shortage
Gray = # of hospitals that did not report yes or no
#Florida hospitals are reporting that 1 in 5 of their patients has #COVID19 (on average)
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A estas alturas tenemos ya suficiente información para conocer la mejor vía de transmisión del jodido virus que da #COVID19

El maldito SE RESPIRA

Pero hay conceptos básicos que TODOS debemos saber

@WeTweetScienceM @roslemusmartin @MissCromatina @chayito09
¿Qué es una vía de transmisión?

Las infecciones necesitan una forma de llegar a nosotros.

NINGUN BICHO llega por generación espontánea.

La vía de transmisión es "el camino" que toman los microbios desde su reservorio original hasta cada uno de nuestros cuerpos.
Estas vías son muy específicas, hablemos de las más importantes...


CONTACTO. Cuando el microorganismo pasa del reservorio al organismo susceptible
a través del contacto con la sangre o fluidos corporales que contienen el agente infeccioso...
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1/ How do Children Suffer after ICU?

Today the mom of a 4 y/o boy who is in 📚#EveryDeepDrawnBreath wrote me & said to share this pic (w his twin). The family’s story can help us understand life after #CriticalIllness:

“Dr. Wes, we are 2 years out & he’s got a new limp!”
2/ Mom writes: “Many appointments later we have learned that either his septic shock, ECMO, or the strokes caused damage to his growth plates. His left leg & foot are shorter than his right leg & right foot.”

This feature of pediatric #PICS will also affect sick #COVID19 kids.
3/ She goes on… “The doc at the children's hospital who we see said any of these 3 conditions can cause this to happen and our son had all three (strokes, septic shock, ECMO).”
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1/🧵Moral Injury: #DeltaVariant surge & ICU beds shortages pose big risk
In my last week’s @WashingtonPost piece, I wrote, “Any health-care professional who has to make impossible ethical choices likely incurs MORAL INJURY.”

What is moral injury?
2/ This article tackles it:
It’s not burn-out, which is characterized by exhaustion, cynicism, and decreased productivity.
Moral injury occurs when we’re forced to make decisions that go against our deeply held beliefs.
3/ Moral injury was used in 2009 to describe Iraq soldiers’ responses to actions in war. It is “perpetrating, failing to prevent, bearing witness to, or learning about acts that transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectations.”
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