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#Ukraine: Today's updates from #UkraineWar: 1. UA military says it is advancing in several directions at once in S in #counteroffensive, up to 2 km in each direction. RU counterattack successfully defeated: #tweet100
🇺🇦⚡️THREAD🇺🇦⚡️ ImageImage
#Ukraine: 2. N of #Bakhmut, in a series of coordinated attacks, UA have breached several key RU positions & yesterday retook heights overlooking the city. #Prigozhin, seeing RU losses said collapse of RU N flank is "only a matter of time". #tweet100 (Map: @ChuckPfarrer) Image
#Ukraine: 3. In #US, current draft of Nat. Def. Authorization Act for 2024 includes $80 million for supply of ATACMS to UA. #Germany delivering 64 Patriot missiles & #Belgium M113 APCs following Ramstein meeting. #tweet100. Update on #Counteroffensive: ImageImage
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🧵Latest: #Portugal's drone manufacturer Tekever has confirmed to me that it will provide some of its long-endurance systems to Kyiv to support land and maritime operations, a move bankrolled by the UK's International Fund for #Ukraine.…
2. This week British MoD shared video on social media showcasing military equipment being provided by the IFU to Ukrainians. Launched last summer, first IFU deliveries — funded by Denmark, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands & the UK— will begin to arrive in July.
3. OSINT analysts were quick to identify what seems to be Malloy T150s manufactured by British company Malloy Aeronautics, the DeltaQuad Pro VTOL drone produced by Dutch firm DeltaQuad, & Astero ISR UAV from Denmark’s Nordic Wing. UK MoD declined to comment on specific platforms
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1. Professor Lundkvist had just completed a covid antibody test kit study. The results showed the kit was very reliable!
Meanwhile #Swedish FHM were claiming Sweden was close to “Herd Immunity”
Lundkvist asked if friends&colleagues wanted to volunteer & test themselves.
2.Your friends are desperate to test! Nobody in Sweden is allowed to get tested in April 2020 unless hospitalised. So they think you’re a saint. Instead of wasting 450 tests they are put to good use. Everyone gets a direct answer.
No personal data is saved
Surprisingly few +he’s
3) When he see that only 7% of the results are positive, Lundkvist understands that FHM’s data is wrong.
FHM claim we soon have herd Immunity but actually they haven’t tested the population.
#FHM is running blind! Their policy causes mass Infections & FHM claim it’s soon over
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@iltasanomat #Vantaa-#HellOnEarth
'Pahoinpitelyn jälkeen nuorisoporukka poistui paikalta juosten kohti Länsimäen kirkkoa.
Rikosnimikkeinä toimii tällä hetkellä törkeä #ryöstö ja törkeä #pahoinpitely.'
@iltasanomat @kokoomus @Demarit @vasemmisto @persut @keskusta @KDpuolue @sfprkp @vihreat #Koraani.
#IslaminPerusteet - #mus­limi on määrätty #taistele­maan fyysisesti myös #väärä­uskoisia vastaan.
Muhamma­din vaikuttava #sotilas­ura on todistuk­sena siitä, kuinka keskeisessä asemassa #sotilaal­linen toiminta #islam'ssa on.
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🇸🇪 🇬🇧 🇺🇦 Classes on conducting combat operations in a wooded area - military instructors of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Sweden Försvarsmakten as part of the multinational training operation "INTERFLEX" on basic military training of personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ImageImageImageImage
in Great Britain conduct a complex tactical class on conducting positional and anti-ambush combat operations in forest. ImageImageImageImage
🇸🇪 🇬🇧 🇺🇦 #ЗСУ вдячні за підтримку та допомогу #Королівство_Швеція та #Велика_Британія / Försvarsmakten i Ukraina är tacksamma för stödet och hjälpen från #Kungariket_Sverige & #Storbritannien / #AFU are grateful for #Sweden & #UK support and assistance ImageImage
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How long would the #COVID19 #pandemic have lasted without the #vaccine?

We have two ways to answer this question: the first is the #historical one, i.e. looking at the past and understanding how many years the previous pandemics caused by respiratory #viruses lasted. (1/9) Image
The available data tell us that all pandemics caused by respiratory #viruses lasted about two years:

-Influenza A H1N1 (swine flu), caused by an #influenza A virus of swine origin, lasted from April 2009 to August 2010.

-Influenza A H3N2 (Hong Kong flu), (2/9)
caused by an influenza A virus that emerged in 1968 and replaced the previous H2N2 #virus, which lasted until 1970.

Influenza A H2N2 (Asian flu), caused by an #influenza A virus that emerged in 1957 and replaced the previous H1N1 virus, which lasted until 1958. (3/9)
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One of the biggest challenges for #solar and #wind is integrating more renewable energy into the power system. How can we do this effectively? #renewableenergy #cleanenergy
To encourage the buildout of renewables, we need strong financial incentives. Finding the right mechanisms is crucial for a successful energy transition. #renewableenergy #financialincentives
Impressive! #Denmark consistently meets 85% of its weekly energy needs from #renewables. They are leading the way in sustainable energy production. #cleanpower Image
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Day 445 of the illegal and repugnant war waged by #Russia on its peaceful neighbour - #Ukraine has never invaded or threatened another country.

The main story tonight is the #Eurovision timed attack on Ukraine which has shocked the world.

This is THE only daily thread you need:
Before we get to the Eurovision related attack, a quick reminder of Saturday's astonishing events.

Four of #Russia's aircraft shot down over Russia as they headed to bomb #Ukraine, more #RussiaOnFire and big explosions in west Ukraine, plus lots more⬇️

At #Eurovision, at elmost the exact moment #Ukraine's act Tvorchi took to the stage, #Russia's missiles bombed the duo's hometown.

The mayor of #Ternopil in west Ukraine reports a non-residential building caught fire in the city. Rescuers are working on the spot.
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I liked #Italy. Ok? Kill me.
#finland is being appropriately weird. Thanks! #Eurovision2023
So far two singers of #Moroccan descent on the #Eurovision2023 La Zarra representing #France and #Loreen representing #Sweden.
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Der Anfang des #Eurovision knallt schon Mal richtig! Der Song von #Kalush ist aber auch ein Knaller.

Gut: man hat sich wirklich Mühe gegeben, die #ukraine als eigentlicher Gastgeber des ESC einzubauen.
Die Hintergrundmusik zum Einlauf der Darsteller hätte aber nicht mehr 90er und britisch sein können! 😝
Danke. Image
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Welcome along to the daily thread for Day 440 of the war in #Ukraine

More deadly missile attacks launched in the early hours this morning by #Russia on what is supposed to be one of the sacred days in the calendar, 9 May.
#Russia has no victory to celebrate.

All the news here⬇️
It was another busy day yesterday, a lot of news from the battlefields of #Ukraine and beyond too.

For a catch up on anything you missed on Monday, click and scroll down from this link:

So during the night #Russia launched no fewer than 25 Cruise missiles - but #Ukraine's air defences managed to shoot down 23 of them.

In the first wave 8 Kalibrs were fired from Black Sea ships. Then at 4am 17 Kh-101/555s were fired by ships over the Caspian Sea. Image
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In 2 days, #Eurovision2023 week begins in Liverpool with delegations arriving on the #TurquoiseCarpet

Surely the most important thing happening in🇬🇧this weekend😉

I'll be there covering. Here's the mother of all threads on the most important things to know for this year. 🧵1/23 Image
The context: Despite what many think (Europeans' cultural cringe and all), #Eurovision is a big deal.

It's the most-watched annual live event in the world, with an average 200m viewers each year. That's more than the 🇺🇸Superbowl, Oscars & Grammys combined…
Each year 40,000 visitors descend on the #Eurovision host city.

🇬🇧Liverpool is hosting this year. They've built a fan zone holding 15,000 people. There will be 9 shows over the week (televised: 2 semis & 1 final).

The 54,000 tickets sold out in an hour.…
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Today, as every year on April 30, I commemorate the liberation of the #Ravensbrück concentration camp—78 yrs ago.
On that day, my mother, who was there, was "celebrating" her 25th birthday.
I pay tribute to her today.
On that day, Hitler killed himself in his bunker.
1/13 ImageImage
Mom was a member of the #Resistance in Belgium. She was arrested by the Gestapo in 1943 after her network was denounced. She went from prison to prison as a Nacht und Nebel political prisoner.
Her false papers concealed her Jewish origins.
Her last stop was #Ravensbruck.
2/13 Image
When she was released, she was suffering from typhus and tuberculosis and weighed 30 kilos.
She was taken in by the Swedish Red Cross and gradually recovered in #Sweden.
Forever my gratitude to the wonderful persons who took care of her.
3/13 Image
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Tracking #SARSCoV2 #Lineages - Globally

Top lineages -#20DayTrends (#G20):

XBB.1.5 (36.6%)⬇️
XBB.1.9.1 (11.5%)⬆️
EG.1 (4.7%)⬆️
XBB.1.16 (4.4%)⬆️
XBB.1.9.2 (3.1%)
XBB.2.3 (1.8%)
XBB.1.5.13 (1.6%)
XBB.1.16.1 (1.5%)…

Updated 04/29/23 Image
Granular details #Global #20DayTrends

This analysis includes all designated #SARSCoV2 sequences submitted to @GISAID with sample collection dates on or after 04/09/2023 (14,137 sequences) Image
#USA, #Austria, #France & #Canada have submitted a lion's share of sequences with sample collection dates on or after 04/09/2023 ...followed by #UnitedKingdom, #Australia, #Germany, #Sweden, #SouthKorea, #Singapore, #China, #Spain Image
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Just following a hunch..

Tidal predictions at the Battery, NY… Image
N/oes33, Ssmc4, Room 6531
1305 East-West Highway
Silver Spring…
> OCEANS 2018 Charleston…

Co-sponsored by the Marine Technology Society and the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society

“Healthy Oceans, Resilient Coasts, Robust Commerce…Strong Nations,” the technical program focused on innovations and advances ImageImageImage
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Tracking #SARSCoV2 #Lineages - Globally

Top lineages -#20DayTrends (#G20):

XBB.1.5 (46.4%)⬇️
XBB.1.9.1 (10.1%)⬆️
XBB.1.16 (4.9%)⬆️
EG.1 (3.7%)⬆️
CH.1.1 (2.3%)⬇️
XBB.1.9.2 (2.3%)
XBB.2.3 (1.3%)⬆️


Updated 04/15/23 Image
Granular details #Global #20DayTrends

This analysis includes all designated #SARSCoV2 sequences submitted to @GISAID with sample collection dates on or after 03/26/2023 (15,505 sequences) Image
#USA, #Austria, #UnitedKingdom & #Canada have submitted a lion's share of sequences with sample collection dates on or after 03/26/2023 ...followed by #Germany, #France, #India, #Italy, #Australia, #Sweden, #Denmark, #Singapore, #SouthKorea, #Spain, #Netherlands Image
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Hello again and welcome to the daily thread covering the #RussiaUkraine war for Weds 12 April, which is Day 413 of the illegal invasion by Moscow.

All yesterday's news is just one click away, right here:
Let's start with strange "goings-on" in #Russia overnight.

It started with what some residents in #Yekaterinburg thought was a missile, but could well have been a meteorite.
In #Yekaterinburg strange "fire circles" reportedly developed at the site of impact. Officials in #Russia say it's all a fake for "Cosmonauts Day"

In #Moscow there was definitely something unidentified floating above the capital yesterday evening. ImageImageImage
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Yesterday, April 4, marks the sixth anniversary of the Khan Shaykhun massacre when the Syrian government used sarin gas against the city. To this day, the perpetrators of this targeting remain without #accountability or trial.
Syrian civil society has been working tirelessly toward justice for the victims of #ChemicalAttacks. SCM along with @syrian_archive, @OSFJustice and @crdefenders filed a complaint based on this attack in both #Germany and #Sweden under the principle of #UniversalJurisdiction
@mazenadarwish3: "The international community should take serious steps against those implicated in the use of chemical weapons in #Syria, to send a clear message that they will be held accountable, and to ensure that such atrocities won’t be repeated ever again.” #Justice
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Sweden 🇸🇪: A hijab clad Muslim woman arrested by customs border officer at Oresund bridge while smuggling arsenal of weapons under her Bra & Panties

Total 15 handguns, 2 in her Bra, 4 in panties & another 9 behind the car's dashboard were recovered + #Sweden #Europe #Stockholm Photo: A hijab clad muslim woman arrested in Sweden for Smug
The turkish couple (with Belgian citizenship) was arrested on 1 December 2022 at Oresund Bridge on Swedish - Denmark border by Swedish customs officer.

The woman said she was on her way to a wedding in Stockholm, but the + Hidden in maple compartments in the car were a total of nineEight pistol grips and a complete pistol were found behind t
Customs inspector who stopped her for checking discovered that She had two pistols in her bra, four pistols in her panties and 9 in her car's dashboard.

The two (woman & her husband) are now charged with Extremely serious weapons smuggling at the Malmo district court. + Eight pistol grips and a complete pistol were found behind t
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🧵As #Finland formally joins @NATO the alliance takes an important 1st step as it transforms the region’s security equation. The 2nd step will be #Sweden joining as well-it will come either in this round of enlargement or the next. The impact of FIN joining is transformative.1/6
Not only will #Russia have to respond to having another 830+ miles of @NATO border to worry about, but also FIN’s forces. The March agreement by the Scandinavians to operate their 250 aircraft as one integrated Air Force has reconfigured the power balance across the region. 2/6
Bringing #Finland and #Sweden into @NATO has made the Baltic states orders of magnitude more secure, giving the region the requisite geostrategic depth and providing real available exercised military capabilities. It has effectively enclosed the Baltic Sea within @NATO. 3/6
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@TPKanslia @niinisto #Niinistö took #Finland to the Eurozone with #treason (a crime that does not expire), and now we are going to NATO even though the #Paris #PeaceTreaty is still #valid with #Russia and #prevents Finland from becoming a NATO member.
@TPKanslia @niinisto The Ministry of #ForeignAffairs organized an official opinion poll on joining #NATO, which ended on Nov 23. The #Finnish people (92%) #REJECTED joining NATO. The MFA, in #violation of the #PublicityAct, refuses to hand over copies of stats free of charge.
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NEW: 11 countries ink joint statement on countering commercial #spyware proliferation & abuse.

Cite "fundamental" national security & foreign policy interest 1/

🇦🇺#Australia 🇨🇦#Canada 🇨🇷#CostaRica 🇩🇰#Denmark 🇫🇷#France 🇳🇿#NewZealand 🇳🇴#Norway 🇸🇪#Sweden 🇨🇭#Switzerland 🇬🇧#UK 🇺🇸#US We, the governments of Aust...The misuse of these tools p...To advance these interests,...engaging additional partner...
2/ I'd say the joint statement on commercial #spyware is unprecedented.

A few years ago spyware like #Pegasus was was treated as a human rights issue.

But the dizzying speed of proliferation made big problems for governments, forcing them to prepare positions & action.
3/ The statement's commitment guardrails for accountable domestic #spyware use is important.

But devil will be in the implementations. Civil society will be watching.

(Note: issue wasn't covered in White House Spyware Executive Order on Monday, so nice to see USA commit here) Image
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🧵About to fly back from #Berlin after our conference commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. As much of the conversation focused on the postwar reconstruction of #Ukraine, let me share a few thoughts. First, the top priority should be helping #Ukraine win. 1/7
If #Ukraine’s security is not addressed the rest of the conversation is academic, for no private equity will invest in a country constantly under threat of another attack. Hence, instead of talking about #Ukraine joining the #EU we should focus on bringing it into @NATO. 2/7
I find conversations about some sort of Western guarantee to #Ukraine short of NATO membership to be vacuous. Consider why #Finland and #Sweden have asked to join @NATO. They know very well that nothing short of the Article V guarantee is enough today to make them secure. 3/7
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