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@IHME_UW (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) and @UWMedicine (University of Washington’s School of Medicine), no lightweights, have come out with
global projections of #COVID19 by nation.
Short summary 👇…
They modelled 3 scenarios:
1. Worse case:
- mask usage stays at current rates, and,
- governments continue relaxing social distancing requirements.
This leads to 4.0 million total deaths by the end of the year.
Best case:
- mask usage is near-universal, and,
- governments impose social distancing requirements when their daily death rate exceeds 8 per million.
This leads to 2.0 million total deaths if by the end of the year.
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#SWEDEN: One of the worst crimes being perpetrated in 🇸🇪 is how the media and the @SwedishPM engage in revisionism or the rewriting of history to maintain a glass ceiling image. Whether it is rewriting #Swedish WW2 history, or the sterilization of 63,000 women, and scores of
transexuals to lauding the successes of the #Swedish handling of the pandemic when elderly have been euthanized, thousands denied care in hospital, parent(s) even in risk groups being forced to send their children to school the PRESERVATION of the Swedish image MUST come first.
In yet another #gaslighting article by @Richard_Orange
from @TheLocalSweden @ekjlofgren @ekjlofgren
@TheLocalEurope biased journalism takes precedence over the truth. The Swedish malaise of never admitting any mistakes shines through in this article.…
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Thread : #Sweden & #HerdImmunity

When folks talk about the US attempting #HerdImmunity "strategy," they look to Sweden. They (sometimes) acknowledge vast death, early on, but then point to the mitigation of cases and dramatic reduction in recent deaths. 1/13
And many in Sweden encourage this myth. But even they have admitted that herd immunity is unlikely nor the goal. 2/13….
Is it possible that Sweden has achieved herd immunity & that is why their outbreak has abated? ABSOLUTELY not. Their overall activities are comparable to many US states that have controlled their outbreaks: Per capita daily cases are similar to NY, CT, NJ. 3/13
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Interested in book recommendations? I write mini book reviews. My latest is of The Name I Call Myself, a children’s book about a non-binary young person. It’s beautiful!
And this recent one on the incandescent Cantoras, about queer women and revolution in #Uruguay #LGBTQ
The books I’m drawn to often centre revolutionary women, such as What We Owe, a novel about a woman who took part in the #Iranian revolution and went into exile in #Sweden
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There are crimes against humanity happening in #Sweden 2020. The Swedish health agency, (as shown in their declassified emails), decided to go for herd immunity and calculated 10% or more of their elderly people dying.
They therefore preemptively denied ICU access to people over 70 and gave them morphine instead (BBC, CBS). Up to this day they do not allow staff that works for the elderly care to wear face masks.
Their emails show that they are aware that kids spread the disease (although they deny it) so they decided to use children to spread the infection on to their parents. If parents belong to a risk group and refuse to send their kids to school, the social services are after them.
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Bij #NPO dramaserie over NL commando's. Dat is natuurlijk veel spannender dan wat echt aan de hand is in Nigeria, Burkina Faso en Ivoorkust. #journaal heeft al maanden niets meer gerapporteerd over ontwikkelingen mbt de mondiale jihad.…
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Quran burning in #rosengård #malmö #sweden escalated.

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1/ Unsurprisingly, there has been some debate over the findings of the only published randomised controlled clinical trial of cloth masks, to which I referred in my tweet on #facemasks:…
2/ Sweden's chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, has also claimed that "Countries such as Spain and Belgium have made their populations wear masks but their infection numbers have still risen."…
3/ Yet, a study in June claimed, "In countries with cultural norms or government policies supporting public mask-wearing, per-capita coronavirus mortality increased on average by just 8.0% each week, as compared with 54% each week in remaining countries."…
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After a drop in all case mortality in #sweden in 18/19, it’s normal to have a slight increase in 2020. 1) more susceptible build up in the population 2) nature’s way of going back to the average.
It’s also normal for people who are not trained in health/sciences to feel afraid looking at all these deaths and hearing about all these complications. They didn’t realize how much deaths and disease were ubiquitous. It’s time to realize that they are a natural part of life.
It’s time to accept that wo/man and by extension governments are weak in the face of nature and the human condition. It’s time to be humbled. Remember what a sand dust we are in this universe!
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#Sweden Top #Covid19 No-#Lockdown Expert which has won the economics & open #Freedom race in the world, says "WEARING MASKS IS DANGEROUS"
-Masks will NOT control Covid (CommonCold) outbreaks…
-#Sweden's infectious diseases expert noted countries with widespread mask compliance were STILL EXPERIENCING RISING CASES of "#coronavirus "
-Dr Tegnell said "Evidence of the benefit of wearing masks was 'weak'"
-Many experiments have shown masks DONT work to stop infection
-MOST of our deaths ARE NOT related to SARS-COV2, but some RELATED to #COVID19
-Countries with widespread mask compliance, such as #Belgium & #Spain, were still experiencing rising cases of "Covid".
-Evidence of their effectiveness 'Astonishingly weak
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"I want to start by paying tribute to Professor @PeterByass who passed away suddenly on Sunday.
Peter was the former Director of the Centre for Global Health Research at Umea University in #Sweden and the Chief Editor of Global Health Action"-@DrTedros

"He [@PeterByass] was a committed and talented servant of global health who helped many people shine around the world.
He was also my dear friend & mentor. I’ve worked with him, learned from him & laughed with him. He’ll be much missed"-@DrTedros
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Solo España está forzando su uso al aire libre SIEMPRE. Otros paises solo obligan en espacios cerrados compartidos. Los nórdicos no la usan.
El resto de paises no tiene una epidemia descontrolada.
(2º img de 20/05 informe sanidad, algo desactualizada) ImageImage
Como vamos a ver multitud de paises no fuerzan esta medida al aire libre, y eso no se traduce en una epidemia descontrolada, a pesar que esos paises también reportan contagios diarios. Es de vital importancia que la ciencia no ignore estos hechos.
#Dinamarca #NoMask #coronavirus
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Thanks to #Sweden we definitely know there is no “calamity”: A comparison between 1990-2019 and 2020 death rates. Only in April, there is a spike, which still is 19th in the list of deadliest months during that time. Also 6 month average is 24th in 30 years. #SwedenWasRight
Another thanks to #Sweden, we definitely know that country wide “#lockdowns saved lives” is a blatant lie or an arrant nonsense. Belgium with harsh quarantine have doubled Sweden in deaths per million, United Kingdom is nearly same, New York, hmm, New York is a joke actually.
Let’s also add these information here, there are 0 (ZERO) deaths between the age of 1-19 in NO MASK/NO QUARANTINE #Sweden. Children transmit less (below thread) and are really safe, even their antibody response is around 60%. Flu is riskier for them.
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The Ch Sanghis are just plain lying, that too in English.

I have been traveling to China, France, Germany, Nordics for last 20 years and in ALL of them find increasing English communication amongst the younger.

That does not mean they stopped using their own local language.
When I traveled to the Europe in the early 2000s, it was indeed difficult knowing only English with the rural population, especially with old people.

Now 20 yrs later, I hardly find anyone who cant use broken English & youth are fluent in it, having learnt it early as kids.
When I first traveled to China in 2006, there too use of only English was hard, even within my customer & company base.

Now all my Chinese customers are pretty good in English - both written & verbal and spread of English usage is even noticable during tourism.
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Time for an update on the #coronavirus situation in Sweden! It’s been two weeks since my last thread about this subject, and the positive trend continues: Fewer cases, fewer deaths, fewer hospitalized and fewer patients requiring intensive care! #covid19 #coronavirussweden
First, the number of cases is dropping. We also see a declining number of tests simply because fewer people have symptoms. In the region I work, we currently only use a fraction of our testing capacity. The percentage of pos tests is dropping. #covid19 #coronavirussweden
The number of hospitalized patients have decreased. The number of patients receiving intensive care for #covid19 in Swedish hospitals has been less than 50 per day (total in the country!) for a few days in a row now. #coronavirussweden
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We have grown accustomed to hearing low grade bureaucrats and epidemiologists proclaim that #Sweden "will have attained herd-immunity" in April, May, and June. All false of course. Most reports were never peer-reviewed and the false claims keep on coming with no substantiation
One of the king-pins of these falsified claims is Tom Britton a Mathematical Statistician with no experience in epidemiology from @Stockholm_Uni - All his claims have proved false yet he continues on with bombastic enthusiasm with his dangerous assumptions and miscalculations.
In his latest opinion, as Tom loves the media spotlight he claims that Sweden will fare better if a second wave hits. This is despite the fact that there is no tracing or isolation of those testing + for C19 in Sweden. Clusters are not isolated and reports tell us that immunity
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#Sweden what explains decline in deaths #SocialDistancing or #herdimmunity. In all regions that had typical curve, daily death peaked when total deaths = 0.02-0.04% of pop (yellow Bars) @MLevitt_NP2013 @AlistairHaimes @FatEmperor @EffectsFacts @gummibear737 @GunnarBj
I've omitted last 2w to remove reporting lag. Region by region lets look. First - Stockholm
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#Sweden - #Mortality deaths per months 1980-2020

"I think it's like a severe flu season"
Professor Johan Giesecke

(update, putting all charts into one single pinned thread )
#France - deaths per months 1980-2020

In January 2017 more people died than in April 2020. But we saw no TGVs with ICU patients, and had no #crisesainitaire.
#Germany - deaths per months 1990-2020

In 2017/18, Germany was faced with the deadliest flu season of the last 30 years. Nobody took notice. We missed it. @Markus_Soeder did not protect us. And we had plenty of toilet paper.
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⚠️New study of 200 #COVID19 patients, many with mild or no symptoms, suggests that up to TWICE as many people than detected by antibody tests may be immune, based on tests for T-cell immunity (cells that kill virus-infected cells). 1/

This study included hospitalized & non-hospitalized patients and exposed *asymptomatic* family members who returned to #Sweden after holidaying in the Alps in March. Healthy ASYMPTOMATIC blood donors who donated in 2020 and 2019 (pre-#pandemic control group) were also included.
👏🏼WOW. ~30% of blood donors in May 2020 had #COVID19-specific T cells, *much higher* than previous antibody tests showed (7% in this study).

Not only did patients with confirmed #COVID19 have T-cell immunity, so did many of their exposed *asymptomatic* family members.😃
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"Country X has been lucky." "Nation Y has low population density." "Climate in tropical state Z has an impact."

Probably true, but then still:

massively influence a country's dealing with a #pandemic or a #crisis.

Would countries have done better or worse with different #leadership and #strategy? I have NO DOUBT.

Key drivers like #leadership and #trust often seem underestimated or hard to grasp.

This is probably due to #complexity of the matter and that drivers are hard to measure.

The drivers are all related:

#leadership ➡️ trust ➡️ successful execution of #strategy ➡️ empowered leadership ➡️ #trust

#Communications is the glue.

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