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🇪🇸🇦🇺 Astrophysicist & Science Communicator at @AAOMacquarie @MQPhysAstro Australia. Español: https://t.co/qPaSJrZj7o y https://t.co/jYnDPE3jZ5
27 Feb 20
Well, you’ve spoken... let’s prepare the telescope for doing a bit of astrophotography ! :-)
Step 1. Prepare the tripod...
Step 2: break your back moving the heaving box with the mount from garage to the backyard (i.e., why do I need a dome, part 1...)
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21 Feb 20
Day 5 and last of #ESOz2020 starts with great Cath Trott @CathAstro @ICRAR @ARC_ASTRO3D giving the invited review talk “Measuring the re-ionisation signal”
Cath Trott @CathAstro @ICRAR @ARC_ASTRO3D provides a nice overview of how we study the low-frequency Universe, the instruments & experiment we use, & the kind of signal we should expect #ESOz2020 (look, @pcoffeebreak @cienciabrujula
et al., a reference to Loeb!)
More cool results shown by Cath Trott @CathAstro @ICRAR @ARC_ASTRO3D during her invited talk at #ESOz2020: studying the Lyman-alpha & 21cm Forests using low-frequency radio observations and galaxy stacking at those frequencies. Outlook slide included. Amazing @mwatelescope !
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20 Feb 20
#ESOz2020 Day 4. Starting at 9am sharp (& me walking around to get the watch movement tick this hour) with Matt Jarvis giving the review talk “Galaxy populations across time and wavelength”
Ah, yes, the webpage combining the thread for #ESOz2020 Day 3 is here: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1229934…
In this talk it has been mentioned again LSST (several times during #ESOz2020 mentioned) but please everyone remember that it is now the “Vera Rubin Observatory” @VRubinObs in honour to this great woman astrophysicist lsst.org/news/vro-press… #WomenInScience
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19 Feb 20
3rd day of #ESOz2020 conference, but I can’t share slides of the first talk as the speaker specifically requested it. Meaning this talk will not be included in my notes.
Meanwhile please enjoy my compilation of tweets for the 2nd Day of the #ESOz2020 conference here threadreaderapp.com/thread/1229576…
But I’m still thinking about the request of not tweeting (publicising) your work/research... it has happened to me before (even specifically requested do no write/show anything from their research)... what is the point? Don’t you want to share your work and talk about it?
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18 Feb 20
Day 2 of #ESOz2020 conference. Simon Driver @ICRAR presents a panchromatic view of the Universe. Spectroscopic surveys have to get multiwavelength data, as galaxy evolution cannot be understood if information from x-ray to radio is not available (new #thread)
Simon Driver @ICRAR emphasises that getting the spectra energy distributions (SEDs) of galaxies is key for getting accurate estimations of galaxy properties (e.g. stellar masses, dust, star-formation rates & histories). Some examples provided #ESOz2020
Simon Driver discusses the problem of the mass in galaxies. Where is it? What is the baryon budget of galaxies? #ESOz2020
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16 Feb 20
On my way from Sydney to Perth for the #esoz2020... no movies (no individual screen), laptop without battery, no books and a very slow WiFi connection... another hour to go... At least I almost finished my talk and worked a bit more with my Python code...
And there we go! #ESOz2020 is starting, thanks LOC (@CDPLagos et al.) for organising this. And a warning: expect many tweets about the Conference during the week, I’m trying to compile them in a thread. It’s also my way of getting notes of the talks, photos of the slides included ImageImage
#ESOz2020 starts with invited speaker Tessa Vernstrom @CSIRO_ATNF who talks about “The MWA (Murchison Widefield Array interferometer and Extragalactic Science” ImageImageImageImage
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21 May 19
Amateur astronomers around the world are noticing that something weird is happening to the Great Red Spot in Jupiter... observations are showing variability in just few hours. Stay tuned ... or even better, if you can take photos of Jupiter, do it!
Another busy day... I had to skip morning sessions at the #A3Dscimeet19 as I needed to do a couple of “urgents” things at the uni including marking quizzes from my tutorings and preparing an invitation letter for a PhD student visiting us in July...
But before I forget again, it is very important to say a big “Happy Birthday” to the @theskyentists co-host & awesome young astronomer & Science communicator @AstroKirsten as she just completed another full orbit around the Sun!
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21 May 19
Day 2 of this very busy week. Unfortunately #Pint19AU & #A3Dscimeet19 colliding the same days and work/life balance made me arrive late for #A3Dscimeet19 1st session about the ASKAP. Kid school starts at 9:20am 45 min away from here. Mum will pick him up from aftercare at 6pm
Otherwise mum would have changed her working hours to start later, she would have taken him to school while I would have been prompt at 9am for #A3Dscimeet19, and I would have picked him up from aftercare at 6pm...
At least I arrived just on time to listen summary slide by Tristan Reynolds @ICRAR showing some great @WALLABYsurvey Early Science HI Spectral Line Observations, finding new dwarf galaxies in a galaxy group & high dark matter fractions #A3Dscimeet19
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19 May 19
Busy day today: @ARC_ASTRO3D Science Meeting at @CSIRO_ATNF, @MQPhysAstro fortnight meeting, lecturing at @MQSciEng & @pintofscienceAU tonight... and where am I right now? Walking Pyrmont Bridge in Sydney’s Darling Harbour... #youdontneedtoknowthedetails #A3Dscimeet19 #Pint19AU
Meeting done, now lecturing /tutoring basics of optics & lens for @MQSciEng PHYS149 Physics for Life Sciences. I’ll be attending #A3Dscimeet19 all the afternoon so expect my MANY tweets about amazing @ARC_ASTRO3D science. And tonight... @pintofscienceAU #Pint19AU What a Day!
Important: even when you’re having a busy day full of things, you’re a human being and YOU NEED TO EAT AND DRINK WATER after a long meeting and 2 hours class... almost done having lunch, on my way (late) to @ARC_ASTRO3D #A3Dscimeet19
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17 Feb 19
The main reason I’ve been quite off from social media lately is the #AusESO2019 conference, organised by @AAOMacquarie @AAOorg @ESO_Australia et al, starting now.After enjoying 1h40min of driving in Sydney I got in time for listening Eric Emsellem @ESO, connecting Australia & ESO
PS: GPS said “45 min” when I departed from “home” this morning...
Next in #AusESO2019 is Julia Bryant @Sydney_Science @AAOorg talking about 🇦🇺 Integral Field Spectroscopy and synergies with @eso, first showing showing some results from @SAMI_survey. And that is me at the AAT plugging SAMI fibres!
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8 Jan 19
I’m half way my trip to the Anglo-Australian Telescope @scienceANU at @SidingSpring.After 7 months & suffering the Guillain-Barré Syndrome in July, now ~98% recovered, I’m really looking forward combining supporting telescope observations & stargazing.I’ll need many more of these
You don’t know how much time I’ve waited to see this again!
Last night I didn’t have much time to tweet or share my excitement. After needing less than 5 min to get a very good polar alignment with my small telescope I took some few astrophotos... but I’ve forgotten the timelapse cable at home (ahhh!!) & have to take every shot by hand!
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