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I teach (& research) ancient civilizations, then write stories & articles inspired by all eras of history... which involves a fair amount of notetaking ;)
11 Nov
1/ Now and then I feel self-conscious about being so active in the #obsidianmd discord because of periodic subtweets I see cross my dash about "productivity porn" or "tools don't matter" or whatever,

and then I realize that no, actually, I'm genuinely doing more things I love —
2/ "people are just faffing off tweaking their systems instead of BEING PRODUCTIVE"

to which I say:

mother****er I have been wanting to learn programming for YEARS and never had a good entry point, me learning CSS and JavaScript well enough to use it IS "being productive"
3/ also, I was able to take my newsletter from a small "once a week" posting frequency to nearly doubling the "highlights from my research" edition's length and also add an ENTIRE new Wednesday offering, which includes a story AND an entire 500-1500 word research analysis.
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11 Oct
When I was visiting a local independent bookstore for my anniversary, I saw a book that described Athens as "the greatest civilization that ever existed" on its cover. Seriously?

A 🧵 full of indignant rage to follow.
2/ First of all, calling "Athens" a civilization instead of referring to Classical Greece as a whole is certainly a choice. Generally when we talk about civilizations, we use a grouping big enough to encompass the whole language / record-keeping format / political system.
3/ In the context of Greece Athens is ... not that unique. I'm not an expert but "city-state with varying degrees of democracy that speaks a Greek dialect and gets into wars with nearby polities with roughly the same culture" is not what I would call a whole-ass civilization.
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