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5 Steps to implementing Task Management in Obsidian
One of the plugins I use most is Tasks.
I use this to create tasks in my different workflow and help me prioritise tasks.

In this thread, I will explain how I use it with @obsdmd

#obsidianmd #tasks
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1. Creation
Tasks can be added to any note.
All you need to do is type "- [ ]" with your task name, and the prompt will let you set a due date.
2. View tasks
You can create queries to see a list of your tasks.
The queries can have added functionality to filter, sorry, group and limit the results.
I add these queries to my dashboard. I also have a task list note that shows different views of the tasks.
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8 Innovative Ways to Use Obsidian

These are some different ways users are using @obsdmd
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1. Reflecting & Journaling

I used daily notes to write down my thoughts and ideas in lockdown.
I have moved to a weekly review now I am back at work.
Excellent starting point here…
2. Setting goals

All my Obsidian workflow designs aim to meet a goal.
So being able to track the goals is an excellent use of Obsidian.
Some valuable suggestions here…
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10 Obsidian @obsdmd plugins everyone should know.

These are the plugins that I find most useful for my Personal Knowledge Management process.

1. Templater
Templater is a plugin that allows users to create and use customizable templates when creating new notes in Obsidian. This can be especially helpful for users who need to create notes with a consistent structure and format. (2/12)
2. Periodic Notes
Periodic Notes is a plugin that helps users create notes on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. This can be useful for creating things like a daily journal or a weekly review. (3/12)
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6 ways to get help and learn about Obsidian
@obsdmd is a box with something valuable inside but opens differently for different people.
Here are some of the most useful resources online to help you crack it!
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#obsidianmd #pkm
1. Obsidian Online forum
This has been my go-to for solving issues
There is usually someone who had the issue before and someone from the community who has provided an answer.
2. Obsidian Discord
If you are a fan of Discord, there is a Discord chat
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DAY 15/30

Obsidian is full of cool features, but some of them are hidden🧐

Here are my 5 favorite tips to 10x your productivity!

Let's start with some visuals.

@obsdmd #obsidianmd
#ship30for30 @ship30for30
1/ Outliner (Community plugin)

Wish there was an outliner?

For those coming from outliners like Roam and Logseq, this may convince you to give Obsidian a try.

Go to Settings/ Community plugins/ Browse/ and search for "Outliner."
2/ Command Palette

Are you always forgetting how to do "that thing"?

Like "how do I Highlight text"? 🤣

Thankful, Obsidian does have a toolbar, it's just hidden.

Use Ctrl/Cmd P to bring up a list of all the things you can do to your notes.

It also shows the shortcut!
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1/ Hello #obsidianmd community! I'm sharing a quick tip today to automatically organize repeated note types in @obsdmd .
2/ Throughout the day, I find myself creating notes of the same type or category. I have two options when linking these notes:
1. Find the appropriate folder in my PARA hierarchy. Create the new note there. Link.
2. Create the new note on-the-fly by creating a link and clicking.
3/ Option 1 guarantees organization, while option 2 is better for fluidity of thought / writing. I prefer option two, but do not want to (or forget to) manually move the notes after I create them. So I end up with a bunch of notes in my vault root that clutter up my structure. Image
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🗼LYT House with Cecilia May 🗼
Want to know more about colors, color theory, CSS, and UI design?

You are invited to this live LYT House event tomorrow January 10, 2022 at 8:00 am PST.

Register here:…

Details 👇
🗼LYT House with Cecilia May 🗼
Cecilia "Cecil" May is the creator of "Primary" — @obsdmd October 2021's Best Theme — praised for its warm comforting experience, attention to detail and elegant color palette...
🗼LYT House with Cecilia May 🗼
Some topics:
• Why colors are interesting (some history, a bit of science)
• An overview of how the Primary theme was designed
• ​Things to know about CSS and UI design
• Commentary on the new LYT Mode theme
• Where is color theory going?
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What a run we had on @ProductHunt! We had the most upvotes, most comments, & most reviews for the day. That said, we finished 4th.

I'm grateful & honored for your support!

The amount of energy & goodwill generated was the Real win here.

I don't take that for granted...

The whirlwind of buzz you helped me generate puts a spotlight on the responsibility I have to you.

It's a responsibility to be a good custodian for those hoping to improve their PKM systems.

I don't take that responsibility lightly.

I intend to continue advocating for sensemaking through note-making throughout 2022.

The Note Makers fight against the forces that would have them mindlessly consume endless content.

Note Makers know that wrestling with ideas is far more valuable than being fed them.

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This is my first @ProductHunt launch ever! I never imagined I would be doing this. Would appreciate any and all the love you can give it today 🥰

"Obsidian Flight School" (@obsdmd, #obsidianmd)…
Oh boy, I'm a bit nervous! I'll be updating this throughout the day with random bits here and there.
What is the better way to improve at something?

Watching or doing?

Yes both are needed. But we improve the most by doing. (3/x)
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@TechWithEd @twwilliams @TfTHacker I can't speak for the devs of course, but there's definitely a lot of untapped potential, even outside of plugin stuff (obsidian is very close to becoming a fully featured recipe manager, for example).

Here are just a few ideas:
@TechWithEd @twwilliams @TfTHacker Better exporting could be a game changer for entire demographics (authors), leading to wider adoption in non tech communities the way we've gotten a sudden influx of ttrpg people thanks to javalent's plugin suite for DMs.

Obsidian isn't a scrivener replacement yet, but...
@TechWithEd @twwilliams @TfTHacker Imagine if you could query your vault with natural language and get back algorithmically evaluated results. Imagine if you could ask your vault questions and get useful answers instead of having to rely on memory and regex or wikiwalks.

It would be an exciting new frontier.
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Hey @Dropbox, we the people would like basic emoji support in folders and filenames 📁

Hey #emoji lovers & #obsidianmd users, please let Dropbox know that emoji support is a basic expectation at this point.

🗳Upvote my request on Dropbox's forum:…
Hey @Dropbox , it's almost 2022 and the 🌎 is using emojis.

They are not going away. But you've been dragging your feet on emoji support for folders and filenames for a few years now. It was a trickle in 2018, but it's almost 2022 and the dam has broken.
Your competitors are offering emoji support already. Emojis are unicode. This shouldn't be an issue. Let's make it happen.

This isn't the first, second, or third time emojis have been brought up on your forum.
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This little hack promoted by ⁦@EleanorKonik⁩ in this week’s edition of the Obsidian Roundup gives me all kinds of ideas for how to make references to physical notebooks I’ve kept from inside #obsidianmd — I can see referencing whole pages, or blocks of text I’ve entered. 😁
I can go back to journals and give them identifiers, then be able to add refs for journals, pages, paragraphs, or lines in #obsidianmd. Also tag the line itself so I can find all ported print references easily. Opens all kinds of possibilities for linking print to digital!
I can also see porting over whole paragraphs using outlining in #obsidianmd. When outlining, if you take the first paragraph and make it the parent, you can nest subsequent paragraphs beneath it. Benefit here is that in search, you see the entire set in the result. #pkm
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1/ Now and then I feel self-conscious about being so active in the #obsidianmd discord because of periodic subtweets I see cross my dash about "productivity porn" or "tools don't matter" or whatever,

and then I realize that no, actually, I'm genuinely doing more things I love —
2/ "people are just faffing off tweaking their systems instead of BEING PRODUCTIVE"

to which I say:

mother****er I have been wanting to learn programming for YEARS and never had a good entry point, me learning CSS and JavaScript well enough to use it IS "being productive"
3/ also, I was able to take my newsletter from a small "once a week" posting frequency to nearly doubling the "highlights from my research" edition's length and also add an ENTIRE new Wednesday offering, which includes a story AND an entire 500-1500 word research analysis.
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1/ I am super happy to announce that the “Obsidian42 - Text Transporter” plugin was released to the @obsdmd community plugin list and is available for general download.

Text Transporter is the Swiss Army Knife of text manipulation plugins.

#obsidianmd #TfT #PKM
2/ Text Transporter has commands for Block Reference copying and replacing
3/ Text Transporter has commands for Copy/Push/Pull operations - make life easier, think at the level of your vault, not just the file.

If you are a roam42 user, this is workBench.
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1/ Block References in @obsdmd

There are two falsehoods about Block References that I want to cover in today’s tweet rant:

Falsehood 1: @RoamResearch invented the block ref

Falsehood 2: Obsidian doesn’t have block refs

Strap in, it’s going to be a crazy ride

2/ Falsehood 1: Roam invented Block References

In 1980, @TheTedNelson in one of his books coined the phrase transclusion and even demonstrated it in his own Xanadu Project. Transclusion says you have a single document assembled dynamically from separate sources.
3/ It is good to educate yourself on the transclusion as it helps you better understand the goal of block refs. I suggest this Wikipedia article. It’s not a new idea, the concept of compound documents have been around for a long time.…
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So it's day 4 of using @obsdmd and I've gotten a lot of guidance from Roam-to-Obsidian converts/dual users on how to treat the DNP in Obsidian so thought I would write up some of the learnings since it may be helpful to others #obsidianmd #roamcult
First off you can definitely approach the DNP the same way for both Obsidian and Roam

The difference comes when searching for things later
In Roam, since everything is block-level, you can use queries to search for a given block

Obsidian is page-level so if you have random thoughts on the DNP (like I do), and you search for a specific word/phrase - you may come up with a lot of false positives.
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Ok. It has been suggested that I share my experiments. I have attempted to recreate my ZK in Notion and Obsidian, and in a few others. The purpose is to truly understand how tool affordances and constraints shape a workflow. #obsidianmd #pkm…
As I mentioned above I wanted to demonstrate how a graph view is in fact functional and valuable, IF the features are there to support it. So I just did a quick conceptual update on how to deal with note sequences in an Obsidian zettelkasten.…
Had to go ahead and add a demonstration of note sequence branching in my Obsidian Zettelkasten. #obsidianmd…
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