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Been thinking about how magic in #DnD / #Pathfinder (High Fantasy, Vancian, "scientific" magic), etc., would influence culture. The more I dig and question, the more frustrated I get with most #worldbuilding. From very high concepts to mundane things, magic changes EVERYTHING...
Let's look at one small (but extremely culturally / economically important) thing: bread. Every culture makes bread, in some respect, whether it's flat, leavened, fried, baked, etc., it's ubiquitious with Human culture on Earth, and therefore probably with sentient ancestries.
The form bread takes is highly dependant on the culture's technologies and cooking equipment. Leavened breads arose because bread was made en masse enough that dough could ferment and release air bubbles from the yeast. A culture without a sedimentary working lower class wouldn't
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Finishing up my backlog, this being the first, as we don't typically put focus on what happens to domesticated plants as much as we do with animals, and I thought I'd change that.

#specevo #speculativeevolution #elephants #rhino #pumpkins #worldbuilding #speculativefiction
For Avocados and Gourds, with their large seeds and large and tough shells, it's essentially pleistocene rewilding, as now they have megafauna again to spread disperse their seeds (and of course, descendants of animals who have recognized pumpkins as a treat).
For the dragonfruit, it's essentially inspired by how much elephants took a liking to invasive Prickly pear fruit, and dragonfruit is VERY popular in shoutheast asia (including my own home, Indonesia).

Smaller fruits, from plums to apples to peaches, also have more dispersers.
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Transitioning from a stay at home mom w/ a hobbyist scifi/fantasy #worldbuilding research newsletter to someone w/ a full time job, a part time job, & a moderately popular tech newsletter has been interesting in terms of the impact it's had on my notes process.

A #tweet100 🧵👇
Now that I'm busier, I still read & highlight stuff from my "easy" passive feeds, like the ones that I see in Reader and don't rely on any cleanup. But I've basically stopped casually reading the high-noise-to-signal feeds like AskHistorians that I mostly kept track of for fun.
In some ways that means I take fewer notes, and it's true I do a lot less of the fun stuff I really enjoy, i.e. less actual learning, but in some ways it means I take more notes -- of the boring stuff I don't like, for example lists of what I need to do in a given day.
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@ricardo_peraca submitted #RuleOfOg, a set of optional rules for communication in the #Mythical #StoneAge! Very interesting and I will take a deeper look later today!
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Thoughts for #TTRPG #worldbuilding econ edition:
One key thing to understand about any kind of economic system is that it is near impossible to escape market anarchy. That is even under the most unified and oppressive systems you will have parallel markets and pocket systems.
The persistence of illegal and questionably legal markets throughout human history are a steadfast example. Another example is the occurrence of "found family", mutual aid, and other communitarian and socialistic direct action within capitalist markets. There is no one market.
Tied to that is despite popular narratives there are very few actual revolutions and mostly long evolutions. What we know as "capitalism" has threads going all the way back to Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia. It was a slow process of pieces coming together.
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What color is the sky in your world? No, really. Does anyone have a world where the atmospheric effects result in a different default than a light blue sky?
#ttrpg #ttrpgfamily #dnd #worldbuilding
I'm loving these answers.
Follow me for more cool questions, and occasionally answers. Also DM tips, Worldbuilding, snark.
Check out my pinned tweet for stuff I do.
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Feel free to ask questions or chime in with your own #worldbuilding if it reminds you of something here.


#amwritingfantasy #amwriting #SFFWritersCommunity
I talked about Morenzal a few weeks ago and had to glaze over their caste system because it was too long for that topic. I wanted to do this in full, though! The Morenzi have some sexual practices and rituals, so this topic may be triggering to some and features #nsfw discussion.
As a reminder, Morenzal is an isolated society on the Quarantined Plane. The Morenzi are humanoid, silver-haired, light-skinned people. They are all Mind elementals and worship Lucognidus with utmost fervor. They perform worship ceremonies a minimum of four times per day, though
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Big news for NEVER Stop Smiling! (…)
We are expanding it into a full multi-title #TTRPG setting. Over time, we will add 4 more walled metros in their own #TRPG games. Each with their own perspective of the broken world and unique way of cheating death.
First on our schedule is Angel Symphony Restoration. Keep the peace, explore the underground Underworld, and pilot giant bio-mechanical Angels against the Heresy League, Leviathans from the deep wastes, and others that would dare attack Revelation City.
#indiegame #TTRPG #TRPG
Revelation City is a keystone metro, responsible for the intercity trade networks and more aware of the world than others. However, the nature of the broken world is still a mystery and curse of forgetfulness & lost history also infects them.
#worldbuilding #indiegame #TTRPG
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On today's #ttrpg docket - rebuilding 20 year old villains for modern day audiences. #spycraft3 @craftygames
This has been a fun project, but a challenging one. @BryanCPSteele and I have been diving into the Spycraft lore deep, looking for ways to bind the game's past to its new incarnation. This process has crystalized how I think about effective worldbuilding in existing properties.
(BTW Bry has been a real trooper in this process, as I've swatted away a lot of drafts trying to sort this out for myself. I'm sharing in the hopes maybe you all can dodge some of our collective pain)
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Alright #vamily let’s address an in game lore problem. Not as serious as usual, but still worth considering for in character #worldbuilding. Asymmetry of information, which is how I built the skeletons of my #worldofdarkness and usually #Vampirethemasquerade games ;)
We’re talking about a bunch of secret people who have been avoiding the dangers of travel whenever possible, and who live mostly through oral tradition (as anything else is possibly a Masquerade breach right). As such whenever one sires a childe, they are the sole educator.
And perhaps you might know how flawed home schooling can be. As such whenever a sire teaches a childe, information is lost, deformed, veiled by the sire’s experience and beliefs. And the childe isn’t always in the best position to be a good learner.
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#DnD pondering about my island

Would you as a PC, prefer locations that are spoken/written in your native tongue (for me, English), or using a language that conveys a more remote distant feeling (for me, Arabic).

E.g; 'The Land of the Spear' or Al'ard Ramal

#worldbuilding #rpg
Disclaimer - I think the phonetics of Arabic are wonderful and the visual appearance of the script is stunning. I will however translate, use and modify words in my #DnD world, so they are not perfect, good or even true translations. No offence is meant by this.
Eg 2: The large central mountain range:
'The Dragon's Back' or 'Zahar Altanin'

Eg 3: A famous ship wrecked off the southern tip
'Sailor's Grave' or 'Qabr Bihaarn'

Eg 4: The poisonous 2x vents in the volcano
'The Nostrils' or 'Alhaysheem'

(Some words written more phonetically)
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(So 3rd attempt writing this thread. Now condensed)

#DnD World Building thread:

I'm writing up a largely sandy island for a #DnD5e campaign 🏝 The island is loosely shaped like a spear head, with a mountain ridge running along what might be seen as the spears ridge / fuller 🗡
I love the phonetic sounds of the Arabic language for this location. I'm currently thinking the island is called internationally as Al 'Ard Ramali. Which roughly translates to The Land of the Spear. Is that too many syllables for a countries name? Does it flow? ⁉
At the very tip of the island (the pointy end), is the capital, a large trading port city that is literally & physically split in two ⚓ It is known for trading in exotic items, precious metals & precious gems. Due to the desert environment that largely covers the island, food...
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Brief thread on Star Trek, Star Wars, and emergent vs necessary worldbuilding. 1/11
There's a lot of discussion on here about #worldbuilding, and I basically love all of it. Writers like @JeannetteNg, @tinytempest and @juliettewade talking about what to think about, what makes it feel real or believable, how it's politicised and so on. Do check 'em out. 2/11
Today I'm going to talk about it in very broad, structural terms. The question here is "why worldbuild?" What purpose is it going to serve in your writing, and what does that say about your story? Emergent and necessary worldbuilding are two answers to that question. 3/11
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I keep thinking back to a discussion a few months on reddit about THE BELGARIAD. Several comments were made about it being cliche and pedestrian, and someone said, “Yeah, it’s a fine story, but it’s never going to be a classic.”
And all I could think to respond was, “It’s over thirty years later and we’re still talking about it. How is that NOT ‘a classic’?
But that got me thinking- I cite THE BELGARIAD (and THE MALLOREON, its sequel series) as one of my influential works. But what is that influence? I know I’ve read the whole series several times. My copies of the books are in terrible shape.
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