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Everytown for Gun Safety is a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities.
8 Aug 19
Nine people died in a horrific act of mass gun violence in Dayton, Ohio on Sunday. Remember their names, not the shooter’s. Give him #NoNotoriety.
Jordan Cofer, 22, attended Wright State University where he studied Earth Sciences; he was expected to graduate next year. According to friends, Jordan identified as a transgender man who had shared his gender identity with a small circle of people. splinternews.com/friends-say-th…
Monica Storey Brickhouse, 39, recently transferred to Dayton with the health insurance company Anthem. She was out with a coworker, Beatrice Warren-Curtis, who was also killed. Anthem’s chief executive described the women as dear friends “known for their positive energy.”
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7 Aug 19
On Saturday, 20 people were killed in a shooting in El Paso, Texas. 26 more were wounded. Since then, 2 people died in the hospital.

As more details emerge, we chose to give the shooter #NoNotoriety and instead honor the victims with action and remember their stories.
Jordan Anchondo, 25, was a stay-at-home mother to three children. She died alongside her husband, Andre. The couple was in Walmart with their infant son when they were fatally shot. According to Jordan’s sister, she died shielding her baby from the gunfire. The infant survived.
Andre Anchondo, 24, was a business owner who spent his free time building a home for his family.

He and his wife Jordan, who died with him, had just celebrated one year of marriage and were in Walmart for school supplies and decorations for a party they were throwing that day.
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14 Feb 19
One year ago today, fourteen students and three staff members were shot and killed and seventeen more were injured in a horrific mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Today, we remember the victims, not the shooter. #NoNotoriety
Alyssa Alhadeff, 14, a high school freshman and captain of her soccer team, was described by her mother Lori as passionate, intelligent, and kind to everyone.

At her funeral, Lori told Alyssa’s friends: “Honor Alyssa...Be something fabulous in your life. Be her voice.”
Scott Beigel, 35, was an admired teacher & cross country coach who allegedly used his last breath to tell the shooter that the room was empty. There were at least 20 students in his classroom.

A friend said: “He was so unselfish with his talents & gifts. He made others better.”
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8 Nov 18
THREAD—For too long, a pattern has followed mass shootings like the one in Thousand Oaks: tragedy struck, no federal policy action was taken & the moment passed.

But on 11/6 we elected a historic Gun Sense Majority to the House & more lawmakers than ever who can #BreakThePattern
There are common-sense, strategic actions the new Congress can take that would save lives and dramatically decrease gun violence in America, and the first step is passing comprehensive background checks.
But we can't wait until the new Congress is sworn in to make our voices heard. Reach out NOW and tell them to #BreakThePattern of inaction and pass comprehensive background checks in January.

Here's how to take action now 👇
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23 Jul 18
URGENT THREAD: A few days from now, *anyone* with a regular internet connection and a 3D printer will be able to make their own untraceable guns in just a couple clicks. This includes terrorists and people who can’t pass a background check.
Incomprehensibly, the Trump @StateDept is about to allow a company run by a self-proclaimed anarchist to post its gun blueprints online in files that can be sent directly to a 3D printer to print guns on demand. wired.com/story/a-landma…
To add more danger to this situation, many of these guns can be printed entirely in plastic, so metal detectors won’t catch them. These plastic guns could easily be snuck onto airplanes, into music festivals and government buildings.
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17 Jul 18
THREAD: While we wait for the NRA to come clean about its connections to alleged Russian agent Maria Butina, let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the twisted web of ties between Butina, the NRA, and prominent GOP operatives.
In 2011, then-NRA president David Keene befriended Russian banker & politician Alexander Torshin. Shortly thereafter, Torshin joined with Maria Butina to form a Russian gun rights group supposedly modeled after the NRA called the Right to Bear Arms. newrepublic.com/article/110223…
In 2013, Butina’s gun rights group hosted Keene and NRA-linked Republican operative Paul Erickson at the Right to Bear Arms’ annual convention in Moscow. rollingstone.com/politics/polit…
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16 Jul 18
THREAD: Meet Maria Butina, the lifetime NRA member and Russian national charged with being a spy.
Butina is a Russian gun rights activist with close ties to Russian politicians, who for years has cultivated close relationships with American Republican operatives and the NRA.
She's attended multiple NRA conventions with Putin ally and lifetime NRA member, Alexander Torshin. motherjones.com/politics/2018/…
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19 Jan 18
THREAD: Today we learned that the FBI is investigating connections between the NRA, Russia, and the Trump campaign. For folks paying attention, it’s been clear since 2016 that something was a bit off.

In honor of #tbt, let’s take a look back:
In August of 2016, Trump’s rhetoric & behavior caused reliable GOP donors to abandon his campaign, but the NRA *increased* their investment, dropping $3 million on a pro-Trump ad buy.
In fact, the NRA spent more on Trump’s 2016 campaign than Trump’s own super PACs. It was the most the NRA has ever spent in an election cycle.
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