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Director of Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies @UISweden. Previously Sweden's Ambassador to the OSCE & for Hybrid Threats. Here in private capacity.
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13 Apr
1. Highly laudable and interesting discussion
@AtlanticCouncil on a pressing topic. Arguments are met by argumnents, as it should be. Nevertheless, some reflections:
2. The future Russia and Eastern Europe policy of the Biden administration will have consequences beyond the US and the region itself, as will how the driving forces behind such a policy are articulated and defined - "values vs interests".
3. However, I would argue that the "values vs interest"-dichotomy is a false one. Upholding the normative global rules-based order in general and the #Europeansecurityorder in particular is a critical value and hard security interest.
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6 Apr
1. #Russia’s military build-up along the borders of #Ukraine, statements by Russian government officials, the exorbitant tonality in Russian state TV and other escalatory actions are reasons for real concern for European security. #OSCE2021SWE
2. Regardless of the intention/s (there might be several) behind this, it is a form of strategic communication, signaling – to Kyiv, the Biden administration, the EU and N4-capitals Berlin and Paris...
3. test reactions and to state that managing, not to speak about solving, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict can only be made on terms acceptable to the Kremlin.
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