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10 Oct
While campaigning for Joe Biden, Jane Fonda said, “I just think COVID is God’s gift to the left...” The long-time progressive said the virus which has reportedly killed 200,000+ Americans—“has ripped the Band-Aid off who [@POTUS @realDonaldTrump] is & what he stands for.” Wow.
Does Jane Fonda realize that maybe this terrible pandemic has also “ripped the Band-Aid off” what the socialist progressives really stand for and the disastrous way many of them have governed their cities and states across the nation in this crisis?…
Isn’t it a shame that @POTUS @realDonaldTrump’s enemies would forfeit a booming economy—and the health, livelihoods, and the very lives of Americans—if it is a way they could win an election. My prayer is that God would intervene and save this nation.
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29 Aug
I was surprised when I left the White House on Thursday night and saw firsthand what was going on in the streets. These so-called protestors are not protestors, they are anarchists, working to start riots and fuel the fires of unrest and hate.…
Senator @RandPaul and his wife, @RepVernonJones, & others could have been badly hurt as they were leaving after @POTUS @realDonaldTrump’s acceptance speech. There should be a full investigation to find out who is behind this and those responsible.
These people are not defending a cause, they’re trying to disrupt and destroy. Whoever is paying for it should be considered an enemy to our country and held accountable. Maybe the Attorney General could look into it.
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25 Jul
I appreciate that Sam Coonrod’s commitment is to the Lord Jesus Christ above all else. He has enough guts to state the truth about the Black Lives Matters organization & to stand for his convictions—even if it means standing alone. God bless him!…
“I’m a Christian. I just believe I can’t kneel before anything besides God.” —Sam Coonrod, @SFGiants
Sam also pointed out the Black Lives Matters organization’s embrace of Marxism & the destruction of traditional family values & said, “I just can’t get on board with that.”
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21 Jul
.@NPR reported that 600K+ people had died from #COVID19 worldwide. That’s a tragic number that should concern all of us & prompt us to take precautions. However, we must also keep the number in perspective & fight against a pandemic of fear. 1/4…
Here are a few other numbers to consider that are also concerning & tragic:
· 17M+ people die of cardiovascular disease every year worldwide.
· Cancer was responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018, & is the 2nd leading cause of death globally.

· @WHO estimates that almost 800K people die from suicide every year.
· Between 2010–2014, on average, 56M induced abortions occurred worldwide each year.
· Each year, 1.35 million people are killed on roadways around the world.

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7 Jul
What was supposed to be a holiday weekend turned into a weekend of heartbreak for many as violence became the headline in many cities across the country. In Chicago alone, 87 people were shot with 17 killed, including a 7-year-old girl.
In Atlanta, 8–y-o Secoriea Turner was tragically shot and killed over the weekend. Mayor @KeishaBottoms is right about this—“These are members of the community shooting each other. Enough is enough. You can’t blame this on a police officer...”…
Pray for an end to the lawlessness that’s being allowed to thrive and grow in many areas. Also pray for the families of the victims of this violence.
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1 Jul
Seattle's CHOP has had murders of young black teens, shootings, rapes, robberies, intimidation, destruction. It’s not a block party or a summer of love as Seattle’s Democratic mayor said earlier. Anyone with common sense knew the direction it would go.…
Why haven’t Democratic leaders in this country condemned this dangerous lawlessness? By their silence, they’re condoning what’s going on.
I agree w/ Seattle's Police Chief @carmenbest, “Enough is enough,” & I’m glad to see they’re taking down barriers & clearing the area.
Playing with anarchy is dangerous. There are some who would like nothing better than to defund the police & see mayhem consume our nation. This is an election year. Vote for candidates at every level who stand w/ the Constitution & back law & order.
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26 Jun
This Black Lives Matter leader said, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system & replace it.” This advocates violence & anarchy. I hope that governors & mayors will take steps to restore law & order in our cities.
While the words “Black Lives Matter” are absolutely true, the organization Black Lives Matter promotes dangerous ideas. I don’t think most people understand what they really stand for & I certainly don’t believe they represent the majority of the African American community.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
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17 Jun
It has become popular in recent months to deface & destroy statues. From military leaders to Christopher Columbus & a Spanish conquistador. One thing they all had in common is that each was a sinner & had many failures. Will taking these statues down change history? No, it won’t.
The Bible is full of history—the good, the bad, & the ugly. All there for us to learn from, as warnings to not repeat those sins. It is important to the next generation to know history, to understand it, & to ask the question why.
In the Bible, the Israelites made a monument w/12 huge stones to remind them & future generations of what God had done & how He had brought them across the Jordan River on dry ground.
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9 Jun
George Floyd’s tragic death has sparked a new pandemic of fear. Some Democrats are saying the solution is to defund or dismantle police departments. This has to be one of the most irresponsible ideas I’ve ever heard. This would lead to more anarchy.…
We're a nation of laws, & laws need to be enforced. There's never a time or a place for police brutality or discrimination—this has to be stopped. But now many good police officers are considering resigning or retiring early due to the treatment they're receiving.
We need to pray for our law enforcement & encourage them. The Bible says, “Blessed are the peacemakers…” This is the calling many of them have answered with their lives.
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30 May
Today former police officer Derek Chauvin was arrested in Minneapolis. I can’t for the life of me understand what took city and state officials this long to make the arrest.
Tonight, Minneapolis is under a curfew, but riots are occurring again in this & other cities across our nation. Looting & burning & destroying are making communities look like war zones, multiplying the hurt. These criminal actions just worsen the tragedy & deepen the scars.
I ask Christians across the country to pray—for calm, for peace, and for an end to the violence. This honors no one and may cost many more lives. I ask every church to contact your members and ask them to pray.…
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16 Mar
Years ago, the great writer & theologian A.W. Tozer made this profound statement, “A scared world needs a fearless church.” Like a fireman runs to the fire, the church needs to respond to crises around us & be the hands & feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.
During this time w/the coronavirus, fear is gripping the hearts of people. It is as real as the virus itself—but it is treatable. Jesus Christ is our hope, our anchor, our comfort, & our peace. Let’s share His love w/as many people as we can. Christians, God can use you.
We could take time to call & check on the elderly or others who are alone or anxious. Maybe offer to drop off some food or necessities. Talking w/someone on the phone, listening to what they’re going through, & praying w/them, could not only change their day, but their outlook.
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15 Jan
Steve McQueen’s ‘68 Mustang GT "Bullitt" car sold at @mecum Auctions in FL for an incredible $3.4 million. I was there.…
This car is a piece of American history, but what many don’t know is that Steve McQueen gave his heart to Jesus Christ. My father @BillyGraham met & talked w/Steve & gave him his own Bible, which Steve was holding when he passed into heaven. Image
I’m going across Florida this week to share the same hope that transformed Steve McQueen’s life & saved his soul—that Jesus Christ came to earth to save sinners.
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