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Yesterday was #LaborDay but none of us recalled some revolutionary thoughts of Bhagat Singh, a freedom fighter who has been appropriated by India's riot/hindutva wing today.

Bhagat believed that caste/casteism degraded the life/dignity of laborer.


The caste system, according to Bhagat Singh, was a system to extract free and cheap labour from the most under-privileged communities.

In ‘Satyagraha and Strike’ (1928), Bhagat ratiocinated that manual scavengers (untouchables) were the real working class: Image

Bhagat also believed that all those social reform movements lead by upper-caste were not intended to free the untouchables from the matrix of casteism. Upper-caste positively remember untouchables, only when there's a reaction to be done against communal representation. Image
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Una recopilación de posters socialistas para celebrar el #DiaDelTrabajo empezando por Unión Soviética.

#LaborDay #MayDay
Cuatro soviéticos extra, dedicados a @sovietvisuals

#СССР #Мая1
Dos húngaros y dos checoslovacos.
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It's here! The long awaited sequel;

The Definitive September #COMEX #Silver #Shadowcontracts thread!

The amount of Shadow contracts this month has surprised even me.

NONE of the numbers make sense anymore!

So the Theme of this month will Be;

Let's start with clarification.

#Shadowcontracts don't have to be delivered on the same day, though #Comex doesn't display those numbers exactly.

Within 24 or 48 hours is enough to not-make-sense in a #FUTURES market. What about contracts made 15 minutes before closing? 2/z
It makes NO sense that in a #FUTURES market, On Monday the 28th of September, 47 contracts where made that HAD TO BE delivered on September 29th.

That was the Final September delivery date. All September 20th contracts HAD TO BE DELIVERED BY THAT DATE.

Why not wait 1 day? 3/z
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It’s weird that these ppl think this behavior helps their cause. It doesn’t. They don’t deserve a platform, but their behavior should be on display. See thread.

For what it’s worth, the good, supportive msgs outweigh the bad. And it’s worth a lot.
This one is from the FOP.
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🚨#COVID19 cases are picking up in #Ontario and #Quebec🚨

Percent change in 7-day rolling average of cases compared to one week ago...
QC: +62.6% 📈 (107.3/day ➡️ 174.4/day)
ON: +24.1% 📈 (117.6/day ➡️ 145.9/day)

ONTARIO: Percent change in 7-day rolling average of cases compared to one week ago...
Peel (ON): +103.5% 📈 (24.4/day ➡️ 49.7/day)
York (ON): +60.7% 📈 (8.7/day ➡️ 14.0/day)
Toronto (ON): +34.3% 📈 (33.7/day ➡️ 45.3/day)

This is a GTA phenomenon. (2/x)
Capitale-Nationale (QC): +500.0% 📈 (5.3/day ➡️ 31.7/day)
Montérégie (QC): +116.1% 📈 (13.3/day ➡️ 28.7/day)
Laval (QC): +77.0% 📈 (8.7/day ➡️ 15.4/day)
Montréal (QC): +40.6% 📈 (31.3/day ➡️ 44.0/day)

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Today, we recognize the strong impact the #LaborMovement has and continues to make for workers' rights in our country.

As we reflect this #LaborDay, we realize there is much work still needed to further protect unions and workers' rights.
Strong unions built the American dream for families all across the country.

We owe the 40-hour work week, paid leave, health care protections, and a collective voice in the workplace to workers who organized unions and fought for protections.
From the Industrial Revolution to the Civil Rights Movement, we have seen a significant change in workers' rights.

The fight continues – President Trump and Republicans have waged war on organizing, collective bargaining, and workers across this country.
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This #LaborDay, I’m thinking about Gustavo Enrique Ramirez, a 16yo who fell to his death on a Nashville construction site that lacked sufficient safety standards.
Over the past 5 years, we’ve had too many injuries and deaths on construction sites in Nashville, including in District 19. We can do better.
How do I know? Because last term, we passed the “Do Better” bill. Transparency, including safety records, with access to public dollars improves worker safety.…
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Today, the first Monday in September, is also known as Labor Day in the U.S. It’s a federal holiday — a day in which we pay homage to the American labor movement, and honor the contributions of workers to the development and achievements of our great nation. #LaborDay2020 Image
1) One organization, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, was pivotal in assuring better working conditions for factory workers in the clothing industry. #LaborDay Image
2) Founded in 1900, the ILGWU comprised mainly Jewish and Italian immigrants employed in smaller businesses, often working in unfair, unsanitary and dangerous conditions.
#LaborDay Image
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Folks generally dont think of Black women when they think of unionism. However, my city is home to 1 of the most legendary union struggles in US history&it was primarily led by Black women. “The Local 22” challenged the racist&sexist labor exploitation of RJ Reynolds! #LaborDay
Led by Black women like Velma Hopkins & Mazzie Woodruff organized, they not only organized around workplace conditions, but also engaged in insurgent electoral politics, political education, voter registration,&advocacy for a Black man falsely accused of rape in Winston-Salem. ✊🏾
Surveilled by the FBI, they were eventually red-baited outta influence, but not b4 bringing about important changes in work conditions & larger political landscape of city. Lets reclaim our local tradition of Black radicalism & dismantle the legacy of plantation politics!
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At 26, I'm the youngest Democratic congressional nominee in the country

I grew up learning about the "makers" and "takers" in our society

The "makers" are essential workers who create value.
The "takers" are those who move money around and take a little off the top

We are a people powered movement.

We do not take money from corporate cartels. We do not take money from lobbyists.

The reason We believe the world should change is because We are struggling like everyone else

With your help, We fight for our future…
Greed Is NOT good! It is not sustainable.
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Labor Day Rally to Stop Racist Rezonings, Chelsea Market, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City, 3:09 PM, Monday, September 7, 2020
This is a multiple tweet thread
#StopRacistRezonings#LaborDay #ChelseaMarket #Chelsea #Manhattan #NewYorkCity #NewYork #NY #nyc #protest #rally
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This #LaborDay, we're thinking about:

1/ The home health aides and nursing assistants who look after our most vulnerable but are paid no more than the minimum wage.

They deserve better. @etammykim @nytimes @RBReich…
2/ The sex workers who are struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic, especially in Puerto Rico.

They deserve rights like everyone else. @thenation @AriMejorado @LaSombrillaCuir @swopusa #LaborDay2020…
3/ The hundreds of sick workers who are fighting for their lives after cleaning up the 2008 Kingston coal ash spill — America's largest industrial disaster.

They deserve justice. @southerlymag @AustynGaffney @morganhornsby_ @jamiescoop #LaborDay2020…
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Two facts come to mind when I reflect on #LaborDay2020. 1st, I can't help but think abt the Imperial Foods workplace tragedy that befell friends & neighbors in my @CityofHamlet hometown in 1991. (1/6) #ncpol @RaleighReporter @jimmorrill @NCCapitol @PFFPNC…
In Sept 2016, as NC Insurance Commissioner & State Fire Marshal I was the keynote speaker at Hamlet's 25th anniversary memorial service. AUDIO file of my remarks HERE >>…
Pls take a few minutes to listen. (2/6) #ncpol @TravisFain @BarnettNed @saintorange
2nd, also wearing my Insurance Commissioner hat, I reflect upon what #LaborDay is about & all the rights + benefits for most workers that were gained only by the blood, sweat, tears, and even lives of workers past. (3/6)
#ncpol @NCStateAFLCIO @NCDemParty #Workers #WorkersRights
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Everyone could have $2000/month coming in right now...

"But I don't need it" ...okay, donate it, save it, spend it.

"Who's going to pay for it" ... We've spent trillions on wars, billions on corps, but helping people who need it bothers you?

"Get back to work"... what work??
<) )\ CALL 👏
/ \

( (> YOUR 👏
/ \

<) )> SENATORS 👏
/ \


(202) 224-3121

Demand they pass the bill proposed by @EdMarkey, @KamalaHarris, & @BernieSanders

#UniversalBasicIncome #LaborDay
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You did this! 5 years ago tomorrow, hundreds of people started working tirelessly on a labor of love on behalf of so many Armenian people who did not have a voice. After 5 years of work & preparation, & decades of denial, we finally started shooting in Lisbon. I had 4 studio Image
heads around that time tell me - without reading a single word on the page or watching a single frame of the film - their companies could absolutely not be involved because of concerns about business interests & the reaction of denialist forces overseas. Those were just the ones
who had the guts to be honest because they know I will not reveal their names or companies. Yes...what you watch this country is absolutely influenced by foreign government interests. In addition, years of sophisticated market research revealed that there is minimal domestic
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For many of us, today is one we spend with family, enjoying the last waning hours of summer.

#LaborDay is the product of hard-fought battles led by the labor movement, which built the middle class and brought us protections working Michigan families rely on today to get by.
But today is not a day of rest for all.

Our essential workers are answering the call to serve our country every day in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.
From doctors and nurses, to teachers, home care workers, law enforcement officers, custodial and cleaning service workers, childcare workers, postal employees and so many others –– every day their hard work keeps our economy and our communities moving through this crisis.
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.@RichardTrumka joyfully read the first reading from Genesis at today's Labor Day Mass (sponsored by the @AFLCIO) including Genesis 1:27" God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."
.@BpStowe of @DiolexKY reminded us in his #LaborDay homily, "Modern Catholic Social Teaching began with a consideration of work."
May we always be mindful we are called to stand in solidarity with -and act for- the rights of ALL labor - of every race, ethnicity, creed, gender, sexual orientation, & immigration status. Let us pray, act and vote. 🙏
#LaborDay @AFLCIO @RichardTrumpka
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Indiana records its 100,000th #coronavirus case, with 596 new cases pushing the total to 100,394.
The 596 new cases are the fewest in 19 days, reflecting the usual post-weekend dip. (That dip will last longer this week due to #LaborDay, which also is probably the reason ISDH's
daily update is out much later than usual.)
Four newly reported #coronavirus deaths bring Indiana's death toll to 3,144. Counting presumptive #COVID19 deaths, the total death toll is 3,368.
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Happy #LaborDay! The past six months during the coronavirus pandemic have made us all better understand and appreciate the essential workers who perform their jobs despite the health risks to themselves and their loved ones. Thank you!
There are many policies we need to pursue at the state and federal level to address unconscionable economic inequality and injustice in our state and country.
One of these policies that we urgently need is emergency paid sick time, so that no worker has to choose between staying home if they risk spreading COVID-19 and earning a paycheck to support their family.
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Migrant workers subsidize the U.S. and global economy. That's not up for debate.

So lets celebrate #LaborDay by recognizing this and by honoring the sacrifices our community makes in order to survive in the country they call home. Image
Major U.S. industries depend on & THRIVE on immigrant labor.

Anyone involved in U.S. agriculture, textile, or construction knows this. The U.S. - both its people and institutions - must acknowledge the realities in these industries & respect the humanity of all workers.
If a country benefits from immigrant labor, that country has a moral obligation to recognize and co-exist with migrants as human beings, with full equality and civic participation.

Not just on #LaborDay, but every day.
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We are the 99.99% of people who have to work for a living. We must come together across lines of division & don’t believe the lies. Our fellow workers — Black, white, Latinx, native, Asian, etc. — are not the enemy. #LaborDay #ForwardTogether
The greedy rich want us to fight each other, instead of fighting the systems that keep 140 million of us & our neighbors poor & low-wealth in the richest country in the history of the world. That “works” for them. We must fight for living wages, health care, etc. for ALL of us.
“We are not of those who shrink back unto destruction, but we are those who by faith persevere unto the salvation of the soul” (Hebrews 10:39).

Today we are persevering for the salvation of the soul of this nation.

Join us one week from today 9/14:…
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This #LaborDay, COVID has only highlighted the fact that workers are the backbone of this country. I'm grateful for workers across America, and I'm proud to fight alongside them for good wages, strong benefits, full workers' rights, the right to organize, and dignity on the job. Image
I'm thinking of frontline workers—heroes who have ALWAYS kept our communities going. I refuse to allow them to be called essential but treated as expendable. That's why I'm fighting for hazard pay, paid leave, Medicare for All & the passage of my Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.
I'm also thinking about those in WA who have powerfully organized to turn our state into a leader on workers' rights. I was proud to fight alongside them to secure:
✅Paid leave
✅Collective bargaining laws
✅$15 minimum wage tied to inflation
✅Domestic Workers Bill of Rights
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OK folks, here we go. Today, off and on (because work and chores) I'll be conducting my annual ritual of live-tweeting my reading of the @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue. And I'll be bringing to it the same lens I have in previous years + a 2020 one. Follow this thread:
Anyone following this thread might also like to watch my @BoF conversation with @imranamed from June featuring my four must-dos for the fashion industry to have a future post-pandemic: I'll be echoing those themes @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue
The first thing to note about this year's @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue, beyond its theme #VogueHope, is that for the first year in a VERY LONG TIME, it is not a gigantic doorstopper of an issue. Pandemic = less advertising and editorial.
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Agricultural worker Soraida is not only laboring during a pandemic, but also during fires and high heat: “Some days we work and it’s 105 degrees. There was one day recently when it got to 110 degrees.”

Thank you for this piece, @TheTinaVasquez. #LaborDay…
Soraida “is deeply familiar w/the dangers of the job. The second generation agricultural laborer ‘works the grapevines’ in California’s Central Valley alongside her husband. Together, they raise their children in a mixed-status, multigenerational home ...” #LaborDay
“.... where the youngest is 23-months-old and the oldest is 76-years-old. Safety is a top concern, but as a family of essential workers—including Farias’ 19-year-old son who manages a fast food restaurant—the mother of five knows so much is out of her control.” #LaborDay
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