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Today the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group II has launched a report on impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability. But what is it exactly telling us about climate change? 🧵 Climate change is already killing people, destroying nature, and making the world poorer.
Extreme events like heatwaves, floods, droughts & wildfires are becoming more frequent, intense & long-lasting, harming people, infrastructure, and the natural world.
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As a movement, we stand against war, occupation, and its colonial & imperialist nature. We stand in solidarity with the people in Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine

Donate to the crowdfunding helping people on the ground: Image with flag of Ukraine in the background and text that r Look for your nearest march or register one at:
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Now lets talk about extractivism, decolonization and landback 🧵✨ I'm still @re_cabrerab and this is my last thread :(
In the last 500 years, there has been a political, economic and cultural reconfiguration in which Europe took the lead, putting the global south at the bottom, dispossessing BIPOC communities of their territories+
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What is the 1% and what it has to do with our narrative #PeopleNotProfit 🧵🔥 the 1% refers to porcentage the richest people ON THE WORLD+
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“Another World is possible, a world where many worlds fit'”

This phrase has its origin in the Zapatista indigenous revolution, but it’s been used many times by activists who reproduce the white supremacism of the European climate movement.

No more. Shut up and listen! 🧵 Is me again(@re_cabrerab) came to tell you what it represents, and to let you know about the last 30 years of revolution in México.

We can’t understand climate justice without understanding revolutionary movements as the Zapatistas and the National Indigenous Congress in México
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Now lets talk about white and performative activism :) 🧵✨ hi I'm @re_cabrerab still taking over the account 💖 performative activism is the one that is done to increase one's social capital rather than because devotion to a cause.
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For all those racist "activist" (belive there are alot) lets talk about how THERE IS NOT CLIMATE JUSTICE WITHOUT RACIAL JUSTICE 🧵✨ still @re_cabrerab here and as a woman of color I have suffer racism inside this movement so is time to talk a little bit of this ✨
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Destroy de patriarchy not the planet, lets talk about how climate justice has to include gender justice 🧵✨ @re_cabrerab still here lets start!💜✨
Women are more vulnerable to the consequences of the climate crisis, not only because they represent the majority of global poverty, but also because we are statistically more dependent on currently threatened natural resources+
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That is why we need to talk about INTERSECCIONALITY✨ 🧵 Intersectionality essentially, looks at how a person's various cultural,political,and social identities(such as gender identity,sexual or romantic orientation,racial identity, nationality, religion,disability, and more) intersect and create systems of discrimination, or privilege
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What does we mean with #PeopleNotProfit 🧵✨

I'm @re_cabrerab and I will be explaining our narrative 🌻✨

The catastrophic climate scenario that we are living in is the result of centuries of exploitation and oppression through colonialism, extractivism and capitalism + The ruling class, primarily through corporations and governments from the Global North dominated by affluent, white, heterosexual cis-males, have exercised their power, gained through colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and exploitation, to destroy the earth+
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Hello Regina Cabrera but you can call me Re 🌻 (@re_cabrerab) pronouns she they
I am an antirracist and antipatriarcal climate activist, for México (@fffmex) ✨and today I will be taking over this account explaining a little bit of our narrative #PeopleNotProfit ✨🧵Here I will be putting all the threads that I make today 🧵✨
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Those who "try to reach out to all groups of people", are actually people who try to reach out ONLY to the mainstream media, the mainstream politicians, and mainstream prejudices.

They prefer to be applauded by the dominant class than to deffend the dignity of the opressed. I’m @namevdelang (they/them) from México, and I’m taking over @friday4future twitter today. My dad and I did the new artwork and design for Fridays for Future. 🌻🌺

This is another of the threads I’ll do. Follow my personal account if you feel like it 😌
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It's not enough to declare yourself anti-racist, you need to be anti-racist and betray whiteness.

It's not enough to "support" marginalized communities, you need to delegitimize structures of opression and elites IN YOUR OWN SPACES. 🧵 I’m (still) @namevdelang (they/them) from México, and I’m taking over @friday4future twitter today. My dad and I did the new artwork and design for Fridays for Future. 🌻🌺

This is another of the threads I’ll do today. Follow my personal account if you feel like it 😌
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The pandemic has left a pessimistic youth. It's been reported that in the last two years there has been a 400% increase in symptoms of anxiety/ depression socially.

Something's clear: Hope, and not panic, is the most powerful and urgent tool for our political action. 🧵 Btw, I’m @namevdelang (they/them) from México, and I’m taking over @Friday4Future twitter. My dad and I did the new artwork and design for Fridays for Future. Follow my personal account if you want

This is the second of the threads I’ll do today. It’s about “climate hope” :)
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Do you know what the new visual identity of FFF means? It means the movement needs to be less white-european.

We need a more queer-black-brown-indigenous-disabled RADICAL ANTI-COLONIAL movement. The most vulnerable people should not only be included, they should lead. 🧵 Btw, I’m @namevdelang (they/them) from México, and I’m taking over @friday4future twitter today. My dad and I did the new artwork and design for Fridays for Future. 🌻🌺

This is the first of 3 threads I’ll do today. Follow my personal account if you feel like it 😌
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Hi! I am @namevdelang (they/them) and I will be taking over Fridays for Future twitter! I’m a trans and autistic activist from México. 🌻🌺

My dad and I did the new artwork and design for Fridays for Future :) I'll be tweeting below the threads I do today :)
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Stop the colonisation of the Sámi by the Swedish Government - sign the petition! 🔥🌍

#StandWithSápmi #NoMineInGállok #MAPA

Thread: 1/6 First slide: Photo of two moose in winter time. One of them The Swedish Government is currently about to decide on a proposal to open an iron ore mine in Gállok on indigenous Sámi land. The Sámi are Europe’s only recognised Indigenous people, living in a part of the world experiencing heating four times faster than the global average.
2/6 slide title: What is happening? paragraph: Help stop the mintitle text: Why is this a violation of human rights?  paragr
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Yesterday was Friday 😈
and Friday=Strike day,
Check out this thread 🧵to see how countries around the world went on strike.
#FridaysForFuture 📍Japan
May 19, 2021 10 tweets 5 min read
We stand with the Palestinian people against settler-colonization. We stand against all forms of colonialism and systematic repression by militaries and institutions.

A thread: To be clear, in response to some feedback we've received from previously shared posts, we stand against antisemitism and all forms of discrimination.
We know that in certain countries the BDS movement may have been co-opted or taken away from its intended purpose.
May 18, 2021 4 tweets 5 min read
Today, on the day of Shell’s Annual General Meeting #ShellAGM2021, we call on the dismantling of the company and fair reparations for those affected by its criminal activities. #ShellMustFall #DismantleShell #JustTransitionNow #FossilCriminals It is a fantasy that #Shell will ever become a fair, ecological company. Shell’s management continues to maximize profit for its shareholders at all costs.
May 9, 2021 6 tweets 3 min read
Does the US Military affect the planet? The answer is yes, it does. More than you think.
Open this thread to find out more! 🧵

#FridaysForFuture #SystemChange What's the US military complex and why does it exist?