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Congressman for Northern Virginia’s #VA11 | Chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Operations | President of the @NATO Parliamentary Assembly.
22 Nov 20
I’ve seen several recent stories in the press that seem to point to a coordinated attempt to portray @GSAEmily as some kind of unassuming, apolitical bureaucrat.

My subcommittee oversees GSA. I know Admin Murphy. She is a Trump loyalist, through and through.

In 2017, Trump cancelled plans to relocate the FBI headquarters from the crumbling (literally) Hoover Building in DC to suburbs in VA or MD. Fine — normally, presidents have that right.

But Trump had a direct interest in the outcome of the project.…
First, you need to know that Trump nearly bid on the Hoover Building himself as part of the relocation.

And when he cancelled the project, he was actively refusing to end his lease on another GSA property up the street:

Trump International Hotel.…
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14 Aug 20
Yesterday I requested a rapid report from the USPS IG to determine the legality of Postmaster General DeJoy's actions. Congress needs this information ASAP.…
Earlier this month, I joined Congressional leaders in requesting the IG investigate USPS policy changes and service delays, as well as DeJoy's apparent conflicts of interest.…
Im proud to join Chairwoman @RepMaloney's Delivering for American Act to protect service standards for USPS.…
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5 Aug 20
Congress cannot be silent in the face of Donald Trump's campaign to sabotage the US Postal Service.

This week, 130 of my colleagues joined our efforts to #SaveTheUSPS.

In addition to the $25 billion in emergency funding included in the Heroes Act, here's what we're calling for:
Sec. Mnuchin is attempting to block USPS from accessing the $10 billion in loan money authorized for USPS in the CARES Act -- a total subversion of Congressional authority.

Any forthcoming #COVID legislation must include language that ends this outrageous, unlawful blockade.
At @realDonaldTrump's behest, the new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, is doing all he can to grind USPS' operations to a halt.

Any forthcoming #COVID legislation must mandate that USPS return to operational standards as they were prior to DeJoy taking over.
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14 Nov 17
Tonight, Speaker Ryan is in NoVa trying to sell his snake oil tax plan that would be devastating to Northern Virginia families and our local economy. Here are some inconvenient facts:
Fact: #VA10, where Speaker Ryan is holding his #TaxTownHall, ranks as the 6th highest congressional district claiming the SALT deduction. 51.7% of VA10 constituents would no longer be able to claim this deduction.
Fact: #VA10 residents would be disproportionately hit by the Trump/Ryan plan that caps mortgage interest deduction. Loudoun County has the largest average deduction in the county at $6,365.…
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