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2 Aug
A thread, the last. (Some of you will be glad to know!)

We are not leaving behind #LabourAntisemitism because we don’t care about hatred of Jews, far from it, we are moving on/back to our former prey Neo Nazis & BDS. /1
We aren’t leaving because we’ve been detrimentally mentioned in @EHRC report, we called them to check as a journalist has reported this. They HAVE used our evidence but we’re NOT mentioned. (PS 400 people haven’t been contacted it’s hype!) /2
But some organisationd are mentioned Should we be looking at you @peoplesmomentum & @unitetheunion ? Funny how you have been critical of @EHRC at exactly the same time as the report has been sent to those who are mentioned. 🧐/3
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10 Jul
We’re hearing credible reports that Richard Millett the Jewish activist who @jeremycorbyn said had “no sense of irony” has won the first round of his defamation case against Corbyn. If true this is massive. MazelTov Richard.
103. “To summarise my rulings on the preliminary issues, I find that the words complained of referred to Mr. Millett; that they bore a meaning defamatory of Mr. Millett as identified above; and I find that the allegations were factual.”
"Finally, as to the issue of seriousness & the Thornton threshold, again this is a straightforward case when applying the multi-factorial approach summarised in Gatley at para.22.4. @jeremycorbyn , one of the most prominent politicians at the time, accused Mr. Millett of ....
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2 Jul
*New* Yesterday, @johnmcdonnellMP appears to have RT well known Holocaust denier Sarah Wilkinson. He deleted, but someone was there to take a screenshot.

It’s unbelievable to us that Holocaust deniers are being promoted by senior @uklabour MPs #LabourAntisemitism (1)
The fact that @johnmcdonnellMP still follows this Holocaust denier on twitter, shows the casual way in which the hard left treat the most gross antisemitism, and their complete disregard for the feelings of the British Jewish community. (2)
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16 Jun
*Exclusive Thread*

This photo of a "nice old Gent" talking to a Black Lives Matter marcher went viral.

Great, you might think, it's a powerful image.

Jim Curran is well known to Jewish activists, anti-fascist orgs & even to the security services.

He regularly attends "Keep Talking" meetings, Keep Talking is run specifically to spread Holocaust Denial & antisemitism.

Jim is also a 9/11 truther

AND 2/
Jim is at least a terrorist sympathiser & at worst involved with the IRA hierarchy.

He attended meetings where Jews were abused, but, so did @jeremycorbyn neither of them did a thing to help this woman. In fact, they wanted her removed!

3/ dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6…
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11 Jun
*Thread* The word antisemitism is often twisted by racists, they believe by denying the word’s history, and absolute meaning “Hatred of Jews”, it will stop our claims of racism.

The word antisemitism was popularized by the Nazis as it made hatred of Jews sound scientific. 1/
It was invented by a man named Willhelm Marr who wrote extensively of his beliefs that Jews were taking over Germany & according to him, the struggle between Jews and Germans would only be resolved by the victory of one and the ultimate death of the other. 2/
Using Semitic to mean a group of people is a misanomor, Semitic is not a DNA grouping, but a group of languages (including Hebrew) originating in the Middle East. 3/ en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semitic_l…
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30 Apr
So @Keir_Starmer when you signed up to the pledges by @BoardofDeputies it was obviously just nonsense.

Today he has allowed @BellRibeiroAddy & @HackneyAbbott to share a platform with not one but 2 antisemites thrown out of @UKLabour with only a reminder of their conduct. 1/
At this meeting a @UKLabour activist named Nushi addressed the meeting, saying: "Ken Livingstone was expelled from the party for saying in truth a historical statement."

This is an antisemitic hoax, yet its fine for 2 MPs to be present and say nothing?2/

At this meeting Salma Yaqoob claimed the Equalities and Human Rights Commission @ehrc had become "weaponised and politicised" and that she was a "victim of right-wing smears" over allegations of her own antisemitism. She added that "racism was weaponised by the right."3/
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18 Apr
Our thoughts on this leaked report & a few tidbits of info you won’t have heard.

Straight off the bat we want to say that some of the language allegedly used by @uklabour members of staff is foul & we don’t condone it. 1/
Having read this report & investigated several of the very serious allegations it makes, there are a number of inaccuracies which lead us to believe it’s not honest and like @UKLabour lawyers have said shouldn’t be used as evidence. 2/
1: The guy who apparently put in the majority of the reports of antisemitism was actually sending the same emails, with the same screenshots over & over again. 3/
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7 Mar
In Sep 2019 @UKLabour Cllr Arnold was reported by @LabourAgainstAS & us for extreme #LabourAntisemitism inc Holocaust revisionism & sharing the protocols of the elders of Zion!

It seems that this isn’t enough to get you kicked out of Labour, he’s still an active councillor!
You can see the views of a Louis Arnold a @UKLabour councillor here. Louis is sharing the protocols of the elders of Zion from a source called “Jew Watch”. We’ve collected pages & pages of his racism, yet @JennieGenSec appears not to have expelled him!
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6 Mar
1: IHRA definition of antisemitism:

"Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel."

2: IHRA definition of Antisemitism

"Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews."
3: IHRA definition of Antisemitism

"Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations."

Shabbat Shalom all!
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1 Mar
This is one of the most disgraceful posts we’ve seen from an official @UKLabour account

Not only is this completely misrepresenting & attempting to undermine the role of @BoardofDeputies in our Jewish community but it’s factually COMPLETELY incorrect. The arrogance is astounding
We’ll explain:

The OP is attempting to say that Orthodox Jews are the same as conservative Jews, this is untrue. In Europe conservative Jews use the name Masorti. The OP is attempting undermine Orthodox Jews as conservative, a word he knows will be unpopular with his audience.
The next deliberate misrepresentation by this official @UKLabour Facebook account is that @BoardofDeputies don’t represent Reform, Liberal or Masorti Jews. This is a LIE. The Board of deputies have members from across the spectrum of Judaism. A deliberate lie by @UKLabour
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28 Feb
We don't often look at DMs belonging to accounts who shout "free Palestine" at us.

Invariably they are antisemitic, @zach_saeed did not disappoint.
@zach_saeed Then, of course, there are people like @StephenBottrill who think it is OK to be abusive to Jews in DMs.

Stephen is a bit obsessed with Jews, don't you think?
Why do people like @tbrock52 think we should have to listen to them?

Baffling really.
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9 Feb
*Thread* on ANOTHER @UKLabour official who had to apologise for being antisemitic & has carried on promoting antisemitism on her FB page

Julie Reed is a Cllr in Manchester & an antisemite

When she got caught out she issued this "apology" & vowed to "work with @JewishLewish" 1/3
You'd think with all this training from @JewishLabour & chats with @SocAgainstAS she'd at least delete the offending posts from her FB

Actually, they are still there & all she did was change her privacy, presumably so no one could expose her further. 2/3

Julie is a prolific antisemite who should be nowhere near politics. (a small sample of her views below).

Julie should NOT have been allowed to get away with this antisemitism by @UKLabour, she has clearly learnt nothing and her "apology" is FAKE.


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7 Feb
Would you expect the CEO of a racism charity to dismiss claims of racism as not real & designed to undermine @jeremycorbyn?

This appears to be just what @GedGrebby the CEO of @SRTRC_England has done.

We wonder, would he dismiss claims of racism from any other ethnicity? 1/8
We were utterly shocked and appalled to see that this doesn't appear to be an isolated incident.

It doesn't look like @GedGrebby supports @TheIHRA definition of antisemitism (the author never said this BTW) & Ged shares well-known crank Shaun Lawson's blogs to prove this.

Which other ethnicity does @GedGrebby deny the right to define racism against them?

It appears to only be Jews.

(BTW sharing Lawson's blogs is currently getting people sued)

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31 Jan
Good. Let’s hope @TwitterSupport keep Sally Eason of their platform this time. Shabbat Shalom.
Off. 🙄
Arrests imminent.
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28 Jan
We have it on excellent authority that Wolfie @tpopularfront (Graham Louth) was phoned by the Met before Xmas, on suspicion of malicious communications to Jews

On the advice of Sally Eason @leftPhoenix he laughed it off as a hoax, it wasn’t, & now his @Twitter has disappeared😉
Predictably we’re being arrested and taken to court - AGAIN - for the 1000th time this year alone. 🤣
Whoops wrong screenie, sorry laughing too much!
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28 Jan
1: #HolocaustMemorialDay Cliff Jones (member of @UKLabour & ex staff of @LivUni) writes on the @jeremycorbyn supporting FB page The Word, how he failed an Israeli student’s dissertation on death camps, not only because she’s Israeli but because the research into them wasn’t good!
2: We can only presume that he means the research into the Holocaust wasn’t good enough for @LivUni , which is, of course, Holocaust denial?

Cliff then goes on to suggest that Yad Vashem (he spells it incorrectly) the Holocaust memorial is the equivalent of “Disneyworld”
3: His disgusting posts attracted 11 shares!

Cliff’s friend Graham Swinson, carries on the antisemitism by suggesting that “The Jews lost an opportunity to turn world opinion around against hatred by reducing the racial element in their reaction to the Holocaust”
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22 Jan
You'd think that @zarahsultana, @uklabour MP would have learnt her lesson expressing antisemitic views, wouldn't you?

Apparently not, this morning she liked a post from infamous antisemitic troll Cool Daddy, suggesting that "Zionists" were put in Israel "by the British."
@zarahsultana @UKLabour Just to be sure that Ms Sultana doesn't unlike the post and pretend it didn't happen, here is the electronic archive.

And just in case Ms Sultana decides to change her profile pic etc. here is an electronic archive of that as well.
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21 Jan
1: Dorset Eye is once again uploading lists of Jews to their website. This example is 'helpfully' called "Miscellaneous Jewish People"

We assume this is so we can be identified more easily? (we archived the page so you don't have to give them the clicks)web.archive.org/web/2019122202…
2: Dorset Eye state they are a "community website" in reality they are fanatical fans of @jeremycorbyn who regularly publish antisemitism, including attacks on @chiefrabbi & they promote articles by Holocaust deniers like Sam Bentley.

Further info here.

3: Here is another one of their lists they publish, this one is entitled "Labour Party members LAAS"

We can only presume this is attempting to ID the members of @LabourAgainstAS most of whom are Jewish (70%)

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17 Jan
Normal operating procedure carries on in @PeoplesMomentum FB groups.

🛑The leadership candidates are “arse licking the @BoardofDeputies

🛑@jonlansman (the owner of momentum) “Kisses Israeli Butt”

And they can’t understand why they lost the election! 1/2 Image
.@PeoplesMomentum are still tolerating Holocaust deniers, letting Mollie (Ex regional representative for @SWLabourParty) post, despite being suspended from @UKLabour

Momentum are a huge part of the #LabourAntisemitism problem, & certainly not the solution like they pretend 2/2 ImageImage
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4 Jan
.@louiserawauthor darling of Hard Left Antisemites, who spoke at the “anti racism” vigil arranged by @uaf. Not only does share Neo Nazi material on FB, she’s now RT well known Holocaust revisionist & antisemitic conspiracy theorist Sally Eason. Cc @israel_advocacy @mishtal
Louise also “likes” tweets which suggest that Joseph Cohen (the hint is in the name) isn’t actually Jewish. This is the same racial profiling that the Nazis used, except in reverse.
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3 Jan
.@CNN reported on one fake Jewish account, but they are popping up all over @Twitter.

We decided to take a look at ONLY the fake accounts with the word “shekel” in their profile.

What we found was shocking, it appears that the racists at 4Chan have been busy! 1/3
.@TwitterSupport really need to take positive action to remove these these fake Jewish accounts and prevent the people behind them using their platform. 2/3
Social Media platforms like @Twitter & @Facebook are enabling racism and antisemitism to spread virtually unchecked, with what appears to be hardly any response from them at all, apart from the occasional suspension of an account. 3/3 #OnlineAntisemitism
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