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For years @TuckerCarlson slyly wove anti-Jewish conspiracies into his show on @FoxNews — attacking George Soros, slandering Paul Singer, and making other unfounded claims. Now the mask is fully off. 🧵
He opened his new “show” on @Twitter by describing Zelensky as "sweaty and rat-like" and "a persecutor of Christians." Complete lie. Even if you disagree with US foreign policy, invoking antisemitic imagery and tropes is a perverse and prejudicial way to build a case.
Tucker scared major advertisers off FOX Primetime for years. He traded in conspiracies. He appealed to cranks. Now this — at a time when #antisemitism is surging in America and around the world.
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❗️Only an #antisemite would use the @TheIHRA Definition of Antisemitism - the origins lie in the #EUMC - would concoct a #malicious #malevolent #libel that it's responsible for human rights harm!❗️

@FranceskAlbs wants #antisemites to get away with #antisemitism by blaming #Jews
The Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) surveyed Jewish Europeans & showed that the examples in the definition reflect what the vast majority perceives as antisemitic.

What's the problem? @FranceskAlbs doesn't want any opinion from the very people who experience #JewHatred daily!
The Commission considered the victims' perspective as an important starting point in tackling all forms of racism & hatred.
Thus, @FranceskAlbs wants to #EXCLUDE Jews altogether while defining the meaning of #antisemitism or #JewHatred.
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RFK JR CLARIFIES STANCE ON ISRAEL / Follow @JewDefense / Over the weekend, @RobertKennedyJr met with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in New York twice to discuss Israel and antisemitism, and marched with him down fifth avenue for the Israel Day Parade. /1
Since last week’s controversy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has made a bold and unequivocal statement regarding Israel and his association with Roger Waters. The presidential candidate claimed to have defended Waters' protest against vaccine mandates – only. /2
When he learned of Waters' views on Israel, Kennedy took down the post and expressed unwavering support for Israel's right to exist and defend itself.[Video: @yopasta/Twitter] 
From Jewish Defense Network
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ALL-STARS OF JEW-HATRED UNITE FOR DOCUMENTARY / Follow @JewDefense / A new documentary exploring the Jewish "obsession with Israel" features the whole of the anti-Israel Jew-hater dream team: @4noura, who said, "Zionism is a bedfellow of Nazism;" /1
@CornelWest, who called the Democratic Party "beholden to AIPAC and blamed @BarackObama for being "comfortable" with "Jewish men;" /2
@PeterBeinart, who claims Israel is "dehumanization masquerading as realism;" along with disgraced Jeffrey-Epstein Associate and coiner of the term "Judeo-Nazi," Professor @noam.chomskyofficial. /3
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CROSS-BORDER TERRORIST ATTACKS UNDERMINE DECISION TO CEDE SINAI PENINSULA // Since 2011, repeated cross-border terrorist attacks have made the Sinai Peninsula Israel's deadliest international border. Image
Over the weekend, an Egyptian police officer armed with a gun, six magazines of ammunition, and a Quran, infiltrated Israeli territory and murdered three Israeli soldiers.
Egypt's government is defending the terrorists' actions and offered "sincere condolences" to his family. Israel sacrificed the Sinai Peninsula, twice its size, for peace with Egypt – ceding strategic depth, natural resources, and control of key trade routes like the Suez Canal.
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Trial for accused gunman in Pittsburgh synagogue massacre slated to start

Defense unlikely to contest Robert Bowers guilt in killing 11 worshippers and will focus on preventing death penalty.

#Pittsburgh #SynagogueAttack #Terrorism…
Prosecutors have said Bowers made #antisemitic comments at the scene of the #attack and #online.
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Mohamed el Shorafa @MoesDen is yet another self-described anti-Zionist who has animosity towards the Jewish people. Shorafa shares classic antisemitism and centuries-old blood libel against Jews. A few frames from the video he posted to Twitter are shown below.

Mohamed el Shorafa also promotes Holocaust inversion and Nazi analogies on this platform.

#Antisemitism Image
Mohamed el Shorafa stirs up hatred towards Jews. Yesterday, a murder took place in Dubai, the victim and the alleged perpetrators are Arab Israelis, but Shorafa insinuates that they were Zionist Jews. ImageImageImageImage
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There needs to be one global definition of #Antisemitism and that definition is @TheIHRA. By referencing other definitions, the struggle for accountability + action by stakeholders against anti-Semites + their hate crimes will be diminished + politicized.…
Any effort to legitimize those who call for the elimination of the Jewish state or justify the murder of Israelis would make a mockery of the fight against anti-Semitism.
In 2023, the largest Jewish population in the world resides in the democratic Jewish State. Terrorists, their sponsors and enablers are part of the problem as they promote genocidal hate against Israelis.
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Johnny Farhoud @Upper_Galilee (prev. handle @palestine_hope) operates multiple @Twitter accounts to propagate Holocaust inversion, promote Nazi analogies, and incite against the Jewish people.

#antisemitism #canceljohnnyfarhoud ImageImageImageImage
@Harley_Ride is his other account ImageImageImageImage
Receipts: ImageImageImageImage
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I've been talking privately to some people in #Catholic media about this event; I'm grateful to those who have reached out to discuss it.

This is Coffin's Hope is Fuel conference. I want to say some things about it publicly, from my own #Jewish perspective on #antisemitism.
Firstly, what is the event? It is an online series of videos put together by former Catholic Answers podcast host Patrick Coffin. Coffin is a public figure and influencer in right-wing Catholic discourse. You can read OSV's survey here:…
I don't have a view on Coffin being a sedevacantist, which is the issue driving much of the Catholic commentary. I don't have a view because I think it is generally inappropriate for those outside of a community to comment on internal theological and doctrinal issues.
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🧵 As the leading organization fighting #antisemitism, @ADL welcomes the @WhiteHouse's partnership in releasing a National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism later this month. To succeed, we believe the strategy must be comprehensive and do the following:
- Address antisemitism across the political spectrum
- Include @TheIHRA definition as an indispensable tool for identifying & combating the many forms of antisemitism
- Combat antisemitism on college campuses & protect Jewish students
- Recognize & confront online antisemitism
- Improve hate crime reporting
- Protect the physical security of Jewish community institutions through support for at least $360 million for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program
- Ensure a robust @StateSEAS office with suitable staffing and resources
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At #NLS2023 today, I spoke about building a future for the next generation of Jews in America. Ultimately, it comes down to this: we must come together and do the work.……
We at @ADL are committed to doing the work of fighting #antisemitism – gathering data, taking action, holding people accountable, stopping hate before it escalates to violence and supporting those responding to hate-fueled attacks.
This work is hard – but we are always thankful for the voices in our government and across every sector who stand up to stop #antisemitism and protect Jewish communities.
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Look what trends. #Antisemitism

And who is biggest funder of #Antisemitism? Russia. Who is originator of all modern antisemitic propaganda? Russia.
Even now, #RussianPropaganda uses word Nazi against who? Jews. It divorce this word from its victims. That’s why you see actual Nazis call me Nazi, call my Jewish president Nazi. I have told you Russia have only one real mass destructive weapon: mind war, active measures.
And they have used it for 100 years to target Jews. Why you imagine that Dugin, Orban, Tucker Carlson all promote replacement theory? Why you imagine every antisemite support Russia? #RussiaIsANaziState is killing Holocaust survivors while calling them Nazis.
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Important THREAD on UK’s Black woman MP @HackneyAbbott’s letter to @theobserver/@guardian and White Britain unleashing opportunistic attacks on the MP.
Buckle up🧵
#DianeAbbott #Racism #Antisemitism #WhiteSupremacy #WhitePrivilege #BlackLivesMatter #HierarchyOfRacism #CRT British Black MP Diane Abbo...
White British establishment has been way too racist and harsh towards #DianeAbbott (“DA”) among #BlackWomen—not denying many of their points—compared to others. Issues of DA erasing #GTR or #Holocaust memories or not—not denying the importance of it—is a separate issue than… 2/ Tweet from Siobhan Miller (...
…the main topic pointed out in the subject of the letter: White #HierarchyOfRacism that exists to date. Having worked as a London-based banker who was involved with diversity, I’ve seen Black was 9x more, Muslims up to 8x more discriminated at institutional & security levels…3/
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Oh, Diane Abbott. What a daft thing to say. Travellers and Jews of course experience racism. But here's a few honest points I think very few people are actually honest about.


My Jewish son does not face the same discrimination day to day as a young black or brown man, because of the simple reality that you can't identify his race or religion from looking at him.

This country has severe problems with treating a lot of people badly. And often privilege is related to class, wealth and also characteristics.
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ACTION: He laughed when Christian children were gunned down inside a Christian SCHOOL

REACTION: The crowd protested his immoral behaviour

CARD: He did not apologize for his immorality, but played the #antisemitism CARD. These gangsters are playing games with us
Our magnificent department did some digging and this is not the first time this far right Jewish extremist disguised as a liberal agitator has made disgusting remarks about our Christian brothers being killed inside a school or a church.
Some more anti Christian hatred. He never criticises Judeism or Jewish people. All the hate is directed towards Christians and their Christian values.
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A #THREAD about hate crime, irony, hypocrisy, & political opportunism.

In October, 2018, two national newspaper ran light-hearted #Halloween stories about a "headless man" who had been seen walking down a street in Nottinghamshire.
An article in The Star was headlined “Brit family stunned as ‘HEADLESS’ man casually walks down the street”, & another, in The Mirror-online, was titled "Family get Halloween fright as they spot 'headless' man walking down street".
The video of 'the headless man' had been posted on social media just before Halloween. It went viral, being published by numerous websites, before being picked up by two national newspapers, one of which - The Mirror - put the video & accompanying story on its online site.
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Trump had Nick Fuentes & Ye over for dinner and then pretended he hadn’t expected Fuentes & didn’t know who he was. #provocateurs #plausibledeniability 1/
3/ Before Trump dined with Fuentes, Roger Stone (Trump’s longtime advisor) had started streaming on Fuentes’s platform. #provocateurs
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NDP MPP candidate Sarah Jama at a Samidoun-affiliated event in Toronto in 2021. Jama insinuates that the same people who control Israel “will continue to fund the killing of people here, locally, and globally.” #hamont #Antisemitism #onpoli 1/6 🧵
Jama also says that “the Hamilton police protect Nazism in our city and continue to target Black Muslim Palestinians”. In other tweets shared online, she has said that “police in Ontario have a record of arbitrarily killing babies”. 2/6
Jama’s speech goes beyond being merely offensive and creates actual danger for Jewish Canadians. She is telling people who may have grievances with Hamilton police that the Zionists are responsible. Hamilton has a Jewish federation and a number of “Zionist” synagogues. 3/6
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Full-time shit-stirring gobshite, GB "News" presenter, Rishi Sunak's Tory Party Deputy Chairman & part-time crap MP, #30pLee, thinks ageing far-right Nazi-supporting arseholes are “real salt of the Earth people”. He'll fit Right in at GB "News"!…
People on @Twitter have known all about #30pLee's far-right tendencies for quite some time, as have the @Conservatives - but I understand this is the first time a national newspaper has brought it to a wider public.

Not that anyone would be remotely surprised.
#30pLee was sent for #antisemitism awareness training after being an active member of a FB group in which other members supported Tommy Robinson & promoted Soros conspiracy theories. He also signed a letter using the antisemitic conspiracy theory of "cultural Marxism".
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Despite concerns over increased antisemitic activity, 2/25 has so far been a pretty typical Saturday in America, w/ white supremacist protests in Florida & Georgia, antisemitic propaganda in TX, CA, FL & AZ — & white supremacists monetizing their hate-filled online livestreams.🧵
Increased law enforcement presence as well as heightened community awareness helped to ensure this was a #ShabbatOfPeaceNotHate.
In the face of threats and rising #antisemitism, the American Jewish community was not cowed. We were defiant. We lit Shabbat candles, attended services, and proudly celebrated our faith. Meanwhile, extremists panicked and shared paranoid conspiracy theories.
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A disgusting far-right hate-preacher, in the UK. There should be no place for this kind of hateful, ill-informed, misleading, divisive, & dangerously irresponsible rhetoric in twenty-first century Britain.

Did some British people really learn NOTHING from WWII & the #Holocaust?
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FORT LAUDERDALE -- Investigators with the Broward County Sheriff's Office asked for the public's help Thursday to find a man caught on surveillance camera beating a Jewish man last week in Dania Beach.…


2023: Antisemitism in South Florida…
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