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THREAD 1. Since posting about #HolocaustMemorialDay , encouraging us to remember where hatred leads - #Srebrenica + #Holocaust genocides for example + standing up against #antisemitism #homophobia #Islamophobia #racism etc, I have been trolled
2. Who are these trolls? They are sick, narrow minded bigots of the Muslim faith (+ one Islamophobe). What have they been saying? Well I've been called: shabbos, House Muslim, House Arab, sellout, Zionist, shill for Israel + accused of attacking the right to free speech
3. Free speech and antisemitic speech are two different things. I reported this bigot because he is a bigot and Twitter clearly agreed with me. Free speech is not the right to promote hatred. I did call someone a nutjob I admit and got told I was demonising others
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How does Jamal Khashoggi hate Jews? Let me count the ways.
@IgnatiusPost @lawrence_wright @khanfarw @camcath @mulhim12 @chrislhayes @saudiarabia @UN @Maribel_FdezG @GoblinShop @KarenAsche @princesse_rasta @rbrary9
Not all of Jamal Khashoggi's #antisemitism has been deleted.
Jewish child: "My father told me your Arabs are murders and terrorists."
Palestinian child: "My father told me nothing. He was murdered by your father."
Jamal Khashoggi claims that for 2000 years, Jews forgot all about Jerusalem.
#antisemitism #JamalKhashoggi (Warning: Bing is bad at Arabic translation)
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The hashtag #FirstAntisemiticExperience which I started a couple of days ago has shown me several things. This thread will pull together what I believe we can learn from it, and what conclusions we should draw from it.
Please follow me to get other insights into being a #Jew
First: thanks to the journalists who picked up on this #FirstAntiSemiticExperience - they’ve helped spread the hashtag. However I am not sure they understood it’s implications fully, it seems they missed that these encounters with #antisemitism happened years, decades ago!
This is a record therefore of #FirstAntisemiticExperience from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. My son teeeted one from about 2009. That may be the most recent one!!
Historic #antisemitism. But real nonetheless
So let’s examine what sorts of experience we had:
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While her mf-er comment is worthy of scorn and shows how vile she is, don't forget that Rashida Tlaib supports the destruction of Israel, advocates for BDS, and proudly stands with Linda Sarsour, which is a nothing more than a big mother f--k you to Jews in America and Israel
Especially when even many of the pussy hats in the Women's March crowd are distancing themselves from Sarsour and her virulent #AntiSemitism, and fangirling of Louis Farrakhan
Important article by @TianaTheFirst

Why the one-state solution is racist #AntiSemitism #Judeophobia (via @dcexaminer)
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What's with @uklabour leader @jeremycorbyn & rabid antisemitic women? Corbyn was all over Palestine Live founder Elleanne Green's timeline + liked or commented on around thirty of her posts. Now there is Anna Elliott too. Exactly like Elleanne, Anna joined Labour just for Corbyn.
Anna is hard-core. Difficult to believe she can still be a member. She pushes Israel as ISIS & likes Gilad Atzmon. She shares David Duke, David Icke, Paul Eisen & articles from ultra racist site PoliticalVelCraft. She's living evidence that 'far-right' and 'far-left' hold hands.
Just like with Elleanne Green (who shared everything from far-left Conspiracy to far-right Nazi material), Jeremy Corbyn didn't accidentally stumble on *one* of Anna's posts, but rather seemed to have Anna's timeline set to 'speed-dial'.
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[Thread] Based on recent discussions with @SamuelSokol, @TarikCyrilAmar, and @AuschwitzMuseum over the continued debates regarding the "naming" of concentration camps in Poland, I've decided it's time for a thread, b/c this is not about history but the present in Poland.
What has many Poles (and state-run museums) up in arms, is ANY connection of the word "Poland" with Holocaust sites (and more broadly behavior- hence the "correction" above.) They particularly rail against the term "Polish" death or concentration camps.…
The argument is that Poles did not establish or run these camps...which is absolutely correct. But the problem is, no one really thinks Poles built Auschwitz, etc. Sure, there are ignorant people out there or some students, but I defy you to find a scholar making this argument.
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#LabourAntisemitism #KinderGentlerPolitics #CorbynsExcuse: “I’m Too Upset.”

@JeremyCorbyn, full of reasons why it can’t be #antisemitism cos he’s never to blame 4 his own actions. He’s Macavity, mystery cat, not there. Let’s review the others.… 1/7
This mural started the #LabourAntisemitism row off: he knew it was #antisemitic, but of course defended it. When challenged he says he didn’t look at it properly, didn’t see the a/s.

Remember, @JeremyCorbyn’s fans vaunt his antiracist credentials. 2/7…
The wreath laying. Obviously not on the menorial he claimed. @JeremyCorbyn said he was present but not involved. Fortunately the Tunisians has an official phorographer.
You simply #CantBelieveCorbyn -any #CorbynsExcuse will do. 3/7…
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While we're talking about the #WomensMarch #Antisemitism controversy, I want to remind everyone: it is entirely possible to believe that Israel is engaging in a genocidal war against the Palestinian people and NOT be an antisemite.
The conflation of the rejection of Zionism with antisemitism is nonsense. You can be a big old Jew, like me, and reject Right Wing Zionism like that espoused by Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson and the like. You can be a big old Jew, like me, and reject the violent occupation.
You can be a big old Jew, like my dad and other traditional liberals (like Obama!), and believe wholeheartedly in the Zionist project - the creation of a Jewish State in what is now Israel - and still despise the Occupation, and work towards a Two State solution.
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The fallout from @JeremyCorbyn’s #StupidWoman comments may appear symbolic, but has far-reaching implications.
#Corbyn chose #CorbynLies over truth. All he needed to do was say sorry for the cock-up. The words were not actually important. It was a tetchy throw-away remark. 1/8
@JeremyCorbyn has carefully built a (false) image based on his integrity, his kindness, gentle politics, caring. So he has tried to defend himself by denying the obvious - includibg outrageous tweets by @AaronBastani quoting a discredited lip-reader. 2/8
So he decided to die on this hill. He said something else. Nobody believes him.
@jeremyCorbyn and his #NotACult supporters all bleat that he’s not lying but the world knows how false this is. And he’s busy trying to gaslight women into believing him: very far Left behaviour.
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.@CAIRNational Hypocrite, Wilfredo Amr Ruiz (@AnalistaInter), Linked to Group Championing White Supremacist David Duke…
Ruiz “founded the chapters of Puerto Rico and Connecticut of The American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA)” and is “currently acting as its legal advisor.” According to AMANA, Ruiz has been the Director of its Puerto Rico chapter.
Ruiz has also been the Executive Director of AMANA’s sister charity, American Muslims for Emergency and Relief (AMER).

Outside of its Islamist existence, AMANA and its President, Sofian Zakkout, are notorious for championing white supremacist leader David Duke.
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🔴 As we mark #HumanRightsDay, a devastating new @EURightsAgency Report on #Antisemitism in #Europe underscores how alarming situation has become.

You can read full report, most extensive in years, here:

But thread below on some of these jarring figures:
@EURightsAgency @TimmermansEU @VeraJourova @kschnurbein @EUinIsrael @EGiaufretEU @IsraelinEU ➡️ 90% of Jews feel #Antisemitism has increased over past 5 years.

➡️ 89% of Jews think Antisemitism is most problematic on the internet & on social media.

➡️ 71% avoid Jewish symbols (e.g., kippah, Star of David, etc) in public things that could identify them as Jewish.

@EURightsAgency @TimmermansEU @VeraJourova @kschnurbein @EUinIsrael @EGiaufretEU @IsraelinEU ➡️ 85% of Jews consider #Antisemitism to be the biggest social or political problem in their home country;

➡️ 28% of respondents have been harassed at least once in the past year, with those being visibly Jewish most effected;

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Wow 😮 Two more poorly-informed public officials fall for the false propaganda of a fringe, radical (anti Jewish) group working to demonize #Israel 🇮🇱 & defame, smear the @ADL_National 😩 ☹️ #shameful
FYI @SethAMandel @LegInsurrection @jonathans_tobin @acandidworld
@ADL_National @SethAMandel @LegInsurrection @jonathans_tobin @acandidworld I’ve written extensively about the JVP-spearheaded #DeadlyExchange campaign which blames 🇮🇱 & American 🇺🇸 Jewish orgs for deliberately conspiring to cause harm to minorities in US inner cities. This isn’t legitimate criticism of Israel. It’s straight up #antisemitism 😩 1/
@ADL_National @SethAMandel @LegInsurrection @jonathans_tobin @acandidworld After convincing the Durham City Council to shut down any future exchange between its police 👮 department w/counterparts in 🇮🇱 (& only Israel), JVP and allies have been working 24/7 for their next big municipal win. Now they have two ☹️2/
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Thread 1/7
Some people do really well at fighting antisemitism in a very safe way that challenges few and achieves even less. Let's face it, it's a frightening thing to do not least because of the enormity of the hate directed at Jews.
2/7 The real task though lies in being brave enough to take risks and challenge people who might not thank you for it; friends, colleagues, political associates - even family.
3/7 This doesn't mean risking personal safety, but enabling people to stay inside their comfort zones by only challenging the ideas you know they disagree with isn't an option if we really want to get anywhere.
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This is especially weird as @CNN has been promoting their special report "The State of Hate: The Rise of #AntiSemitism in America” all day

4:00PM ET: Just checked again, and there’s still no stories about Mohammed Mohammed in Los Angeles on
And if the national MSM has failed you as well

Suspect Arrested in Hate Crime Outside Los Angeles Area Synagogue… (via @nbcla)

#AntiSemitism #Judeophobia
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Here, I translated it for you: Someone gave our CEO a Hinduphobic poster advocating hate and violence against a religious minority, and our CEO accepted it unquestioningly and then poised for a photo with it. And we think it's totally OK.
3 points:
If you believe "Brahminism" is distinct from Hinduism, then you'll know that Brahmins form ~5% of the population, were ethnically cleansed from Kashmir, & the subject of immense hatred from bigots & racists.
And @Twitter CEO @Jack endorsed hate & violence against them.
2. If you accept that Brahmins are part of Hinduism, then you'll know that "Brahiminism" has been a dog-whistle word for Hinduphobia, going back centuries, with roots in missionary evangelism. Read Jakob de Roover for e.g.
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This book by Karl Sabbagh “the anti-semitism wars” is now available in @Dauntbooks Marylebone and I have just seen that it’s one of the display books in the politics section #antisemitism #corbyn #labour @GnasherJew @mishtal @antisemitism @AntisemitismOut
It includes “Personal accounts by Tony Greenstein, Karl Sabbagh, Cyril Chilson and Thomas Suarez, of their encounters with Zionists and supporters of Israel who try to smear legitimate criticism as antisemitism”
And “Transcripts of the Al Jazeera undercover documentaries, The Lobby, revealing how Israel and its supporters infiltrate legitimate organisations in the UK, including parliament, to try to suppress criticism of Israel.”
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Momentum have made a video about #antisemitism on the left. It's good that they've tried and the examples of antisemitic tropes are familiar enough. But there's a few revealing problems with this video... /1
Firstly and most obviously, claiming that Corbyn is a perfect example of how to listen to the Jewish community and oppose antisemitism is - what's the word - IRONIC. I think. /2
Secondly, 'don't be antisemitic to me because I'm a good Jew who boycotts Israeli goods' kind of misses the point. /3
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Anti-Semitism is expolding & it has nothing to do w/ Trump.
I first noticed it when Farrakhan made the horrible termite speech.
I learned that in NYC there have been over 120 anti-Semitic attacks & not a single one comitted by the far right as per the NYPD. #Antisemitism #NYC
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Is It Safe to Be Jewish in New York? #AntiSemitism (via @nytimes)

"During the past 22 months, not one person caught or identified as the aggressor in an anti-Semitic hate crime has been associated with a far right-wing group"
@nytimes Ya think @connie_bergman will delete that?
The replies to this tweet are an orgy of hate and blame that none of the haters and blamers will ever apologize for

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Last Shabbat, 11 Jewish people, united by faith & community, were killed in synagogue. Honor them by recommitting to fight hate. NEVER allow hate to take root. Action is how we ensure #NeverIsNOW. We’re asking you to take 11 minutes of action:…

We’re experiencing a continuing threat of anti-Semitic violence. Join us to stand in solidarity with the Jewish Community of Pittsburgh and beyond by declaring #NeverIsNow & updating your FB profile frame:…
Taking ACTION is how we flood the darkness with light. Sign ADL’s Digital Vigil to pay tribute to the lives lost at the Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday, October 27.
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