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Y-a-t-il eu un antisémitisme médiéval ? C’est la question que se pose François Soyer (@FJSoyer) dans son dernier livre. Il nous a accordé un entretien exclusif où l’on parle persécution des juifs et invention de la haine raciale... Un thread ⬇️! #Antisemitism #histoire
F. Soyer rappelle que le plus souvent les historiens distinguent l’antijudaïsme, médiéval, et l’antisémitisme, moderne et contemporain. Mais lui propose une approche plus nuancée
Le mot même « antisémitisme » n’apparaît qu’en 1879, mais on peut s’en servir avant. Et il est important de reconnaître l’existence d’un préjugé proto-racial contre les Juifs, né au Moyen Âge.
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This is how much Jew-hate matters to @TwitterSupport.

Despite so many reports, @Twitter unsuspended the account - it remains free to spew anti-Semitic abuse.

I see no way that this doesn't constitute institutional #Antisemitism.

@CST_UK @antisemitism
@CCDHate @LordJohnMann ImageImageImageImage
This is what @TwitterSupport allows. Despite weeks of reports. Nothing but Jew-hate.

Tweet after tweet, night after night, and @TwitterUK doesn't just allow it, but reinstates them when we complain.

This is institutional #Antisemitism.

#EnoughIsEnough ImageImageImageImage
#racism, #Antisemitism, abuse.

Not just ignored by @TwitterSupport @TwitterUK - but actively permitted to do so.

This is institutional Jew-hate.

#EnoughIsEnough @CST_UK @antisemitism ImageImageImageImage
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@Israel_Studies @AndrewPessin @NGOmonitor @palwatch My pleasure, I’m glad to help @shaynamalka! But I just checked & I’m surprised to see that Al-Shabaka hasn’t been removed yet. It’s still listed in the Guide (uncritically) & first up alongside reputable think tanks, centers & institutes. ☹️ 1/
@Israel_Studies @AndrewPessin @NGOmonitor @palwatch @shaynamalka The Guide has a disclaimer but the HomePage enthusiastically recommends the entries as resources that offer “tips for effective research” & help students, scholars “explore the rich world of modern #Israel 🇮🇱 Studies”. Based on these criteria, including Al-Shabaka is #shameful 2/
@Israel_Studies @AndrewPessin @NGOmonitor @palwatch @shaynamalka I’m not sure who vetted the Guide or which “expert” recommended it’s inclusion, but someone steered you very wrong. Let me explain, in brief. First, Al-Shabaka’s key sponsors are affiliated w/Badil. It’s a virulent anti Israel org that wins prizes for #antisemitic cartoons 😡 3/
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Thread. Corbyn gave hope to 1000s of young people, who joined Labour & became politically active. They have written him a thank you letter.
This is the hate & abuse they face on Twitter from anonymous hatefilled trolls. #JeremyCorbyn #Labour #antisemitism 1/6
All of these tweets have been directed to London Young Labour because they wrote a thank you letter to #JeremyCorbyn the man who inspired them. We can see with our own eyes who the real haters are. 2/6
More hate from anonymous troll accounts directed to London Young Labour for writing a thank you letter to #JeremyCorbyn 3/6
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The current #Immigration debate is fascinating.

Proponents of it usually argue that modern Western states should be defined through (liberal) values. But detractors point out that most immigrants, particularly Muslims, aren't really liberal.

So I decided to have a closer look.
I started with Women's rights since this topic is hotly debated.

To that end, I took the Global Gender Gap index from the (2018) Global Gender Gap report and used the percentage of #Muslims per country as a predictor. (Note the confusing fact that a high index means a small gap)
The regression revealed a strong relationship with R2=0.395. This means that almost 40% of variation in the country-level gender gap is explained by the % of Muslims in a given country.

That's way higher than I expected.
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To understand #antisemitism, one must observe how antisemites communicate. I’ve identified 20 commonly used phrases that are typical of such exchanges. This thread will showcase them in an effort to point to patterns of antisemitic behavior. (1/10)

Here are the phrases:

1) “I’m not a racist, but Jews ... “
2) “I love Jews. I just don’t like Zionists.”
3) “The Rothschilds are behind [this or that group].”
4) “Zionism and Nazism are similar ideologies of white supremacism.”

#antisemitism (2/10)

5) “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
6) “I lots of friends who are Jewish, and they all agree with me that Israel is a racist endeavor.”
7) “These are some of the good Jews.”

#antisemitism (3/10)
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THREAD: Documenting COVID tyranny:

Kansas Pastor Vows to Ignore Democrat Order Outlawing Easter Services…

#1A #Tyranny
DOJ Spokesperson: ‘Expect Action From DOJ Next Week!’ on Overreach by State, Local Officials on Religious Services…

#1A #Tyranny
Sign The Petition To Recall Gov. Gretchen Whitmer For Her Latest Stay At Home Order…

#MI #Tyranny
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800 odd pages, but this Labour #Antisemitism report is dynamite stuff.
There's going to be a lot of red faces in Labour, now this is public.
I'm only scanning & it's mindblowing.
Man, I'm only 40 odd pages in & this has me in stitches.
Check this report out, it's explosive.
This row is only starting...... 😂
Simon Jackson, Director of Policy & Research in @UKLabour, regarding a potential snap election....
"Ultimately though, who votes for JC?
If it's a choice btwn him & TMay how do WE vote for him??
I mean we're not fucking mad"
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Given the disturbing increase in antisemitic incidents in my own county, the U.S., and others, I thought it might be helpful to provide an easy guide to antisemitic behaviors by people on social media and off. So here goes: (1/10)

“I used to respect Jews, but now I don’t”: People who say such bunk never “respected” Jews in the first place. They are merely justifying their bigotry by suggesting their views evolved after Jews purportedly made them do so. (2/10)

“I’m an anti-Zionist, not an antisemite”: Zionism is the movement to create a state of the Jewish people’s own, realized in Israel, the area from which Jews originated. Most Jews are Zionists. Hate Zionism, and you hate Jews. (3/10)
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NEW VIDEO! Anti-Semites and anti-Israel activists are using the Coronavirus pandemic to demonize Jews and Israel. Have you seen examples of this? SHARE them below!
#coronavirus #antisemitism
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Well once again social media is demonstrating a plethora of nasty antisemitism in response to #coronavirus. Here's some greatest hits.
#Iran claims “Zionist elements developed a deadlier strain of #coronavirus against Iran.” They also suggested American Jews are collaborating against them.

#antisemitism #covid19…
A Jordanian Islamic Scholar used #COVID19 as an opportunity to blame Jews for more stuff: "The Jews Are More Dangerous Than Coronavirus, AIDS, and Cholera"
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“Will you fight for those you don’t know?”

Dear @SenSanders
@briebriejoy @shaunking @davidsirota @fshakir @GunnelsWarren @ninaturner

The question is: Will you fight for those you do know?

#Berners are taking abuse from MSNBC, CNN, Warren etc and you’re doing what about it?
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Is @UKLabour's current leader @jeremycorbyn also a closet homophobe as strange as it may first appear? Thread on what his preferred people to align with are all on board with, why he has never condemned them over this human rights issue & no this time it's not #Antisemitism. 1/7
We all know @UKLabour is institutionally antisemitic, but is its' current leader also something else too, now what do all of his "heroes" from Che Guevara who wanted gays sent to re-education camps or dead right through to the modern day Iranian regime all have in common? 2/7
#Corbyn supported the IRA - which targeted two pubs in Birmingham that were well known for their gay community and he never once condemned this atrocity even though the IRA held very strong anti-gay views and many members of Sein Fein still do. 3/7
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The Official *You Are Full of Shit when you say you're #antiZionist but not an #AntiSemite* Thread!

An antiSemite hates #Jews.
An antiZionist hates #Jewish Independence.
It's the same black ink in different concentrations!
An anti-Zionist is someone who believes that the Jewish state and ONLY the Jewish state is illegitimate.

Therefore ONLY Jews have no right to a Homeland or to national self-determination.
And that murdering Jews — and ONLY Jews — in terrorist attacks with the goal of eliminating the Jewish state is “resistance” and “freedom fighting”.

This is simply another way of saying they believe Jews should be killed and expelled, which OF COURSE is antiSemitism.
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@rooshv Die Zionisten betonen ständig ihre Angst und Abscheu vor dem Antisemitismus, wollen diesen aber gar nicht loswerden, sondern erwecken ihn stets aufs neue zum Leben.
Stirbt der Antisemitismus, so stirbt der Zionismus mit ihm.”
Nahum Goldmann
@rooshv Zionists are constantly talking about fear for antisemitism and they constantly keep the remembrance alive. Without antisemitism, zionism will die.
Nahum Goldmann
@rooshv FBI Blows It: Supposed Terror Plot Against NY #Synagogues Is Bogus
Next to constant bombardment with '#Nazi' movies/documentaries this is one of the way's to keep #Antisemitism alive. Smart moves or not?🤣…
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Thread: One of the candidates excluded from the Labour NEC ballot has posted a statement defending himself. Keith Hussein (South Shields CLP) says that claims he promoted antisemitic conspiracy theories are "completely baseless" and "vicious personal character assassination". /1
Concerns about alleged #antisemitism in Keith Hussein's Facebook posts were first raised publicly by Stephane Savary, vice-chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, whose blog questioned whether the comrade was fit to join Labour's governing body. /2
Hussein says: "An innocent discussion on economics is somehow re-spun to make the accusation that I was spreading anti-Jewish conspiracy theories regarding George Soros. I didn’t even know Soros was Jewish at that time." He assures us that he doesn't believe in such theories. /3
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You asked for it, so I wrote it @JewishJournal: "Uncle Bernie's Anti-Semitism Problem."

"...when you cheer a plan to destroy the state of the Jewish people, it is anti-Semitism. Hate of the Jewish state is anti-Semitism."

Let's discuss! #Antisemitism…
Thank you @DavidSuissaJJ for being the kind of brave editor we need today! As I wrote in my piece, I voted for Bernie in the 2016 primary. Then I saw him accept Linda Sarsour & her bigotry & I thought: oh no. When he spoke at @ISNAHQ in 2019, I saw this book sold in the bazaar.
Any extremism scholar can tell you this book is a Muslim extremist’s nightstand reading. What is Bernie doing speaking at a conference where it is sold? Look at the index entries on “jihad”: “objectives of,” “obligatoriness of,” “raising armies for, by the Islamic state...”
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CHARLOTTESVILLE was a false flag by the Alt🕎Right patsies 😉
Yes, Russia is Connected to Charlottesville
Russia is sowing division here and in Europe to weaken the West. Make no mistake, Russia’s fingerprints are all over Charlottesville.…
Alt right e-celebs constantly defend Eurasianism and shill Dugin…
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Holocaust as metaphor, ongoing thread. This person is joking about sending people he doesn't 100% agree with to the camps. IE concentration camps.
H/T @dr_jfprice Image
Holocaust as metaphor, ongoing thread. Using Goebbels propaganda machine as an analogy for the BBC. 🤦 Not @vonny_bravo, the screenshot.

Holocaust as metaphor, ongoing, never-ending thread. H/T @jh_swanson. Image
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The #Nazi hydra in fascist America
How #America’s (nazi sympathizing) Right Wing Politicians were & are Plunging The Country Into A #Fascist Police State.…
#Fascism is a marriage between #corporations and the #Government. Upton Sinclair defined it as #Capitalism plus murder.” (Glen Yeadon quote)…
The #Nazi Hydra in #America: #WallStreet & the Rise of the 4th Reich Part 1/6
How US financiers created #Hitler, launched a putsch against FDR, and recouped Nazi assets to lay the foundation of today's #NSA and #CIA.
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#Antisemitism this organized and persistent must be funded by a state sponsored effort. I think there is an army of PAID anti-Jewish tweeters. Where is our coordinated campaign to push back? @ADL is unfocused at best, AWOL most of the time. Our own leadership is a colossal fail.
I also think that they infiltrated our universities with paid agitators who find the impressionable young minds who only want to be accepted by peers who spout this #Antisemitism. Such unthinking ideologues are Moral Narcissists.…
Moral Narcissism = What makes you feel good about yourself and in the eyes of these from whom you seek approval dictates your ideas and speech. Irrespective of the truth or the consequences.…
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Dear #Liverpool - the red, #antiracist city, that proudly denies to far right racists the mere possibility of walking in its streets. 🙌🙌🙌

I know you will be there on the 28/03 to protest against Salvini.…
And I will be there too. Just as I was in 2017 where the EDL was unable to get out of Liverpool train stations...…
I was there in 2017, but I was very worried.

Anti-racism is not just protesting against the far right.

I was worried that some of those people marching with me against the far right were involved in the #antisemitism crisis engulfing Labour.
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#Marxism is probably the greatest propaganda success of all time
Karl Marx was a middle-class #Jew married with Jenny von Westphalen, an educated baroness of the Prussian ruling class.
They were controlled opposition for bankers and industrialists 🤔…
His father Hirschel began his masonic quest in 1813 after joining the The Hanseatic Star lodge in Osnabrück. Karl followed in his footsteps. His connections to ”elite” ashkenazi illuminists such as the Rothschilds, Jacob Schiff, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, etc
Karl Marx & his daddy
Heinrich "Herschel" Marx was ancestrally Jewish, and his paternal line had been rabbis in Trier since 1723. They lived a wealthy and middle-class existence, with Herschel's family owning a number of Moselle vineyards.…
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