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The annual @AMCHAInitiative report on campus #antisemitism is full of important facts & stats, but it’s the nearly 20 testimonials submitted by #Jewish students that will break your ❤️ 1/
@AMCHAInitiative This study should (finally) put to rest the myth that #BDS only engages Israeli 🇮🇱 institutions. In fact, individuals have always been targeted for harm—incl. Jewish students, faculty, staff. Just read PACBI guidelines! 2/
@AMCHAInitiative Key finding of the new report: student groups ganging up to stigmatize, shun individual Jewish peers as racist & calls to kick their orgs off campus is more emotionally & psychologically damaging than a swastika etched into a bathroom 🚽 stall. 3/
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Meet #Israel's #Hasbara, which means #Propaganda, MSM Censorship Application👇🤨
This app came out about last year, and it is still on the iTunes store.
The app posts daily missions & TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO SAY
#Trolls #Palestine #Gaza #BDS #JeremyCorbyn #JC4PM
6yrs ago #Jerusalem, #IDF Rep:
"we are now located in the SAME building where the Foreign Journalists are,we have close working relationships w/ hundreds of journalists. In addition we launched media project working in many platforms,twitter in Arabic, Russian, French & English."
How #Israel-i Propaganda (#Hasbara) Works: #TheLuntzDocument
If you want to understand how the #propaganda works you need to read the Luntz document -- "The Key," Luntz says, "is the Claim that the Fight is Over Ideology, Not Land. About Terror, & Not Territory."
#Palestine #BDS
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In my Guardian article yesterday I claimed that Corbyn and his team want to rewrite @TheIHRA definition on #antisemitism to neuter @UKLabour's own rule against antisemitism. This is key to understanding what they are trying to do and I'll explain it a bit more here /1
If a party member is disciplined for antisemitism it is always under the rule against conduct that is "prejudicial, or... grossly detrimental to the party." This used to be at the discretion of the NEC /2
This changed last September when party conference made the expression of antisemitism and other prejudice an automatic offence. The old rule is on the left, new rule on the right /3
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I've absolutely had it with this 24/7 #antisemitism news cycle, which is being weaponised by elements of the Labour party and the mainstream press to undermine the Labour party and its leadership... #TomWatson
If you haven't heard @MikeSegalov on anti-semitism yet, his interviews for the #BBC and Momentum are well worth a listen
As Segalov makes clear, its right to say there are legitimate concerns regarding anti-semitism both across society & within Labour. A fringe element within Labour & most political parties = anti semitic. Also fair to say #antisemitism is being weaponised
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#tRump on Senate Democrats at fascist rally in Ohio on August 4, 2018: "A few of 'em say nicer things than, about me than any Republican. A couple of 'em compare me to some of the greats. They talk about Abe Lincoln. Honest Abe. No. No, they say great things."
#tRump on August 4, 2018: "I went to the Wharton School of Finance. I was a very fine student. And I will tell you, one of the great schools in the world. The Wharton School of Finance. One of the hardest schools in the world to get into. I got in. Let me tell you. I went there."
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Let’s just step back and examine what the @UKLabour #Antisemitism row is all about.

@jeremycorbyn ‘s groupies last night organised mass love-in for their idol. This was a feel-good diversion from the 💩storm of examples of his intolerance n antisemitism over the last weeks. 1/10
But @jeremycorbyn won’t get out of responsibility for his nastiness. He is a very unpleasant man.

On Holocaust Memorial Day 2010 he organised an event including a Holocaust survivor, designed to attack Israel using the Holocaust. Disgusting.… 2/10
The Press say that he apologised.

It was a non-apology. In fact, @JeremyCorbyn has apologised for "concerns and anxiety" caused by him chairing a House of Commons event at which Israel was compared to the Nazis.

No, just sorry we’re upset. He’d do it again. *Not* sorry.
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@JeremyCorbyn in real trouble. A conviction politician with utter ideological commitment he cannot lie about his actions. You won’t get him deviating from his line cos of this rigidity. So he is now destined to suffer a massive car crash over his past. @BBCr4today

His failure to adopt #IHRA full definition #antisemitism is due to his knowledge that this would catch him. He is too rigid to adopt it and then fail to implement it. He had to fiddle with it so that he could feel comfortable by allowing his own actions as not antisemitic. 2/11
Now his allies, emboldened by his own tweak of the #IHRA definition , have started speaking up about smears and the like, using obviously antisemitic smears. And he can’t stop what he’s started. The @PeterWillsman debacle is only the latest of many and they’ll not end. 3/11
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1/ Thread

#OpDomesticTerrorism #WhiteSupremacy #AltRight #AntiSemitism #TurningPointUSA

#TPUSA makes news...

"TPUSA’s founder is a fan of Bryan Sharpe, who says ‘Jutang Clan’ runs America and ‘Holocaust denier’ is a term ‘created to hide the truth.’"…

"Turning Point USA (TPUSA), the high school and college campus student organization founded in 2012 to “identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote..." racism & antisemitism…‘boosting-their-numbers-racists’-long-established-conservative

Turning Point USA's blooming romance with the alt-right

“I’m Turning Point USA’s Top Activist in the Country, & I Quit this Shitty Organization.” ~Kaitlin Bennett…
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1. A few comments on Jonathan Freedland's (@Freedland) often misleading piece on the antisemitism controversy and the Labour Party…#Antisemitism @medialens @MichaelRosenYes @tonylerman @CPMacL2008 @AaronBastani @michaeljswalker
2. Freedland says only people who say “Jews are Nazis” would contravene the IHRA definition. In fact, the IHRA definition is much broader, referring to “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis”…
3. Freedland says IHRA definition “explicitly says that if you criticise Israel the way you criticise other countries” it is not antisemitism. This ignores the testimony of Kenneth Stern, who drafted the definition that has morphed into the IHRA definition…
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So I spent a few curious hours today looking for Labour, specifically Corbyn supporter's #antisemitism

Being in IT I pretty much know how to go about it

I used some Twitter searches to follow reports, then the web app and some API calls to make historic searching easier.
I also did a similar exercise via Facebook, Reddit

I also came at it the other way, finding obvious anti semitism and attempting to back trace it to Corbyn supporting accounts.
Finally I searched some obvious dark places of the internet where racism of all sorts is rife. I again attempted to find any link to Labour or Corbyn.
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#NaomiWimborneIdrissi, founding member of #JewishVoiceForLabour:
"Let's be clear very clear what that is code is,there is NO SUCH THING as an agreed international code for #Antisemitism,there is a document that has been pushed for many years now by pro-#Israel organizations"
"There is NO International Code of #Antisemitism, this is a ploy to get rid of #JeremyCorbyn" says #NaomiWimborneIdrissi, founding member #JewishVoiceForLabour,"there is a document that has been pushed for many years now by pro-#Israel organizations"
Shame on you, @margarethodge what a liar👇😡There is NO International Code of #Antisemitism, this is a ploy to get rid of @JeremyCorbyn & to silence critics of #Israel & #Zionism‼️@UKLabour
WATCH response from #NaomiWimborneIdrissi, founding member of "Jewish Voice For Labour":
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I was wondering how far the #antisemitism issue in the Labour Party had moved on in the last few years, so I had a look through the @Gerasite archive
The suggestion that Corbyn himself has always simply been an honest broker, trying to find peace in (a small section of) the Middle East was dismantled by @DavidDPaxton…
Do you remember the original line that nobody had ever encountered any antisemitism in the Labour Party? Owen Jones' tried that one, and a few other things, and @NudderingNudnik pointed him in the right direction…
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As Labour prepares to discipline @margarethodge, here's a post I wrote in April on the culture of complacency, victim-blaming and self-congratulation that has marked the party's response to #Antisemitism.…
Too often, Labour has tried to silence those who complain rather than challenge the existence of abuse.
Too many on the Left see prejudice as a right-wing problem, of which the Left is incapable. The result is a culture of complacency that allows abuse to flourish.
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#thread on @UKLabour NEC Code Conduct on #Antisemitism showing how opposition to it is wrong. Links from Dr Brian Klug, Moran Mandelbaum, David Feldman, Josh Nathan Kazis on Kenneth Stern, Rhea Wolfson, Jennie Formby and Jo Lansman
Firstly this is the NEC code here. Please read. It covers conspiracy theory antisemitism, the 'socialism of fools' and antisemitism masquerading as criticism of Israel. These are the issues that have crept into Labour from the conspiracy theory fringes.…
Jon Lansman @jonlansman states the new code is "Labour’s antisemitism code is the gold standard for political parties .. The new code makes clear that discrimination against Jewish people is unacceptable while allowing for legitimate criticism of Israel "…
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From the beginning, Zionists advocated a "Jewish State" not just in #Palestine, but also in #Jordan, southern #Lebanon, and the #GolanHeights as well.
As it will be proved from the quotes below:
#ICC4Israel #EthnicCleaning #Occupation #BDS #Gaza…👈
#Palestinians are not indigenous to #Palestine👈This propaganda has no other purpose than 2 further dehumanize Palestinians & justify #Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing & murder
In #BenGurion own words👇😡you'll see how that outrageous claim is far removed from historical reality
“We must expel the Arabs and take their places…”~#DavidBenGurion
Born in 1886 as David Green (Gruen) in Plonsk, #Poland. He is considered one of the three founding figures of Zionism beside #ChaimWeizmann & #Herzl.
#ICC4Israel #BDS #Palestine #Gaza…👈
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The current focus of this row is designed by Labour to suggest that they have tackled the issue. This of course is not the case; Labour are trying to exculpate their own Members by defining out those aspects of antisemitism, which affect them most. 1/8
Notable therefore is the broad IHRA definition of #antisemitism, which is the gold standard. Adopted by 24 EU countries, this is the universally accepted definition. A total of 31 countries have so far accepted the broader definition, which tackles the political mutation. 2/8
This is of course the reason that @UKLabour and @jeremycorbyn are so keen to avoid it. They have edited out the parts of the definition that they don’t like, and are busy gaslighting Jews into accepting the change as “superior”. Utter bunkum. It’s watering it down. 3/8
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#Muslim candidate for #US Congress calls #Israel#Apartheid regime’
Targeted by #Zionist #American pro-#Israel lobbies, Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN has rejected accusations that a 2012 #tweet accusing Israel of 'evil doings' amounts to #Antisemitism…
A #Somali-#American candidate for #US Congress-#Minnesota rejected accusations that a 2012 tweet accusing #Israel of “evil doings” amounts to #Antisemitism In an @ABC interview for a segment “Progressive Democrats increasingly criticize #Israel & could reap political rewards”
Omar has received some pushback on #socialmedia recently
A #tweet from @shabbosgoy called her a “proud #Jew hater” after she made a brief appearance in the music video of the pop group Maroon 5’s song “Girls Like You”
Omar responded in a tweet:
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Today #NEC of @UKLabour is deciding on their definition of #antisemitism. We all know that Zionism is only supported by Tories and Imperialists, and traitor blairites, so we can ditch definitions which IHRA say are antisemitic and just use ones we like like duffing in Jews. 1/3
Saying ZioNazi is a matter of freedom of speech. After all Israel is waging a nuclear war on Palestinians and using their dead bodies for dog food, feeding their babies to religious Jews as beef burgers and using their blood in wine to create a master race. 2/3
Israel is crap and committing genocide and ethnic cleansing: must be true, they’re just rubbish at it, as there has been an increased Palestinian population each year since 1948. No surprise, israel is crap at ethnic cleansing because it is je…Zionist, rubbish at everything. 3/3
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Just a thought on #LabourAntisemitism
For the last few years a few dedicated people have fought tooth and nail to get labour to deal with the #Antisemitism in its ranks. Many have been the victims of appalling abuse for there trouble, one even lost his life.
What did we achieve?
Well a few were suspended, a tiny number were expelled but the vast majority were lost in ‘due process’
Suspended councillors were still councillors, suspended members still voted and supported the party.
To the hard left these people became martyrs, some made money out of it, they developed a victim culture. Who was to blame for there down fall? Not of course them for being racists but of course us for pointing it out.
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The Labour Party has decided to fiddle around with its definition of #antisemitism in order to ensure that @jeremycorbyn’s friends are off the racism hook. They have rejected the standard IHRA terms, dismaying Jewish organizations and many of their own members. 1/7
This is indeed astounding, but quite understandable. Devoted Party Hack knows that things have gone badly wrong. However he cannot bring himself to admit the proble, thinks it can be saved. Many think it’s irredeemable.

They’re right. No way back.

The Labour Party has deliberately decided to become a racist party, by denying Jews the rights it happily accepts for others. After the Lawrence murder, the McPherson report indicated that it was best practice to allow the victims of racism to define racism against them. 3/7
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This Republican control over all parts of our government defies comparison. On second thought, it feels like a Biblical punishment..Remember the 10 Plagues of Egypt?
#RepublicanPlague #CrimesAgainstHumanity #RiseUp
First, the waters of the land of Egypt were to be turned into blood....
The Clean Water Rule protected smaller bodies of water, like streams and wetlands, from discharges of all kinds of pollutants. But not anymore: #RepublicanPlague #CleanWaterAct
The EPA has delayed implementation for 2 years as the agency “clarifies” (read: eliminates)the rule.The decision is a clear gift to industrial polluters who loudly protested the reg in 2015 & GOP lawmakers who have falsely claimed the rule regulates “puddles on private property.” Large freighter ship spilled red and yellow toxic sludge into waterway. People in small boats float on the spill.
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A researcher at the #Palestinian Return Centre in #London-@PietroStefanini, attends a conference where he sees a video by a young Palestinian man-Ahmed Shehadeh speaks passionately about the 70-year ordeal his family has faced living stateless in #Lebanon
Inspired by "I challenge anyone to stay in a refugee camp-not for 70 years-because we were forced out of #Palestine 70 years ago-but for just 7 days" @PietroStefanini travels to the Burj al-Barajneh refugee camp where 50,000 #Palestinian refugees live
Pietro met #Palestinian women whom all still hope they'll be returning to #Palestine: "Our homes were demolished-lives destroyed-We still have our keys because we hope we'll go back 1 day"
Pietro says "What strikes me most is that everyone I meet here is trying to find hope"
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@amnesty .@amnesty Thanks for asking. Though we believe in staying in the ring to fight the bigots, here you go:
1. Members of the UNHRC include China, Cuba, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Egypt, Iraq, UAE, DR Congo & other thieves, murderers & rapists.…
@amnesty 2. @UNHumanRights Council rep Alfred de Zayas, ex-Secretary of the UN Human Rights Committee, praised Venezuela & posted propaganda photos to deny mass hunger caused by the regime’s failed policies—even as hospitals there are filled with starving children.…
@amnesty @UNHumanRights 3. The UNHRC appointed Idriss Jazairy—who as Algerian ambassador infamously drafted a Code of Conduct to muzzle UN human rights experts—as a UN human rights expert. His reports describe the regimes of Russia, Sudan & Syria as victims of Western sanctions.…
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A Surprising Thread of Tweets: To discover who are the attendees of the #US Embassy celebration in #Jerusalem

#US Embassy celebrations: A who's who of the Israeli arms trade… via @972mag
Only 30 countries took part in the #Israeli Foreign Ministry’s gala celebrating the new #US embassy in #Jerusalem last week. Not coincidentally, Israel’s ties with most of them are based on arms sales used to carry out gross human rights violations
Following 1967 War, #Israel began a diplomatic campaign to convince countries to oppose resolutions demanding it to unilaterally withdraw from the occupied territories. Israel attempted to buy votes of "murderous dictatorships" & military juntas in exchange for weapons & training
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