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I hope the Freedom to Vote Act passes. But I am disappointed by its election security provisions. It does not require rigorous official audits (or any audits) until 2024 when only ONE race need be audited. It also allows officials to continue using wireless modems in 2022. 😥 1/
On the bright side, it DOES require that all in person voters have the option to mark their ballots by hand. This provision did not come from nowhere. It is the result of hard work, mostly by election transparency advocates who dragged … 2/
… concerns with new touchscreens systems (ballot marking devices) into the light. 3/
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When leaders defend "fatal flaw" designs in voting machines they purchased, over secure transparent Elections, That is a #Corruption problem Ga citizens can't forgive. Ga's #QRcodeVoting is a flimflam. BMDs aRe no better than DREs because the vote is hidden. #gapol Image
@GaRepublicans agree that our voting machines are a flimflam. They voted on a resolution at their 2021 convention to remove the #QRcode from our paper ballot. They even said we should vote with #HandMarkedPaperBallots They haven't done anything about the problem. #gapol Image
@GaSecofState invited @dominionvoting CEO to address problems with their BMDs at a SEB meeting. He let Ga voters know there is a design flaw and it could be fixed. All Ga leaders have to do is ASK. To this day: Brad nor @SpeakerRalston have asked #gapol
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Trump’s lies about 2020 must not silence legitimate efforts to address real vulnerabilities. Those who began following me > 2020 may be unaware of much of my pre-election election security advocacy & the many graphics that graphic artists on Twitter created to support it. 1/
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@FrankFigliuzzi1 @NicolleDWallace @DeadlineWH @MSNBC Trump’s lies do not justify ignoring legitimate election security concerns. Championing untrustworthy elections —& not knowing the difference between trustworthy & untrustworthy results—undermines democracy. 1/#HandMarkedPaperBallots #RobustManualAudits #TransparentChainOfCustody
@FrankFigliuzzi1 @NicolleDWallace @DeadlineWH @MSNBC 2/ We never got the election-security protections in the #SAFEAct, which the GOP blocked. We cannot afford to have such a short attention span.…
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“Election Security Problems Still Must Be Addressed” (In other words, the Big Lie did not make legitimate election-security concerns vanish.) 9/27/21 1/…
“The election system industry has little to no oversight, transparency or regulation, and what little security testing there is, is voluntary, lax and woefully outdated.” 2/
“The federal agency tasked with voting system testing and certification [@EACgov] has been criticized extensively for its excess dysfunction and lack of security expertise.” 3/
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In Elliott County KY

👉There are 4.5x more registered Dems than GOP
👉In 2019 Elliott County voted in a Dem as Governor
👉Historically, Elliott County NEVER voted for McConnell

But in Elliott we’re supposed to believe Mitch got TWICE as many votes as McGrath🤔
In Wolfe County KY

👉There are 4.5x more registered Dems then GOP
👉In 2019 Wolfe County voted in a Dem as Governor
👉Historically, Wolfe County NEVER voted for McConnell

But in Wolfe Mitch supposedly got TWICE as many votes as McGrath in 2020🤔

Why aren’t we auditing Kentucky
In Breathitt County KY

👉There are 6x more registered Dems then GOP
👉In 2019 Breathitt voted in a Dem as Governor

But we’re supposed to believe that in 2020 Mitch beat McGrath 2-1🤔

Elliott, Wolfe & Breathitt all got new ES&S voting machines in 2020. Why don’t we audit them?
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Here's the new For the People Act (Freedom to Vote Act). In one respect, it's better than the earlier versions in that it requires that all voters have the option to mark their ballots by hand (with a pen) AT THE POLLING PLACE. #HandMarkedPaperBallots 1/…
I and others in the election-security community requested this change. (See example below). 2/
Here's the exact new language in the new bill. Credit to @TheBradBlog who originally spotted the need to make this change several years ago when similar language appeared in the #PAVEAct and #SAFEAct. 3/
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Thread #FreedomToVoteAct
From a #Security and #Technology POV, there are some excellent points in the new version & some very concerning ones.

Preprinted #handmarkedpaperballots are required in the polling place!! This is something many of us fought for
Voting systems that can print on ballots after they are cast are prohibited - but the provision is weak. It can be "through mechanical means or through independently verified protections." I believe that means it is allowed, but you have to check if it's happening. Not great.
The voter's privacy must be maintained. That's great!
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Dear Republicans. Even if the US government had confirmed an election system breach in 2020, which it didn’t, this wld not nullify the election. If it did, Trump’s own presidency wld itself be nullified, along w/ his SCOTUS picks. Or did u forget 2016? 1/…
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No I did not. I described their approach to * election security * as playing dead. When was the last time Ds messaged #HandMarkedPaperBallots and #RobustManualAudits? I’m told the latest version of the #ForThePeopleAct doesn’t even require manual audits in 2022. 1/
Which is a huge wasted opportunity. I’ve proposed this but they haven’t done it. 2/
My thread was about conducting due diligence as to unexpected or otherwise anomalous losses. You just changed the subject to proposed legislation that has nothing to do with this. 3/
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This article seems 2 blame the Big Lie in part on too much transparency re: election-system vulnerabilities. IMO, this is a bad take. Had the national media amplified these concerns b4 the election, TFG wld not have been in position 2 hijack the issue. 1/…
I don’t mean to imply that the media ignored election-system vulnerabilities entirely before the election. But attention was at best sporadic. 2/
Everyone should have been made aware BEFORE the election that ES&S is connecting ballot scanners to the internet & that the GOP blocked @RonWyden’s #SAFEAct, which wld have banned this & required robust manual audits for all federal races. 3/…
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A MAGA clerk illegally obtained & leaked the software 4 Dominion’s election management system (EMS). EMS’s are used 2 program voting machines & to compile precinct totals in many California counties. @CASOSvote must plan now 2 conduct a #RiskLimitingAudit of the Recall result. 1/
2/ @CASOSvote shld also require that most voters use #handmarkedpaperballots, as opposed to the new hackable touchscreen systems called “ballot marking devices aka BMDs), which mark your “paper ballot” for you. (exception for voters with disabilities)
3/ BMDs were an absolute disaster in the 2020 primary in LA county, which caused @SenAlexPadilla (who was SOS at the time) to have the county use mostly vote by mail in the general election. (Yes, Covid probably played a part in that decision too.)…
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If you ever wondered why so many of us have a ✍🏻 emoji in our profiles, it’s to show support for election security, including #handmarkedpaperballots! Please do the same if you care about this issue. Thanks!! #handmarkedpaperballots ✍🏻✍🏽✍️✍🏿✍🏼 1/
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A related concern is that QAnon nuts or enablers might use the illegally leaked data to hack BMDs (touchscreen voting machines) in California to make it look like Gavin Newsom & Dominion rigged the recall. How many reports of vote flipping wld it take to trigger a civil war? 1/
2/ We should not use BMDs for most in person voters. Even if someone thinks voters wld notice any vote flipping on the printouts, there is still the concern that this flipping cld be done on purpose to create suspicion about a legitimate result. CA shld go back to #PenAndPaper.
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“A new court brief is sounding an alarm from cybersecurity experts about Georgia’s voting system. It suggests that cities…use hand-marked paper ballots in elections this fall instead of the [touchscreen] voting machines purchased by the state in 2019.” 1/…
“This critique is separate and distinct from the unsubstantiated complaints that claimed election fraud in November. The concerns posed by cybersecurity experts say Georgia is asking for trouble by continuing to use the state’s [touchscreen] voting machines.” 2/
"’I’m one of the cybersecurity professionals that think the more computers we have in the (election) system, the more vulnerable it is,’ said Dr. Rich DeMillo, the founder of Georgia Tech’s new College of Cybersecurity.” 3/
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“The Shelby County [funding] Commission rejected a resolution to purchase [touchscreen] voting machines for a 2d time, sending a resounding message to the Election Commission that they still favor hand-marked paper ballots, not ballot marking devices.” 1/…
This has been an ongoing battle. The funding commission is led by Democrats, but the Election Commission is led by Republicans. At least one Republican on the funding commission voted with the Democrats this time. 2/ #HandMarkedPaperBallots
Ballot marking devices, which the GOP-led election commission wants to force on this heavily African American county, create all sorts of problems, including longer lines & electronic malfunction. They put the burden on voters to make sure the system didn’t cheat. 3/
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.@TheDemocrats must try to ensure that Rs don’t cheat in 2022. I suggest a standalone election security bill (robust manual audits & #handmarkedpaperballots) AND a national ballot image audit campaign, including a DOJ investigation into Florida’s ballot image destruction. 1/
We are unlikely to get the election security bill, but Ds must try anyway. Ballot images are created by scanners automatically, but too many jurisdictions in Florida and presumably elsewhere destroy them. @TheDemocrats shld demand that officials preserve & produce the images. 2/
Ds shld challenge tech developers across the US to develop software to analyze the images. We need lots of eyes on the images so that we aren’t just relying on one vendor to tell us whether the image supports the result. My friend Ray Lutz has already developed such a program. 3/
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We are in a tough place re vote by mail, not bc I think it is beset by fraud, but bc it is difficult to prove a secure chain of custody with mail flowing in every day over the course of many days. Rs will use any uncertainty to undermine future results (but only if they lose). 1/
That said, vote by mail uses #HandMarkedPaperBallots, which may deter hacking of central tabulation systems. Vote by mail also avoids long lines and vanishing polling places. We are in a bind. 2/
I still feel the answer is to champion as much security as possible and to put Rs on the defensive for thwarting security measures before the election. 3/…
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Per election-security expert @HarriHursti, the manufacturers of new touchscreen voting machines (BMD) did not make them secure, which is a huge mistake. Altho BMDs use paper, security still matters bc most races are not audited meaningfully or at all. 1/
Regardless of paper, denial of service attacks on BMDs could suppress votes and change election outcomes too. 2/
The video in post 1 was posted by @MarilynRMarks1 of @CoalitionGoodGv. 3/
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And she won’t say a damn thing about Georgia’s risky use of Ballot Marking Devices for all in person voters (with no in person option 4 #handmarkedpaperballots) & how Georgia plans to audit only ONE RACE every TWO YEARS chosen by the Secretary of State. #gapol
On the risks of BMDs. 1/…
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In 2018 Sen Menendez introduced an election security bill that included conducting post-election risk limiting audits & cyber security standards

McConnell didn’t put it to a vote😡

I want HR1 but let’s not put all our eggs in an HR1 basket.

Put all these past bills to a vote
In 2017 Sen Gillibrand first introduced the Voter Empowerment Act. It included online voter registration & it required states to audit federal election results.

Mitch McConnell killed it & refused to bring it to a vote😡

It was reintroduced in 2021. Let’s bring it to the floor.
In 2019 Sen Klobucher introduced the SAFE act requiring voter verified paper ballots, establishing increased cyber security & risk limiting audits

Of course Mitch McConnell wouldn’t let it go to the floor😡

Let’s put it to a vote now

Get Manchin, Sinema & the GOP on the record
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“Frankly, I think both of these are forms of misinformation. The one on the left, there is no credible evidence whatsoever on. The one on the right, unfortunately, is simply not true.” - Prof. Alex J. Halderman (University of Michigan). (43:43.) 1/
Finally, someone pushes back not only on Trump’s misinformation, but also on Chris Krebs’s misinformation. I would not go quite as far as Halderman. I believe certain aspects were more secure than before (eg, voter registration systems), but that vote tallies remained exposed. 2/
The vulnerability of vote tallies was especially pronounced for races OTHER THAN the race for President bc most of those races are not audited at all. The presidential race received far more scrutiny. 3/
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It may seem counter-intuitive, but a bad actor cld hack vote tallies & still pass a manual audit of the voting machine paper trail, all depending on the type of paper trail used. The forum tomorrow will explain the risk of paper trails marked by BMDs, rather than by hand.👇
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What Happens When Republicans Simply Refuse to Certify Democratic Wins? | Washington Monthly by David Atkins 1/…
“So what happens in 2024 if President Biden or VP Harris win the Electoral College, but local Rs on county boards w/ majority Dem votes refuse to certify the election; when state legislatures who have seized control of certification refuse to certify their state tallies; … 2/
… when a potential Republican majority in the House of Representatives refuses to certify the Electoral College tally?” 3/
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