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Paper ballots are safe only if marked by hand, not by a machine. Pls RSVP at SmartElections.US if you can join us in NY on June 6 to call attention to the importance of #HandMarkedPaperBallots as a primary voting system & the dangers of #BarcodeVoting and #HybridVoting. TY!
Graphics by @Jodi______!
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Pls join SmartElections.US in NY 2 raise the volume on concerns about #BarcodeVoting.

Counties in GA, OH, PA, KS, WI, TX, DE, NJ, NY, CA, TN, KY, WV, IN, AR, & FL are replacing dangerous old voting machines w/ dangerous new barcode voting machines. Sign up below. TY! 1/
2/ To attend this important election security Action, pls RSVP at SmartElections.US. We can not afford to sit down any longer. It’s time to put our boots on the ground. TY. #HandMarkedPaperBallots #BanBarcodeVoting
3/ Article about the dangers of #BarcodeVoting.…
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Pls join us in NY to raise the volume on concerns about insecure “hybrid” voting systems. Experts confirm that these systems—which counties in OH, PA, KS, WI, TX, PA, DE, NJ, & NY are buying—can change machine-marked paper ballots after they are cast! Details in the thread. TY!
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Which is better?
1. #HandMarkedPaperBallots, which are counted on scanners & CAN provide the basis 4 a meaningful manual audit or recount?;

2. Machine-marked paper ballots, which CAN’T provide the basis 4 a meaningful manual audit or recount, & are counted on scanners? Thread.
Because realistically, if we insist on hand COUNTING (ie, if we won’t discuss scanners plus audits), we will be stuck with option 2.

And if we won’t discuss scanners, we have zero chance of getting the election security protocols discussed in this thread. 3/
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🎉This made my week! @KamalaHarris said IT: She just said "HAND marked paper ballots." Not "paper ballots," which could mean either hand marked or machine-marked barcoded crap, but HAND marked! TY Kamala! #HandMarkedPaperBallots #ProtectOurVotes
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#Alabama, #Ohio, #Missouri, and #Georgia have begun the @GOP's orchestrated attack on women with restrictive abortion laws.

Make NO mistake this is NOT about protecting life. It is a hostile GOP and their #WarOnWomen restricting #WomensReproductiveRights and #WomensHealth.
Highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates! Whether legal or prohibited the number of abortions taking place remains relatively unchanged. Highly restrictive abortion laws simply prevent SAFE abortions.
In countries where abortion is completely banned or permitted only to save the woman’s life or preserve her physical health, only 1 in 4 abortions were safe; whereas, in countries where abortion is legal on broader grounds, nearly 9 in 10 abortions were done safely.
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OMG. As if barcode voting & “hybrids” weren’t bad enough, the ExpressVote XL barcode hybrid voting system has two USB ports! This dangerous machine is spreading like a virus throughout the US, including counties in swing states like PA. 1/
3/ “New ‘hybrid’ voting system can change paper ballot after it's been cast”

“Paper ballots are safe only if marked by hand, not by machine”…
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“Rep. Michael Waltz, a Republican who represents the state's 6th District, was asked if he thought there were more counties nationally breached in 2016 that the public still doesn't know about.

‘It's possible,’he said.” #ProtectOurVotes…
#PAVEAct #HandMarkedPaperBallots #PaperVoterRolls (as backup at each polling place)
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I’m proud to announce my endorsement of Senator @RonWyden's election security bill, the PAVE Act.

This bill would ensure secure & accurate federal elections by requiring paper ballots, which would be subject to the voter’s verification before counting. 1/
The PAVE Act would prohibit the use of paperless machines, like those used in the 2018 elections here in #Georgia, where election security experts found deeply flawed vote counts that could have had a dramatic impact on the outcome of our election. 2/
In my race for Lt Gov, we saw a suspiciously large drop off of almost 160,000 votes, although those voters did cast ballots for remaining down ballot races.

As has been reported by multiple data security experts & news outlets, this is highly unusual. 3/…
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@SenKamalaHarris Altho @KamalaHarris wasn’t specific, she’s referring to the new #PAVEAct, which:
*Gives voters the right to #HandMarkedPaperBallots
* Bans machine-marked barcoded paper ballots from hackable ballot marking devices & Hybrids
* Bans DREs
*.Requires manual Risk Limiting Audits! 1/
@SenKamalaHarris @KamalaHarris 3/ And thank you to @RonWyden, who took the laboring oar on the #PAVEAct!
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The new #PAVEAct:

* Gives voters the right to use
*. Requires manual audits
* Bans barcode ballot marking devices
* Bans “hybrid" BMDs
* Bans DRE (usually touchscreen)
voting machines.
* Bans wireless & internet connections 1/
Most of these provisions go into effect within one year of the date of passage of the #PAVEAct. Thus, to protect the 2020 election, Congress must pass this before November 2019. Pls tell your members of Congress to pass the PAVE Act immediately. 2/
3/ You can easily email your senators through
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🔥 The new #PAVEAct bans dangerous barcode voting systems, "hybrid" ballot marking devices, & touchscreen voting machines. These terms go into effect one year from the date the #PAVEAct is passed, which means that Congress must pass it before November! Start calling! ☎️1/
2/ Here's the text of the #PAVEAct. It expressly requires that jurisdictions give voters the option to mark their ballots by hand. But it does not specify that this option must be provided at the polls (in addition to allowing vote by mail). I wish it did.…
3/ Still, for jurisdictions that use precincts or polling centers, that is the more or less the practical effect of the provisions mentioned in post 1 that ban barcode voting systems, "hybrid" voting systems, and touchscreen voting machines.
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Not only are these West Virginia voting machines old, they are also the notoriously insecure iVotronic from ES&S. It’s as if WV wants its elections to suck. It should instead move to #HandMarkedPaperBallots as a primary voting system. cc: @wvsosoffice 1/…
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Secure Election Checklist & Thread!
1. #HandMarkedPaperBallots
* No touchscreen voting machines
* No barcodes on ballots
* No “hybrids”
* No machine-marked paper ballots
from ballot marking devices
(except for voters with disabilities)
2/ #TransparentChainOfCustody
* Digital ballot images preserved
* Digital ballot images available
through public records requests
* Private cause of action for
* Published chain of custody
3/ #HandAudits or #HandCounts
(public, all races)
4. #NoModemsOrRemoteAccess
5. #PostedPrecinctTotalsAndPollTapes
6. #PublishedReportedResults
(distinguishing early voting vs
Election Day vs absentee)
7. #PaperVoterRolls (as backup at the

BY 2O20
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🚨 Voters! Pls reply below If you can attend the #SMARTElections June 6 Election Security Rally in the NYC State Capitol! We will provide buses from NYC & (most likely) Westchester. Pls also let us know if you can donate frequent flier miles. TY! #HandmarkedPaperBallots 1/
2/ Link to full handout:…

We will have a Facebook event page up later this week!
3/ During this important event, we will demand #HandMarkedPaperBallots as a primary voting system (with well-maintained ballot marking devices for voters with disabilities).
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🚨 Voters! If you are interested in attending this June 6 Election Security rally in the NY State Capitol, pls let us know below! We will provide buses from NYC & (most likely) Westchester. Pls also let us know if you can donate frequent flier miles. TY! #HandmarkedPaperBallots
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🚨 Remote access in county (or state) election tabulators

🚨 Wireless modems in precinct scanners

🚨 Unauditable voting machines & unaudited results

🚨 Convicted felons in management positions

🚨 Donations to the GOP

This is America’s voting system. We’ve been scammed. 1/
2/ “Top Voting Machine Vendor [ES&S] Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States”…
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Secure Election Checklist!
1. #HandMarkedPaperBallots
* No touchscreen voting machines
* No barcodes on ballots
* No ballot marking devices
(except for voters who can’t hand
2. #TransparentChainofCustody
3. #HandAudits or #HandCounts
(all races)
4. #NoModemsOrRemoteAccess
5. #PaperVoterRolls (at the polls)
6. #PostedPrecinctTotalsAndPollTapes
7. #PublishedReportedResults
(distinguishing early voting vs
Election Day vs absentee)
Graphics by @equalandallied1 (post 1) and @gallogallo1967 (post 2)!
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How cld the GOP have stolen the 04 election? How about remote access to the county tabulators? Cuz America’s partisan voting machine vendors (ES&S & Diebold = 70% US election equipment) did that: they put remote access software in the county tabulators.… 1/
2/ Source: ES&S and Diebold equaled 70% of US election equipment.…
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It’s as if they purposely picked people who refuse to even discuss the obvious problems with using machine-marked barcoded summary cards (“paper ballots”) from hackable machines in lieu of #HandMarkedPaperBallots. Before I had even heard of @JoeBeOne, he blocked me. #Lame. 1/
3/ Weird how the esteemed cybersecurity experts who authored the report below were apparently not asked to testify. The vendor lobby is out of control.
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As I understand it, the Microsoft "fix" gives u an option to check whether ur own ballot was counted correctly, but not anyone else's And the way the crypto works, u can’t prove to anybody else how u voted, so there's no remedy. The system also must be implemented correctly. 1/
I've heard that Scytl has been caught implementing this type of system incorrectly more than once, but don't have the links yet for that. 2/
I hope @rad_atl and @philipbstark will let me know if I have anything wrong about this. 3/
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2/ Notes:

Item 1: it is critical to specify HAND marked bc machine-marked (often barcpded) paper ballots are hackable. The only exception should be for people who are unable to hand mark their ballots.
3/ Item 2: It is critical to maintain a transparent chain of custody as to both the paper ballots and the election equipment Iif any). This requires publication of chain of custody records & (perhaps) video surveillance.
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