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Aug 3, 2022 4 tweets 4 min read
Still confused about what @QredoNetwork does?🤷🤷

@QredoNetwork provides a new way for institutions and traders to store their assets without sacrificing control. Using Qredo’s innovative decentralized Multi-Party Computation (dMPC) encryption, users can custody their coins and interact with the wealth of the #DeFi ecosystem through a secure, institutional-grade platform.
🛡️Secure Crypto Custody
Qredo solves one of the biggest problems in crypto by offering users a secure platform to custody their assets without
Aug 3, 2022 11 tweets 6 min read
Leveraging on @SturdyFinance to deploy a #Long strategy on $BTC and make profits💸💸

The bear season is usually made of so many volatilities in almost all assets with the exception of #Stablecoins.
So now the big question is; how does one earn during the bear market?🤷 Image When the market gets rough and your holding values goes left and right, up and down, staking comes as a good way of creating some passive income from current stash.
So you might want to consider staking with a defi lending and borrowing provider with lower fees.