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@chainlink is one of the most important, yet least understood, pillars of the #crypto ecosystem

It currently serves a vital role for DeFi, NFTs and L1s/L2s, and may ultimately be the unifying layer of #Web3

Here’s why $LINK token has the potential to 50x to 100x


🧵 Image

Chainlink is a “decentralized oracle network” that allows blockchains to connect to real-world data (we’ll explain this in a second)

It has a market cap of $3.6B, FDV of $7.2B and its $LINK token trades at $7.15

During the last #crypto bull market, the price exceeded $50

This thread will cover the following:

• What is an oracle?

• What problem does Chainlink solve?

• How does it work?

• What is Chainlink 2.0?

• Who are the key players in the ecosystem?

• What are its #tokenomics?

• What’s the potential value of #LINK?
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Increases in #Stablecoins Net Buy Value indicate traders are swapping #alts for safe-haven assets, which usually reflects the start of a crash.

Eg, $USDC & $USDT Net Buy on #Polygon simultaneously recorded buying power surges at 23:05 UTC. (P1/P2)

👇… ImageImage
At the same time, the number of $USDC & $USDT buyers on #Polygon increased sharply. (P1/P2)

Live Signals - Free to access this chart👇…

#crypto #TradingSignals ImageImage
Check the $WMATIC Net Buy Value Indicator
- a large red peak representing selling power showed at 23:05 UTC on Nov 27. (P1)

The #cryptomarket also retraced from then on. (P2)

Set up Alerts to monitor #cryptocrash signals👇 ImageImage
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1/ Want top-tier insight minus the top-tier effort?

These analytics tools will tell you about #cryptos in macro perspective, DeFi protocols & asset management🧵

#Web3 #DeFi #Blockchain #Crypto Image
1/ @nansen_ai

As the leading #blockchain analytics platform, Nansen enriches on-chain data with wallet labels.

Key tools include portfolio tracking, smart money dashboard, institutional money transfer, smart alerts & more in the field of blockchains, DeFi, #stablecoins & #NFTs.
Check out the thread by @blocksaurus1152 to learn about the features of Nansen.
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1) As the markets change, so should your STRATEGY.

Here's my PERSONAL game plan and top picks in today's market and moving forward.

🧵👇 Image
2) Crypto twitter would make you believe every single altcoin is going to rise from the ashes and raise to unimaginable heights again.

Truth is the number of projects with REAL revenue or a treasury lasting many MANY more years is ridiculously low.

Way lower than anyone thinks.
3) In 2021 I talked to many of my old friends who still held crypto holdings from the earlier bull run (2017).

While I was absolutely enjoying the new bull run and can honestly say this was the biggest run we have ever had so far, many of them didn't share that opinion.
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Ya hemos hablado del riesgo de $USDT y las #stablecoins.

¿Imagináis poder invertir y almacenar vuestro capital en un valor refugio como el #ORO de forma tokenizada dentro de la #Blockchain?

Pues os enseño rápidamente cómo hacerlo.

Atentos que será solo un momento ⬇️🧵

0/10 Image
Podemos hacer esto realidad gracias al token $PAXG de PaxGold.

Podemos comparar su utilidad a la de una stablecoin, pero en lugar de cada token mantener una paridad con el valor de 1$, cada token mantiene un paridad con una onza de oro.

¿Y qué es lo mejor de esto? Que aquí sí existe un respaldo real y tangible.

El riesgo de las stablecoins es que solo tienen un pequeño % de sus reservas en liquidez, de forma que si muchos usuarios simultáneamente las cambian por dólares, quebrarían.

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(1/8) #Altcoins🟡 are any blockchain-based digital project tokens apart from #Bitcoin ₿. This thread focuses on types of altcoins and their functionality. 🦾🧵
Learn more at 👇… Image
(2/8) All Altcoins use the #blockchain as an unchangeable, #decentralized public database that only accepts and records a payment if there is widespread agreement that it is authentic. 📊✅
(3/8) Numerous #altcoins have built off Bitcoin’s original concept but with differing ends in mind or by fixing some perceived shortcomings of the original. 🖨
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[1/20] John Orchard (CEO, @OMFIF) spricht in diesem gerade einmal 4 Monate alten Video über die Zukunft von #Blockchain, #NFTs und #Web3.

In diesem 🧵 fasse ich zusammen, welche spannenden Rückschlüsse gezogen werden und was die Zukunft für uns alle bereithält. 👀 WSI OMFIF Wealth Strategy Institute How a digital world will
[2/20] Das erste Statement, gleich zu Beginn der Sitzung brachte mich zum Schmunzeln. 😉

Nach über 2 Jahren der Diskussionen und des Research zu #CBDCs, wissen die meisten #Zentralbanken bis heute immer noch nicht was sie tun sollen.
[3/20] Danach startet Stefan Edelmann (@sygnumofficial) in das Gespräch mit einer Übersicht der Investmentmöglichkeiten im #DLT Bereich, die aus seiner Sicht existieren:

• Der technologische Layer / Das Fundament als neues digitales #Asset Universum (Nicht die Währung)
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El exchange #CryptoCom manejó $507.506.463 en transacciones solo ayer 🤯

Y hoy es tendencia por los rumores sobre su posible insolvencia.

Pero, no os preocupéis, acá os dejamos un hilo con toda la información importante que necesitais saber.

(¡Spoiler! No pinta bien😥) 🧵⬇️
#CryptoCom actualmente administra 5 wallets en #Ethereum y 6 en #BTC, donde encontramos ≈$3B en activos distribuidos en:

👑#BTC (31%)
🐕 #SHIB (19%)
🖥️ #ETH (16%)
🏦 #USDT (7%)
🔵 #CRO (3%)

Lo cual es muy preocupante... 😨


De hecho: nos damos cuenta de que solo el 60% de los activos en el intercambio son líquidos, incluidos #BTC/#ETH/#USDT/#USDC/#DAI/#BUSD 🏦

...lo que deja un 40% de activos no líquidos 😱
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L'#exchange Crypto(.)com a géré 507'506'463$ de transactions rien qu'hier 🤯

Beaucoup de rumeurs circulent sur son insolvabilité: j'ai résumé toutes les informations importante à connaître dans un thread 🧵

Surprise, c'est pas très beau 😥 👇
[0 - 9] À la fin de cet article, vous aurez toutes les informations résumées pour mieux comprendre la situation sur l'#exchange #crypto.

Certaines sources de cet article viennent de @LeJournalDuCoin, @cryptoastblog et de ce thread anglais 👇
[1 - 9] #Crypto(.)com gère actuellement 5 wallets sur #Ethereum et 6 wallets #BTC où on trouve pour ≈ 3Md$ d'actifs répartis par ordre croissants en:

👑 #BTC (31%)
🐕 #SHIB (19%)
🖥️ #ETH (16%)
🏦 #USDT (7%)
🔵 #CRO (3%)

Ce qui est très inquiétant... 😨
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Au 3 Novembre 2022, 13% de la capitalisation du marché #crypto est constituée de #stablecoins 🏦

Combien connaissent leur fonctionnement 🤔

À la fin de ce #thread, vous comprendrez le mécanisme derrière les plus grands stablecoins et leurs désavantages pour mieux s’en protéger.
[0 - XX] Ce thread vous apprends

• Le mécanisme derrière ce modèle économique 💰
• Son utilité 🤔
• Une présentation des différentes alternatives: $USDC, $DAI et $LUSD 👍

En 5 minutes.
[1 - XX] Retrouvez ce thread en format blog sur mon medium 👇…
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1/ Venho tentando entender mais sobre a #LightningNetwork de um ponto de vista de experiência do usuário, já que vejo muitas pessoas defendendo abertamente a ferramenta como uma solução real de escalabilidade e uso do #bitcoin como dinheiro para o dia-a-dia.
2/ Eu tenho um grande interesse no uso de dinheiro descentralizado para atividades corriqueiras e, quando converso com pessoas que estão buscando o mesmo (ou vivendo isso na prática), as experiências envolvendo a #lightning, normalmente, são bastante negativas.
3/ Então, na minha percepção, existe uma contradição entre:

A) muita gente defendendo o uso da tecnologia, sem tantos relatos de uso real;

B) muita gente que usa, relatando que a experiência é ruim e não é uma solução viável.

Minha própria experiência foi negativa.
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🌟: Let me introduce you to Y2K Finance, the next great Arbitrum project.

What is @y2kfinance ? How does it work? And how it could have saved you from the #LUNA collapse?

A thread (🧵)

#Ethereum #Arbitrum #L2s #crypto #altcoin Image
1-What is Y2K Finance?

@y2kfinance is a suite of structured products designed for exotic peg derivatives. It will allow market participants:

📌To Hedge
📌To Speculate

On the risk of a particular pegged asset
2-Why is Y2K concerned with pegged assets?

#Y2K believes there is a fundamental mispricing in the risk associated with pegged assets.

Recent de-peg events like $UST or $stETH and fear-based runs on $USDT have shown the risk is much higher. UST de-pegstETH de-peg
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1/📸Here is the monthly catch-up of Global #DeFi market analysis for SEPTEMBER '22. Last one is here below. 📸

September was interesting and see few narratives taking the lead as part of the #realyield subject.

So Where are we in #DeFi ?
2/ TVL on #DeFiLlama  is at 55b$ at 30/Sept, Decreasing again by -8% for the 2nd consecutive month.
3/ On the other hand, #crypto total market cap decreased dow to 0.9b$, so -6% since last month.

As you can see both trends TVL/MC are similar, that tells me that there no mig movement in or out.
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📢#MiCA is complete!

The landmark #crypto regulation sets out uniform 🇪🇺 requirements for offerors of #cryptoassets and service providers (#CASPs) to apply for authorisation in the Single Market.

👀🧵for a full dive on #MiCA and what it means for the #cryptoindustry.

Even though a better agreement was close last week, 🇫🇷 vetoed it during the 🇪🇺 MS intervention period & raised concerns on USD-denominated #stablecoins used as a "means of #exchange", suggesting a return to their restriction when used for #settlement purposes ❗️

The compromise was to at least clarify that USD-#stablecoins used for spot #trading would NOT be captured.

The final text was approval by #COREPER yesterday and @EP_Economics will do it on 10/10. Final adoption by Ministers and the Parliament’s Plenary will be end of Oct.

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This report (and this 🧵) explores dollar-pegged #stablecoins, providing a comprehensive overview of their evolution over time.

We’ll discuss the major stablecoins around today, their designs, their dynamics, and their usage.
To start, #stablecoins are digital representations of other assets for use on #blockchains.

Although able to track the price of other underlying assets, stablecoins are most commonly linked to USD. That’s what our report focused on. Image
At a $150bn+ market cap, stablecoins have become an increasingly important part of the #crypto economy.

They combine the benefits of open crypto with the price consistency of widely accepted fiat currencies.

3/6 of the top crypto assets by market cap today are stablecoins. ImageImage
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In this market I'm focused on quality over quantity, diving deep before pulling the trigger.

Very impressed with the @hoardusdh team, so much so I'm supporting as an advisor.

Here's my take on the challenges #stablecoins face and why $HRD and $USDH *may* be the answer. 1/16
Top line: $USDH is the only #stablecoin with all 4 of the following traits:

- No centralized issuer
- No algorithmic or debt position backing
- No blacklist functions
- No "blacklistable" collateral

That's the hook, but how does it work and why does that matter? 2/16
$USDH is a fully decentralized #stablecoin backed by a basket of censorship resistant stables: $MIM $USDD $sUSD $LUSD $FEI

Deposit $1 of these whitelisted stables and mint $1 of $USDH and vice versa for redemptions.

Deposits form the basket of Hoard's collateral assets 3/16
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Our Side Pool is going live soon! As much as we love innovative stablecoins, their risk levels differ from time-tested #stablecoins in the Main Pool. ⚠️

How does Wombat manage these risks and keep users safe? 🧵
2/ The Side Pool is a separate pool which contains innovative and often volatile stablecoins. By categorizing them in pools, risk can be isolated and thus, not affect the Main Pool. ⛑

These riskier tokens will be in the Side Pool with $BUSD as the routing token.
3/ The routing asset (BUSD) allows you to swap tokens in the Side Pool to the Main Pool and vice versa. 🔣

For example, you can swap $HAY to $USDT despite them being in different pools! 🤯
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0/ stablecoin liquidity is a core element of a flourishing, decentralized financial system

let's explore the #stablecoin landscape & have a look at the largest & most innovative stablecoins out there

featuring $USDT, $DAI, $FRAX, $UXD & more

mega-🧵 on stablecoins (0/50)✨👇 Image
1/ stablecoins are #cryptocurrencies the value of which is pegged, or tied, to that of another currency, commodity or financial instrument
2/ most #stablecoins use the the U.S. dollar as their “stable” reserve asset. Stablecoins are designed to reduce volatility relative to unpegged #cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and bridge the worlds of crypto & fiat currencies
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Finally! There's only one day left before our Full Launch. Excited to stake #stablecoins to earn $WOM but not sure how?

Here are some quick info if you can't be bothered to read the whole article 🧵
2/ Unlike other stableswaps, you need only ONE type of #stablecoin to stake and earn $WOM. Here are your choices: $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, and $BUSD

Here's a short step-by-step video guide to walk you through the process:
3/ After staking your stablecoins, you can maximize your yield even further with $veWOM. Lock your $WOM from 7 days to 4 years to boost your APR!

Here's a 1-min video guide to teach you the details:
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$WOM is @WombatExchange’s governance token and once the full version of the app has launched, you will be able to earn it by staking #stablecoins!

So... what makes $WOM so special? 🧵
2/ Wombat has adopted the ve-token model where you can lock $WOM to obtain the yield booster $veWOM.

This applies a boost to all #stablecoin pools and maximizes your APR! At Wombat, we reward those who have faith in $WOM in the long term 🐻
3/ Like any governance tokens, $WOM token holders can participate and vote on Wombat's governance decisions. But wait, there's more! You will also be able to vote on decisions for a multitude of protocols building on top of Wombat!

📚 Learn more:…
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Wombat's Full Version will be live on the 5th of Sep at 2AM! We aim to bring unprecedented innovation to the @BNBCHAIN and #DeFi, here's how Wombat stands as #StableswapV2 🧵 Image
2/ Wombat's core innovation is the adoption of Coverage Ratio. This allows us to achieve:

💰100% capital utilization
⬇️minimal slippage
🤺 beat scalability barriers

To our users, it only means better exchange rate + lower slippage! 🚀
3/ Wombat is also the first to bring Equilibrium Coverage Ratio to maintain overall system health. ⛑

This ultimately helps fulfil our goal to protect users' funds. We spot risks and manage them before tragedies strike 👊
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After much anticipation from the community, the long-awaited Full Launch is finally here on 5 Sep 2022 at 2AM UTC! 🚀

Here are 3 things to expect in @WombatExchange's Full launch
#StableswapV2 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Liquidity mining will go live and the liquidity cap will increase from 40M to 400M 💥
And that's 100M cap per asset.

You'll be able to stake $USDT $USDC $DAI $BUSD #stablecoins to earn $WOM on by then!🤑
2️⃣Boosting function will also go LIVE! 🔥

Lock your $WOM from 7 days to 4 years to acquire the yield booster - $veWOM! This applies a boost to all your #stablecoins pools 💸

If you haven't seen our LP mechanism, check it out 👉…
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To all $WOM holders out there, this is a very useful thread for you. What on earth you can do with a $WOM token? 🐻

Let's find out! 🧵
2/ The WOM-BUSD farm is already up & running on @Pancakeswap 🐰 Here, you can stake WOM with BUSD to earn $CAKE!

⭐ 2x CAKE rewards for the first 57,600 blocks (approx. 48 hrs), and 1x CAKE rewards thereafter

Hurry up and don't miss this chance!
3/ We'll go hard with the full launch on 5 Sep 2AM UTC 🚀

The cap is updated to 100M per asset & total TVL cap to 400M. Once it's live you'll be able to start staking #stablecoins to earn $WOM!

📍 The best strategy is to use your $WOM to boost yield. Here's how:
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1/ 🐻 T-1 until our TGE!

We've heard you & we will provide the FAQs in this thread.
We hope this will help answer some of your questions🤔 🧵
2/ Q1: When is the retroactive airdrop distribution?

A1: More details will be provided 2 weeks post-TGE. We would like to ensure the price stability, safety, & security due to the complicated logistics - so we need some time but it should be approx 1 month after TGE.
3/ BTW, to show our appreciation, we'll weigh the airdrop towards the early stakers BUT you can still earn the airdrop by depositing on until our full launch is live! 🏃🏻‍♀️
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