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There's always a lot of talk about an economic and financial crash. While there are a few who think everything will keep going up, I think we are going to see a mix of both. Allow me to explain. It appears #Crypto is heading towards a market cycle top with a full fib extension.
This is likely to happen sometime between now & spring. There is also a lot of analysis that supports full fib extensions and market cycle tops for the #NASDAQ and the #DowJones at the same time. This is based on a fib cycle start for the NASDAQ in March of 2000 with the #Dotcom
bubble burst and for the #DowJones in Oct of 2007 with the financial crisis. I agree with the cycle start for the #NASDAQ but see the fib cycle start for the DowJones beginning a month before the #Dotcom bubble burst in Feb of 2000 and extending to the #COVID19 crash in March of
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1of10) $APTY Page 24 of the White Paper - Technical Advisors it states "We have also enlisted the help of @LeewayHertz ( as our Blockchain advisors and to assist with developing Smart Contracts. More details will be shared publicly through releases." 👇👇
2of10)I'm going to give you a look into what @LeewayHertz actually does.@LeewayHertz has delivered over 500 Digital products in different verticals and business domains. Established in 2008, they have helped over 100 Fortune 500&enterprises in their software development projects
3 of 10) @LeewayHertz portfolio includes companies like Siemens, P&G, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Hershey’s, ESPN, McKinsey, Wizard Publications and many more. They work with small to medium and large-sized companies to understand their business needs 👇👇
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The @wef has just released our evaluation of #stablecoins for #financialinclusion, looking closely through case studies about where they can help. We find no compelling added value from the use of stablecoins for financial inclusion. 🧵…
#Stablecoins are subject to the same barriers and constraints as pre-existing financial options (or higher barriers in some cases, e.g. need for internet and smartphones). They can also introduce important risks on economic and technical levels.
One must closely consider the specific barriers to #financialinclusion that exist in a region and how #stablecoins or other options might address them. Regional context is imperative to addressing the complex challenges with inclusion.
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A quick 🧵 on how to securely use #AAVE with low transaction fees via .@avalancheavax and earn interest. The safest way is to use a hardware and for this example I used a ledger. First, go and install the avalanche app from the Ledger Manager.
With metamask you will need to connect to the avalanche c-chain. You can learn how to do that here….
Once you have metamask configured with the chain setup your ledger or hardware wallet and connect it to metamask via "connect hardware wallet". You will see that you are now connected to metamask with your hardware wallet on the avalanche network.
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1/ @harmonyprotocol at the Messari (@MessariCrypto) Mainnet in NYC 2021 where @stse chats about the future of #Web3, #DeFi and more, with #builders & #leaders and how #Harmony can aid in fast tracking growth for these distinctive projects 💙

Here's what happened 👇
2/ Yaz Khoury (@Yazanator) of @cLabs who is building @CeloOrg, talks to @stse about their mobile-first approach for the emerging markets! 📈

👉Discover cLabs:

#DeFi #celowallet #StableCoin
3/ Next he speaks to Dhawal Shah (@Dhawal0921) of @FrontierDotXYZ. #Frontier is a multi-chain DeFi wallet supporting 11 chains now.

They discuss about simplifying #DeFi by bringing it on ONE simple layer

👉Discover Frontier:
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1 of 8) $APTY - @APTYsys was incorporated in the State of Delaware on October 29, 2010 to engage in the creation of innovative stock trading platforms and visualization solutions for the financial markets.
2 of 8) While management works to deliver its financial platforms, it also is strategically working to acquire other software and compatible financial businesses which demonstrate strong growth potential stemming from a solid business plan.
3 of 8) @APTYsys has identified prospective opportunities and continue with due diligence efforts that will and do include testing software performance.
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1/ SEC chair #Gensler’s speech at the Securities Enforcement Forum yesterday if you missed it. Quoting the first SEC chair Joseph Kennedy - apparently are at war with #crypto and it is just a bunch of buzzwords for the same old thing.…
/2 Gensler should read up on his history and not just throw around quotes. Kennedy was a pragmatist who had to manage the zealous enforcement reformers in the SEC. Good article to read on the #SEC founding here:…
/3 The regulatory war (his words not mine) is a sign of the maturity of the #blockchain #crypto #Digitalassets industry. Ignore us, make fun of us, fight us and then we win. Oh and @MarkYusko check the source of your quote on :)
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Let's do a little $LUNA near-term roadmap...shall we?
1. @orion_money dropping in next few days
2. #ozone insurance burning 90M $LUNA to $UST that will then be used to purchase collateral (such as $BTC) to ensure future stability of @terra_money ecosystem
3. #IBC only recently enabled, @cosmos chains are all heating up
4. @SecretNetwork #supernova happening on Nov09; increasing
5. @osmosiszone just started, liquidity & use increasing by the day
6. @SECGov unfortunately thinks it is their mission to kill #defi, going after #stablecoins like @Tether_to (if #terra grabbed half of $USDT mkt cap, ALL $LUNA would be burned twice over at current price)
7. @OKEx just launched $UST / $USDT trading pairs, ppl opting for $UST now
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Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today Ill explain a #StableCoin strategy .
This one really shows the power of #DeFi but is a little more complex, * MAKE SURE THERE IS AVAILABLE $MIM TO BORROW FIRST. THREAD TIME;
Step #1: Deposit your #StableCoin of choice $DAI $USDT $USDC onto
Step #2: Deposit your 3CRV ( a receipt that you get for depositing your stables in the 3pool) to the convex wrapper on
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1/ JUST PUBLISHED article abt #stablecoin interoperability in @CentralBanking_ (yep...!)--another collaboration w/ Dr.Manmohan Singh of @IMFNews + my 1st w/ Dr Charles Kahn of Univ of IL. 🚨VERY IMPORTANT NEW POINT included🔥 (behind a firewall but 🧵👇).…
2/ Best historical analogy for #stablecoins isn't wildcat banking--it's check clearing. Private pre-Fed check clearing networks are analogous to different private stablecoin networks today. What made checks interoperable?

💡2 things: common standard+Fed guarantee of pymt at par
3/ We argue #stablecoin issuers should gain access to Fed payment systems so they can back stablecoins w/ central bank reserves (ie, guarantee of pymt at par to members of Fed's network), but ALSO that the choice of tech should be agnostic. (The mkt has already voted on this.)
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📢 Aurora is Integrating @chainlink Price Feeds to Enable Rapid, #EVM-Compatible #DeFi Development.…
Aurora is excited to announce that we are integrating the industry-standard #Chainlink #PriceFeeds into our turn-key, #Layer2 EVM solution for scaling the #Ethereum ecosystem.
🧲 The integration of Chainlink Price Feeds will allow developers to connect their smart contracts to high-quality, tamper-proof price data across a wide range of assets.
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1 Look for US market to become more accepting of #stablecoins as they can:

Reduce costs of basic financial services
Add transparency
Can be regulated to ensure no systemic risk to financial system

2 Innovate payment systems with stablecoins👀

Provide faster/realtime/cheaper/&more reliable payment systems which will benefit both poor & rich alike

Eliminate & lower fees compared to legacy tradfi systems💪

3 If the #USA brings fair stablecoin regulation within its borders it can both innovate, protect & prop up the interests of businesses, the general public & the country itself @SECGov @SecYellen @GaryGensler

#GaryGensler #crypto #cryptocurrencies #ADA #XRP #LUNA #TerraLuna #BTC
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1/ THIS IS WHERE WE ALWAYS THOUGHT the #stablecoin regulatory direction would go, which is why @AvantiBT chose to get a bank charter. Anything that touches the USD financial system was always going to fall w/in the Fed's purview, directly or indirectly, esp once it became big.
2/ Plus it makes sense policy-wise. Nonbank #stablecoin issuers gum up the #repo mkt by siloing T-bills & other Level 1 high-quality liquid assets (the repo mkt already finds these assets too scarce). If stablecoin issuers are banks, tho, dormant Fed reserves can be used instead.
3/ Details on the above point are here👇. The v high velocity of #stablecoins comes from their superior tech vs trad payment systems, not from leverage. Traditionally, monetary velocity came from leverage. But thanks to stablecoins it no longer needs to.💪…
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In case you missed our Digital Euro Summit 2 weeks ago, you definitely should have a look at the recording:

We gathered some of the most prominent stakeholders from the #crypto & finance industry to discuss #CBDCs, #stablecoins, #cryptocurrencies & #DeFi.
With 4h of great panels & keynotes, over 1.5k+ participants, & several major media outlets reporting on the #DES21 (@FAZ_Wirtschaft, @coindes, @btcecho etc.), the first digital euro summit was a huge success.
@bitkom_block @Bitkom_Finance @Kevin_Hackl @ChristophBLN @alexa_grosse
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. @michael_saylor on unregistered securities:

"It is a security. You are violating securities law, the law is black and white. The only people who think it's not a security are the people who don't know the law."
"If you look at everybody in the #crypto space outside of #bitcoin I think most of them have never taken a company public, they don't have general counsels, they don't understand securities laws at it stands."
"I can't go... It would be inappropriate, unethical and illegal for me to go and give a million shares of $MSTR to a quarterback, and then have him stand up and say " $MSTR Coin is the future" on Twitter. The whole point of securities laws is I have to disclose that via an 8-K."
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Yo que vos aprovecho AHORA que podés entrar con tranquilidad al mundo cripto 😉

Hablando de #criptomonedas 👆

¡Miren qué bien se llevan con el mundo de los viajes! 🌏🌍🌎


Hoy salió un miércoles cripto 👆, ya que estamos, aprendamos un poco más 🤓

Hola, @LetsBit_ok 👋

¿Te podemos preguntar algunas cosas sobre #stablecoins?
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One of the scariest things in #cryptocurrecy is government (over) regulation. What if you could hedge against regulation in your crypto portfolio without shorting or leveraging anything? Read on to find out how! #LUNAtics #stablecoins
READ below 👇
2/ Right now SEC has @coinbase in their sights, as well as potentially stablecoins like $USDC and $USDT. Both of those coins are centralized - they supposedly hold USD cash and derivatives to back their entire crypto market cap.
3/ It's possible that these USD funds could be frozen by SEC. That would destroy them as stablecoins. Yes, this is a worst-case scenario and a court case could potentially take years to play out. But at the same time, if SEC takes them to court the FUD will be instant.
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Vengo a hablar de uno de los pilares del crecimiento cripto: las stablecoins.

Muchas veces las damos por sentadas, pero es importantísimo entender bien cómo funcionan.

Las stablecoins son mucho más que los “cripto dólares”.

Arranquemos 👇
¿Qué es una moneda estable?

Antes que nada, una stablecoin no es “una moneda atada al dolar”, más bien es una moneda atada a un “activo” estable.

Cierto, las stablecoins más conocidas atan su valor al dólar, pero existen stablecoins asociadas a otros activos.
Podemos clasificar a las stablecoins de varias formas, pero creo que hay tres parámetros principales que tenemos que considerar:

1. El activo al cual está atada.
2. El mecanismo para garantizar su paridad.
3. La entidad que la crea.
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1/ @NYtimes story on #crypto/#banking deserves a thoughtful reply. Issue isn't black & white: anti-crypto forces try to paint us all w/ a broad brush. Bad actors deserve to be called out, but the article ignores fact that regulatory-compliant firms exist.…
2/ First--@ericliptonnyt/@el72champs you got a fact wrong & it deserves a correction. #Wyoming’s special bank charter doesn't allow “cryptocurrency deposits.” “Deposit” has a v specific meaning in banking: banks can only take deposits in fiat money (US$)--not in crypto. Pls fix.
3/ That’s a key distinction. Regulated banks can provide CUSTODY services for #crypto (like for securities) but CAN’T take deposits in ANYTHING except money. Article misses that critical point--it’s a firewall protecting Fed's payment system from exposure to anything other than $
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1/ (Why) does it make sense to become a liquidity provider in #DeFi markets? Our partner @lab_blockchain had a look at LPing $ETH / #stablecoin pairs in @Uniswap v2. Here, we focus on three major ones: $ETH / $USDC, $ETH / $USDT and $ETH / $DAI. Image
2/ Close enough… All of the three #stablecoins hold their peg to the dollar quite well. So historically, it wouldn’t really have mattered which one you held onto. Image
3/ If you own some $ETH and #stablecoins, the safest choice is to just #HODL. In our period under consideration, you’d have made 202% if you just held on to a portfolio of 50% ETH and 50% stables. Starting with $10k, that’s $30.2k. Image
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I have a few more thoughts on #crypto amendments, #tether truthers and skeptics. Might be a bit ranty, sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️

1) Infrastructure amendment

Is it just me or is every protocol “not available to US residents” writing to their non-US users to call “their US senators”? Fun.
Aside from that, let’s get real for a second:

The US wants to get their share of #crypto taxes. That is legit IMO. As that is the goal (and not killing the industry in the US), amendments like the one by @MarkWarner will not be what the final bill looks like.
It is so poorly drafted and with such ignorance of the workings of a #blockchain that enough experts will tell lawmakers it does not achieve what they want. It is especially comical that they exclude “proof of work” miners - ya know, the dirty carbon guys.
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1/ At Paxos, we believe the only way to establish & maintain safety & transparency for customers is thru rigorous oversight from a prudential regulator. A few thoughts here and in this thread……
2/ We’re in the midst of a monumental shift of financial market infrastructure. The future of an open, #digital economy rests on upgraded infrastructure replacing antiquated banking systems.
3/ At the heart of this transition is the adoption of #stablecoins - digital $USD that are accessible to anyone at any time.
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SEC Chair @GaryGensler spoke at the @AspenSecurity Forum today on cryptocurrencies.

In the thread below are some clips from his speech, highlighting investor protection concerns in the space, and the SEC's authority 🧵

@GaryGensler: “I believe these platforms not only can implicate securities laws — but some also implicate commodities & banking laws.

“Many platforms have 50-100 crypto tokens trading on them…the probability is quite remote that w/ 50+ tokens, that none of them are securities.”
@GaryGensler: “Make no mistake: to the extent there’s securities on the platforms, the platforms must register unless they meet exemptions.

Make no mistake: If it’s a lending platform that offers securities, it also falls under SEC jurisdiction.” #crypto #AspenSecurityForum
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1/ Decided to create a thread around $ZCX tokenomics to help newcomers understand how they'll work

We'll talk about

✅ $ZCX deflationary model
✅ Burnt & vaulted tokens
✅ Insurance Fund
✅ Dynamic Multi Asset Staking
✅ Dynamic Yield Saving Accounts
✅ ZenX Labs
✅ DSR & more
2/ The goal for the @unizen_io team is to present a deflationary tokenomics model

For example.. Tokens will be burnt with every paid listing..

Also.. we will see $ZCX market bought & burnt by the team with a percentage of profit at intervals throughout the year
3/ The listing fees partly paid in $ZCX & a minimum of 50% of listing fees collected will be distributed into the following allocations..

✅ Insurance Fund
✅ Burns - $ZCX burned with every paid listing
✅ Staking Rewards

With EVERY listing! Over time, that's A LOT of $ZCX
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