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17 Jun 20
A Thread on @ProjectLincoln #ProjectLincoln and our abrupt parting on 4/2/2020 in light of events surrounding #RickWilson and #ConfederateCooler tweets by @CalebJHull which trended yesterday 6/16/2020 1/
2/ My Nana used to say honesty is the best policy. I am getting bombarded with DM's and emails so here it is and I can back it all up.

I was put out of #ProjectLincoln by tweet. I woke up and saw it when all of you did. I then had no choice but to say "I agreed" to save face.
3/ I reached out as a senior advisor to alert Director @reedgalen by text to alert him on 4/1 that I had used the word "retarded ass" about POTUS and was catching a lot of heat and that I had already apologized. Twice. He was not aware and thanked me.
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29 May 20
Many have asked: Why are Black people so angry?

Here is why in a nutshell:

We can’t be handcuffed & arrested unless we are choked of air, until dead (#GeorgeFloyd)

We can’t go bird watching in Central Park (#ChristianCooper)

We can’t go jogging (#AmaudArbery).
2/ We can’t relax or sleep in the comfort of our own homes (#BothemSean and #AtatianaJefferson #BrionnaTaylor)

We can't ask for help after being in a car crash (#JonathanFerrell and #RenishaMcBride).

We can't have a cellphone (#StephonClark).
3/We can't leave a party to get to safety (#JordanEdwards).

We can't play loud music (#JordanDavis).

We can’t sell CD's (#AltonSterling).

We can’t sleep (#AiyanaJones)

We can’t walk from the corner store (#MikeBrown).
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6 May 20
My soul is sick over the vile act of racism and hatred done to Mr. Ahmaud. Jogging while black is now something we must add to the list of things black men in America must fear. Yet, the President of these united states will not speak out. #JusticeForAhmaud 1/ (A Thread)
We have to ask ourselves, as a nation, some hard questions.

How did we get "back" here?
Why the rise in hatred?
Open Racism?
White Nationalism?

What did the rest of us not see? How did we get lulled into this awful sense of "post racial" America? 2/
And then we must look to our leaders. Where is this generation's #MLK or #RFK ?

Where are those willing to sit down like #RosaParks so that others may stand up?

Where are the #freedomriders

Where are the #radicalrepublicans of the 1860s

Where are the patriots among us? 3/
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