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19 Mar
Live now: We are one year into the pandemic. What could we have done differently? With latest figures from @chrischirp. Join us.…
We start with the latest facts and figures from @chrischirp. The ONS survey released today shows cases in England and Wales are going down, NI is more flat and in Scotland there are signs that the number of people testing positive is going up.
As we are one year in, we know there is a way out of this pandemic, but we can't be complacent, says @chrischirp.
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19 Feb
Watch this incredibly powerful account from palliative care doctor and writer Rachel Clarke @doctor_oxford of what life has been like working on the NHS frontline and the challenges that lie ahead for exhausted and traumatised staff.
"When you are at the front line of seeing patient after patient after patient, coming into the hospital with the same symptoms, dying in the same way, in numbers unimaginable to any of us, that hits you hard." @doctor_oxford
"The alternative to vigorous suppression of this virus is a continued experience for all patients of healthcare being provided in a way that's fundamentally transformed by the infection control measures you have to have in place to stop transmission of covid." @doctor_oxford
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19 Feb
We are live. On the agenda today: the route out of lockdown. With @aliceroberts and latest data from @chrischirp. Plus special guests @doctor_oxford and @JonAshworth…
.@chrischirp is just talking us through the latest figures. Cases are continuing to come down (although the rate of decline is slowing) and we're now back at the levels we were at at the end of the last lockdown in Nov.
For the first time since September, cases in primary school children are higher than in secondary school children. This may reflect that currently around 25% of primary school students in school compared to 5% of secondary
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18 Dec 20
Is it safe to see relatives at Christmas? What do the members of #IndependentSAGE think? And what are they personally choosing to do?
1/ First up, @Kit_Yates_Maths: "I have an 80 year old dad and a 70 year old step-mum, so we're taking the decision not to see them, even though it's legally allowed. For me, the risk is too great."
2/ @GabrielScally: "We'll see one of my daughters in the garden or outside somewhere... we've come through so much this year, it would be so wrong to risk anything at this point in time."
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18 Dec 20
In case you missed our livestreamed briefing earlier, here's @Kit_Yates_Maths brilliant presentation of the latest figures. Warning: if you're in the mood for festive cheer, look away now. Thread 1/15
This is not a good situation, cases are high and they are rising rapidly
Recorded cases are increasing in every nation
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18 Dec 20
We can't promise festive cheer but we can give you the facts to make an informed choice on how best to keep your loved ones safe this Xmas. With @theAliceRoberts & @Kit_Yates_Maths crunching numbers.…
We are live and @Kit_Yates_Maths is presenting the week's figures: 'This is the worst set of data I've presented so far, things are deteriorating quite rapidly and tiers are not keeping things under control'. Join us
'Even the toughest set of measures (Tier 3) is not enough to slow the virus down, which is extremely worrying' @Kit_Yates_Maths
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20 Nov 20
1/ Presentation of the week’s figures from @chrischirp. Some positive signs but a lot of regional variation. Coming out of restrictions will be hard
2/ Hospital admissions: sustained decreases in NI & Scotland, Wales plateauing. In England we saw a slowdown end of Oct/start of Nov, then a rapid increase and it’s now (just) starting to reduce again.
3/ High admissions have meant numbers of people in hospital are continuing to go up and we aren’t that far from April peak. Hopefully if admissions keep dropping, these numbers will start to come down soon which will be important for NHS
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13 Nov 20
LIVE NOW. How optimistic should we be about new vaccine? With @mslucycooke, special guest @JonAshworth, latest figures from @chrischirp & @ProfBambra presenting our new report on inequalities.…
Welcome! We are live and @chrischirp is presenting the week’s figures
It's unlikely deaths will come down over the next week or two
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30 Oct 20
Independent SAGE - live via…
Welcome, we are live and @chrischirp is talking us through the latest numbers
There is no doubt that Covid is continuing to spread
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23 Oct 20
It's not too late but we must act now. Independent SAGE sets out plan to fix failing Test & Trace and answers your Qs on transmission in schools. With @theAliceRoberts. Latest figures from @chrischirp…
Welcome all, we are LIVE and @chrischirp is talking us through the week’s figures.
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16 Oct 20
LIVE now: Independent SAGE sets out 'Emergency Plan' to halt virus and a blueprint to fix failing Test & Trace. Presented by @theAliceRoberts. Latest figures from @Kit_Yates_Maths…
Welcome all, we are LIVE and @Kit_Yates_Maths is talking us through the week’s figures. Spoiler alert: it’s not looking good Image
Trends in Test, Trace & Isolate: fewer than 45% of potential contacts are being reached. We need to provide better support for people to isolate Image
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9 Oct 20
Independent SAGE will be calling on the government to take urgent action TODAY. At 1.30pm, Prof @chrischirp will present latest data showing situation in north of England is rapidly worsening. Hospital admissions rising fast. Urgent action required now
This is why we believe the government must take action ***today***.

Latest figures show we are days away from levels we saw when London locked down. We need press, public & government to understand the extreme seriousness of the situation. Please join us, 1.30pm today
Welcome, we are live and Professor Christina Pagel is beginning her presentation of the week's figures
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2 Oct 20
Independent SAGE - live via…
Welcome we are live. Professor Christina Pagel is about to present the week's figures
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25 Sep 20
LIVE now: Independent SAGE's weekly briefing. Please join us for latest analysis & questions from the press & public. All welcome!…
Welcome all. We are now live and Professor Christina Pagel is now presenting the week's figures
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18 Sep 20
Professor Stephen Reicher's Emergency 10 point plan to avoid a national lockdown from today's Independent SAGE meeting, a thread:

@ReicherStephen #IndependentSAGE
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18 Sep 20
Presentation from Professor Christina Pagel
Test and Trace figures for Wales and Scotland
Just 9% of test results in England were received promptly in first week of September
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10 Sep 20
Read our response to SAGE's principles principles for managing #COVID19 at #Universities

We agree the "It is highly likely that there will be significant outbreaks associated with HE" and agree on strategies to mitigate risk. Image
However, our recommendation about the purpose, extent and duration of our online teaching and learning strategy will maximise the effectiveness of other strategies such as residential segments and testing/tracing.
In sum: maximising remote learning at the start of term will enable subsequent pivots to in-person depending on infection rates, rather than away from it if there are cases.
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4 Sep 20
LIVE now: Independent SAGE's weekly briefing. Please join us for latest analysis & questions from the press & public. All welcome!…
Christina Pagel explains that positivity rates are going up. So we're testing more but transmission rates are also increasing. Image
No big improvement in test and trace metrics Image
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28 Aug 20
Today @meenalsworld is presenting the briefing. Welcome!
This week's numbers
Professor Oni is presenting the latest numbers. Daeths remain at a plateau.
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21 Aug 20
LIVE now: Independent SAGE's weekly briefing. Please join us for latest analysis & questions from the press & public. All welcome!…
Gabriel Scally is presenting this week's numbers. Image
The number of positive tests has gone up 27%. That's a substantial increase.
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14 Aug 20
Independent SAGE…
Christina Pagel is presenting this week's numbers Image
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