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#KPKBudget is incredible👌🏼
1.#SehatCard budget increased.
2. #KidneyTransplant done free to 9 poor people.
3. #BoneMarrow transplant free,#Cancertreatment free & #Dialysis free 4 rural areas.
4.#Pregnant women fm villages will be given free transport to come to hospital
For free treatment.
5.98 K Govt school #teachers are made permanent .
6. 675 #doctors made permanent.
7. On Fridays, Govt servants can work from home & offer Religious duties.
8. 25 Million rupees fixed for #Youthloans .
9. #MRI is free for the poor.
10. #Flour will be
Given on Insaf-card to the poor on subsidised prices.
11. #Furniture provided to all Govt schools.
12.Increasing #BRT buses for the awaam.
13. Increasing Schools & #Universities.
14.Poor families children who can't afford expensive universities like LUMS,Medical college etc 👇🏼
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Here's a balanced thread on #academia vs #industry from the perspective of someone who has held senior positions in both. I'm going to write this thread because a lot of what I read here reduces to "my tribe is better than yours" or "grass is always greener".

The academic trade is fundamentally freedom for money.

As a Sr #academic you barely have a boss and really get to determine which of millions of options you can pursue. New intl grants? More policy engagement? Acad leadership? Media? Translational research? All up to you.

Making the most of this implies a couple of things:
1) you must have a clear path to a senior position to take advantage
2) your institution must not be over corporatizing.

Let's address these two

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Finance Minister @nsitharaman is presenting the Union Budget 2022-23 in Parliament

#AatmanirbharBharatKaBudget #Budget2022

Watch here📺…
Union Finance Minister @nsitharaman rises to present #Budget2022 in Parliament

Watch 📡LIVE📡:

Stay tuned for updates

FM @nsitharaman begins presentation of #Budget2022 by expressing empathy with those who had to bear adverse health and economic affects of #COVID19 #Pandemic

Overall sharp rebound and recovery of the economy is reflective of 🇮🇳India's strong resilience

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#Graduates who never went to #college are graduating soon.
Into the third year of #online education?
The #hiring market currently is heated due to lack of good quality supply. Would the new freshers even compare to pre 2020 graduates? #Universities are not about the course curriculum but the halls and walls that teach you life while finding your interests.
God help us all.
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#TPLF #WarCrimes - #Rape, #Massacres, 90% of Public Infrastructures Ransacked & Deliberately Destroyed

👉 #TPLF committed horrific #WarCrime in #Amhara & #Afar. Many women were raped; sexual violence was used as a weapon, mass graves were discovered.
👉 90% of the infrastructure deliberately ransacked and destroyed. Over 7000 schools, 36 large industries, 40 Hospitals, 1700 Health Posts ransacked and deliberately destroyed.

The scale of devastation is beyond words. The health system has almost completely collapsed.

👉 Every civilian infrastructures including #Schools #Telecom, #PowerGrids, #ElectricalLines, #Universities, #Factories, #Laboratories, #Pharmacies, ...
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Know us as Taronga Zoo? We’re more than that. As Taronga Conservation Society Australia, we sit within the NSW Government’s Dept of Planning, Industry & Environment (@DPIENSW), led by @Matt_KeanMP, and contribute to #SavingOurSpecies programs & more. @nswenviromedia #scienceweek Image
Taronga is constituted under the Zoological Parks Board Act 1973 as a statutory authority owned by the people of #NSW. Breed-for-release programs, wild-wild animal translocations, #conservation education and scientific research are key to our work and legislated under the Act.
Co-delivered with @NSWEducation (>40y partnership), multiple #universities and community, our diverse learning pathways at the Taronga Institute of #Science & Learning nurtured many budding #conservation scientists.…
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Removal of HEC chairman: Let us think beyond personalities. The #PoliticalEconomy of #HigherEducation in #Pakistan is such that whoever had challenged the status quo, system would have turned against him/her. I think following led the removal of chairman #HEC
1) #HEC R&D grants system was revamped to fund those projects only which had an impact (determined by peer review). #HEC Closed many projects which failed peer review.
2) set up #disciplinary panels for peer review headed by well-reputed scholars such as Dr Zulfiqar Bhutta, Dr Noman ul Haq, Dr Tariq Hassan, Dr Sarosh Lodhi etc., to make fund/no-fund decisions in Committee.
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1. Why does @IndependentSage recommend maximizing remote learning at #Universities from the START of term?

Does SAGE agree?

Does the UK Government #FollowTheScience? And will Universities?

2. #IndependentSAGE agrees with SAGE that, in Autumn in HE, “significant outbreaks are likely" that "could amplify local & national transmission"; that "this requires national oversight”, & that “asymptomatic transmission may make these harder to detect”.

3. Our report published yesterday maps, in detail, the overlap between SAGE and #IndependentSAGE's principles and recommendations, and is summarized below:

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Read our response to SAGE's principles principles for managing #COVID19 at #Universities

We agree the "It is highly likely that there will be significant outbreaks associated with HE" and agree on strategies to mitigate risk. Image
However, our recommendation about the purpose, extent and duration of our online teaching and learning strategy will maximise the effectiveness of other strategies such as residential segments and testing/tracing.
In sum: maximising remote learning at the start of term will enable subsequent pivots to in-person depending on infection rates, rather than away from it if there are cases.
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Morning @ayrestim ask @AlboMP why he’s not wearing a mask? School yard bully Albo at HSU when my young daughter wasn’t wearing a mask at reception. Since then she’s been given the shaft from a $68,000 job down to $54 for her 1st welfare payment - how great is hypocrisy!
@ayrestim Sinead bent over backwards volunteering for Labor & she’s shafted from a job after @AlboMP visit to HSU because of her disability & not being the ideal receptionist. Everyone deserves a well paid job! 🤬#auspol #nswpol #lnpfail
Nobody from ‘old rorting Kathy Jackson’ Union bothered to even ring Sinead to see how her mental health was after suddenly making her redundant without warning that she wasn’t doing her job which was bollocks! How great is Compassion in the yr of #COVID19au ! 🤬@AlboMP @ayrestim
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Brilliant evisceration by #Stefan #Collini of consumerism in higher education & analysis of what’s needed so that #universities can properly play their part (& it’s only a part) in supporting a drive to social equity & justice…
‘One of the most obvious is between our de facto endorsement of a bitterly class-divided society and our fantasy that universities can not only escape the consequences of this but can positively correct it. We seem, for example, to be willing to allow wealthy parents to buy...
educational advantage for their children up to the age of 18, but then we believe that this advantage can somehow be made to have no consequences for their educational trajectory thereafter....’
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Like all heavily regulated (protected) industries, #highered is ripe for disruption. But #startups have failed to challenge #universities because #entrepreneurs are, simply put, doing it wrong. They have focused on the wrong problem, trying to beat universities at their best, not
their worst. Higher ed does not actually have a teaching problem, despite what people may assume. The classroom method of teaching, or guided learning through instruction, has worked very well for centuries. There may be plenty of tweaks to make it more effective, less costly,
but disruption is not about tweaks or cost-cutting. Disruption is about rethinking how things are done. Universities, while perhaps lagging in adoption of online technologies and not doing enough to enthuse students in the classroom, do not have a delivery problem. Entrepreneurs
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/04/2020…
A new test to investigate the origin of cosmic structure…

#structure #origin #cosmic
Opinion | A Coronavirus Vaccine Is Coming. Just Don’t Call It ‘Warp Speed.’ - The New York Times…

#vaccine #speed
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We are ready for an #inclusive deliberation: Towards a #PolicyFramework for #Indian #SciComm in partnership with @scicommsci.🥳
Will be discussing #Ecosystem & #Training, #Diversity & #Inclusivity for #Indian #Scicomm.

Day 2 discussion commences in a few minutes!!
This live-tweet thread is curated by @AnamZille, @yaskap94 & @ChampakSuchitha on behalf of @spf_in & @scicommsci. 👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻
🗣️🗣️Yesterday we discussed #funding and #infrastructure, #multidisciplinary #scicomm #research. Here’s the live tweet thread:
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Thread: for those interested in such things, the revised Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classifications are out. Focusing on the areas I'm involved in, a few things to note. #research #twitterstorians #GLAM #universities
Starting with the FoR (Field of Research) codes, under 43: History, heritage and archaeology we have Heritage, archive and museum studies, which includes: Archival, repository and related studies; Critical heritage, museum and archive studies; and Digital heritage.
Historical studies is also under 43. Good to see the 'excluding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history' has been removed from the 'Australian history' code. Also, note 430306: Digital history
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WEF coverage on #COVID19 is like a lesson learned of the #TheLeft championing #Globalist ideals thru the lens of COVID19 (catalyst) climate (destination)

#GlobalistLeft view the pandemic as a stepping stone to change policies on health, social, economics

#thread ...
Jun 2019: A new agreement with WEF World Economic Forum gave multinational corporations influence over matters of global governance. #WEF & #UN signed a memo of understanding to partner with each other. UN quietly turned itself into a public-private partnership
2008 Labour #British PM Gordon Brown & #French President Nicolas Sarkozy made calls for a new International Governance System for a (#WEF Global Redesign) to overhaul the int'l financial architecture” akin to the 1944 Bretton Woods…
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A mini-autoethnography re: #LifeInTheTimeOfCovid
Started #selfisolating Mar16, d/t travel followed by respiratory symptoms; tested -ve for #Covid19 {WhooHoo!}
Now #workingfromhome, #physicaldistancing & #socialconnecting via Zoom, Hangouts, etc. Earworm:
Yst'day was rough. Mood swings, easily demoralized by small things: colleagues not getting a strategy; more wafer-thin slices from my autonomy in my work. Saved by a long walk. I could handle #PlankTheCurve if Ab's attack on universities wasn't co-occuring. #LifeInTheTimeOfCovid
Sunshine, a bike ride in wind so strong it pushed me up out of the river valley = good medicine; met 1.5 of today's 3 productivity goals. Calling it enough. #LifeInTheTimeOfCovid

#Earworm: @KateTempest's "Hold Your Own"…
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#Thailand government #FB shows #PM #Prayut Chan-o-cha & his cabinet ministers practicing social distancing during #COVID19 #coronavirus #โควิด19 #ไวรัสโคโรน่าสายพันธุ์ใหม่2019 sitting 1 metre apart from each other and wearing masks during their regular weekly meeting. (Govt pics) ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand #PM #Prayut speaking to media now after cabinet meeting to discuss plans to tackle #COVID19 #coronavirus #โควิด19 #ไวรัสโคโรน่าสายพันธุ์ใหม่2019 in country like closing education institutions, large entertainment venues. Shows speaking with mask takes getting used to ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand #PM #Prayut flanked by a few of his #DPMs & his cabinet ministers including that of #Health #Transport & #Finance. Country is not just facing negative #COVID19 #coronavirus impact. Also dealing with #AirPollution #drought ImageImageImageImage
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Tonight (of all nights), after a year of preparation, @playhousesquare @TheCityClub @CuyahogaLib & other partners are hosting me to discuss *Palaces* and our need for #SocialInfrastructure, for the #OneCommunityReads program. The timing is either disastrous or perfect. (Thread)
Palaces is about the vital role of public, accessible, well-designed gathering places in democratic societies. #Libraries #Parks #Schools #Playgrounds It argues that we have failed to build & maintain them, that we exacerbate problems, like distrust & division, as a result (2/6)
At first, the call for better #SocialInfrastructure seems at odds with our current emergency, #COVID19 Mitigating it requires #SocialDistancing. Quarantines. Maybe more. But getting through the #CoronavirusOutbreak demands we do more than hunker down at home. (3/6)
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TW: rape, assault

Months in the making and the most important ⁦@BBCNews⁩ investigation I’ve done. These students were terrified to speak out — at the risk of being sued. One student is currently under a formal threat of expulsion if she goes public.…
Nearly 1/3 of UK unis have used #NDAs for student complaints since 2016— including false advertising of courses and facilities, lack of disability support, poor teaching and handling of sexual assault allegations — which students say has been even more traumatic than their attack
Around 300 students have signed NDAs across 45 #universities — which have paid out more than £1.3m. One payout alone was at least £40k. And this is a big underestimate — unis haven’t been fully transparent and some of our students aren’t even included in those numbers.
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I had a follower DM me asking why I was excited and “Celebrating” having the Elite Title IX attorney’s following my story. Not wanting to get in an argument, I thanked her and said I would spend some time thinking about her question & send a message out in the group sharing my
perspective. My reasons are fairly simple! First, this group of attorneys, accused student warriors and their supportive family members following my #twitterfeed are amazing. This group together BLAZED a TRAIL & SHINED a LIGHT on #Colleges & #Universities denial of #DueProcess &
#UnFairHearings. #HigherEd Schools have been denying students #fundamentalfairness for years. So without these attorney’s, brave student warriors & supportive families determined to prove their #innocence there would be very little protections for me now as I take the next step
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