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PhD/MD, Nephrologist, Fellowship APD @UTKidney | #PeritonealDialysis | #NephJC | #KidneyEmoji posts=mine not my employer 🚫 medical advice | she/her | ♻️
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Nov 3, 2023 33 tweets 17 min read
Calming the Waters 🌊
#KidneyWk Image Starting with a case, @NephroMD will discuss #Hyponatremia mgmt in the ICU. #KidneyWk

Dec 14, 2021 14 tweets 16 min read
People are living in crisis from hunger 🚨 @USDA est that 30 mil in USA (includ 12 mil children) are experiencing food insecurity.
Many Americans are just a job loss, missed paycheck, or 🏥 medical emergency away from experiencing hunger.
#HCWvsHunger 🍎 #UrineItToWinIt 🍏
🧵1/ Food insecurity (FI) is lack of *consistent & socially acceptable* access to enough safe food for an active, healthy life. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated FI for so many.
#HCWvsHunger 🍎 #UrineItToWinIt 🍏
Dec 13, 2021 4 tweets 6 min read
Good morning #NephTwitter it's time to shine!
It's @HCWvsHunger Challenge Week to fight food insecurity. Donate to *any* hunger-relief organization *this* week. Any $ amount helps these agencies get food on to tables🍎🥑🍲🥪🍊🍏
#UrineItToWinIt #HCWvsHunger
Steps to participate👇 @HCWvsHunger 1. Find a local food/hunger organization! Need help 👉 feedingamerica.org/find-your-loca…

My first donation is going to @TargetHunger.
🌿Community gardens nearby LBJ Hospital.

#UrineItToWinIt #HCWvsHunger @HCWvsHunger
Dec 12, 2021 4 tweets 8 min read
I cannot believe a year has gone by 🗓️🏃‍♀️
What an absolutely incredible experience the w/ @NSMCInternship. Thank you so much to all #NSMC faculty mentors, but especially to @docanjuyadav @kidney_boy @hswapnil & @Nephro_Sparks.
Wish this graduation night could have been in-person! https://www.nsmc.blog/ For anyone interested in #nephrology education and/or sharpening your social medial skills, the @NSMCInternship is the absolute best! 🏆
I cannot recommend this highly enough!
👉 nsmc.blog/about
#FOAMed #MedEd #NephForward ImageImageImageImage
Nov 20, 2021 16 tweets 12 min read
Inspired by the beautiful #urinemicroscopy pictures posted by @dani_nephron and recent posts by @DShadowgazer + @CatchTheBaby ...
I present to you Taylor Swift as #urinarysediment 🔬findings ...
1/ Bilirubin pigmented RTEC (renal epithelial cell cast)
🧵 2/ Dense Pigmented “Muddy Brown” Casts
Aug 19, 2021 24 tweets 13 min read
1/ 🚨#Tweetorial alert. Let’s discuss a couple cases of #Hypercalcemia 🦴🥛
@NSMCInternship #NSMC2021 #TeamTwobules #NephTwitter #MedTwitter #MedEd 🧵 2/ A patient admitted with c/o decreased appetite, abdominal pain, & constipation. Found to have severe #AKI (with hyperkalemia + acidosis) & hypercalcemia.
May 1, 2021 7 tweets 4 min read
Excellent #KIDNEYcon session by ⁦@criticalbeansmd⁩ about MAP and other perfusion pressures.
👉 Blood pressure is not the same as blood FLOW. Under normal conditions, pulse pressure wave precedes flow volume wave. #KIDNEYcon