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14 Feb
At 11am, @FairfaxCountyPD will be speaking about an arrest in the murder of 20-year-old Samuel Onyeuka in Reston.

Follow along here for live updates. @wusa9…
#BREAKING: @FairfaxCountyPD in partnership with @NewportNewsPD have arrested 20 y/o Jalenn Keene for the murder of 20 y/o Samuel Onyeuka. @wusa9
.@FairfaxCountyPD says they were able to retrace Keene and Onyeuka's steps to a shopping center in the area before the murder using financial records and surveillance video.

Then, they tracked Keene to Newport News -- where he is being held in jail for now. @wusa9
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22 Jun 20
#BREAKING: Protesters have opened the fence surrounding the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square and have climbed on top.

I’ve heard them say they’re trying to tear it down. @wusa9 #BlackLivesMatter
Here’s a look at DC Police coming in with a bicycle barricade to move back protesters who were trying to tear down the statue.

Now, they’re gathered on #BlackLivesMatter Plaza. @wusa9
Just checked out the front line of people facing off with police.

Officers are standing their ground guarding Lafayette Square as some protesters talk directly to them. @wusa9 #BlackLivesMatter #protests
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