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Undocumented Immigrant with #DACA. “Disgustingly Entitled Illegal” - Michelle Malkin. @FloridaState Grad. Digital Strategy @FWDus. Personal Account.
18 Jun 20
TODAY IS A GREAT DACE FOR THE IMMIGRANT COMMUNITY — but we are always aware of the fragile nature of #DACA protections, particularly in light of the Trump Admin'ss continued attacks on immigrant communities.

The Trump Admin must leave DACA in place and reopen new applications.
WE ARE CELEBRATING THE #DACA RULING FROM #SCOTUS — but we're also aware that it comes as our nation is directly confronting its long history of targeting Black people, and when communities across America are actively fighting over an affirmative vision of who survives in America
HERE IS THE TRUTH — #DACA RECIPIENTS HAVE LIVED IN FEAR and uncertainty for years, today's ruling is nothing short of a fragment of certainty in our lives, as we continue to work, contribute, and give back to the country that we call home: The United States
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11 Mar 20
NEW: @CNN releases audio of government [DHS] lawyer admitting dangers of #MPP policy.

TRANSCRIPT BELOW 👇🏼 cnn.com/videos/politic…

Your Honor, the circumstances that they’re concerned with is potentially a reality for every respondent, and again that opens up the floodgates because everybody doesn’t have to show up as long as they have counsel.

#MPP #Immigration
DANNY SANTANDER — #Immigration Judge

I think what I’m hearing from the government is, and I’ll be honest, I don’t like it. What I’m hearing is, that well everybody has to take that risk and that chance, and you get kidnapped, you get kidnapped...

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29 Jan 20
Walking into #immigration court to observe asylum seekers go before a judge without lawyers or legal representation.

This is why we need to #RestoreAsylumNow!
When your enter the building you are greeted by a guard who says you MAY be subject to an administrative inspection.

You then take this elevator to the 3rd floor, where the court is located. Lawyers + clients are given priority. Observers have to wait. #RestoreAsylumNow

Im part of a group of immigrant rights advocates, legal services providers, faith leaders & asylum advocates across the country will be packing the courts of San Diego & San Antonio, as well as the tent courts in Brownsville & Laredo. #RestoreAsylumNow
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8 Nov 19
FIVE THINGS TO KNOW: #DACA and the Supreme Court

1️⃣ The Supreme Court is ruling on the legality of the Trump Administration’s termination of DACA — not the legality of #DACA itself.

2️⃣ The Administration terminated #DACA in 2017, but eligible individuals can still renew — and they should ASAP.

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11 Sep 19
MORE SEPARATED CHILDREN: A 12yo Bahamian girl was separated from family at a South Florida airport after fleeing the destruction of Hurricane #Dorian and was sent by #immigration officials to a Miami Gardens shelter for abused or abandoned children.

When the girl and her godmother arrived in West Palm Beach, U.S. Customs and Border Protection transferred them over to Miami International Airport and ultimately separated the pair because the woman wasn’t the child’s biological parent, the girl’s mother.

The 12yo is being considered an “unaccompanied minor” because she wasn’t physically accompanied by her biological parents.

@MiamiHerald reports that the girl was NOT released to her “biological aunt, who had come to pick her up at the airport, custody.”

#flapol #immigration
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15 Aug 19
Today is the 7th Anniversary of the Implementation of #DACA — here is HOW I got to August 15, 2015, to see my life COMPLETELY transformed overnight.

The story begins in 2007, I was a high school senior ready to graduate and ready to go @UCF!

Here's an awk photo of me.
SPRING 2007: I receive a call from an @UCF admissions officer. They told me that my application was missing a Green Card, and that they would be unable to give me in-state tuition w/ot it.

Confused, I asked my mom for a copy of the document — not knowing I didn't have one.
My mother froze and drove me to @FIU to ask if I would go to college. An admissions officer told her that w/o a Green Card, my family wouldve to pay 3X the amount of in-state tuition.

My mother was CRUSHED. I lied and said everything would be OK. It wouldnt be.
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21 Jun 19
‼️THREAD: How to Prepare Yourself for an Immigration Raid‼️

It is important to be prepared and to know your rights and your family’s rights in case of a raid or other encounter with ICE or local law enforcement.

#Immigration #FamilyRaid
Everybody has rights under the U.S. Constitution that you may exercise in such a situation. There are also a number of steps you can take ahead of any encounter to minimize panic, family separation, and loss of financial assets.

#Immigration #FamilyRaid
‼️The 5 Most Important Things You Can Do During A Raid‼️

1️⃣ Stay calm and do not run away

2️⃣ Remain silent, or tell the ICE agent that you want to remain silent. If you do speak, do not lie

3️⃣ Ask to speak with a lawyer

#Immigration #FamilyRaid
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24 Apr 18
TRUMP ON MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS: They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

TRUMP ON BRUTAL DICTATOR KIM JONG UN: He is 'Very Open' and 'Very Honorable'
TRUMP ON WOMEN: I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the pussy

TRUMP ON BRUTAL DICTATOR KIM JONG UN: He is 'Very Open' and 'Very Honorable'
TRUMP ON AFRICAN AMERICANS: Look at my African American over here!

TRUMP ON BRUTAL DICTATOR KIM JONG UN: He is 'Very Open' and 'Very Honorable'
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4 Sep 17
What it feels like to be a Dreamer at this particular point in time.

A 101 guide
The sense that #DACA could come to an end is terrifying. Outside of just that, there several aspect to consider that drain Dreamers daily
1. The thought that you would be STRIPPED off your DACA status is not just traumatizing, it's dehumanizing and exhausting.
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