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How do colonial masters and their entire current population feel when they see movies like #RRR, #Oloibiri and other depictions of their EXPLOITATION, DESECRATION, MASS MURDER and MISRULE?

#Africa; such a forgiving continent.
India; did they let it all go?🤔
🇬🇧 🇵🇹 🇫🇷 🇺🇸 Image
There’s an argument that we sold ourselves for the “silver coins”, our chiefs and leaders betrayed us for money.
But did they at anytime create the WICKEDNESS, CRUELTY and HATE in the Wh!te exploiter’s heart?

No, “Yahoo-Yahoo” is not the way to get back at these guys.👎🏽

Building your Nation(s) and ignoring theirs is.
After all they’ve done, they’re still the “choice destination”.
#Immigration is a Multimillion dollar/pound industry for them till today.

Our leaders learnt NOTHING!!!
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Excited to release our latest @BU_Law #immigrants' rights & human trafficking #clinic report on the Institutional Hearing Program ("IHP"), a little known program that quickly, and quietly, #deports noncitizens convicted of crimes. THREAD 1/…
For more than 40 years, IHP has been operating in the shadows, yet another branch of the vast #ICE #enforcement regime. IHP operates at least across 19 states, #deporting noncitizens who are unlikely to be represented by counsel. 2/
Our report is a snapshot of how this little studied program operates to swiftly deport #immigrants across New England. Here's some of what we found. 3/
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Last Thurs night my brother, a farmer in Wales, had a phone call from a neighbour saying there were suspicious lights in one of his fields. He went to look and found 8 Indian men catching his sheep ready to kill in the field (Halal). He challenged them but they had knives 1/2
and told him they would use them if he didn’t back off, which he did. He rang the Police with the Reg no. They stopped them in Shrewsbury. They were from London. If his neighbour hadn’t rang him he would have found just sheep fleeces in his fields 2/3
On Friday morning and copious amounts of blood. We are 3rd generation farmers, this would have been unheard of in my Father’s Day. What on Earth have we done to our once wonderful Country 😡#immigration #BanHalal #PritiPatel #Boris #SadiqKhan #NeverLabour
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To understand what is happening with #abortionrights , #Immigration and racism, listen to Jane Elliott. She breaks it down in 2:20.
Part 1
To understand what is happening with #abortionrights , #Immigration and racism, listen to Jane Elliott. She breaks it down in 2:20.
Part 2
If you are not a fan of Jane Elliott. Watch this.
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‘Immigration Has Failed’, Says Magdalena Andersson

Sweden’s #immigration system has created ‘parallel societies’ and gang violence, says Sweden’s PM after the recent Islamists riots shocked the nation.
Since 2015, the nation of 8.5 million, took as many as 800’000 #refugees from East Africa, MENA and South Asia.

Since then, Sweden, the once hegemonically peaceful nation, have been engulfed in violence, terrorism, and a spree gang rapes and murders.
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#THREAD #Elections2022 🧵

Les français ont choisi : @EmmanuelMacron devient le 1er Président de la République ré-élu depuis l'instauration du quinquennat.

Toutefois, #OutreMer, le vote sanction est clair.

Nous analyserons les résultats toute la soirée.
C'est parti 👇
@EmmanuelMacron @CEVIPOF @sciencespo @ScPoResearch @ScPoBibli @sciencespoEDJ @sciencespotv @SciencesO @MartialFoucault @MathiasVicherat @la1ere En #Guadeloupe, 3 enseignements par @MartialFoucault :

1) @MLP_officiel a rassemblé le vote #Mélenchon sur le terrain des colères sanitaire et sociale.
2) Le score du RN est encore loin d'un vote d'adhésion.
3) L'abstention n'a pas eu d'effet majeur sur le résultat.
@EmmanuelMacron @CEVIPOF @sciencespo @ScPoResearch @ScPoBibli @sciencespoEDJ @sciencespotv @SciencesO @MartialFoucault @MathiasVicherat @la1ere @MLP_officiel En #Martinique, 3 enseignements exactement similaires :

1) @MLP_officiel a rassemblé le vote #Mélenchon sur le terrain des colères sanitaire et sociale.
2) Le score du RN est encore loin d'un vote d'adhésion.
3) L'abstention n'a pas eu d'effet majeur sur le résultat.
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Today, @CitImmCanada released some long-awaited good news for #immigration candidates both in and outside of #Canada. Here’s a quick summary of the major announcements [THREAD]
#ExpressEntry invitations to FSWP, CEC, and FSTP candidates are resuming in July and the majority of new applications expected to return to six-month processing time.
#PGWP holders with permits expiring between Jan-Dec 2022 will be able to get 18 months extensions. More details on a simplified, expedited process coming within weeks.
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Rich immigrants who moved to #Vancouver through Quebec's back-door investor program now own, on avg, $4.6m worth of housing. But they're only paying taxes on annual incomes of a paltry $100k. A gov.-enabled scam. Via @GoldinYVR, #vanre #vanpoli #cdnpoli…
2/ @Ayan604 says the system is failing new immigrants who’ve arrived to work and settle, if it also allows new immigrants who are here (simply) because they are wealthy and have an appetite for real estate investment. #vanre #torontorealestate #onpoli #Cdnimm #bcpoli #vanpoli
3 / And what's more ... Quebec gets 10 times more than B.C. and Ontario to settle immigrants. #ICYMI #BCpoli #Cdnimm #cdnpolitics #onpoli #abpoli #qcpoli #immigration.…
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Moi, cadre sup, chef d'entreprise, je voterai pour le programme l'avenir en commun de #Melenchon2022
Mon analyse 1/20
Déclamer cette phrase publiquement n'est pas aisé pour moi, c'est une première et ce n’est probablement pas bon pour mes affaires. Mais je me dois de le faire, c'est ma responsabilité. Vous trouverez dans ces quelques lignes, mon argumentation. 2/20
J'ai 50 ans et la responsabilité de 5 enfants. L'avenir de ces derniers est mon affaire. Le monde que nous léguons est notre affaire.
Pendant mes 50 ans de vie, le monde a changé et j'en suis responsable. 3/20
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Breaking: House Intel Committee posts @ODNIgov's 2022 Annual Threat Assessment, aka the Worldwide Threat Assessment

"#Beijing, #Moscow, #Tehran, & #Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability & intent to advance their interests at the expense of the #UnitedStates & its allies"
"#China increasingly is a near-peer competitor, challenging the #UnitedStates in multiple arenas—especially economically, militarily & technologically—& is pushing to change global norms & potentially threatening its neighbors" per @ODNIgov report
"#Russia is pushing back against #Washington where it can—locally & globally—employing techniques up to & including the use of force" per @ODNIgov report, compiled w/info available up to January
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Happening now: @POTUS @JoeBiden delivers #SOTU2022

"Tonight, we meet ...with an unwavering resolve that freedom will always triumph over tyranny"
.@POTUS wastes little time getting to #Russia-#Ukraine

"6 days ago, Russia’s Vladimir Putin sought to shake the very foundations of the free world thinking he could make it bend to his menacing ways. But he badly miscalculated..."
#Russia #Putin "thought he could roll into #Ukraine & the world would roll over" per @POTUS "Instead he met a wall of strength he never anticipated or imagined"

"He met the Ukrainian people"
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"Throughout our history we’ve learned this lesson – when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos. They keep moving. And, the costs & threats to America & the world keep rising.

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"American diplomacy matters."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"#Putin’s war was premeditated & unprovoked. He rejected efforts at diplomacy. He thought the West & @NATO wouldn’t respond. And, he thought he could divide us here at home.
Putin was wrong. We were ready."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden's #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia
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🧵 I'm seeing a lot of disturbing tweets and frankly false info on #refugee #law. First, let's be clear. There will be refugees from #Ukraine. We should all protect them. A refugee is a refugee. An imperial power has invaded.
2. I am a huge critic of the international and domestic protections afforded to all kinds of migrants. I'll be the first to critique a policy, #law, program when I see it unfairly excludes, labels, violates rights. This is not time to pit #refugee communities against each other.
3. In Canada, so far, there is no resettlement program specific to Ukrainians. They have started announcing measures like lifting visa requirements, extending existing visas and permits, processing applications already in the system. More will come. It should. #refugee #law
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Totalitaire et avilissant à bien des égards, le quinquennat d’Emmanuel #Macron touche à sa fin.
Avec le recul, mérite-t-il autre chose que les poubelles de l’histoire ?🚮

Pour en juger et ne rien oublier de ses facettes, suivez ce fil jupitérien.

TW mépris
🧶thread à dérouler🔽 Image
Élu président à la faveur d’un second tour face au FN/RN tout en ayant financé sa campagne par des donateurs majoritairement très riches — et à qui il remboursera leur investissement avec la suppression de l'#ISF —, Emmanuel Macron récupère 1 majorité parlementaire écrasante.🔽 ImageImageImageImage
Coqueluche de la presse écrite avant même de briguer la magistrature suprême — de part le nombre d'articles qui lui est consacré —, le néo-président fait l'objet d'une adulation XXL dans les médias. « Comment Macron séduit le monde », « #MacronMania »...🔽
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"The previous administration’s policies shattered an already broken immigration system but one year ago advocates were cautiously optimistic about the Biden administration’s #immigration promises," — Casey Carter Swegman, Director of Public Policy at the Tahirih Justice Center.
"We had hoped this would be a historic opportunity to undo the damage that had been done and to rebuild and reimagine a more just system for asylum seekers and in particular survivors of gender-based violence who had been particularly targeted and their rights eroded." 2/4
"Instead, the Biden administration has expanded the Remain in Mexico policy, and continued implementation of #Title42—illegally expelling Venezuelans to Colombia and returning individuals to their countries of origin, including Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, and Brazil." 3/4
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If @cnn / $T was critical of the U.S' #immigration & #refugee policy, they would cover how #LaMigre is a rogue agency, thus any reader would understand the insubordination described in this article.…
you'd also cover how they're sore #Cult45 losers…
Why doesn't @cnn cover more of these stories?…
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#Pakistan #Kashmir
This is a message for everyone who worships the #West and the #Western system
What is the #immigration tax to western countries?
You will lose your child:
Sweden kidnaps 20,000 children a year from their families
🔴 Germany kidnapped 84,000 children from their families in one year, most of them Turkish
🔴 Britain The number of children who were taken from their families in 2013 reached more than 10,000
The matter does not end when it is withdrawn only, but it will be cared by persecuted
or non-Muslim families, knowing that the number of Muslim children cared for by non-Muslim families in the Netherlands reaches tens of thousands
As an immigrant, it will be urgent to withdraw your children, as you may leave the countries of the West at any time,
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This is an important, profound and must-read @nytimes piece by @ronenbergman and @MarkMazzettiNYT about the misuse of the Pegasus software by a series of governments around the globe, including #Mexico:👇🏽….
However, some proper context is required, ...1/8 least in regards to Mexican foreign policy during the 2007-2012 period. During that time there never was a quid pro quo between #Mexico acquiring Pegasus to confront transnational criminal organizations and how Mexico voted at the UN -and at UN bodies- regarding ...2/8
..resolutions on Israel. Mexican foreign policy at that time was determined -albeit with important internal resistance from Foreign Ministry colleagues- to jettison a cookie-cutter approach that had prevailed in the Mexican Foreign Ministry for years on end when it came ..3/8
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1. TONIGHT on the @PBS @NewsHour: Imagine working 48 years to build a career as a top doctor only to be forced to give it all up in hopes to move to another country (where you are unqualified to practice) just so your daughters can get educated? #Afghanistan #Afghanwomen #pbsnews Image
2. That's the choice many professionals in #Afghanistan have to make right now. In 2019 we at @NewsHour profiled the incredible Dr Shefajo, a top gynecologist. "My daughters want to be doctors," she told me then. Now, her eldest is not even allowed in school as per #Taliban rules Image
3. Forced to choose between staying in #Afghanistan where her patients and the hospital she built from scratch are, and getting her older daughter into a classroom where she belongs, the Dr risks leaving everything behind to become unemployable abroad. Image
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I have enjoyed reading “One billion Americans” by @mattyglesias. He makes a strong case for why faster population growth, especially through #Immigration, would make geopolitical, economic and social sense…
2. One key concern would be to the impact on #climate since Americans emit 3x more per capita than 🇬🇧 and 7x as in 🇮🇳. It’s a valid concern, yet preventing the immigration implies de facto punishing the poor who are supposed to save the planet by not emigrating/staying poor Image
3. Also, if we have no problem with eg #Africa increasing emissions to electrify its development, we should not have a problem with the same Africans’ emissions when located in the West. Yes, emissions will increase, but it wouldn’t change the need to ⬆️ renewables/green R&D/etc.
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I have 1 yr of immigration status left in the US. I have lived here since I was 7 yrs old and I'm 21 now. I have no feasible pathway to stay in this country permanently, let alone citizenship. Last year my father, who is the principal #visa holder, suffered a heart attack (1)
My family was terrified of losing him, our visa status, and being deported. Visa immigrants are the fastest growing population of folks becoming undocumented- why is no one talking about this? The US #Immigration system is broken on the undocumented AND documented side. (2)
Undocumented folks are blamed for entering without status when most are overstaying their visas. GC #backlog folks are blamed for “taking away” jobs even though there is a massive labor shortage in the US. Politicians pit our communities against each other and we let them (3)
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Novak Djokovic issued a statement regarding his #immigration status to #Australia to play #tennis in @AustralianOpen.…
How many poor people are in jails because of "administrative mistakes?" How many migrants are languishing in detention facilities or have been deported because of "administrative mistakes?" How many migrants can't actually practice their professions & instead perform much less
remunerative jobs because of laws which restrict their freedom to work? Deporting Novak or preventing him from competing, assuming #publichealth measures such as movement restrictions, masking & regular testing are followed, will neither stop the #pandemic nor relieve the
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