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On nous promettait Jupiter
Avons-nous eu Pluton ?
Si l'on s'en tient à ses "résultats", OUI, il a échoué et a achevé la 🇫🇷 en 4 ans, mais si on réfléchit bien...
C'est vraiment un Jupiter, puisque c'était sa mission commandée par les mondialistes qui l'ont placé ⏬
1⃣L'échec volontaire de @EmmanuelMacron pour notre 🇫🇷 est donc, pour le moment, une réussite totale pour le mondialisme et la destruction de la #Nation

Je dis volontaire car, franchement... ⏬
2⃣S'il voulait faire de la politique "autrement", reconnecter le Peuple avec les élites et restaurer la confiance envers les politiciens

Aurait-il usé d'arrogance et de mépris envers "les riens" et permis à ses "collaborateurs" (dont certaines gamines) de faire pareille ? NON ImageImage
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@AsraNomani @fcpsnews @Ricardy4Mason @AlsoACarpenter Anti-Asian?

"The late Harvard law professor Derrick Bell is credited as the father of #criticalracetheory. He began conceptualizing the idea in the 1970s as a way to understand how race and American law interact, and developed a course on the subject ...

@AsraNomani @fcpsnews @Ricardy4Mason @AlsoACarpenter "In 1980, Bell resigned his position at #Harvard because of what he viewed as the institution’s discriminatory hiring practices, especially its failure to hire an Asian American woman he’d recommended."

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1/16 #PPC #MaximeBernier #FreedomOfSpeech It isn’t about Left vs is COMMON SENSE POLICIES that help ALL Canadians


Peoples Party of Canada RT RT RT

Learn more click link…
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today an #immigration judge told our @BU_Law clinic students, "you’ve done a tremendous job - this family is very lucky to have been represented by you & to have such detailed & excellent representation." then she granted our client #asylum from two different countries. thread 1/
our client & two generations of her family (all of whom were also granted #asylum today) fled horrific violence in the northern triangle - including childhood abuse, trafficking, gang violence & domestic violence. much of it inflicted by our gov't:… 2/
despite the compelling circumstances, this family still needed 400 pgs of evidence, traumatizing forensic/psych evaluations & had to prove they are "credible." this required incredibly dedicated @BU_Law clinic students, working long hours on the factual & legal components 3/
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Arguments linking per-country caps to maintaining diversity in America are used repeatedly. They came up yet again during the house judiciary committee hearing on 04/28, so we wanted to take some time to address it. 1/12
The thing being considered right now, is the removal of per-country caps in EB immigration. The caps apply to immigrants in this category who are ALREADY in the US and have been awaiting their turn for a green card for years! 2/12
Eliminating these per-country caps wouldn't let in any more EB immigrants into the US annually than right now. It would just make it make everyone stand in the SAME LINE for them, irrespective of their country of birth. 3/12
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10 years ago today I walked through the @amprog doors for my first day on the #immigration team.

I wanted to reflect on some of the amazing projects I've been part of over the years.

One of the first big projects I worked on was a detailed look at the costs of mandatory E-Verify on ordinary Americans.…

Then @alexnowrasteh organized a left-right briefing on the harms of E-Verify where the bill sponsor’s chief counsel started SCREAMING at us in the middle of the Q&A, a hilarious moment. I like to think this was part of why the bill failed.…

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In 5 minutes of testimony, @David_J_Bier has managed to not just illustrate the serious gaps in legal immigration policy, but also address why things stand the way they do.

Excerpt about employer-based Green Card path from his testimony on “Why Don’t They Just Get in Line?” 🧵👇
Employers may sponsor their employees, but their employees have a hard annual numerical limit of 130,000 green cards—half of which go to the spouses and minor children of the workers. This limit was last updated in 1990.
Immigrants from a single birthplace can obtain no more than 7 percent of the green cards in a single year unless they would otherwise not be used.
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“The unprecedented application of Title 42 against asylum-seekers was seen by many public health experts and human rights organizations as having nothing to do with public health and everything to do with anti-Latinx racism.” On immigration, Biden = Trump…
The “immigration crisis” didn’t fall out of the clear blue sky. This. Is. Blowback.…
If Joe “I’m the guy that put together Plan Colombia” had the power of introspection, he might understand the reason why people are fleeing from Central & South America…
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@CoachFelecia From time-to-time, ethnic personalities similar to that of #AndyNgo have appeared in right-wing movements ..

You just have to look for them.

These "ethnic" individuals aren't there to discover the truth!
@CoachFelecia They are their to provide a service. That is their value.

What is the service? They are weaponized to confuse the public while empowering "lily-white" delusions about black people.
@CoachFelecia These individuals...

Never thought their life could be
Anything but catastrophe

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"I said Georgia
Ooh Georgia, no peace I find
Just an old sweet song
Keeps #Georgia on my mind"

—Ray Charles

Until you understand why #AfricanAmericans left the Republican Party, you will never understand the Republican Party.

"Father characterized the promoters of the warfare as THIEVES."

"Father asked no quarter in the coming struggle and would give none. The White Republicans, angered, attempted to influence the colored delegates to split on the color question."

25 years AFTER the Civil War.
132 years ago ...

"However, in 1888, the struggle was begun by the organization of "white Republican clubs," for the purpose of controlling the county conventions"…
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Happening now: @POTUS @JoeBiden conducts his 1st news conference as president of the #UnitedStates Image
"I got elected to solve problems" per @POTUS, saying #COVID19 & the economy were the top, immediate priorities

Says he's hoping he can now begin to focus on issues like immigration, gun control - "We're going to move on these one at time"
"I think my Republican colleagues are going to have to determine whether or not we want to work together or they're going to decide the way in which they want to proceed is...continue the politics of division" per @POTUS
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Hassan Ahmad: Transparency is always a good thing, and sunshine disinfects. When you can't see what's going on, that's exactly where the problem began. We should have at least provided a benchmark [with what Joe Biden inherited at the border].
@HMAesq #Immigration
Hassan Ahmad: Border apprehension stayed above 1 million during the 1980's. Current numbers of 800,000--there is no crisis. It's a border & needs to be managed better.
@HMAesq #Immigration
Rick: Joe Biden's only been in office 2 mos--he can't snap his fingers & undo 40 yrs of neglect.
Hassan Ahmad: The people crossing the border are entering a broken system. How can you manage a border with 2-way flow when system is dysfunctional?
@HMAesq #Immigration
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Join our WEBINAR on 25th March 2021 w/t @slatter_alexis @jamildhanji & @saraanzani as they explore new post-Brexit imm rules surrounding the handling of non-EU asylum claims under 3rd country inadmissibility principles.
⏰12 pm
See👇 Image
Senior practitioners @slatter_alexis @jamildhanji & @saraanzani are live now with their webinar exploring the new post-Brexit immigration rules on non-EU asylum asylum claims under the new “Third Country Rules”
@saraanzani is starting off by looking at the Secretary of State's stated rationale for the changes which includes the intention to treat certain asylum claims as inadmissible
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NEW: From @AlexYells, an indictment of the misleading reporting that has framed challenges at our border as a "crisis," and migration as inherently bad.

Read her take on how otherwise reputable outlets can shift toward ethical #immigration reporting.…
"The prospect that people making the decision to flee for their lives are basing that decision on changes in U.S. immigration policy is both woefully self-centered and laughably wrong-headed." - @AlexYells

"Notwithstanding that drama sells papers, and no matter what Stephen Miller says, every human life has value.

Otherwise trusted and reputable outlets - like the Washington Post - would do well to remember that." - @AlexYells

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thrilled to be publishing "Public Health and the Power to Exclude: Immigrant Expulsions at the Border" with @gulcimmigration & the wonderful @prashasti_b. this piece argues for an end to #Title42, an illegal policy destroying families, and endangering #refugees at the #border. 1/
My piece beings by examining the historic intersections of public health and #immigration law, and the origins of federal quarantine and exclusion power. 2/
Woven into the article are first hand accounts of advocates on both sides of the #border who have witnessed the devastating impact of COVID-19 era immigrant expulsions as #immigrants, children and families are disappeared by the US gov't. 3/
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Join us, and our partners on Zoom or Facebook Live for the virtual #Immigrationsummit, Intermountain Rising: Unlocking our Region’s Economic Potential Through Bipartisan Immigration Reform.

Register here 👉
ABIC Board Member @bob_worsley helps us open our summit today as he recounts his experience as a member of the #ArizonaStateSenate, his love for the Hispanic and immigrant community, and his beliefs of the need to create bipartisan commonsense immigration reform.
"Immigration policy is never framed as what it actually is, U.S economic policy. Federal immigration reform is essential for the economic success of the United States." @ASU President @michaelcrow on the impact of bipartisan #immigration reform to America's economic growth.
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There's a lot on #immigration right now so I went back to look at what I have written. I share this sample of stories because I think with immigration, in particular, often times we find ourselves writing the same stories over and over. How do we move beyond that? Can we?
2014: Federal officials tell former AZ Gov. Jan Brewer that +1,000 minors would be transferred to Arizona over the weekend and held in a converted Border Patrol facility in…
2014: I chronicled the story of a young mother and her daughter whom I met at the bus station in Tucson after they had turned themselves in to Border Patrol. This family's story illustrates how the cycle of migration from Guatemala plays out.…
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#The new and updated Relocation path without IELTS
How to Relocate To Canada without IELTS from Nigeria with the Study Visa Route – Yes, without IELTS
The Study Visa relocation route is what you need if you hate IELTS or TOEFL exams like most Nigerians.
This is the best with no
IELTS or TOEFL exams. With this relocation path, you can relocate, study for free, and work in Canada without wasting money on any travel agent or writing IELTS/TOEFL academic exams.
The good news is that, 18-45+ years are considered.

Here is the overview of the pathway.
#1. You apply to study in Canada
#2. You apply for schools that do not require IELTS/TOEFL in Canada.
Alternatively, you use the English Language Proficiency letter gotten from your school.
#3. You get a scholarship to move to Canada.
#4. You work while you study and get
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What's in the $1.9 Trillion House COVID Relief Bill?
The House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan which the #USSenate is currently considering.
Nine of the 12 House committees have approved legislation. This thread will summarize the major elements.
American Rescue Plan - Ways & Means $923B
👉$1,400 stimulus $422B
👉unemployment $246B
👉Tax Credit $143B
👉pension grants $58B
👉ACA 2021/2022 $45B
👉sick leave / retention credit $14B
👉COBRA coverage $8B
👉foreign subsidiaries $22B
👉Other policies $9B
American Rescue Plan - Oversight & Reform$350B
👉Provide money to state governments $195B
👉Provide money to local governments, territories, and tribes $155B
👉Create paid #COVID19 leave for federal workers and other policies $0.4B
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I was an #Australian #migration officer before #immigration became exclusion, before the Border Protection Bill, before Nauru. When the spirit was to invite people in, not keep them out - good people, loved ones, & those in need of protection.

I understood (& applied) migration
rules as a silent contract with Australians, who accepted & welcomed foreigners, knowing & trusting that procedures & numbers were a balance of needs & requirements, a give & take. A system that argued its case year after year, wooed for support, accountable to all.
Where rules were clear & fair, & so were services. Not once have I had a case of refusal that did not have a reason I couldn't explain, & those denied entry might not have liked, but understood it & why it made sense.

It's been painful to see immigration hijacked, usually by
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After a 1-hour plus delay @POTUS45 now taking the stage at #CPAC2021.
"Do you miss me yet?" @POTUS45 asks #CPAC2021 crowd. "A lot of things going on."
Journey that started four years ago is "far from being over," declares @POTUS45. "In the end, we will win."
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