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Friends: I asked a half-dozen relevant Senators and at least a dozen relevant staffers today for an update in the promised citizenship pathways.

Breaks my heart to tweet this but it ain't looking good, as of now. 🧵
As it stands, the votes aren't there for BBB, which is now very much shelved.

Outside of reconciliation's simple majority, GOP Senators I've asked agree: there'll be no support for relief, let along the 10 votes needed.
Undocupals are doubly effed, per the staffers I've spoken with, who described the #WeAreHome coalition repping undocupals in Congress as "toxic" and "embarrassing" and so on.
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An UNELECTED staff atty is blocking immigration relief for nearly 8M immigrants. Senate Democrats have a moral obligation to disregard her advice and pass citizenship as part of #BuildBackBetter. This is still the year. #WeAreHome
Millions of families nationwide are waiting for Senate Dems to do their job and pass the bill that’ll bring relief via the child tax credit, affordable housing & child care, and citizenship. #BBB would be the largest investment in our families in decades.
We elected Democrats to deliver permanent solutions. The lives and stability of millions of people and their families are in the hands of the Senate. Passing BBB, w/ citizenship, would be transformational for the economy, and for millions of Black, immigrant and Latinx families.
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As you are shopping, prepping and preparing your Thanksgiving meals, we'd like you to know a little more about the work behind every ingredient and the people doing that work.

Here's a thread for everyone who wants to thank a farm worker this week. #WeFeedYou
Many wine grape workers are paid piece rate, a set amount per unit harvested. Piece rates make heat dangerous as workers are less likely to take breaks. Fortino works under a union contract with @SteMichelle, a WA employer that takes worker safety (including heat) very seriously.
Esteban is paid minimum wage for his work in muddy, wet fields cutting pumpkin vines. Other workers will collect and sort the pumpkins by size.

Pumpkin (like okra and cucumber) has tiny hairs on the vines that are irritating to the skin and eyes.
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Immigration reform is back in the news. The demand for legislative action this year continues to grow. It’s up to Democrats to use their majority to deliver for people who are Americans in all but paperwork.
"Undocumented immigrants strengthen our communities, have risked their lives to keep us safe and fed during the pandemic, and are our friends, family and neighbors. But our outdated and dysfunctional immigration system hasn’t been updated in 35 years." - @FrankSharry
"Democrats have made promises election cycle after election cycle, but in crunch moments have expended little political capital to make progress. This is the year they need to deliver. They have 51 Senate votes and 220 House votes, everything they need." - @FrankSharry
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1/6 Pablo Sánchez, a 40 year old from Venezuela, died in ICE Custody last Friday, October, 1st. Pablo had AIDS and fled persecution seeking asylum in the US for his safety and health. Pablo was detained by CBP at Del Río City, Texas Image
2/6 Pablo was forced into detention where his health quickly deteriorated due to medical neglect. ICE was fully aware of Pablo’s medical fragility and failed to release him so that he could obtain life-saving interventions.
3/6 Pablo died because ICE was reckless and negligent and the lack of appropriate medical care resulted in complications with acute respiratory impairment, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, pneumonia, acute renal failure, anemia and covid-19.
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🚨Statement Alert🚨 In response to the Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling on a pathway to citizenship through reconciliation, @AnaMariaArchil2 , co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy, issued the following statement:
“Today, the Senate Parliamentarian once again issued a misguided advisory opinion against the inclusion of a pathway to citizenship in reconciliation. However, there is precedent and a strong rationale for the immigration proposal to be included in the reconciliation bill."
If Democrats, who control the Senate, House of Representatives, and the White House choose to follow this advisory opinion, they would be shutting the doors to millions of undocumented immigrants who call this country home.
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IMMIGRATION IS A BIPARTISAN ISSUE: Democrats (84-13%), Independents (79-17%), and Republicans (57-39%) each agree #immigration is a “good thing.”

Data —> @Gallup
Analysis —> @AmericasVoice
By a 75-21% margin, @Gallup finds that Americans think #immigration is a “good thing” rather than a “bad thing” for the country today.

A separate @Gallup question asked whether #immigration should be kept at present levels, increased, or decreased, finding that 35% want immigration to stay at present levels, 33% want immigration to increase, and 31% want immigration to decrease.
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✊✊✊CASA members at the White House today demanding that the Biden-Harris Administration take action on citizenship for all. The time is now! #citizenship4all
🗣️🗣️🗣️We keep on sounding the alarm for immigrant inclusion. The lives of TPS holders, DACA holders, immigrant essential workers, and undocumented individuals are at stake @POTUS #citizenship4all #wearehome
We’re right in front of the White House calling on the Biden-Harris Administration to recognize that #ImmigrantsAreEssential and we need #Citizenship4All
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HAPPENING NOW: Immigrant advocates will discuss key developments and challenges on immigration this week.
.@silkys13, Executive Director of @DetentionWatch:

"Immigrant lives are in jeopardy any time they are in ICE custody...The Biden Administration must continue to cut detention contracts..."
.@ashahshahani, Legal & Advocacy Director of @ProjectSouth:

"As a reminder, ICE knew about the abuses as far back as 2018.... We need ICE to come clean about what is happening nationwide..."
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.@SenatorMenendez: "Our immigration was broken long before Donald Trump and it will remain broken for years to come if Congress doesn't act." #WeAreHome #LobbyDay Image
Gabriela Cruz: "This is the year we will deliver... communities cannot wait." #WeAreHome #LobbyDay Image
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Happening now! Join Members of Congress, faith leaders, community leaders, and essential workers on the need to build a path to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, and farm workers. #WeAreHome #LobbyDay
.@SpeakerPelosi: "It's time to align our policies with our cherished heritage." #WeAreHome #LobbyDay Image
.@SpeakerPelosi: "There’s nothing partisan about honoring the contributions of newcomers to America.” #WeAreHome #LobbyDay Image
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Ahead of a busy week, immigration advocates and policy makers are building momentum toward the goal of citizenship for millions of Dreamers, TPS holders, farm workers, and other essential immigrant workers. #WeAreHome
"The campaign to win pathways to citizenship for millions is gaining momentum. The voices and stories of those directly affected are driving the campaign forward." - @FrankSharry
"With Republicans making clear that they are more interested in running on immigration next year than in achieving a legislative breakthrough this year, it’s up to Democrats to use their majority to go big, go fast and change lives." - @FrankSharry
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Today @SenAlexPadilla’s hearing is the beginning of a new chapter on the next 100 days of the Biden Administration through decisive Congressional action. #ImmigrantsAreEssential 🦋

📺Watch the hearing here 👇…
We appreciate @SenAlexPadilla for highlighting that immigrants are the ones that are largely doing the jobs that can't be done online during this pandemic. #ImmigrantsAreEssential
🦋🦋🦋One of the sponsors of this bill @SenatorDurbin recognizes that immigrants risk their lives EVERY DAY during this pandemic.
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Happening now! The Essential Role of Immigrant Workers in America. #ImmigrantsAreEssential #WeAreHome

Follow this thread for updates or watch now:
.@SenAlexPadilla: "America depends on the labor of immigrants. Immigrants are critical to our strength in every essential industry." #ImmigrantsAreEssential #WeAreHome
.@SenAlexPadilla: "The immigrant workers who have sacrificed and worked for us during the pandemic have earned more than platitudes. They have earned citizenship."
#ImmigrantsAreEssential #WeAreHome
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Today’s essential workers hearing kicks off next stage in immigration debate focused on delivering citizenship for millions
"Immigrant workers are essential workers and it’s time our country values their work, sacrifices, and contributions by providing a path to citizenship. We cannot continue to simultaneously treat essential workers as both essential and deportable." - @douglasrivlin #WeAreHome
"In his short time in the Senate, @SenAlexPadilla has taken an important leadership role on immigration and as Chair of the Immigration Subcommittee." - @douglasrivlin
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✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾 CASA and many other organizations are in DC ready to elevate member voices! Immigrant mothers NEED a pathway to citizenship NOW! #ImmigrantMoms #EssentialWorkers #WeAreHome
Calling all moms, daughters, sons, and children! Raise your voice and join us to demand that Congress pass a path to citizenship for immigrant moms and families who did SO MUCH to help our country through this pandemic. #MomsAreEssential

RSVP now:
🦋CASA Member Ruby is an undocumented rights fighter for COVID relief. She is here today risking arrest on behalf of her family including her husband, Jose who is a TPS holder #ImmigrantsAreEssential
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ICYMI: This weekend advocates all across the country rallied in celebration of #MayDay to honor essential workers, DACA recipients, TPS holders, farmworkers, and more, & to demand immigration reform. #WeAreHome

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🚨🚨🚨WE ARE HERE!! Program kicking off NOW with Arlette Morales @CASAforall and Guerline Jozef @HaitianBridge. We demand dignity! Tune in now!! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
Our work is ESSENTIAL for health and livelihood of immigrants families. We demand TPS for Cameroon & other countries in need of relief. #MayDay #WeAreEssential
“Everyone of us can relate to the pain brought upon us by the immigration system...we will NOT be discouraged. I believe that we will win.” @nakasec member, Jein Ryu. Immigrants like Jein deserve to be protected & secure in the country they call home🏡 #ImmigrantJustice
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🗣Today we’re gathered at Black Lives Matter Plaza, alongside thousands, READY to march and make our demands heard. @POTUS immigrant families are counting on you! #Citizenship4All
🦋 Today, we fight to ensure that the Biden administration keep the promises made to immigrants at the start of these 100 days. Where are you on this historic day?! Join us in DC! #MayDay #ImmigrantWorkersAreEssential
📢📢📢 @POTUS and Congress, can you hear us from Freedom Plaza? We come in thousands to remind you that immigrant workers are essential and deserve a path to citizenship NOW! #WeAreHome #ImmigrantJustice
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NEW❗️on #DACA from @claudsDC @NSvajlenka highlights the critical role that the program continues to play for hundreds of thousands of #Dreamers, their families, and our communities. #HeretoStay #WeAreHome 🧵
Read the stories of #DACA recipients here 👉🏻…
Any day now, a federal judge in #Texas will rule on #DACA, a policy that allows certain young immigrants who arrived to the U.S. as children to access a renewable, 2-yr work permit and a reprieve from deportation.… @MALDEF
#DACA has allowed recipients to put their skills and abilities to full use, giving them a greater sense of stability. More than 83% of previously surveyed DACA recipients reported that increased earnings has helped them become “financially independent.”…
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HAPPENING NOW: "State and Local Leaders Join Immigrant Organizers and Impacted Individuals to Call for Action on Immigration"

Follow this thread for updates. #WeAreHome
.@lorellapraeli: "We are clear that promises are not enough... We are clear that we need to pass legislation this year." #WeAreHome
Vicente Reyes: "My parent migrated from Mexico when I was five years old. They are among the one million farm workers in the U.S. who live with uncertainty about the future." #WeAreHome
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1/As our violently flawed and racist policing system continues to plague Black & brown communities from coast to coast, it’s clear that so many of the laws currently in place do nothing to protect us. And in a few weeks, @DHSgov will release new “enforcement” policies. #EyesonICE
2/These policies will determine every arrest, detention, & deportation that ICE and CBP execute over the next few years, and will have life-or-death impacts on immigrant communities across the country.

These harms must END. #EyesonICE
3/The Biden Administration STILL uses criminal convictions as the basis for its temporary deportation policy, even as the inherent racism of policing is exposed over and over again.

There are just a few weeks left to change that. #EyesonICE
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HAPPENING NOW: "Immigration Advocates Discuss Multiple Strategies Driving Momentum Behind Legalization Push"

Follow this thread for updates. #WeAreHome
.@SergGonzales: "We must remember that undocumented people were behind keeping the lights on during the darkest days of the pandemic." #WeAreHome
.@GreisaMartinez: "The Biden administration has the opportunity to boldly right this wrong... He and Democrats must use all of their power and every tool at their disposal to deliver." #WeAreHome
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President Biden commits to using every available tool - including reconciliation - to deliver path to citizenship bills #WeAreHome
"President Biden’s commitment to legalize millions through whatever means available - including through budget reconciliation - significantly increases the chances of achieving a legislative breakthrough this year." - @FrankSharry
"Take it from those who have shed blood for bipartisanship in the past: Republicans will feign bipartisanship, first to slow things down, and second, to justify their opposition to the legislation Democrats move forward." - @FrankSharry
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