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20 Jun
Let me start this thread with definitions, because context is really important these days when we address topical issues.

Women are vulnerable.

Women are constantly "exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed physically or emotionally" because we are women.
Last year, I was explaining to a male friend the reason why I don't take certain risks and why I simply refuse to put myself in certain positions he will put himself in without a thought.

He wasn't understanding.

In truth, he didn't get it at all
So I told him that just by virtue of being a woman, we are extremely vulnerable and constantly targeted.

He said "really?!!", I said "sure".

He said "how!?", I just decided to share some examples.

Because sometimes, it's important to put these things in perspective.
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16 Feb
How many times have you heard the phrase: "All men want is sex?".


There are things many men want more than sex.

In fact, there is one thing. And it happens to be the one thing some women find hard to give.

If you like don't learn. Come for me.
Due to popular demand, let me explain my thoughts so that some can make informed opinion.

This is not to indict anyone... rather, it's for greater understanding. Sometimes it is important to question things.
Remember your school parties. If a guy wanted to hold a girl in his arms, he had to scan the room, walk across the room with everyone watching and ask the girl to dance. If she accepted, he was in heaven. If she refused he was in hell.
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20 Nov 19
Truth be told, we have beautiful fabrics in #Africa.

Bògòlanfini or bogolan is a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. It has an important place in traditional Malian culture & has, more recently, become a symbol of Malian cultural identity.
The Ndop, or dze ndouop or nji Ndop cloth is a resist stitched, indido- dyed cloth of Bamileke origin in the Western region of #Cameroon. It is used ceremonies.

📷: @moityuwaifo and son.
Atoghu also known as Toghu is a distinct fabric from the North West region of #Cameroon. Originally worn by royalty & dignitaries. 

Designs representing culture & history are stitched in patterns on velvet fabric (originally). Today, it's evolved to satin & cotton fabrics.
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16 Aug 19
On knowledge-acquisition:

It has no expiry date.
On hope:

It never dies.
It only grows.
On success:

"Wanna fly? You gotta give up the shit that weighs you down."

Toni Morrison (1931 - 2019)
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25 Jan 19
African parlance....

'Tis a beautifully distinct thing to hear.

There are ways we speak that no one else speaks. Whether it's in pidgin, English, French, our dialects... It's unique.

Here are some examples.


This will be fun so reply with more examples. 😀😁😂
A: I lost the pregnancy.
B: You mean you didn't have the baby?!

A: Dem don kill some thief man for road dey!
B: E die????!

A: Morning oooo!
B: You don wukop?

These are typically snippets of conversations between Caneroonians. 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲
I once went to a shop to buy hair extensions in #Cameroon

The conversation:

Me: I want buy meches. I get 10,000frs. You go get change?
Shopkeeper: di money dey with you?
Me (laughing hysterically): No, di money dey for bank.

shopkeeper joined me in laughter 😂😂😂
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13 Jan 19
Some of us need to learn that planning & preparedness translates into success when it meets chance.


You come to Twitter & tweet your business with pictures & the usual "pls RT, my customer maybe on your TL". The kind people on Twitter proceed to RT you to the moon.
Next thing, you have 5000, 10000, 50000 RTs, hundreds of thousands of replies, and the DM becomes jammed with follow up questions & orders.

You then go back to original tweet to "thread" that "you are thankful but overwhelmed with responses."
You ask responders to "wait" as you will "get round to responding" etc etc.... There is no info on where or how to get said product... Your initial "help my ministry tweet" just opened Pandora's box for you.

You are overwhelmed because you didn't anticipate the power of twitter
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8 Nov 18
#Cameroon's 'anti-terror' law is being used by authorities to arrest and threaten journalists who are tried by military courts. This is not the first time. Journalists are not terrorists! #FreeMimiMefo voanews.com/amp/cameroon-d…
As part of civil society, we've been saying that since the early 2000s, the govt of #Cameroon has put its repression and oppression in policy, creating a legal framework to increasingly punish dissent, stifle free speech & instill fear in anyone who opposes it. #FreeMimiMefo
In Dec 2014, #Cameroon’s legislature passed a controversial anti-terrorism legislation that includes the death penalty for citizens who, either as individuals or in a group, carry out, abet, or sponsor terrorism. The provisions drew global condemnation. #FreeMimiMefo
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6 Nov 18

We were not raised to speak up.

In the times we are in, it is out responsibility to raise a generation of people who will turn up their noses at despotic authority and speak truth to power.
There are times when being a part of a minority bold enough to fearlessly question authority becomes exasperating & frustrating. Especially when you go at it, expect a following, only to realize you are on your own.

Despite the fact you fighting with truth & for ALL.
Our history is telling. We have mainly had decisions made for us.

By the clan
By the chief
By the elders
By the men of God
By the gods & deities
By the system...

Hardly have we made personal, individual decisions.
Hardly have we questioned decision makers.
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25 Oct 18
@cfozin @FRauCameroun @G_Thibault_Fr So sorry to hear this happened to you. When we being to let the world know, we begin to take steps in confronting the issues that keep us down. In may little ways, we are the solutions to many of these problems.
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18 Oct 18

So I just got out of the French embassy in Yaoundé where I went to submit a short-stay visa application. I have been left speechless by the officer at counter 1. @FRauCameroun @G_Thibault_Fr
I got there & greeted a cheerful: "hello, good morning". I noticed she did not respond. But that's never an issue.

She took my documents & proceeded to take the ones she didn't need & silently "throw" them back at me.

Still not a problem. You must bear with them. 😀
Then she asked:

"ou es votre domicile?" While looking at my files.

I responded: "I live in Yaoundé."

She shot back: "parlez en français, vous êtes a l'ambassade de France"


As in, I was being barred from speaking a national language.

@FRauCameroun @G_Thibault_Fr
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