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(1/7) On this #WorldTurtleDay discover the story of Thunderbird, the loggerhead turtle 🐢 that travelled 6000km. Her epic journey illustrates 2 of the major threats that many #marine #species face 🦈🐋 – entanglement in #ghost fishing gear and #bycatch in industrial #fisheries 🆘 Image
(2/7) Thunderbird was found entangled in ghost fishing gear by #SaveTheMedFoundation in July 2020, and taken to the @PalmaAquarium rescue centre in Mallorca 🐢

📷Save The Med Image
(3/7) We attached a #satellite tag 🛰️ before she was released as part of the “Oceanographic turtles”, a joint programme by @socib_icts, @alnitakmission, @PalmaAquarium and @ExeterMarine, with the support of @NOAA NMFS 📉🐢 Image
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world’s worst ongoing humanitarian crises and this crises happens to be in #Yemen. Not everyone hears much about the #Saudi aggression against Yemen in the western or eastern media, except for the sketchy articles one finds here and there. However,
there are enormous reports from the World Health Organisation, #UNICEF, Save the Children and Chatham House, all of which have published endless reports and studies about the catastrophic situation in #Yemen.Yemen lies on a very strategic location in the Middle East,
whilst not forgetting that #Yemen has very important ports and overlooks one of the most strategic shipping routes that connect to many destinations throughout the world.The #Bab_AlMandab Strait at the Southern end of the Red Sea and the #Yemeni territorial waters on
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[Thread]. 1. Where are we at with #VaccineRolloutSA?
* People who had received 1 #CovidVaccine dose by 7 Jun = 1, 524, 589
* Of those, only 31% (479 768), have been fully vaccinated (they got a #JnJ jab via #Sisonke)
* The rest (1, 043 278) have received the 1st of 2 #Pfizer jabs
2. Here’s a summary of our #VaccineRolloutSA figures so far:
* Total doses = 1, 524, 589
* Total #Pfizer 1st doses = 1, 043 278
* Nr of #Pfizer doses given on Mo, 7 Jun = 82 641 (this is the highest nr of daily doses so far)
3. Where do the 1, 524, 589 doses SA had given by 7 Jun place us in #Africa? @mediahackza tracks 51 countries, SA is 4th:
1. Algeria: 2, 500, 000
2. Nigeria: 2, 225, 765
3. Ethiopia: 1, 856, 968
4. SA: 1, 524, 589

Here's more:
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on how Sisi is positioning himself to be the gateway of the new #ScrambleForAfrica. African analysts have completely gotten his "tour" wrong & I explain the sinister reason behind it. What's at the center of all this? The #AfCFTA & how #Europe is hijacking it (must read)
Activated January 2021, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is sold to Africans as a program that will bring 1.3 billion ppl in a $3.4 trillion economic bloc but to European powers it represents something else: a direct highway to the resource & manpower rich #Africa
For geopol readers, this was subtly mentioned in a paper published by German think tank Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung @KASpoldimed authored by Professor @michaeltanchum. I will be referencing the key corridors mentioned that will allow #ScrambleForAfrica 2.0👇…
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📣NEW📣 Our monthly #INFOGRAPHIC is here, with all you need to know about how #African countries are responding to #COVID19.

Our headline?

While deliveries are still far too low, #China has surpassed #COVAX as #Africa's top vaccine source. How and why? Read on 🧵👇🏾!

2/ The first fact to be aware of is that #Africa accounts for under 3% of global cases, under 4% of global deaths, and under 2% of global vaccines administered.
3/ African governments and the @_AfricanUnion have so far ordered doses to cover 50% of the population. But only 1.9% of the population could be covered right now. It's a huge discrepancy, because deliveries are too slow.
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Brazilian Police calling black boys "Little Nigger".
Oya's winds are going to rue the day! Gonna release the gates -- gonna let out Lula The Lion! #Lula2022
'What injustice consumes
Oya’s water quell.’
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Challenges faced by the world in 2020-21 due to China’s Belt Road Initiative(#BRI)

#BRI is criticized for China’s debt trap policy

#BRI has led social unrest & clashes between Chinese workers and the local community in countries

#COVID19 further intensified problems

BRI also led to the initial spread COVID

#Italy was the 1st nation to be badly affected by COVID19

It signed BRI deal with #China in 2019

COVID19 Spread to Italy in due to the travel and presence of Chinese workers in #Lombardy
Iran was also part of the OBOR-an agreement signed in 2019

Iran also badly suffered due to the COVID19 in the early months of 2020
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Blockchain Technology has influenced a myriad of other industries ranging from Finance, Security, Decentralization and now digital art.

Digital Arts are popularly known as NFT.
NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is built using the same kind of programming as cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but that's where the similarity ends. Physical money and cryptocurrencies are “fungible,” meaning they can be traded or exchanged for one another.
Non-fungible tokens come in different forms like Audio, text, pictures, or video extracts stored in the blockchain that are unique and possess intricate value.
In the past few years, Nft has shown endless acceptance and mind-blowing use cases to visual artists, animators
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Let's talk about @BillGates @gatesfoundation food + ag agenda. It's not just the #patents; plans to ramp up ultra-processed foods and #monocrops; uncertainty about #GMO experiments (on animals, gene drives) but also who decides, who benefits? 1/10
It's too much to fit in one article, that's why we're writing a series - see statements (linked in post) from hundreds of groups representing hundreds of millions of people opposing Gates/WEF/agribusiness agenda playing out at @UN @FoodSystems Summit 2/10
The failures of the Gates-led "green revolution" to expand chemical industrial agriculture in #Africa are well documented, and long predicted by food system experts @foodfirstorg @eholtgim @altierimiguel… 3/10
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Very happy to see this great collaborative work out! Jebel Sahaba deserved a reassessment:…
#Prehistory #Archaeology #Africa #Anthropology #violence
@INEE_CNRS @PACEA_Bordeaux @umr5608_traces @britishmuseum
What is new? 🧵 1/17
⛏️🧹Discovered and excavated during the 60s, published in 1968 by Pr. Wendorf, Jebel Sahaba cemetery has become the emblem of organized prehistoric warfare. However, the nature of the cemetery, of the bone lesions and of the associated lithics were never reassessed since (2/17)
🔬Between 2013 and 2019, with Marie-Hélène Dias-Meirinho @UTJeanJaures, we conducted a thorough macroscopic and microscopic analysis of every bone from the 61 individuals, currently housed @britishmuseum, that were buried in the cemetery (3/17)
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In the context of #Africa Day 2021, what's #Pakistan's untapped #export potential with that region? #thread 👇👇👇
We have recently estimated #Pakistan's export potential at about US$88 billion. The untapped portion of that is close to US$61 billion.… 2/n
The largest untapped #export potentials for #Pakistan are with #China, and with its own region, #SouthAsia, for about 13 and 12.5 billion respectively, stressing the importance #regional #integration initiatives. 3/n
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Today #Itamaraty and Minister Carlos França celebrate #AfricaDay, on the 58th anniversary of the founding of the Organization of African Unity, predecessor of the African Union @_AfricanUnion.
Brazil salutes its African brothers through Félix Tshisekedi @Presidence_RDC, president of the Democratic Republic of Congo #DRC and the #AfricanUnion, and @AUC_MoussaFaki, chairman of the #AUCommission.
Deep historical, cultural, and linguistic ties link Brazil and Africa. More than half of the Brazilian population is of African ancestry. Our roots also make us children of Africa. #AfricaDay.
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#Itamaraty y el ministro Carlos França celebran hoy el #DíadeÁfrica, en el 58 aniversario de la fundación de la Organización para la Unidad Africana, predecesora de la Unión Africana @_AfricanUnion.
Brasil saluda a sus hermanos africanos por medio de Félix Tshisekedi @Presidence_RDC, presidente de la República Democrática del Congo #RDC y presidente de turno de la Unión Africana, y @AUC_MoussaFaki, presidente de la Comisión de UA.
Profundos lazos históricos, culturales y lingüísticos unen Brasil y África. Más de la mitad de la población brasileña es de origen africano. Nuestras raíces también nos hacen hijos de África. #DíadeÁfrica.
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1. Third wave? There have been two consecutive weeks of increases in #Covid cases in ZA. There were 12,531 confirmed cases for the week 3-9 May (46% increase over previous week), and 17,133 cases for 10-16 May (38% increase over previous week).
2. Rt is increasing. On May 13 Rt was estimated at 1.34. On 23 April it was 1. The Rt number is an estimate of the number of people an infected person is likely to infect. The higher the number the more the #virus is spreading.…
3. The number of tests per positive case is decreasing. Based on weekly averages there was 1 positive case for every 26 tests performed for the week ending April 11. This dropped to 15 tests per positive case for the week ending 9 May, meaning more people are testing positive.
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Old Labour Oxford Economist Martin #Summers talks about what he believes was a secret and highly illegal nuclear arms deal involving a young and ambitious David #Cameron as well as Doctor David #Kelly. Done behind the back of Nelson #Mandela and the ANC,
designed to raise £17.8m #Tory funding for the 1992 General Election Campaign
-- Origins of Mystery Donation of £17.8 millions: If we can recall HANSARD 22nd June 1993 we can find the following:
Mr. #Hoyle: If the hon. Gentleman will allow me, I shall tell him what information is now given to us. We understand the expenditure and what #Tory central office receives. In 1992, central office received £20.7 million. When we asked about that and about company donations,
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Did you know that #Africa's 55 countries account for just 1.5% of #COVID19 vaccines administered globally? Why? Incompetent governments? Vaccine hesitancy? Poor vaccine efficacy? Our new monthly #infographic report uses the data to explain... A 🧵1/…
To date, less than 3% of the world's #COVID19 cases have been recorded in #Africa, despite having only administered 1.5% of the world's vaccines, and 2% of the world's #COVID19 tests... 2/
However, #Africa is not a country. It's possible to split African countries into 6 categories - depending on total cases they have recorded. Of the 55 African countries, 6 varied countries are currently seeing new daily records of #COVID19 deaths... 3/
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David #Cameron’s Secret #Nuclear Weapons Deal Raised £17.8m For #Conservative Party Funds – Sets Pretext for #War

Sometimes you come across a story that seems so unbelievable that you simply can’t absorb and process the information properly. It doesn’t compute or make much sense
– until an investigation produces evidence.
The allegation is this. David #Cameron sold three #nuclear weapons of a #foreign state, put them in unsafe hands and the #Conservative party banks nearly £19 million which then sets the pretext for conflict that kills a million people
Conspiracy theory? Fake news? Read on....
South Africa – A nuclear state armed by Israel
From Wikispooks [1]: Although UN Security Council Resolution 418 of 4 November 1977 introduced a mandatory arms embargo against South Africa, requiring all states to refrain
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David Cameron’s Secret #Nuclear Weapons Deal Raised £17.8m For #Conservative Party Funds – Sets Pretext for War
Sometimes you come across a story that seems so unbelievable that you simply can’t absorb and process the information properly. It doesn’t compute or make much sense –
until an investigation produces evidence.
The allegation is this. David Cameron sold three #nuclear weapons of a foreign state, put them in unsafe hands and the #Conservative party banks nearly £19 million which then sets the pretext for a conflict that kills a million people.
Conspiracy theory? Fake news? Read on.
South Africa – A nuclear state armed by #Israel
From Wikispooks [1]: Although UN Security Council Resolution 418 of 4 November 1977 introduced a mandatory arms embargo against South Africa,
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Riot or Rebellion? The Women's Market Rebellion of 1929.

"In Nigeria there occurred what colonial historians have called the Aba Women’s riots of 1929, but it should be termed the Aba Women’s rebellion.
This was touched off by the imposition of direct taxation and the introduction of new local courts and especially of warrant chiefs." [A. Adu Boahen, African Perspectives on Colonialism (Baltimore, 1987), p. 79.
Here is one account of this rebellion by a person who called the episode a riot in her 1937 book, Native Administration in Nigeria (London, 1937).
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The 2021 Africa's Business Heroes competition is open! #ABH aims to identify, support and inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their local communities, working to solve the most pressing problems, and building a more sustainable
and inclusive economy for the future.

Applications are open in #English and #French to entrepreneurs from all African countries, all sectors, and all ages who operate businesses formally registered and headquartered in an African country, and that have a 3 year-track record.
Finalists receive invaluable training and mentorship, and the opportunity to network with ABH’s growing community of talented and inspiring minds and will pitch their business to a global panel of legendary judges to win a share of the $1.5 million (USD) award.
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The two computer models which are known for their prowess in predicting cyclones continue to forecast cyclone formation in the Arabian Sea in coming days.

The question of whether these cyclones will form hangs over today's #MiddleEast and #HornOfAfrica rainfall forecasts.
This image shows the Arabian Sea area where the GFS and ECMWF models are both expecting cyclone formation within the next 10 days, at different times and in different places.
Here's the GFS 9th May model forecast for today showing formation starting on Friday and landfall five days later.
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Was a privilege to address the High-level Emergency Meeting of African Health Ministers on #COVID19. @WHO will keep partnering with @_AfricanUnion nations to strengthen public health services & build capacity to generate vaccine supply to end the pandemic
The shocking disparity in global distribution of #COVID19 vaccines is a moral outrage, & economically & epidemiologically self-defeating. Of vaccines administered globally, just 2% have occurred in Africa compared to 80% in high & upper middle-income countries.
The pandemic has shown that #Africa cannot rely on #vaccine imports & must boost its own production capacities. @WHO will continue supporting the @_AfricanUnion to establish the African Medicines Agency to strengthen regulatory capacity and stimulate local production.
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Today's Rainfall Forecasts for the #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast follow in this thread.

Below you see the Ethiopian Highlands from this morning and including most of the #BlueNile #GERD #Abay watershed . The large storm on the left is mostly over Sudan. On the RHS is #Lalibela.
Here you see an animation of the storm starting up this morning.
This satellite image (@NASA Modis ) shows the area in the Arabian Sea which computer models indicate could generate two cyclones in coming days. You can see the latest GFS forecast runs for those cyclones in the attached thread.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/08/2021…
Grimm Choices: How Energy Transition Threatens A Fairy Tale Forest…

#WindEnergy #germany #environment #forests #consequences
‘Escape mutation’ in Covid strain discovered in Angola able to evade Coronavirus antibodies…

#COVID19 #africa #variants #EscapeMutation
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