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Senior @Xbox Game Studios Accessibility Lead | Co-Director of Award-Winning @GA_Conf | Award Winning CIPT MVP | be accessible, do crime 🍻
Apr 9 5 tweets 2 min read
What’s with @GA_Conf and Battenberg cake you ask?

🧵 Thread

In our Discord, we have a “food” channel, where we let everyone share what they’re eating and drinking during the conference.

During the EU conference, @BlondeHistorian posted she was having Battenberg cake. Growing up in the US, I had NO IDEA what it was. Then everyone in the chat is telling me about this delicious cake wrapped in marzipan.

The chat is taken over by how I must try it, but it doesn’t stop there.
Mar 2 12 tweets 4 min read
Have you noticed that a lot of games either don't have screen reader support or if they do it ... leaves something to be desired?

This is because it's incredibly hard to create screen reader experiences from a development process.

Let's break it down! #gamdev #a11y

🧵1/10 Let's start by talking about screen readers! A screen reader is a form of assistive technology that renders text and image content as speech.

Screen readers use APIs/frameworks offered by the platform (such as UIA on Windows) to know what content is there and read it out loud!
Dec 28, 2019 12 tweets 22 min read
@LesterCovax @brycej @LittleRabbtPaws @Twitch @awscloud @WatchMixer @Azure @ianhamilton_ 1/ Alright - to address some some of your questions/thoughts.

So separating audio, I can meant from the video itself. We already support separate audio channels (which is how we do multiple languages for our big shows) but ... @LesterCovax @brycej @LittleRabbtPaws @Twitch @awscloud @WatchMixer @Azure @ianhamilton_ 2/ For streamers using Xsplit, OBS or Native Broadcasting on the Xbox, although the sources are individual on the streamer side, when they make it to us, it's all collapsed together, making it all jumbled. They aren't sending their voice along like we do for big shows.