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Does anyone know of an #a11y dev tool and audit tool that can point to #WCAG issues, both proactively and after the fact?

@snipe @ceejbot @TaelurAlexis @ashleymcnamara @kristen_pol
@ceejbot @TaelurAlexis @ashleymcnamara @kristen_pol I currently use Site Improve Accessibility and WAVE. I will say I am liking the Accessibility Insights plugin.

We are also wanting to crawl the site and catch that which we are seeing in the browser. One of the tools I am liking in my investigation is
@ceejbot @TaelurAlexis @ashleymcnamara @kristen_pol has a CLI, CI, Dashboard, and an API for developing your own...
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What happens when you install the Edge (Chromium) Beta build and run it for the first time? I was curious.

On first-run, Edge fired off 130+ requests to nearly 50 endpoints. Here they are, sorted by total calls.

Time to take a closer look.
Here are all of the sessions for the 4 minutes or so I let the browser run. I see numerous connections to MSFT properties, but connections to non-MSFT properties too: Google APIs, Google, Double Click, Google Ad Services, Facebook, Twitter Ads, and more.
I should note, right from the start, that Edge knows more about me than any other browser can during the first-run experience. It gets this insight from Windows. As such, I'll pay closer attention to what it shares, and with whom.
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Hullo, what have we here @MoHFW_INDIA ?!

Your recently released Clinical Establishments guidelines 2019 indicate that 'mentally disabled' will need a guardian for informed consent!

First off why are you equating disabled people with minors?…

#Capacity Appendix 9 EXTRACT <br />
The informed consent shall at the least contain the following information in an understandable language and format (desirably which a lay person can easily understand) <br />
Page 133 of Clinical Establishments Amendments 2019 :" src="/images/1px.png" data-src="">
@MoHFW_INDIA @EqualsCPSJ @RajivSpeaks @Deepak_TMN @drsitu @netshrink @vjayakumar @amritbakhshy @val_resh @SmithaSadasiva5 Next - bad enough we've had to suffer conflation of 'unsound mind' with mental illness, now we have a sweeping 'mental disability' which means ... what exactly?
@MoHFW_INDIA @EqualsCPSJ @RajivSpeaks @Deepak_TMN @drsitu @netshrink @vjayakumar @amritbakhshy @val_resh @SmithaSadasiva5 If you cannot assume capacity for all, suspect capacity for all. Stop singling out disabled people for guardian consent.
Embrace diversity in communication and supported decision making.
No mention of advance directives?
#Competence #RPWD #MHCA #CRPD #PatientAdvocate #GAL #DNR
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Time for the Nebraska Digitial Accessibility Meetup! Tonight we're hearing from Neil Matthiessen, on "The Affects of Neuro and Muscular Disabilities." Neil is a doctor of Occupational Therapy. #a11y
What does an occupational therapist do? They take a holistic approach to help people do their "activities of daily living". "The physical therapist gets you to walk, the occupational therapist gets you to the toilet and to use it."
What's a neurodegenerative disease? Diseases, often hereditary, that are progressive and usually chronic conditions resulting from damage to the nervous system. Includes Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, a kind of sclerosis, Hunting's disease, and dementia.
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"We want to subtitle our social media content but it's too time consuming and we can't afford to do it."

Does that sound familiar?

Well we're here to bust those myths wide open! Let's embark on a learning journey together in this subtitling thread...


Firstly we should say that the information we're sharing here is just the way we do it at GWL and there are many other ways to add subtitles to your content.

We hope you find this helpful and that it encourages more people and organisations to subtitle their content.

We start by creating a subtitle file. The documents can be created from scratch using code but we prefer to use @YouTube's Creator Studio.

It's easy to use and you can download the subtitles in lots of different formats.

3/11 A screenshot from YouTube showing videos and a menu that includes the option to add subtitles and closed captions.
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👋Bonjour! Ici @aaronsnow! Je prends contrôle du compte Twitter du SNC pour les 90 prochaines minutes pour répondre à vos questions sur la feuille de route #EnRoute2025.
Tout ce qu’il y a à savoir est dans notre blogue:

À vos #questions!

#GCNumérique Quatre employés du SNC en personne et deux employés en ligne, avec une pancarte affichant “Nous voici!”
@aaronsnow "1) Changements dans les événements de la vie: du finissant demandant des bourses d’études à l’employé qui reçoit des déductions AE, qui prend un congé de maternité/paternité, ou qui prend sa retraite. Idéalement, automatiser le tout."
@aaronsnow Entièrement d’accord. La Nouvelle-Zélande a fait un travail remarquable sur ce sujet (en regroupant des services pour un événement de la vie comme une naissance).…

Voici leur service en ligne SmartStart!
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👋Hi! @aaronsnow and @sboots here! We'll be taking over the CDS twitter account for the next 90 mins to answer your questions about #Roadmap2025.
ICYMI, you can read about it on our blog:

So…#AMA here!

#GCDigital 4 CDS staff in person, and two online, with a sign that says
@aaronsnow @sboots Definitely agree. New Zealand has done some really impressive work on this (bundling together life events like a newborn child).…

Here's their online service, SmartStart! Definitely a great source of inspiration.
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So much of our language is ableist or othering, and we don't realize it. I see language in accessibility audits like "the screen reader user", or even heard someone say "these people" when referring to disabled folks in a conference talk about accessibility. #a11y
For those of us who specialise in accessibility, we have a duty to know, and do, better. Accessibility isn't a checklist. It's not enough, either. We ought to push for inclusion, rather than just accessibility. And that means being conscious of ableist or othering language.
Because if we don't do it ourselves, how can we expect our clients, our colleagues, to do better? We shouldn't put the onus on people with disabilities to remind us (developers), all the f***ing time about this. We (disabled folks) have better things to do with our time and lives
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Accessibility pro tip:

Engineers can't solve #a11y problems that are rooted in faulty business or design decisions. They can _make compliant code_ to cover over those decisions. But it won't result in fundamentally better software if it's not conceived with inclusion in mind.
As an engineer, I spent a good chunk of my career trying to make other engineers my allies. But if they're always directed to the most expedient implementation and never recognized for making it accessible, for them it's a fool's errand. They'll burn out, and so will you.
Weird but important corollary here:

Beware the engineering manager who asks business/design questions (e.g., "how many users are we talking about here?").

Why? THAT IS NOT THEIR JOB. They are likely just giving you their excuse in advance for deprioritizing the work.
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Some collected thoughts for designers for when you're contemplating and exploring error message treatments... Here's some accessibility considerations for your design:

#UX #a11y #accessibility #thread
1. Is your error messaging strategy relying on colour to show error states? If so, think of other ways of conveying error state - iconography, and words that support that use of colour.

Note: I'm not saying "Don't use colour!" I'm saying use other methods in addition to colour.
2. Do your error states/icons/messages/borders have enough contrast against the adjacent colours? Can you tell when a field with an error state is focused?
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Aujourd’hui, les #WCAG ont 20 ans ! 🎉🎂
Pour fêter ça, voici un p’tit zrèd #accessibilité web où je vais donner une recommandation par jour, en espérant que ça serve à qlq personnes.
Il sera question ici d’accessibilité et pas nécessairement de conformité.
On commence par UX-UI.
👀 Visibilité du texte
Un ratio de contraste d’au moins 4,5 avec la couleur qui l’entoure est nécessaire.
Tolérance d’au moins 3 pour du “grand” texte (rendu équiv. à au moins 24 px ou 18,5 px pour du texte en gras) et les graphs / pictos non décoratifs.
Une échelle graduée de 1 à 21 avec le curseur sur 4,5. En dessous c'est pas bon, au dessus c'est bon.
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Anyone else doing some weekend reading of the #Gutenberg #accessibility audit report?…

#WordPress #a11y A screenshot of the cover page for the Gutenberg Accessibility Audit Report. Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor.
I’m going through and taking notes. The report is fascinating.

Seriously taken aback at page 5 of the UX report.
Time for the last document, and main event: the 329 page long-form technical report describing the logged issues in detail.
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Today's disability thread is on the effectiveness of ScreenReaders, some benefits and issues. And also the uses for voice assistants like Alexa. Thanks to @forthelongrun for suggesting it.
I've been a ScreenReader user since I was five and started to use a computer. I'm totally blind so a ScreenReader is necessary for me to interact with technology.
ScreenReaders are applications which use synthesised speech to give a blind person access to what is on the screen. They can also work with refreshable braille displays, allowing us to read on screen content in that format.
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This kind of article is why SEO is so freaking confusing for people.… Here's everything wrong with it. [thread]
Choose a primary keyword. No guidance. Just a top one. That sounds easy and not at all nuanced. Totally ignore solving a problem or the search intent behind that keyword as well.
300 words? So I can probably rank for the above-mentioned top keyword in my industry with 301 words? NICE.
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I'm seeing so many subtweets from snowflake mandevs about this.
"But it's a meritocracy and all the tools are free".

A) If you think everyone has the time to sink into learning tooling just to keep up with the prog boys, you're bonked.

B) The focus on programming + tooling has been at the expense of design, UX, and a11y skills. @jensimmons
No one who argues about this stuff is "anti JavaScript" (Jesus wept). It's about making a web that is available to all, and can be built by all.
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Encountering special characters on Twitter is only one of many accessibility challenges that persist on social media, 4 years on:…
To @Facebook's credit, it's applied AI for good here:…
@facebook I need to come back to this today. In 2011, I wrote about a study by @SusannahFox which found that disability or illness hindered millions of Americans from using the Internet:…
Today, a disability divide endures:…
@facebook @SusannahFox My piece highlighted @TheJusticeDept's 2010 rulemaking on whether it should apply the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to websites that offer public accomodoations, thereby making many more online resources accessible to millions of our fellow Americans.
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Full house on #CognitiveDiversity tonight!! #ServLab
Christine and Tom from Open Inclusion kicks off tonight #ServLab
How we think is shaped by many factors #CognitiveDiversity #ServLab
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What I learnt across 3 days attending sessions on accessibility and disability at the Internet Governance Forum:

- accessibility for disabled users is a long way down the list of priorities
- accessibility for those of us with invisible/cognitive differences is even further down that list
- accessibility is something of a dirty word for both designers and clients. It's seen as an imposition, compromising "good" design and stifling creativity and creative freedom.
- very few people recognise what an accessible web site or app actually looks like
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Oh @cmrlofficial . Why so averse to learning? New stations, same old access problems. #Senior #Joyride thread - I spy with my jaundiced eye. #ChennaiMetro #A11y #Fails @DisabilityIndia
Really @chennaicorp ! This is the access to Nehru Park Chennai Metro station? At points the pavement itself is non existent with bus and Poonamallee High Rd traffic whizzing by. Senior citizen required support on both sides with parking 50 m away. @cmrlofficial @DisabilityIndia
1 foot footpath with trip with at one side and someone sitting blocking the other side of the tree. Not to mention the auto blocking the way too. #Pedestrian #Accessibility #NotACakeWalk
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I am incredibly sad to see @RianRietveld's announcement today. This is a huge hit, and *should* prompt the #WordPress core and #Gutenberg teams to reconsider and reexamine their priorities.…
I'm not a core contributor, but I do follow along in the WP Slack. @RianRietveld (and others, especially @afercia!) have done an extraordinary job working to address a11y issues in WordPress as a whole and Gutenberg in particular.
There are others in the community with accessibility expertise, but relatively few who have the bandwidth to put in the hard work of organizing and managing an open source team.

I'm glad Rian will still be involved in WP. But that leadership will be sorely missed.
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My lightning talk ⚡ lessons learnt from accessibility testing a multi-channel form wizard #IxDD for @a11ymelb meetup #a11y
@a11ymelb 1/ Seven references cited in Accessibility testing a multi-channel form wizard #IxDD for @a11ymelb meetup #a11y
Wizards: Definition and Design Recommendations… by @rbudiu
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#E32018 while packing is back, featuring @JanDegans and Halo Infinite
The real question : is it multiplayer only ?
Very seriously, I hope they'll talk about their accessibility intiative #a11y #E32018
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R3D001: Statrted @udacity Front End NanoDegree (FEND) yesterday. #100DaysOfCode #GrowWithGoogle #udacity
R3D002: Cruising through HTML and CSS, filling in gaps. #100DaysOfCode #GrowWithGoogle
R3D003: Re-doing Animal Trading Card (HTML/CSS) in @udacity Front End Nanodegree #100DaysofCode #GrowWithGoogle
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Friday was a holiday — thank you to all those who have served in the Armed Forces — so we skipped Field Guide Friday.

But now seems like a good time to talk about making websites accessible.

Here we go with Vol. 09!

1/ Make sure information about accessible voting is easy to find.

Don’t make voters hunt through your site for information about access to polling places or how the accessible voting system works.
2/ Make information easy to read.

Start with large enough text and good contrast, but make it easy for voters to adjust the appearance to their own preferences.
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