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A lot of the times, when we discuss the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, there is a misconception that if you meet all of the criteria then your service will work for everyone. Here is a little thread to explain why #WCAG itself is not enough.
It's very difficult to gauge how accessible something is or isn't based on WCAG alone. There are 3 levels (A, AA, and AAA). However, AA is pretty much the minimum standard, and even @w3c who wrote WCAG do not advocate for trying to meet AAA across the board.
So, if #WCAG level AA is the minimum, and AAA is not recommended across the board, we can almost think of WCAG 2.1 AA as a binary standard. You meet it or you don't. Until WCAG 3.0, there is not really scale to measure how accessible or inaccessible something is.
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1/7 🧵 Using #PowerPoint in your virtual meetings? Here’s a short thread on making your presentations accessible.

1) Use sans serif fonts, no smaller than 16 points, and make sure there’s a high contrast between your text and your background colour.… A graphic showing a monitor screen on an orange background.
2/7 🧵 2) Title each slide to help anyone navigating through your presentation quickly. If you can’t fit a particular topic on a single slide, use ‘[Slide title] part 1’, ‘[Slide title] part 2’ etc. rather than repeating or skipping a title.

👍 #accessibility #a11y #PowerPoint
3/7 🧵 3) Add #AltText to your images, charts and graphs, so they can be read by screen readers. Right click on your image, and choose ‘Format Picture’ then ‘Alt Text’. You can add a brief title, followed by a more detailed description.

👍 #DisabilityTwitter #accessibility
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1/I'm changing roles within @microsoft. Starting today I'll be reporting to the incredible @jennylayfluffy, our Chief Accessibility Officer for Microsoft.

I am *so honored* to be leading Accessibility tech for the whole company 🚀 Dona is wearing a red silk #PrimaDonaStudios dress speaking
2/This means, I'll be cajoling, err *influencing* all of our product teams to keep making #AssistiveTech that's more accessible, usable and innovative than ever.
3/The audience I'll be getting to know are the BILLION+ people with disabilities all over the world...

and also the *many of us* with #Neurodivergence and #MentalHealth concerns, whether permanent or temporary or situational.
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As I reread the last @webaim screenreader survey, I'm struck by:

1. 94.6% respondents reported at least intermediate screenreader proficiency (most said advanced)

2. 98.8% reported at least intermediate internet proficiency (also mostly advanced)
Disabled people become power users of our assistive technology out of necessity.

Even if you do #a11y testing, if you don't test like a power user of assistive tech, you're still not reflecting many users' experiences.
As devs, when we scratch the surface of a screenreader without learning it more fully, we can do a lot of harm.

I've seen people put tabindexes on static text to make it focusable because "you couldn't tab to it with a screenreader!"

(Only interactive things should be tabbable)
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Hello #a11y crowd!

I know that a lot of people have been following some comments I made regarding content/trigger warnings, so I figured I'd gather all my comments in a thread with some anecdotal best practices and food for thought for people who are interested. (1/20)
First off, I'm humbled by the number of #accessibility professionals who are following this conversation and taking my words so seriously. I meant my comment to be a one-off comment regarding better care and consideration in UX regarding mental health in/and digital #a11y. (2/20)
I'd also like to offer the reminder that while I have mental health and medical triggers related to #OCPD, #PTSD, and post-concussive syndrome, #disabled people are not a monolith and what others experience and what they need will be different. What I share is anecdotal. (3/20)
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Today’s hearing on #HR51 will be on Monday AM at 11 AM:…
Some Washingtonians will be showing up at the @USCapitol in support of #DCStatehood this morning. We may go as our daily civics lesson. 🇺🇸
We were late to the #DCStatehood demonstration outside the @uscapitol, but I marched with the native Washingtonian in the family down through newly opened streets to peacefully protest for redress of grievances & freely express ourselves about Congress making DC the 51st state.
We're listening to House hearing on #HR1: Making DC the 51st State…
Livestream: #DCStatehood
It is constitutional for Congress to carve out a federal district & enfranchise ~712,000 Americans.
It should so so.
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GoTN BUSted in recent GO regarding bus procurement!

Continuing contempt of Madras High Court + Misdirection by quoting the Rajive Raturi PIL order. The Supreme Court will NOT be amused.

Then there are the the ludicrous 'parts of the bus' justification for #a11y claims G.O. MS No 31 dated 24 Feb 2021 of Tamil Nadu Government Tra
Check out this table about the accessibility features available on Tamil Nadu State transport undertakings' fleet of 21033 buses.

Number 6 says handrails are provided at the entrance of the bus for all 21033 buses.
*slow clap*
Shall we add the wheels of the bus next? Total Fleet strength of Tamil Nadu State Transport Undertaki
And no, user feedback like this on handrails is absent:
As handrails are attached to automatic doors, it's quite shaky when old / disabled people hold them for support while climbing.. If the bus starts they are put off guard. Also should be on both sides…
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Monster accessibility #TwitterThread ahead!

I'd like to make sure the #a11y community does not miss this announcement by the React Native team. Would appreciate RTs & getting the word out.
For #GAAD 2019, @Facebook took the #GAADPledge, committing to making #accessibility a core part of the @reactnative project.…
As part of this pledge, Facebook's React Native team has performed an accessibility gap analysis, documenting 90 issues they have found and turning them into these @github issues:…
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👩‍🏫 Quick thread on keyboard #a11y

If an interaction relies on a mouse-initiated action, it needs to be keyboard accessible too.

This means it may need to respond to Space and/or Enter as a trigger (hint: you get that for free with <button>).
If it opens something, it may need to close with Escape.

If it's scrollable, it needs to respond to Up/Down arrow keys.

If it's a group of related options (like autocomplete or tabs), it may need to respond to Up/Down or Left/Right arrow keys (search phrase: roving tabindex).
If it opens a dialog/modal, it needs to prevent tab access with elements outside of that experience (search phrases: "trapping focus" and "inert").

If it's interactive *at all* it needs to be able to gain keyboard focus, and that focus needs to have a visible style.
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🔴 Responsabilité numérique : l'exemple des #musées 🏛️

Je publie aujourd'hui une étude pour analyser l'état du web muséal français autour des enjeux d'#opendata, de #privacy, d'#a11y et d'#ecoconception.

Thread à dérouler ⬇️ 1/33
tl;dr : déroulez le thread ;

📰 Sinon, l'étude est accessible ici :
📊 Les données sont ici :… (eh oui, #opendata oblige)

Tout est sous licence @creativecommons, n'hésitez pas à la réutiliser. 2/X
❔ Partie 1 - Méthode - Quel périmètre d'analyse ?

Je me suis intéressé aux 100 #musées les plus fréquentés en France, en 2018. En repartant des données en #opendata du @MinistereCC.

Si on soustrait quelques doublons de sites, on obtient 89 sites web étudiés.

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Accessibility & Inclusivity 📝

⬇️ Thread ⬇️

“There's no such thing as normal“

Inclusive design aims to produce the most effective user expertise for as many of us as attainable. Accessibility isn't solely a problem that applies to individuals with disabilities -

#a11y #WCAG Image
it's a problem that affects everyone. An inclusive world may be a higher world. As a result, we wish to be in the vicinity of that.

What are you saying?? It’s just the domain of UX designer and developer, why does accessibility matter for anyone other:

#accessibility #UX
- The inclusive design will increase access. A social media strategy that considers inclusive design will a similar. while not accessible, you miss out on connecting along with your full potential audience.

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We're immensely excited to launch the @colorsinspo Official Plugin for @AdobeXD

A Free suite of integrated Colors & Accessibility tools.

- Smart Contrast Checker
- Color Blind Simulation
- 8 more tools 🔥

Read more:
#XDPlugins #AdobeXD

⬇️ Thread ⬇️ Image
Why do we care about accessibility & accessible design?

Recently I was on Fiverr browsing through jobs & there was one pop-up that came asking for to enable the accessible mode for the site.

#a11y #WCAG #accessibility #ux
I was curious and enabled the accessible mode & I got answers for every question on accessibility’s needs.

#A11y #AccessibilityAwards
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Dear @WHCommsDir: please swap out the static photo of @POTUS on the @WhiteHouse homepage linked to nowhere, & put a call to serve there. Maybe link to @USAJOBS & & ways Americans can scrub in? Add a blog, & narrate the work. Show us how we can help heal. Image
Link to “Get Involved” but give people more to do than apply to work or sign up for email:
Tap into the federal workforce, & ask them what they would do to serve & heal our country:
Try epetitions again, but commit to act on them. ImageImage
Dear @WHCommsDir:
1) Share each statement at @POTUS
2) Share every EO at @WhiteHouse
3) Link to plaintext of every EO/memo shared on social media
4) Add text annotations of every image of text on social media

#a11y #opengov ImageImageImage
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Thread: Too many #a11y specialists understand WCAG but don’t understand how conformance issues may/may not impact people with disabilities (PwD). I’ve reviewed many complaints of WCAG violations that either don’t impact PwD or only cause minor inconveniences.
Automated #accessibility tools are great resources but too often results are misunderstood &/or not verified for accuracy. These results are then given to product owners who spend valuable time & resources trying to fix minor/non-issues instead of focusing on truly serious ones.
It’s crucial that #a11y specialists understand exactly who identified issues impact & how they’re impacted. For example, keyboard issues. I see many reports that flag keyboard inaccessibility of controls as critical impact for screen reader users only. Inaccurate & incomplete.
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I quit my job today and started a Twitter account for my cat (@KCPuppyCat). Why is going to take some time to explain. At least on the first count, anyway. Puppy deserves his own Twitter. But the job is about #a11y(accessibility) & a company with zero respect for their employees.
No, I'm not going to name the company. Suffice it to say they are in healthcare and provide customer service and other things related to benefits offered by other companies. They're kind of a middle man, controlled quite a few government regulations. There's lots of those around.
If you read the reviews of a company and there are a few disgruntled former employees saying horrible things, it's normal. If you look and nearly every review talks about how badly employees are treated, that's something else. I should have known. I thought I was prepared.
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Social media mistakes I made in 2020, a thread. 🧵

I hope this helps someone else!
1. Accessibility

Earlier this year I had forgotten to add captions to some videos, and add alt text to images.

I hope Twitter continues to improve #a11y , like requiring alt text before posting or auto-generating captions, etc.

But for now spreading awareness will help.
2. Hashtags

I overused hashtags like # 100DaysOfCode when I wasn't tweeting about the topic.

Folks getting started on social media are often advised to use hashtags for exposure, but it can be spammy, so use hashtags in moderation.
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I’ve been trying to form some accessibility principles for @DWPDigital; and with the help of @htmlandbacon I think we’ve cracked it.

I wanted them to be digital agnostic, as I think accessibility is often seen as a technology issue rather than about people.

1. Inclusion is better than empathy

It's good to understand how other people might feel, but don’t assume you know their needs. 1 in 3 show unconscious bias towards people who have a disability. Include a diverse group of people and be collaborative when designing services.
2. Accessible design is good design

Good design meets needs and solves problems. If you design something which is inaccessible you create barriers. Good design is not just what looks good, it must work for everyone regardless of what tools they use or what impairments they have.
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All I wanted to know whether I should use <attr> only once or repeat it throughout the document...

This (2006/"IE6 era") article shows that even this seemingly simple topic requires careful handling:
Getting Abbreviations Right… via @alistapart
#html #a11y
That article (§ 9) is either outdated or based on an unsupported draft, I guess

Neither MDN <abbr> (…) nor MDN [href] (…) mentions that <abbr> accepts an href attribute.
Also, I tested it with Chrome but didn't get the expected result.
One last thing worth mentioning, markdown-it's abbr plugin replace *any* instance of the abbreviation with an <abbr>.
So, in a sense, it has already made the (acceptable) decision for you.…
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10 questions. Have fun!

#100DaysOfCode #a11y #CodeNewbie

🧵 👇

The standards for web accessibility are called:

A. Accessible Web Initiative
B. Web Accessibility Working Group
C. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
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It’s here! The @NHSCOVID19App for England and Wales is going live today. It will help each of us to keep our loved ones safe.

It also keeps our personal information private.

To get it:
• iOS:…
• Android:…

Here’s how it works:

1/ Mobile phone, with NHS COVID-19 App on it, in a pair of hand
@NHSCOVID19app Exposure notification: Using Apple & Google’s Exposure Notification APIs, your phone pays attention to when you’re within 2 meters of someone for more than 15 minutes.

How it protects your privacy:

2/ People near each other, with mobile phones looking for each
@NHSCOVID19app Local risk scores: Using the postcode district (the first half of the postcode) that you give the app — the only info it has about you — it shows you the COVID-19 risk score for your area. This lets you plan to keep yourself safe.

3/ A mobile phone with information about the COVID risk level f
Read 9 tweets 1.1.0 PWA & Desktop App is now out, including a new UI with sidebar for page & url search. Also featuring major #a11y improvements contributed by @RebeccaCremona

The desktop app can be downloaded from:…

With this release, Desktop App officially replaces Webrecorder Player, which is now discontinued. Users of Webrecorder Player are encouraged to upgrade to the latest App for best offline web archive replay experience.
For any questions or concerns, feel free to post in the forum at

Please report any specific bugs/issues on github at:…
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I promised #UKRIFLF folk a thread on how to use Twitter. From my experiences of using it for work and aimed at newbies who’ve not used the platform before. I’ll have missed loads so please add but here we go….

A thread🧵
I’ll start with saying don’t feel you have to engage with Twitter. Social media is not for everyone. THAT. IS. OKAY.
You might still have an account and be a silent Twitter user - someone who has an account to benefit from the information/discussions on here but without taking part (no tweets, no followers). Waves hello to several colleagues and friends! 👋
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The #AbilitySummit brought together people from all around the world to build the future of disability inclusion and accessibility. Continue this conversation by accessing the resources we'll gradually add to this thread.

Let’s start from the beginning: Illustration that reads 'Mi...
Learn about the latest accessibility features available in @MicrosoftEdge from the team behind it in this product demo: #AbilitySummit #A11y Alt text: Screenshot featur...
In this short excerpt from our Ability Summit Day 1 Keynote, learn from Microsoft’s CEO, @satyanadella, and our plan to Imagine, Build, Include, and Empower the future of disability inclusion and accessibility: #Inclusion #AbilitySummit
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