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Knitting and crocheting is definitely not in my wheelhouse but since #accessibility is, youse need to hear about the redesign regarding @ravelry's website. They are a community for the aforementioned crafters. Here's a good thread by @WoollyWormhead:

I'm going to pick out some highlights since I'm late to the game. At Comcast, we've talked *a lot* about web animations, in context to #WCAG SC 2.2.2 Pause, Stop, Hide for the past four years?…

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Across the nation & around the world, people are protesting the actions of police, in particular negative actions that disproportionately impact Black lives. The tech community is showing support, which is great. But perhaps we should take a moment to explore our own impact: 1/
Q1: Can software kill?

In the 1980s faulty software nearly caused nuclear war. Twice.

Software missed the massive hole in the ozone layer.

Software overdosed patients with up to 100x the intended radiation, killing several… 2/
The Boeing 737-MAX aircraft claimed hundreds of souls due to faulty sensors and software.… 3/
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This final #GAAD post is a bit of a mashup.

I want to debunk things I was confused about when I first started learning about #accessibility, esp. ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), and give you some tips and everyday references.

Day 5 is #a11y learning 📚 -> Larene's 5 days to accessib...
Many years ago, the web started becoming more "dynamic", i.e. we started adding a bunch of JavaScript to do fancy things.

Before HTML5, we only had <div> and <span>, so these fancy things were basically invisible to assistive technology.

ARIA was created created to solve this.
ARIA is a list of HTML tags that add *semantic* meaning to an element.

<h1>, <button>, <a> generally don't need ARIA, but <div> and <span> do, especially if they are interactive.

Always use semantic HTML over using ARIA.
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An interesting #accessibility development from Twitter: image alt text now exceeds the Tweet character limit by more than 3.5x: 1K characters! Finally you can describe images & GIFs in glorious detail—and hide your ranting such that only users with assistive devices will notice!
Here is a test of the 1000 character limit Twitter has introduced to the alt description of attached images.

I’ve included the text in the attached image in case you can’t view it on your device. As you can see, I have questions!

#twitter #accessibility Hi there, it's me, Rich Tatum! And this is the alt description containing the very text of the image I have screen captured and attached. That’s pretty meta, isn’t it? I guess that’s probably the most useful use case I can imagine: actually making sure that meme and text images can be fully transcribed into the alt description. I have no idea why I am writing such a long descriptive alt text for this image, other than I am testing out the massive 1,000 character limit. And I have quite a few more characters to go! Because at the end of this sentence, including the period, I will have clocked only 628 characters in total. Wow! Questions: Is the alt searchable on Twitter? I’ve never noticed alt text on the mobile app. How can we view them? If there is inflammatory, dangerous, hurtful text in the alt text, will the algorithms flag it? Will we be able to report abusive alt texts? What kinds of abuses would be actionable? Will Google/Bing index the text? Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
Questions: Is the alt searchable on Twitter? I’ve never noticed alt text on the mobile app. How can we view them? If there is inflammatory, dangerous, hurtful text in the alt text, will the algorithms flag it?

#twitter #accessibility
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Happy global accessibility awareness day! #GAAD

I've saved the trump card of all #accessibility testing techniques for today. Did you guess it?

Learning how to use a screen reader! 🗣-> 5 days to accessibility - d...
It's hard to learn something, without seeing someone else do it first. 👀

Marc works at a university and is a Mac user. He uses the built-in screen reader (VoiceOver) to control his computer, including browsing the web.

Watch this to see how he does it 😁…
Screen readers are a type of "assistive technology" - products designed to help people with disabilities or the elderly achieve what is otherwise impossible.

There are many screen readers (SR) out there, @webaim does a great annual survey on SR usage 👏…
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Day 3 of 5! Tomorrow, there will be #GAAD events around the globe.

In Australia, tune-in to @a11ybytes Thu 21 May, 4pm AEST; 12 talks, 10 minutes each, all about #inclusion and #accessibility - this event changed my life.

Today, we're about accessibility checking tools 🔍 -> 5 days to accessibility - d...
So, we've talked about keyboard, and colour and contrast.

Other common #a11y mistakes:
❌ images without alt-text
❌ unlabelled <input>s
❌ icon-only links and buttons, with no labels
❌ and more...

Can all be found in one go with an accessibility analyser
Accessibility checkers are code analysers - they scan a web page's source code, and give back a report of all potential #a11y problems.

This report resembles something like what you would see out of a professional accessibility audit, with one big caveat 👉
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#GAAD morning, it's Day 2!

How'd everyone go with keyboard #a11y yesterday?

You may have found it slow to browse a site with just the keyboard. Yes, there is a learning curve, also, many users have software that gives them shortcuts!

Today is about colour and contrast 🖍 -> 5 days to #a11y (accessibil...
In Australia, 8% of men, and 0.4% of women have some degree of colourblindness.

We cannot use only colour to provide meaning, or risk excluding nearly 1-2 in every 20 people from the web.
Here is a sign up form, it uses colour to show whether an input is valid or invalid. In this example, the password field is invalid, it has a red border, and the other fields have a green border.

I use to simulate types of colourblindness, just hit f5
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Did you know that 70% of the web is inaccessible folks with low vision?

This Thursday is #GAAD - Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

I'll be tweeting about 5 #a11y techniques I use everyday to ensure I don't exclude people on the web.

Let's start with unplugging your mouse ->
There are many keyboard-only users out there. People who use a screen reader fall in this category. These users generally have low-vision or blindness (but not necessarily).

Also, people with motor disabilities, or injuries, that temporarily or permanently cannot use a mouse.
Keyboard accessibility is *essential* for some people, they can't operate the web without it.

However, keyboard navigation is also *beneficial for all* users - it's much more efficient to use a keyboard to fill in a complex form, than it is to use a mouse. Think, hospital admin.
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Suite du thread sur le dépôt GitHub du générateur d'attestations #COVIDー19

#Thread 2/2 #Veille #tech #IT #opensource
🤨Sur une note plus inquiétante, la présence d'un script dans la version déployée qui n'est pas disponible dans le code source. (Merci @DavidLibeau pour cette trouvaille)

On nous indique qu'il s'agit d'un script permettant d’empêcher le DDOS, une attaque informatique qui sature
une application afin de la rendre inaccessible pour les utilisateurs légitimes.

Cela pourrait très bien être le cas, mais il existe un risque que cela soit autre chose. Et ce script pourrait être utilisé pour injecter des fonctionnalités supplémentaires, non open-source, et donc
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Accessibility was never a "nice to have" thing. It has always been a "must have" but people/orgs deprioritized it. Made it a thing for phase 2. A thing they can add later. As we go through this public health crisis, people are realizing it is an absolute MUST HAVE for all things.
Amidst all the uncertainty and increased focus on public health, people will be asked to make all materials accessible. That will include web sites that are providing critical info about disease, its spread, and prevention measures. It will include social media posts...
It will include emails. It will include resources on effective remote working. It will include educational resources and learning materials as we turn towards a "remote first" and/or "asynchronous first" initiative rather than in person/live first proposition.
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Thread : Disability & #COVID2019india

Putting disability-related Coronavirus action points in 1 place.

1st, as told to @ndmaindia , crisis comm from @MoHFW_INDIA and states is classist and ableist. Bilingual, responsive, multimodal content pls. #A11y
We've had to defy Govt rules on approved content, in the interest of serving the disability community in India by making a resource for a range of specific needs of PwD in India - sign language, AAC, media description, EasyRead... #DIDRR
Shame @MSJE_AIC !
What about sustaining other regular life-saving interventions in the time of #covidindia ?
Blood for those who are transfusion dependent and disinfection protocols for those who are dialysis dependent for a start?

Again, individual organising as rescue!…
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@JimWatsonOttawa @ottawacity @ottawahealth Please share this info in an accessible format, those who are low vision, blind or have other disabilities + use a screen reader or magnifier, those using immersive readers because they need audio or are neurodivergent may be unable to access this in a meaningful way. #a11y
@JimWatsonOttawa @ottawacity @ottawahealth 1/9 Following the 1st travel-related cause detected in Ottawa last week, and with increased access to testing through the out-of-hospital COVID-19 Assessment Centre that opened on Friday, we now have 10 confirmed cases in our City. This number shows us that there are likely more
@JimWatsonOttawa @ottawacity @ottawahealth 2/9 travel-related cases that have gone on to cause local transmission of the virus in Ott. Since these cases are related to travel that occurred in the past, travel restrictions + the fed gov advice for all international travellers to self-isolate for 14 days were not in place.
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This take on #a11y completely overlooks the havoc that the loss of the headphone jack has wrought on people with hearing loss. The 3.5 mm audio cable is the one single unifying standard that we have for putting together all the different components of assistive listening tech. 1/
Wireless connectivity for hearing assistive tech is a complete and utter mess. There's made-for-iPhone that doesn't work with anything except Apple's products and a select line of hearing devices, including one brand of cochlear implants. 2/
There's Google's ASHA, which has similar drawbacks as Apple's solution, except that it's supported by even fewer hearing devices. There's Phonak's bend-backward Bluetooth standard connectivity, which is eminently unsuitable for realtime applications, due to the BT lag. 3/
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Soo important for big companies to get accessibility right because everyone else copies them. #a11y
This tweet was inspired by Google's Material Design form fields which look the same when inactive and disabled. Material design text fields in 6 states: inactive, focused, activated, hover, error, and disabled. The inactive and disabled ones have the same background colour and outline. The labels are in a different position and the helper text is faded on the disabled one.
I realized later that I'm pretty sure Google only uses these types of fields for very short, straight-forward forms like login and signup forms. Anything long and complex they use a different UI that is much more traditional and usable. Google Cloud admin form which uses more traditional form styles. There are persistent and clear labels all around!
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An #a11y rant:

The reason I can identify so many accessibility issues on your page in 5 minutes is because I have 20+ years of experience working in the field of accessibility.

Also because there are a lot of issues to identify, but that's beside the point.
It takes knowing what to look for to be able to spot problematic areas. This is not a skill that happens overnight. Everyone can learn it, if they are interested. But like any other skill, it needs to be honed and practiced.
I told you "this form is not usable by people with a wide range of disabilities". You dismissed my statement because I only looked at the form for 5 minutes. Think about the fact I make a living auditing sites for accessibility.

You had ONE SCREEN READER USER test the page.
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Next up is @LareneLg on accessibility and the case for inclusion! #YOW19
@LareneLg Let's start with some legal background. In the US, the US Supreme Court ruled that Domino's Pizza had to provide an accessible website/app for ordering pizza. Because it wasn't accessible to a blind man, and the ADA should have applied. #YOW19
Domino's argued that they didn't have to provide accessibility because the man could still call or come into the store, but... separate != equal.

Their share price plummeted. the case is now being further litigated in lower courts. #YOW19
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Here's how this kind of thing works:
1. Right-wing website doesn't interview anyone about the workshop.
2. Website's followers send threats/promise to show up & disrupt.
3. Workshop privacy settings changed for safety.
4. Website authors/followers outraged about privacy settings.
I have yet to read an article in a conservative publication that explains that (a) faculty voluntarily do professional development to become more effective teachers, (b) it's typical for universities to have teaching centers that help faculty with this development, and. . .
(c) there's an entire body of rigorously peer-reviewed literature, based on sound social science, that guides the development of teaching centers' workshops. Faculty developers and instructional designers don't make this stuff up out of thin air.
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Does anyone know of an #a11y dev tool and audit tool that can point to #WCAG issues, both proactively and after the fact?

@snipe @ceejbot @TaelurAlexis @ashleymcnamara @kristen_pol
@ceejbot @TaelurAlexis @ashleymcnamara @kristen_pol I currently use Site Improve Accessibility and WAVE. I will say I am liking the Accessibility Insights plugin.

We are also wanting to crawl the site and catch that which we are seeing in the browser. One of the tools I am liking in my investigation is
@ceejbot @TaelurAlexis @ashleymcnamara @kristen_pol has a CLI, CI, Dashboard, and an API for developing your own...
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What happens when you install the Edge (Chromium) Beta build and run it for the first time? I was curious.

On first-run, Edge fired off 130+ requests to nearly 50 endpoints. Here they are, sorted by total calls.

Time to take a closer look.
Here are all of the sessions for the 4 minutes or so I let the browser run. I see numerous connections to MSFT properties, but connections to non-MSFT properties too: Google APIs, Google, Double Click, Google Ad Services, Facebook, Twitter Ads, and more.
I should note, right from the start, that Edge knows more about me than any other browser can during the first-run experience. It gets this insight from Windows. As such, I'll pay closer attention to what it shares, and with whom.
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Hullo, what have we here @MoHFW_INDIA ?!

Your recently released Clinical Establishments guidelines 2019 indicate that 'mentally disabled' will need a guardian for informed consent!

First off why are you equating disabled people with minors?…

#Capacity Appendix 9 EXTRACT <br />
The informed consent shall at the least contain the following information in an understandable language and format (desirably which a lay person can easily understand) <br />
Page 133 of Clinical Establishments Amendments 2019 :" src="/images/1px.png" data-src="">
@MoHFW_INDIA @EqualsCPSJ @RajivSpeaks @Deepak_TMN @drsitu @netshrink @vjayakumar @amritbakhshy @val_resh @SmithaSadasiva5 Next - bad enough we've had to suffer conflation of 'unsound mind' with mental illness, now we have a sweeping 'mental disability' which means ... what exactly?
@MoHFW_INDIA @EqualsCPSJ @RajivSpeaks @Deepak_TMN @drsitu @netshrink @vjayakumar @amritbakhshy @val_resh @SmithaSadasiva5 If you cannot assume capacity for all, suspect capacity for all. Stop singling out disabled people for guardian consent.
Embrace diversity in communication and supported decision making.
No mention of advance directives?
#Competence #RPWD #MHCA #CRPD #PatientAdvocate #GAL #DNR
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Time for the Nebraska Digitial Accessibility Meetup! Tonight we're hearing from Neil Matthiessen, on "The Affects of Neuro and Muscular Disabilities." Neil is a doctor of Occupational Therapy. #a11y
What does an occupational therapist do? They take a holistic approach to help people do their "activities of daily living". "The physical therapist gets you to walk, the occupational therapist gets you to the toilet and to use it."
What's a neurodegenerative disease? Diseases, often hereditary, that are progressive and usually chronic conditions resulting from damage to the nervous system. Includes Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, a kind of sclerosis, Hunting's disease, and dementia.
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"We want to subtitle our social media content but it's too time consuming and we can't afford to do it."

Does that sound familiar?

Well we're here to bust those myths wide open! Let's embark on a learning journey together in this subtitling thread...


Firstly we should say that the information we're sharing here is just the way we do it at GWL and there are many other ways to add subtitles to your content.

We hope you find this helpful and that it encourages more people and organisations to subtitle their content.

We start by creating a subtitle file. The documents can be created from scratch using code but we prefer to use @YouTube's Creator Studio.

It's easy to use and you can download the subtitles in lots of different formats.

3/11 A screenshot from YouTube showing videos and a menu that includes the option to add subtitles and closed captions.
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👋Bonjour! Ici @aaronsnow! Je prends contrôle du compte Twitter du SNC pour les 90 prochaines minutes pour répondre à vos questions sur la feuille de route #EnRoute2025.
Tout ce qu’il y a à savoir est dans notre blogue:

À vos #questions!

#GCNumérique Quatre employés du SNC en personne et deux employés en ligne, avec une pancarte affichant “Nous voici!”
@aaronsnow "1) Changements dans les événements de la vie: du finissant demandant des bourses d’études à l’employé qui reçoit des déductions AE, qui prend un congé de maternité/paternité, ou qui prend sa retraite. Idéalement, automatiser le tout."
@aaronsnow Entièrement d’accord. La Nouvelle-Zélande a fait un travail remarquable sur ce sujet (en regroupant des services pour un événement de la vie comme une naissance).…

Voici leur service en ligne SmartStart!
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👋Hi! @aaronsnow and @sboots here! We'll be taking over the CDS twitter account for the next 90 mins to answer your questions about #Roadmap2025.
ICYMI, you can read about it on our blog:

So…#AMA here!

#GCDigital 4 CDS staff in person, and two online, with a sign that says
@aaronsnow @sboots Definitely agree. New Zealand has done some really impressive work on this (bundling together life events like a newborn child).…

Here's their online service, SmartStart! Definitely a great source of inspiration.
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