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Excited for todays #WakeletCommunityWeek Live event Smiling in from of the community week schedule
Can't wait to hear about the #a11y updates they are making!
Look at all these integrations! #WakeletCommunityWeek @Mote and @edpuzzle too?!? icons of wakelet integrations
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We should not only make research more accessible because it is the right thing to do, but because it provides more accurate results.

Listen to the full podcast on our website:

#AcademicChatter #DisabledInSTEM #DisabledinHigherEd @FractalEcho
Video description: Purple background with a picture of Dr. Rua Williams: a person with light skin, brown hair to their shoulders, and wears circular glasses. They wear a white floral collared shirt, floral bowtie, and blazer/jacket. White text that reads:
Dr. Rua Williams discusses how accessible data collection methods provide better research results that are more comprehensive and valid.
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🎉THREAD of an 8-part Voices of VR podcast series on XR Ethics covering the white papers produced by @IEEESA's Global Initiative on the Ethics of Extended Reality.

1st ep is on VR Harassment & Trolling with @theextendedmind & @ellecortese…

Video Overview
2/ Links to PDFs of 1st four IEEE XR Ethics White Papers.

Trolling, Harassment, & Online Safety:…

Diversity, Inclusion, & Accessibility in XR:…

XR Privacy:…

Virtual Clones & Identity:… Image
3/ Links to 3 other IEEE XR Ethics White Paper PDFs published so far (Metaverse & Governance paper coming soon).

XR Ethics in Business, Finance, & Economics:…

XR Ethics in Medicine:…

XR Ethics in Education:… Image
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Hi folks! I'm on the lookout for freelance work again in the field of content design / accessibility and inclusion.

Here's a quick thread summary of me, as this seemed to work well last time.

RTs appreciated. #ContentDesign #a11y #InclusiveDesign
Practical stuff first.
I'm available from mid June, and am looking for:
- Fully remote
- Part time (anything from ad hoc occasional to max 3 days a week)
- Ideally outside IR35 (I'm a limited company)

I'm in Scotland but happy to work asynchrously with other timezones
I've been doing Content Design since before it was called that: Writing / structuring / editing content, based on evidenced user needs.

I love a good pair write and work hard to create content that actually answers the questions people actually have.
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The age of monolithic end-to-end CMS solutions is coming to an end (if it hasn't already ended). The modern and future web is an API-ified web where clients consume data through APIs and nimble front-ends are decoupled from the creation layer.
Right now, tools like @GatsbyJS and @nextjs make it easier to pull and combine data from existing monolithic CMSes and combining it into a coherent and performance focused front-end. From my perspective this is a stepping stone into a fully decoupled future.
Monolithic end-to-end CMS solutions like @drupal, @WordPress, @joomla, and walled gardens like @Shopify and @Wix made web publishing accessible to all. To do that, they had to be everything to everyone. This is the weak link in the system, the anachronism still living.
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Hi @jared_w_smith I really enjoyed your talk on typographic accessibility however there are a couple of things I’d like to pick up that I think would are worth a discussion at least.
The main one was about dyslexia. There is so much misinformation about this condition.
Despite the cultural definitions which seem to include unrelated syndromes and traits, Developmental Dyslexia to give its proper name is a developmental disorder to do with phonological pricessing, see…
The definition becomes muddied by psychologists who diagnose the symptoms, which could be caused by other things and attribution of unrelated traits and syndromes such as Irlen and mirroring, where there are as many dyslexic and non-dyslexic cases.
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Have you noticed that a lot of games either don't have screen reader support or if they do it ... leaves something to be desired?

This is because it's incredibly hard to create screen reader experiences from a development process.

Let's break it down! #gamdev #a11y

Let's start by talking about screen readers! A screen reader is a form of assistive technology that renders text and image content as speech.

Screen readers use APIs/frameworks offered by the platform (such as UIA on Windows) to know what content is there and read it out loud!
Screen readers exist on Playstation, Xbox, PC/Windows and mobile devices!

... but not the Switch. So we've already hit our first roadblock. 🤷‍♀️
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1/ THREAD to cover some of the highlights of @gatherverse Summit by @vrleader, which is starting now.
4-day event on XR Ethics & humanity-first approach to the Metaverse with over 100 speakers. Free:

Here's the Slides for my talk:… Image
2/ The @gatherverse is starting off with a panel discussion on "Advancing a Disability-Inclusive Metaverse" featuring @reg_inee @cdpatnoe @pzaragoza and moderated by @BCurtisDavidson:

Glad to see this put at the top of the conference. Image
3/ I gave one of the opening keynotes at the @gatherverse on "Sensemaking Frameworks for
the #Metaverse & XR Ethics"

It's 90 minutes of content in 26 min.

Here's the YouTube version of my talk:

Here are my slides with citations:…
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Revised font lookup tables.
NEW: when used as body text, table cells outlined in yellow should have Lc 15 added to the listed contrast figure (see the +15). Fonts outlined in blue/teal (ish) may use the value as listed, but may benefit from an additional Lc10 to Lc15. ++ APCA find look up table this one is sorted by contrast valueAPCA find look up table this one is sorted by font size withAPCA find look up table legend
--For developers, there are ready-to-go arrays of the look up tables, presorted by Lc value, and also with a table of pre-calculated interpolation values, and more.

They are in the data folder at the main repo:…
-- Also, the key levels have been described more completely to be useful instead of the lookup tables.

As an alternate conformance you can use the levels without the LUTs for a simpler workflow, or, use the LUT for more accuracy and more flexibility.
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Tips for authors and publishers to foster interaction with #OAbooks – a weekly COPIM 🧵 series

Chapter 1️⃣: open #annotation can enrich a document by enabling multifaceted conversation between a text and its audience.

Kicking off this showcase with @hypothes_is – this #opensource project has evolved out of years of work undertaken in conjunction with the @w3c Web Annotation WG, and is nowadays featured in a variety of #openpublishing & #openeducation projects. #socialannotation

On a 🛠 technical level, a provision of plugins helps with the integration of functionality in a variety of platforms such as @WordPress, @omeka, or @pkp's Open Monograph System - platforms that are also used for #OAbook publishing

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Someone has asked me to compile a list of accessibility presentations for a non-technical #a11y beginner so I'll be doing a bit of posting on this thread over the next couple of days of some presentations that have stuck with me... if I can find them online.
Here's one of my all time favourites from the completely awesome @JamieKnight
Cognitive Accessibility 107 (beta)
Thanks @A11yLondon :)

#a11y #accessibility #uxdesign
Here's Richard Kurzik and @scarynige on the history of access services at the BBC from the BBC's GAAD...
...and a URL from hell...
#CC #accessibility…
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Apple Voice Control a thread…

Apple ecosystems face various performance and reliability issues: AirPlay reliability when connecting multiple HomePods, a HomeKit bug that can kill iOS devices, and more…
However, what no one, (apart from disabled users), ever talks about is how buggy and unreliable dictation is in the company’s flagship accessibility app, Voice Control
It’s maddeningly and frustratingly poor and in 2.5 years since launch Apple has done nothing to improve it. As a tool to help disabled people post to social media, study and work it’s next to useless. A $3 trillion company could and should do better. Here are the problems…
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Was one of your resolutions to learn more about web accessibility for people with disabilities? You're in luck: I'm making a 2022 thread for people who would like to learn more about accessibility. I plan to add tips and resources throughout 2022.

#a11y #a11y2022

Thread 🧵 1/x
2/x The word a11y is a numeronym using numbers to shorten words. This shortens "accessibility" to "a11y," with the 11 representing the 11 letters between a and y.

On Twitter and LinkedIn, #a11y can be used to find several helpful accessibility resources.

3/x If you feel like you don't know what you don't know about accessibility, then it can help to follow people who tweet a lot about it. I've put together a list of people who tweet about it a fair amount of the time, if not most of the time.…
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This year's Web Almanac report is almost complete. 🎉 ("Media" & "Caching" are missing)

Let's see what's interesting. 👇
The median webpage loads 70kb CSS. Alright, and the "top scoring site loaded over 60mb of CSS. 😲😆 60! Not every page was so constrained: the page with the greatesGraph showing the CSS transfer size with 66-71kb median valu
Haha, love that! There's also a new high score for the number of loaded external stylesheets: 2368! 2368 – The largest number of external stylesheets loaded b
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1/ THREAD of Connect 2021 put on by a company that may be formerly be known as Facebook.

I'll be focusing on VR, AR, & WebXR news.

Zuckerberg's #Connect2021 Keynote 10a PDT…

Facebook Livestream…

Watch in VR…
2/ Here's the agenda for today:
10a PDT #Connect2021 Keynote
11:20a: A bunch of developer sessions go live (presumably pre-recorded)
11:45a Developer State of the Union
2p Connect with @ID_AA_Carmack
5p Spacewalk from the ISS (sneak peak of VR Spacewalk)
3/ Here's some footage from @ro_olvera of what appears to be a rebranding change happening with the sign at One Hacker Way.

Here's @alexeheath's scoop on the Facebook re-branding from October 19th.…
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Reducing the need for accommodations should always be a goal of educators. It might prove impossible to completely remove the need for all accommodations, but there is A LOT more most of us can do, and Twitter is an easy place to start. (1/4)

#AcademicTwitter #HigherEd
If you're an instructor or staff member in #HigherEd or are significantly involved with students and their education, there are a number of hashtags you can follow to keep track of ways to be accessible, inclusive, and informed (please add more!): (2/4)
For universal design for learning, there's #UDL and #UDLHE. There's the #UDLChat, there's #LectureBreakers podcast.
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Ok, I really should put it out there that I'm officially looking for work, in the Content Design/Accessibility arena - I keep wanting to craft the perfect post, but perfect is the enemy of good, so here we are.

RTs appreciated, experience in thread.
#ContentDesign #a11y [1/12]
User research: Gathering data via surveys, workshops and user interviews, to inform good design of content, content artefacts and content management systems. [2/12]
Creating content based on user needs: Writing content, structuring content, editing other people's content. I'm a big fan of pair writing, in particular. [3/12]
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C'est le moment de vous dire que je suis assignée à comparaître au tribunal judiciaire de Paris par FACIL'iti.
Je vous raconte tout dans cet article et je me permets de solliciter votre aide pour mes frais d’avocate dans ce procès ✊
#accessibilité #a11y…
C'est aussi le moment de vérité pour l'extension que j'ai faite ce week-end. 😬
N'hésitez pas à me dire si vous avez des blocages pour que je vois si je peux faire quelque chose !
En attendant que j'arrive à répondre à tous les messages, je vous dis un énorme merci collectif pour tout votre soutien ! Je ne m'attendais vraiment pas à ça, vous êtes extra ! Merci merci merci mille fois !! 🙏
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IMPACT: Five New York state and local government agencies agreed to fix covid-19 vaccine websites to make them accessible for blind users following a @TheJusticeDept investigation spurred by our @KHNews story

W/ the relentless @hannah_recht

Our update:…
As Bryan Bashin told me amid the vaccine race of the winter, he had appointments slip away twice in the same day while he battled inaccessible websites.

"It’s an awful bit of discrimination, one as stinging as anything I’ve experienced,” Bashin, who is blind, said.
.@AccessBoard @sdpavithran said he knew @thejusticedept had investigations in progress in other states

@AndyDRC , a member of the White House’s COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force, said their report will likely call for an outside evaluation of access issues in the covid response
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Ian Bogost has a nice look at the UI affordances and areas for growth in the e-reading space.

A🧵 of annotations…
definition: bookiness

Does this only come out because there's something that's book-tangential or similar and it needs to exist to describe the idea of not-book, book-adjacent, or book-like on some sort of spectrum of bookishness.…
Some discussion of early book prototypes.
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4 einfache Regeln für gute Bildbeschreibungen in Social Media!
Ihr wollt #blinde und #sehbehinderte Menschen nicht ausschließen? Dann solltet ihr Bilder, die ihr postet, beschreiben. Aber was gehört in eine gute #Bildbeschreibung?🤔(Thread 1/6)
Mehr Infos:… Schwarze Fläche, als Fußzeile der weiße Text "So sie
📌 Regel 1
für eine gute #Bildbeschreibung in Social Media:

Zuerst die „Pflicht“ – in einem ersten Satz kurz und knapp die nötigsten Infos, die man braucht, um das Bild zu verstehen (Wie würde ich am Telefon unter Zeitdruck das Bild beschreiben?)

#Barrierefreiheit #a11y
📌 Regel 2
für eine gute #Bildbeschreibung in Social Media:

Danach die „Kür“ – genauere Beschreibung mit weniger wichtigen Details (Wie würde ich am Telefon das Bild beschreiben, damit die Person es vor ihrem geistigen Auge sieht?)

#Barrierefreiheit #a11y
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How long will disabled lives be sacrificed due to crying govt departments claiming they don't have money for pension funds?

Cost of low floor bus
cost of disabled person's education, livelihood and freedom.
How can we even compare without looking at the bigger picture?
Disabled people are under involuntary house arrest due to inaccessible public transport.

The Govt of Tamil Nadu has magnanimously made travel free for women and disabled @mkstalin .

Yay mobility = right, but how can a wheelchair user board a 3 step bus?

Low floor is for all
MTC has some cheek using the pandemic as an excuse when all TN's 4000+ buses bought since Madras High Court's order in 2016, are in contempt of the mandate of disabled-friendly buses.

At ~1100 mm floor height, they're under the TRUCK, not bus code!

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Today I'm attending the symposium "Adapting Comics for Blind and Low Vision Readers" and will try to live-tweet. (At my in-laws' where the internet isn't super reliable, so I may be fading in and out.)

I'll be using the hashtag #ComicsA11y, so mute or follow along as desired!
Nick Sousanis (@Nsousanis), who wrote his dissertation in comic book form and aimed to make his work as accessible as possible but knew that there were people he was still leaving out. He began collecting resources on making comics more accessible. #ComicsA11y
Ting Siu (@TVI_ting) is an educator of people with low vision. "My dream is to have my students walk into a classroom and not encounter any barriers to their education." #ComicsA11y
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Another thing: part of why certain digital access needs get ignored like this has to do with the way we as a society don't consider pain or discomfort or energetic expenditure as legitimate access concerns.
"Access barrier" gets defined as "can literally, absolutely not do the thing without accommodation"

If you can *technically* do the thing but it causes you so much pain or fatigue you can't do anything else for the rest of the day, that gets deemed illegitimate, and ignored.
And there are a lot of other factors too, of course. The way certain categories of disabled experience have a much longer history of coherent community and therefore of organized self-advocacy.
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