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10 Aug
The #JeffreyEpstein media version is a classic #LimitedHangout. Partial information is revealed while critical data are never uncovered. The public, per usual, believes that that’s the entire story and never goes deeper. And the biggest lies are seen in network so-called exposés.
Would you be surprised if #GhislaineMaxwell weren’t even in this country? Pushed out of the sacrificial shadows and on display as some exposed linchpin. A form of gotcha! for the uninformed and easily manipulated public. While the public thinks that the story has been exposed.
#JeffreyEpstein was nothing more than a honeypot/blackmail operation. Designed to ensnare the world’s leaders in compromising positions. Think Bilderberg level blackmail. And the question is: where are all the recordings that were made throughout the decades? Who would have them?
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10 Jul
Nobody cares about confederate flags or statues or whether BLM is painted on streets in yellow paint. Nobody cares about whether a NASCAR driver gets a garage door “noose“ confused. That’s barbershop chatter. It doesn’t matter. This is low hanging fruit. So, what does matter?
Think about the undecided or independent American voter who doesn’t know or care who someone called Judge Janine is. Who doesn’t follow Twitter. Who cares instead about money and family and healthcare and jobs. That’s whom you should think of, not the usual cast of characters.
Tell the American voter what you’re going to do and not what you did. No one cares about past performance. That’s nice. Save that for a history doc. This is different. Tell me something now that I care about. Tell me something that affects Main Street and mainstream America.
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1 Jul
Let me tell you what’s going to happen tonight. You’re going to watch a recorded @TuckerCarlson as you will be watching me live during my 8 PM ET YouTube live stream. And he, being the most eloquent spokesperson at that godforsaken circus of morons @foxnews, will wax profound.
But after Tuck speaks brilliantly anent a topic of importance, absolutely nothing will be done by anyone at any level of government. There is no conservative faction in Washington DC. The #Republican #RINO Party is dead. @realDonaldTrump has no allies in government. Not a one.
@realDonaldTrump came along and destroyed the business as usual Washington DC cesspool swamp slime and shite bucket. He destroyed their corruption channels and networks. They now pay him lipservice. They don’t want him to reform government. They are the swamp. They hate him.
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20 Jun
There will be a second wave of COVID19 because they are telling you there will be a second wave of COVID19. You can bet on it and you can plan on it. And when they say it occurs do not expect any proof of such. You will just have to believe them. That simple.
@realDonaldTrump will be blamed for the #COVID19 second wave rollout and the #MSM #fakenews #ferrets will repeat the scripted information without so much as a question. The trope will be repeated without surcease that will blame President Trump for this manufactured resurgence.
Remember the #hydroxychloroquine debate. #FakeNewsMedia ferrets were told precisely what to say and they followed the rules perfectly. They never questioned anything about why all of a sudden they were so interested in the medication. But they proved their worth as [DS] slaves.
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4 Jun
The message so far from racial arsonists has been for the most part incomprehensible gibberish. The latest howler, get this, defunding the police, was apparently thought up on a bar napkin over a few drinks because it has not even the remotest chance of being taken seriously.
The message has been a central casting litany of hoary sloganeering that lost its emotional heft 30 years ago. The chant rant is not based on fact and is a pathetic regurgitation of prior memes and themes, repackaged and reconstituted. But it doesn’t seem to matter in the least.
When @AttorneyCrump throws out the term #genocide in any other context he’d be laughed out of town. But today such blather enjoys cachet. It’s like the drone of #NoJusticeNoPeace. If you say something long enough and loud enough to throngs preoccupied with larceny, it’ll do.
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31 May
The federal government must utilize undercover agents, confidential informants and the like to penetrate the inner levels of #Antifa and #BLM. Surveillance and intelligence must be gathered and presented to federal grand juries for the swift indictment of those involved.
Stop pretending you don’t know who the principals are. Stop suggesting for a moment that you don’t already have enough information already amassed to begin the immediate indictment of those individuals acting as agents and principles of domestic terrorist organizations.
This current iteration of DOJ leadership must be as indefatigable and determined to bring to justice those individuals responsible for this series of rioting and looting and destruction of physical property as the previous DOJ was in finding imaginary magical Russian collusion.
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5 May
As an American citizen with adequately functioning neurons I have never believed the official account of 9/11 for a variety of reasons. The official story as was presented never made any sense. When I decided to express my incredulity I was called a conspiracy theorist. Why?
The reason was simple. I dared to question the narrative. Even though I was in New York on that day and can tell you incredible things that I personally observed and know firsthand, it didn’t matter to anyone. I was supposed to be the dutiful prole who just obeyed his master.
And when I dared to announce my refusal to accept the official narrative, I never had a version of my own that I advanced that assessed culpability or liability on anyone’s part. I merely rejected the version that was presented to me. But that didn’t matter. That didn’t count.
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5 May
1. Turn the police and military against the citizens for the slightest of transgressions to let them know that the last vestige of freedom they enjoyed has now been crushed under the bootheel of the statist gendarmerie.
2. Employ the doctrine of learned helplessness to create in the public the inability to predict and understand clearly what is and is not permitted. Keep them constantly confused and frightened so that they submit completely and totally to the power and fist of the ruling class.
3. Utilize the corporatist mainstream media to act as spokespersons for ruling class edicts and imprimaturs. Destroy what is left of the notion of journalism as a pesky and unnecessary vestige of meddlesome officiousness. Demand media compliance and use employment as leverage.
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8 Feb
Who killed Malcolm X?
Who killed JFK?
Who killed RFK?
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20 Jan
White supremacy is one thing. White inferiority is another. Discuss.
White nationalism is apparently problematic based on the operative concept of nationalism as opposed to nativism. Nonwhite nationalism appears to be even less problematic whereas nationalism in and of itself is completely anodyne and benign. Discuss.
The concept of white nationalism necessarily involves a dualism and conjunction of whiteness plus nationalism. Nationalism one would think would not be necessarily modified by a racial component or inclination. Nationalism centers around the nation versus the race of the nation.
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29 Dec 19
When were you #RedPilled?
What was the defining moment of your life when you realized you were living in a sea of lies?
Why have #FakeNewsMedia taken what appears to be an oath of silence to keep the truth from you?
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15 Dec 19
Network mainstay and tenured vet @seanhannity should resign instanter over @FoxNews’s decision to interview two bona fide traitors to our constitutional republic, #Schiff et #Comey.
First @donnabrazile then suspending @JudgeJeanine and @TuckerCarlson while giving real estate to that faux Libertarian Butch Patrick doppelgänger @Judgenap. I’m through with these cretinous quislings. And while I’m at it, @foxandfriends might be the stupidest trio ever cobbled.
This is war, patriots. You either support @realDonaldTrump or it’s off you go. Capeesh?
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9 Dec 19
The country thanks #MichaelHorowitz for his assiduous, thorough and painstaking review of putative #DOJ unlawful excesses and negligence anent its investigation of a synthetic connection between @realDonaldTrump and nefarious Russian agents, interlopers and diabolical actors.
If you worked in an industry that allowed as many mistakes to have been made as apparently Mr. Horowitz has given tacit approval and forgiveness to regarding the DOJ, that would mean you were employed in an arena where slovenly behavior was the norm. Congrats, DOJ.
What does it take for someone in the federal government to go to jail for violating the rights of American citizens?
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16 Oct 19
#ExposeCNN is frankly a #NoShitHeadline. Reminds me when folks wanted to expose professional wrestling as being fake. The only people who didn’t know it was orchestrated was the idiot doing the investigation on whether it was fake. We all know CNN’s bogus. We always did.
The part that bothers me the most about the #ExposeCNN bit is when some kid staffer or lifer oldtimer behind the scenes is inadvertently caught up in the controversy when they’re just speaking to someone they thought was a friend. It’s underhanded. It traps the innocent.
What really bothers me about the #ExposeCNN work is how incomprehensibly stupid the recorded #CNN child staff sounds when they cannot get through the simplest thought without using the word #Like at least 78 times a sentence. It’s cretinous. No wonder CNN sucks gravitationally.
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28 Sep 19
How deep do you want to go? How far would you like to investigate what is truly happening regarding @realDonaldTrump? If you want to stay with the absolutely rudimentary, never delving beneath the cellular level of the information veneer, if you’d like your information basic ...
@FoxNews is for you. Feigned internecine battles between anchors and hosts in house, classic baby face and heel contretemps, #MAGA101, abecedarian, elementary, the 5 AM talking points method, that’s where. That’s the place. But if that’s too difficult then ...
#FakeNewsCNN. Alice in Wonderland, psychedelic mushroom news buds prepared by Libturd cult illiterate snooze parvenus and dilettantes, spoonfed propaganda, apparatchik pabulum. This is mondo stupid at a cosmic level that few truly appreciate because fewer truly understand it ...
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28 Sep 19
“Federal records show that the intelligence community secretly revised the formal whistleblower complaint form in August 2019 to eliminate the requirement of direct, first-hand knowledge of wrongdoing.”
“Between May 2018 and August 2019, the intelligence community secretly eliminated a requirement that whistleblowers provide direct, first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings.”
“The new complaint document no longer requires potential whistleblowers who wish to have their concerns expedited to Congress to have direct, first-hand knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing that they are reporting.”
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28 Sep 19
Look, if they want to impeach Trump there’s nothing you can do about it. Stop fretting over it. Let them go ahead and waste time and impanel committees and come up with articles of impeachment and discuss it and debate it while the country barely notices the anticlimax.
Under the rules of the Constitution if House Democrats want to impeach the president based on the color of his hair so long as they have a majority such will be done. It is a political process that has nothing to do with law or reason and is not subject to judicial review.
The sole focus of their thunder has been in the lead up to #Impeachment. Notice what I said: the lead up. What America will not be able to sustain or focus on or remain awake over is the actual process that will grind interminably nor will they be able to withstand the rebuttal.
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21 Jun 19
Does God exist?
Are there other complicated intelligent life forms elsewhere in the universe, extraterrestrial biological entities significantly more advanced than we are that have visited our mother planet throughout our existence?
Is there a Devil as in Satan, an identified entity responsible for evil, actively interfering with humankind and spreading crime, violence, tragedy, sadness and incomprehensible violence?
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16 Jun 19
Retweet if you believe @realDonaldTrump was correct in referring to #London Mayor #SadiqKhan as a disgrace, monumentally incompetent and responsible for allowing and in effect causing this great city to devolve and collapse via globalist-fueled runaway and lawless “immigration.”
Name the city.
Can you name this once proud city that used to boast how its police officers never carry guns?
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1 Jun 19
Have you participated ever before in a Twitter poll?
Will you ever participate in a Twitter poll or questionnaire?
Are those who participate in Twitter polls imbecilic?
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