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Good morning from #Kenosha!

It's day 15 of the #RittenhouseTrial, and the 4th day of jury deliberations.

I'm in the courtroom today. Judge Schroeder has more unrelated cases -- and it appears jurors may have gone right into deliberation as they have the last few days.
Confirmed with a bailiff, jurors have gone straight to deliberations. #KyleRittenhouse
Yesterday, we didn't hear from jurors at all until the end of the day when the judge asked if anyone had questions when they were being dismissed.

One of the women on the jury asked if she could take a copy of jury instructions home, which Schroeder allowed.
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Drew Hernandez a week ago on 11/3 says how being in Kenosha "changed my life." He states "the town was being attacked" and the "police were doing nothing about it." #RittenhouseTrial #KyleRittenhouse

Drew Hernandez - Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse Trial.
Drew Hernandez on 11/3 in this podcast says about Rosenbaum "that's the pedophile that Kyle shot."

"This is my opinion: I personally believe that after Kyle shot that first guy they were probably going to execute Kyle publicly in Kenosha because of what he did."
Drew Hernandez on 11/3 -
This is my opinion: "Here's what I'll say. This is my opinion: If they had publicly executed Kyle in the middle of the street if the radical left would praise it and come out and say 'he deserved it, that should have happened to him.'"
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Resizing images isn’t rocket science folks 🤦‍♂️ This is painful to watch… #RittenhouseTrial
Just put the original video up on the screen and put a giant magnifying glass up to it and the human perceived result is the same. The defense knows they are full of shit chasing this line of objections 🤦‍♂️ especially since they used the same methods for all their own evidence 🤔
How can none of these guys explain how resizing works? Not even the experts 🤷‍♂️ Just ask the judge if every time he punch zooms videos on Trumps campaign website if Trump changes from Orange to another color. God this is painful to watch 😂
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Racist, me thinks, the judge, is. Murder trial judge for #KyleRittenhouse says— ➡️ “I hope the Asian food isn’t coming on one of those boats from Long Beach Harbor”. 🔥 What a complete joke and circus this #KyleRittenhouseTrial now is.
2) And yes it is RACIST. The boats in the harbor are majority boats from Asia. And he said Asian food - which further connects the Asian boats. It’s racist c’mon.
3) Most Chinese-Americans knows the racist idiomatic slang “Slow boat to China” to mock anything that takes a long time. I’m Asian-American immigrant - I heard this crap all the time. It’s racist. He could have just said the lunch was late.…
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#KyleRittenhouse was the greatest trial witness ever. The prosecution showed a nonpareil breathtaking ineptitude. And then commenting on a defendant's invoking the right to remain silent. This was textbook mistrial material today. Rittenhouse will walk.
The #KyleRittenhouseTrial will be required study for all aspiring prosecutors on how not to present a case. It’s a symphony of boneheaded gaffes, unforced errors, constitutionally egregious errata and singularly the worst cross-examination in recorded juridical history.
I cannot believe how many times the #Rittenhouse prosecutor asks him to repeat and clarify damning evidence for the state that allows the jury to hear yet again how the young #Kyle was placed in danger and threatened with imminent death and/or great bodily harm. Unbelievable.
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1. Cross-exams without a deposition are not much fun for the questioner. We're taught to never ask a question on cross you don't know the answer to and can prove the witness is lying if they give you a different answer. With no depo it would be tough to cross.
2. A lot of my trial training came from my late brother who once got a white police officer to break down when he was being questioned about killing a black citizen. He did it by being empathetic, not confrontational. And because I was the youngest in a family where the father
3. had died, my life after 9 was often being the target of my brother's withering cross-exams. In this case, I think I would focus on the victims. Ask him questions that elicit if he knows anything about the lives he ended. "Did you know that . . .?
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Dominic Black bought #kyleRittenhouse the gun, because they knew he legally couldn't. Black is the first person Rittenhouse called when he shot Rosenbaum, and ran off as others provided medical aid. Remember Rittenhouse said he was there to provide aid if needed
#KyleRittenhouse friend Dominic Black, claims that Boack not his Dad agreed to let Rittenhouse take the gun from his dad's house. 2/
Black said he was worried about being hurt because all the violence in #kenosha, so he went on the roof of Car Source. Admits he aimed his gun at protesters hiding in the dark and told them to leave.Owner met with multiple groups to protect the property and allowed roof access 3/
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Good morning!

It is Day Two of the #KyleRittenhouseTrial

Opening statements are expected to start today, as the 20 person jury was seated last night.

As a refresher, the jury has one person of color, and is made up of 11 women and 9 men. #KyleRittenhouse @SpectrumNews1WI
Court has started.

First up is a motion of reconsideration that the defense filed last week. #RittenhouseTrial
The defense filed this motion for reconsideration in regards to dropping the gun charge.

The judge said he got the motion late last week and that he's not ready to rule on it.

The defense says it doesn't believe that just because he was under 18 and had a gun, he's guilty.
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1:19 p.m.

The #KyleRittenhouseTrial has resumed. @SpectrumNews1WI
@SpectrumNews1WI Two more jurors have been let go because they told the judge they could not hear what was happening during the morning session.

22 have now been dismissed.
@SpectrumNews1WI New Question from the judge: Is there any of you who will not try this case fairly and reach a just and true verdict.

- Anyone who cannot read/speak English?

- Anyone who doesn't reside in Kenosha County
-- another one is struck. Second one who now lives in Chicago. 23.
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Today it begins. The Kyle Rittenhouse trial. I am stationed in a media room for jury selection today. Begins at 9am. So far we have seen Rittenhouse’s mother enter the courthouse. ImageImageImage
We will only see the Judge on camera today, as to prevent not revealing any identities of the men and women summoned for this case. Image
This will be my view of jury selection today. Reporters are on a rotation for courtroom seating, meanwhile Judge Schroeder still quizzing jurors with random jeopardy questions, as he gives potential jurors bathroom break before they start Image
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