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Why do #CoolKidsResist?

By now, we've all seen this. It's a souvenir sold in the gift shop at the US Holocaust Museum outlining the 14 early warning signs of fascism.

Let's go through them, one by one...
Why do #CoolKidsResist

The First early warning sign:

Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
Donald Trump uses "America First" to insinuate that the original, white, colonists from Western Europe are the only "real" Americans, under the pretense that the US is "losing its identity".…
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Sanders' following is so substantial that the visual representation for his voters obscures the others.

No undermining this time, @DNC. We're watching you, @dccc's pet anti-Sanders billionaire, and @/Shareblue's social media anti-Sanders activity closely.

DNC emails revealed favorability toward Clinton, undermining Sanders:…
DNC ignored warnings about Russian interference:

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Here's a theory I've been developing relevant to why House Democrats are reticent to air details of the investigation into #TrumpRussia.

🔹 Israeli interests allegedly conspired with the Trump campaign to undermine the U.S. government in 2016.
Israeli interests allegedly conspired with the Trump campaign to undermine the U.S. government in 2016.

🗨️ "The Trump transition team reached out to the Russian government in order to undermine the U.S. government because the Israeli government asked them to."
Israel has a history of interference with the U.S.government, and the government is reportedly sensitive about said shenanigans being exposed:

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When did the Democrat Party leader become a radical Muslim? You snooze you lose. Just #VoteRed to save America from damnation. #TheSquad
Radical Muslims are aiming to take over our government. Don’t be fooled liberals are asleep and the liberal media doesn’t care. #RashidaTlaib
Don’t believe the fake narrative that women of color are being attacked. These are radical women out to destroy our way of life.
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I suspect that many of the people who are out here vote shaming people are also the same people who are under the misconception that America was already great pre-Trump.
They're uncomfortable NOW because the stuff they were ignoring all along:

Wealth inequality
Corporations owning politicians
Cops abusing/killing black people w/out repercussions

Have been amplified in the media.

It's sad it took Trump to half wake them up.
Now they're so uncomfortable w/the truth - they'll do practically anything to be comfortable again.

They don't want to actually fix any of this stuff - they just want a POTUS who'll go about continuing f'ing over the 99% - just quietly & on the DL.

So they can ignore it again.
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Are these the Squad's 2020 Campaign Slogans? The Socialism is strong in these leading Democrats, and I am impressed by [their] honest branding.

2) IIHAN 2020
3) AOC 2020
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What the #TheSquad wants in America 🚫🕌🚫
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.@drjasonjohnson claims Bernie is ignoring the attacks on @AOC & the Squad, but will later use them to get elected.

“They will use these women in order to become successful w/certain groups of the population, but they won’t come to there defense...
that is cowardice to me.” 🚮
Dr Jason, as usual, is full of crap!
We see who the real COWARD is.
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@willchamberlain My brother is DEA and lived in McAllen Tx for years .. He told me stories ( after cases have been prosecuted) that @brandondarby is telling .. I have spoken to his friends and other agencies . like @ICEgov and @CBP and DEA and ATF agents are angry at the rhetoric
That is being spewed at them by certain members of Congress (#theSquad ) To be honest they are tired of being in the middle of political game between the Right and the Left .. They deal with disease , death , crime , and many other things they shouldn’t be doing , They do things
Above and beyond , that they don’t get credit for .. but carry all the blame for everyone else .. They are tired of being used for Fundraising Soundbites of being drug in front of Congress knowing damn well they aren’t going to be doing anything but to take cheap shots in front
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If they are actresses, they are Hollywears. If they are Hollywears, they are sex slaves and SATANIC or MKULTRA 🤔 hmmm? THESE 4 WITCHES ARE to ugly to be sex slaves. Look more like TERRORISTS.
OMG! This is getting Hilarious. The 4 terrorist witches are going to amuses us all this week.
Take out the #memes they are the target. #PatriotsInControl #
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Americans are once again allowing the Republican and Democrat party divide us over race, when in fact race is not the issue! Please look at the foreign policies these woman support, and the policies they do not support! This is not about race & we must address the real issues!
@AyannaPressley, @RashidaTlaib, @IlhanMN, @AOC.

I ask for Americans to please look at the human policies these woman are addressing. I ask Americans to actually research the US Foreign Policy that causes massive Refugees and Endless War.
I ask Americans to look at who is funding the election campaigns of their representatives. I ask Americans to question why we are continously at war, when it does not benefit the United States! I ask Americans to research the foreign influence that controls US policy!
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This is the thread of #PresidentTrump vs #TheSquad

#RacistPresident #RacistGOP

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HAPPENING NOW: Representatives @RashidaTlaib @AyannaPressley @AOC @IlhanMN are holding a news conference to respond to Trump’s racists tweets this weekend and statements today at the White House. #RacistPresident
Rep. @AyannaPressley: "Our squad is big. Our squad includes any person who is committed to building a more just world and that is the work that we want to get back to.. We cannot and will not be silenced." #RacistPresident
Rep. @Ilhan Omar: He would love nothing more than to divide us so that he can continue to enrich his friends and push his devastating policies. #RacistPresident
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Three things Tweaker Pelosi and the foul four #Squad can do tomorrow to #FixIt

— Flores
— Asylum Laws
— Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act

What's TVPRA? The reason we have 51,000 more UAC's here just since November 2018…
#NervousNancy and #TheSquad need to get their dumbmasses in gear and #FixIt

#Flores Agreement — 9th circuit voted in favor of the #ACLU against the Obama administration ~ July 2016:
US must release child migrants held in family detention…
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