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Hockey mom of 3 boys. Family and ER doctor, Patient and health care advocate, Want to fix our crumbling health care system. Chair D11 OMA
4 May
Some things I’m seeing regarding COVID19 lately: 1. Young people don’t perceive how low their oxygen saturation is. They don’t get short of breath until very late and oxygen is very low. 2. Chest X-ray does not help me once I know your COVID19 test is positive. 1/
We don’t give antibiotics for COVID pneumonia. COVID19 is a virus, not bacteria. I recommend getting an inexpensive oximeter is you are coughing or feeling unwell but don’t think you need to go to hospital. If your oxygen Sat is less than 94%, come visit us. We are open 24/7 2/
Don’t worry about how busy I am or how the ER might be. If you are feeling really bad. Worse than a moderate flu, have chest pain or shortness of breath, please seek medical attention via ER, urgent care or family physician. 3/
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3 May
Sunday morning ER shift. Saw 4 sick COVID19 patients between 7-9 am! 2 more throughout the morning. 4/6 under 50. Youngest in his 20s. 5/6 ethnic minorities. 5/6 work or exposed to someone who is essential worker. They were all so sick. I wanted to cry, my heart was breaking. 1/
These are racialized essential workers and their families. They haven’t had access to vaccine despite wanting it. Government hasn’t protected them. No #paidsickdays. No protection of workplaces. And leaving “non-essential” factories, manufacturing and construction sites open 2/
The hallway in front of me had been nicknamed “McTavish hallway”. Many of the patients in these rooms would normally be seen in our resuscitation area pre-COVID. We have too many now. We are using every space we have to treat our COVID19 patients. 3/
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1 May
Happy Doctor’s Day to all my friends and colleagues across the province. This year has been like no other. We have stepped up and provided compassionate care despite all of the challenges that we faced. 1/
A special thank you to my friends and colleagues @SHNcares. You have all risen up to this incredible challenge. Working more than 200%. Covering shifts when colleagues are sick or have to isolate. Being redeployed to help out on COViD wards and ICU. 2/
Helping out with vaccine clinics which is the light at the end of this tunnel. The camaraderie and support has been tremendous. Please take a moment tonight at 9 pm to shine a light to celebrate Doctor’s Day. @Drlindsaybisset @victorng_md @MayoRavi @indysahota @lazongs 4/
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20 Apr
Just came home from ER shift. Everyone is so sick. Everyone has COVID19. Referred so many for admission onto the wards and ICU. Essential workers or their family members. Multigenerational families. I speak to their children and grandchildren on the phone. 1/
Saw 5 patients in a row with shortness of breath. Each one worse than the previous. My colleagues working with me had the same kind of day. I thank G-d for our Physician Assistants and nurses and RTs who worked like soldiers on the front lines. We all did what we needed to do. 2/
At the end of my shift I reflected how angry I was. Angry at the government, angry at PHUs. Angry at groups that can’t be more nimble. Angry at those who want to be perfect rather than just getting shit done. 3/
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18 Apr
Can we please stop having a pissing match between parties. If gatherings aren’t allowed in person, then the house shouldn’t be allowed in person. We are in this G-d forsaken mess because of politics. Politics before science. Politics before lives. 1/
I didn’t think it would come to this but I’m so angry. As myself and my colleagues are being asked to work on COViD wards and ICU as ER physicians. As I cancelled 2 more days of vaccine clinics in one of the hardest hit areas of Ontario. 2/
It’s time for David Williams to resign as CMOH. To all the media out there: please stop calling him “Ontario’s top doctor”. He doesn’t deserve the title. And it’s time for Ford to either resign or step aside and let the people choose who should be leading the province now.
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13 Apr
Please walk a mile in my shoes @fordnation I’m not sure why you didn’t believe us weeks ago. Is it because I’m “just a community ER physician” in a hard hit area? You ignore us in #Scarborough. You ignore your own MPPs pleading for help. 1/
You ignore the fact that we have been transferring patients to Kingston, Peterborough, Orillia and Coburg for weeks. Now it’s Sick kids. You ignored our pleas for vaccine for months. We asked for an equitable approach yet our population is in dire need and our appts are full. 2/
You ignore our pleas for infrastructure funding when our ERs are too small for our population, when our buildings are old, when we don’t have enough negative pressure rooms or isolation rooms.
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