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An average of ~3500 Canadians die from the flu in a typical year.

That number sounds so small in the wake of #COVID19, but that's a lot of people lost to a preventable illness.

But this year all our illness prevention efforts wiped out the flu. Compare to previous years. 1/5
People over 65, kids under 5, pregnant women, and people with underlying health concerns are at greatest risk from the flu's most serious complications, but risk isn't absolute and perfectly healthy younger adults die from this preventable disease, too. 2/5

I don't know what the flu might look like in the next year or two, but my hope is that the lessons we've learned through the pandemic will carry forward and we'll do a better job protecting ourselves and each other. In all this devastation, we saved kids this year. 3/5
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According to numbers released by Statistics Canada today, 13,000 jobs were lost in April as Alberta became the COVID-19 hotspot in Canada and the United States. #ableg
The survey was conducted from April 11-17, which means the data does not reflect any of the recent public health restrictions that were introduced to address the soaring number of COVID cases in AB that led to the highest infection rate among all provinces and US states. #ableg
This shows that Jason Kenney and his UCP government's failure to act has hurt our economy and left thousands of Albertans unemployed. And their failure to act means the economic impact will be deeper and further delay the recovery. #ableg
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Sunday morning ER shift. Saw 4 sick COVID19 patients between 7-9 am! 2 more throughout the morning. 4/6 under 50. Youngest in his 20s. 5/6 ethnic minorities. 5/6 work or exposed to someone who is essential worker. They were all so sick. I wanted to cry, my heart was breaking. 1/
These are racialized essential workers and their families. They haven’t had access to vaccine despite wanting it. Government hasn’t protected them. No #paidsickdays. No protection of workplaces. And leaving “non-essential” factories, manufacturing and construction sites open 2/
The hallway in front of me had been nicknamed “McTavish hallway”. Many of the patients in these rooms would normally be seen in our resuscitation area pre-COVID. We have too many now. We are using every space we have to treat our COVID19 patients. 3/
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I'm tired of listening to our provincial government blame everyone but themselves. Teachers, unions, the opposition, Bob Rae(?). They've been in power for three years and the entire pandemic.

What do they feel they're responsible for? Is there a list they can provide? #onpoli
There are issues that are older than their govt. Absolutely.

That does not absolve them of responsibility to take action now.

We've seen them choose not to plan. Not to take proactive steps to reduce community transmission. To reopen too fast while building field hospitals.
They chose not to bring in the military to LTC during the second wave of the pandemic.


The situation continued to be desperate. Help was needed. How many people died? What did they not want exposed during the second wave?

Nothing changed, and we'd have seen it.
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🧵Canada's rollout of #COVID19Vaccine

Partial truths (aka half lies):

Fallacy: Ignoring vaccine safety protocols by waiting 4 months is ‘covering everyone with one shot'

Fact: You could end up in the ICU

Plan: @drmwarner - we need to communicate that to keep people safe
2/ Fallacy: Canada is waiting 4 months because of supply issues.

Fact: Canada has given the same # as many countries and has CHOSEN to delay shots longer than any other country in the world. This is a choice. Period.

Plan: if too many get sick, we need to change
3/ Fallacy: Delaying doses is safe

Fact: We aren’t even collecting patient data.

Plan: People half vaccinated should be identified in testing, hospital and ICU - and data must be collected. Tagging our data powerhouses.

If this is dangerous - change. Or just change now
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It's hard to believe 🤯 but @fordnation, @MonteMcNaughton, @celliottability have managed to design a #PaidSickDays scheme that leaves low-wage workers WORSE off. 😡 Here's why: ⬇️
The new scheme does guarantee workers their regular pay for up to 3 consecutive days. BUT workers cannot receive both the WIPB and the CRSB in the same week, so those who must stay home for the whole week will still be forced to take unpaid days, while forgoing federal CRSB. ⬇️
For minimum wage earners, this is devastating. Regular gross pay for an #ONpoli worker earning $14.25 for a 7-hour day amounts to $99.75. For 3 sick days, that same worker would receive their regular gross pay of $299.25 for the entire week, LESS than the gross $500 CRSB. ⬇️
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Let's breakdown today's announcement of the provincial Worker Income Protection Benefit (WIPB).

Workers were promised the best #PaidSickDays plan in North America -- THIS IS NOT IT.


#OnPoli #COVID19ON #PaidSickDaysSaveLives
WIPB provides 3 #PaidSickDays. It's way too little, way too late.

Workers need at least 10 permanent paid sick days + 14 days during pandemics.

It falls short of recent Bills 239 & 247, which govt could have passed with simple yes vote on Mar 1 & Apr 26 respectively.

This is a temporary measure, set to expire Sept 25. This is not the permanent protection workers need.

16 states in the US have permanent, legislated & employer-paid #PaidSickDays. It can be done. It must be done.

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Announcement starts with spin: “we’ve got workers’ back since the start of the pandemic.” 🙄 #onpoli
Spinning re #PaidSickLeave saying Ontario is “fixing gaps in the federal program.” All workers will have three paid sick days. (Better than nothing but this is not an amazing move. It’s the bare minimum.) #onpoli
Ontario isn’t burdening employers. They will be reimbursed up to $200/day per worker who takes these three sick days. (Could’ve burdened the big employers that have deep pockets, but anyways.)
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Brampton positivity rate 22.4%. All-time high yesterday for Peel: 400 cases a week/100k. Sadly, one of lowest vaccination rates.

How can such stark inequities persist in Canadian universal health care? How can we curb Peel COVID-19 Crisis 1/4 Thread…
1. Workplaces: Currently 426 active outbreaks, 35.9% manufacturing/industrial. Ongoing non-essential manufacturing. Agencies sending workers across region. Govt must re-evaluate essential designations. For truly essential work, regulate agencies & provide PPE #PaidSickDays 2/4
2. Vaccine: Brampton 8 pharmacies, Kingston has 26 pharmacies per 100k . Hot spot pop-ups across GTA but Brampton till date only 1 pop up. We saw success of community partnerships. Many grassroots organizations @PCHS4U ready. Why is Brampton devoid of community partnerships? 3/4
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It’s sat am & I can’t sleep but want to remind everyone that Doug Ford & ALL PCs have sacrificed
🤬small local businesses for Amazon /Walmart
😱workers lives for corporations (loblaws)
😤kids lives for the economy
😭the environment for developers
🤮elders lives for private LTC corps
🥀the entire healthcare system for corporate profits
🔥poor neighbourhoods for rich
🤬healthcare workers for CEO bonuses
😤education workers for political gain
😖@Laurentian U for private (racist/homophobic) colleges
😢families for landlords
🥶the unhoused for the rich
🤬employees lives for Tim Hortons bottom line
😤a sustainable future / green economy for big oil
😖public education for EdTech companies
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NEVER forget this. #DougFord has been the client of one of the most manipulative dark actors to ever operate on the Canadian political landscape: Navigator. They have coached him, planted stories in the press, shaped social media responses through inauthentic activity. #ONpoli
Remember this piece of lockstep propaganda in #cdnmedia?

Take note of who falls for #DougFord’s ridiculous crocodile tears today. The Trudeau gov’t transferred billions to Ford for #COVID19Ontario relief measures. Ford hoarded the💰instead of implementing #PaidSickDays. #ONpoli
Now that there are petitions demanding #DougFordResign, suddenly this incompetent conman can produce the #PaidSickDays that he was given federal funding to help pay for, OVER A YEAR AGO? Anyone who falls for #DougFord’s soap opera acting, is a fool, a liar or an enabler. #onpoli
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Ontario says it is considering a #PaidSickDays policy for essential workers, an idea it has rejected for months.

Health experts are adamant that these measures could slow the spread of COVID-19 in crowded warehouses and factories.…
Meanwhile, Toronto and Peel Region have issued orders that would close businesses for 10 days when at least 5 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been identified within two weeks that could “reasonably" have been acquired in the workplace.…
The change in approach on sick days came as the province's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table issued a rebuke of Ontario’s recently announced pandemic measures.

The group called for closing non-essential workplaces and providing emergency sick pay.…
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🧵Whistleblower: Staff in a GTA office were coached by their employer on how to answer questions if asked why they are at work. They were warned inspectors were in area, targeting their type of business, and if an inspector knocked on the door to keep it closed. #onpoli #covid19
Workplace mobility activity is at 74% of normal and far above the level seen in wave 1 or holidays. Many non-essential businesses are classified essential by @ONgov. The Science Table has warned "the list of what stays open must be as short as possible."
Ontario has recently added that inspections will take place to make sure employees who should work at home are staying at home. Imagine in a health crisis that a few hundred inspectors are tasked with checking tens of thousands of workplaces tomorrow.
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❗Attn: @fordnation @celliottability @FaisalHassanNDP

If a non-profit like ours can provide 10 paid sick days for all employees in 2020 and 2021 + a $4/hr pandemic pay top-up for staff working outside their homes) surely for-profit corporations can and should do the same.
READ: Our full open letter to the government of Ontario on our blog:…
📢 We're calling on other employers who have implemented paid sick days at your organizations. Join us Share the need for mandated #paidsickdays. Write your own letter to the province in support of paid sick days that are permanent, available to all workers, and employer paid.
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THREAD: I went to bed angry and I woke up angry. I am enraged...On the same day that ICUs were so full, more field hospitals were being built and our health experts were calling the 3rd wave of #COVID19 a "humanitarian catastrophe"...the Ontario government let us down. /1
Instead of announcing policies that would actually help people (like workplace protections for essential workers, #PaidSickDays, paid time off for vaccination, access to PPE/N95s)...they announced more policing & enforcement. /2
Enhanced restrictions may be needed in Ontario, but we must always be cautious of what more policing means. Low-income racialized people (many of whom are essential workers) have a very long history of being over-policed. They've also been hardest hit by #COVID19. /3
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1/7 My sister-in-law, an RN in the GTA looking after COVID-19 patients every day, told me most of her patients are in their 20s and 30s. Most are sent to the ICU within 12 hours of being admitted. In each case, their entire family is sick with COVID, sometimes 8 or 9 people.
2/7 A veteran RN with 3 kids, she wasn't scared during the 1st, or even the 2nd, wave. But now, like her colleagues, she is terrified. Leaders need to listen to their science advisors, not lobbyists. Decisions need to be made according to public health, not political ambitions.
3/7 This pandemic is inequitable. Some can stay home, but those who are unhoused, elderly, lower income, or those considered “essential” workers are dying. Many of them take public transit on their way to their workplaces in factories, grocery stores, hospitals, and LTC homes.
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I'm in meetings for most of the day & resurfaced to even more stupid decisions? #onpoli
What is this crap re: blaming people for complacency, hard hit communities for not knowing to book vaccine appts in this convoluted mess & MORE police presence? THIS AIN'T IT! #COVID19ON
We all feel the same. STUPID DECISION MAKING.
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THREAD: 1/6 The individualization of COVID risk is a political strategy the government deploys to distract from the reasons why we're in this mess to begin with, and to redirect your fear and anger towards those who are least to blame, and most vulnerable. #onpoli
People are dying in field hospitals across this province not because of teenagers throwing late night house parties or poor people gathered trying to stay alive in encampments. 2/6
We are dying because;
- Government gutted the social institutions who were tasked with our wellbeing and safety right before and for decades prior to this pandemic
- Governments and corporate landlords manufactured housing crisis for profit at the expense of human beings 3/6
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First we’re told schools are safe. Then we are told that kids jostling into schools pose a risk. There is an erosion of trust for families & educators. Now Ontario plans to reopen, April 19, irrespective of #COVID19. Are we led by health policy or rotten politics? 🧵
I lay awake for several nights last week, worrying about whether I should pull my child out of school.
It was a decision I made as a parent and a partner, as we knew #COVID19 would soar (even if public health said it wasn’t out of control, exponential increase is not safe). 2/
Even though I trained as an anthropologist before medicine–an area of study all about critical analysis of our healthcare system and institutions–prior to the #COVID19 pandemic, I never thought about how health politics would play out in our children’s classrooms. This is how. 3/
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Healthcare workers across Canada - we need your support to better protect restaurant workers from #COVID.
Please sign our letter demanding these essential practices:
✅Federal standards for PPE
✅Improved contact tracing
Thousands of restaurant workers risk their health to interact with unmasked customers every day.
👉@onefairwage found that 69% of employers do not follow safety protocols
👉@USC found that line cooks have the highest mortality rate due to covid out of any profession
The reality of restaurant work, with no paid leave for illness, undermines the fundamental public health principle of staying home when sick.
The lack of access to paid sick days forces precarious workers to choose between a day's wage or recovering from illness [3/5]
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In case you are wondering what $100,000 could mean to a school let me tell you a story of a school budget.

In a regular year my school has about 300 students. Our budget for the year has been shrunk by 10% year after year by the school board and we currently it around $26,000.
This may seem like a lot, but it covers every piece of paper, photocopy (about 1/2, due to lack of technology), textbook(about $100 each), online subscription, paint brush and broken window repair, among other things.
My colleague coaches rep hockey. His team budget is $60,000. It services a team of about 15-18 players. My school services 300 students.
Before you tell me about hockey fees and fundraising, please see this as a priority check.
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I’m confused about so many things. I’m confused about why we are told schools are safe, yet virtual learning is an option - and a popular one. I’m confused about being told that 95% of schools have had improvements to ventilation, yet 100% of the ones I’ve spoken to have not.1/?
I’m confused about being told AGAIN that schools are the safest place for students to be, yet high school students get to attend only 25% of the time. 2/?
I’m confused about how 2 of three hot zones are told to continue with a stay at home order, but kids in those regions have been told to go back to school. I’m confused as to why the third hot zone region, with numbers at least as bad as the others, 3/?
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🚨 In 2020, 60+ million women either lost income or experienced someone in their household losing income.

👉🏿 Women of color were hit hardest by #COVID19.

📣 We urge Congress to #savechildcare, #extendUI, extend emergency #paidleave and #paidsickdays & more. #momsbailout
🚨 Women are projected to lose $64.5 billion in wages annually due to reduced hours and lower labor force participation during the #COVID19 pandemic. #momsbailout
🚨 51% of mothers who voted say their caregiving has increased during the #COVID19 pandemic. #momsbailout
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