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I can’t shake the feeling that we continue to be cheated out of getting through this pandemic safely

A short 🧵 on some of the reasons #CovidIsntOver
💨 #CovidisAirborne yet we don’t monitor or purify our air #BreathBackwash

😷 Education around high quality fitted masks continues to be minimal. Respirators remain inaccessible for many. As a consequence, ineffective (cloth, surgical) masks are being used #MindTheGap
🧪 We use rapid antigen tests with no #PaidSickDays and many can’t isolate for the full duration of contagiousness

💉 Vaccines were made to be a panacea when we needed to layer it with all of the above. This disappointment has stopped people from being uptodate with their C19 💉
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10 paid sick days.

Decent and safe work.

These are our demands for all the time, not just during a pandemic. @fordnation we can’t wish this virus away. People are still getting sick everyday.

Workers need 10 permanent sick days, instead…/1

@fairwagesnow #PaidSickDays
The measly 3 paid sick days introduced during the pandemic will expire July 31.

3 days are not good enough and soon they will be gone.

Time to step up @fordnation

More than 43,500 Cdns have died from this virus and more than 4M Cdns (underestimate) have had the virus. /2
And now we are in middle of a 7th wave…

Too many workers still without paid sick days must go to work sick.

How does this make any sense? Right it doesn’t.

/3 #paidsickdays
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#Wave7 of BA5 is here

#Wave8 of BA2.75 on its heels

Re/infection prevention of #SARS2 is your job on a population level

Please act #FASSST
Here’s what #SARS2 can do to our children now

H/T @itosettiMD_MBA

Re/infection prevention of #SARS2 is your job on a population level

Please act #FASSST
I don’t want #LongCovid for myself or my child,

which can happen no matter how mildly initially infected,

for which there is no treatment or cure

Re/infection prevention of #SARS2 is your job on a pop level

#LongCovid PHO=51-80%…

Please act #FASSST
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#OnPoli #OntEd

Where is the analogous leadership?

There is an election coming

Stop catering to #COVID19 flat-earthers

🛑 #CovidTroglodyte response

Show me you understand science

Lead like @SoniaFurstenau…

Same in ON

We are all 1 mass re/infection away

“…the province is not doing much to educate the public about #LongCovid. She cited a recent study showing that #LongCovid can affect 1 in 4 children”

PHO = approx 50% = #LongCovid…

@SoniaFurstenau 👏

#OnPoli #OntEd

Match & lead

🛑 #CovidTroglodyte response

Election coming

“W/ HIV/AIDS…govts educated people about how the virus was being transmitted. They were told that unprotected sex & shared needles contributed to the spread.”


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Why isn’t there a #maskmandate in ON PS & daycares?


It’s a no-brainer

“ON will be extending #maskmandate in select higher-risk indoor settings for at least another month”…

More care with kids, not less

Ford 24/7 416-325-1941

#6ThWave ImageImage
The following have #maskmandate

Why isn’t there a #maskmandate in ON PS & daycares?

It’s a no-brainer

More care with kids, not less.

Ford 24/7 416-325-1941

#maskmandate NOW

#6ThWave ImageImage
Universities have them.

Why isn’t there a #maskmandate in ON PS & daycares?

It’s a no-brainer

More care with kids, not less.

Ford 24/7 416-325-1941

#maskmandate NOW

#6ThWave ImageImage
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For ppl who think Covid is nbd. Beyond the health risks, here's an example of its impact on a family of 4🧵 To begin, I own/run a small biz which is myself & my husband. We r self employed & have 2 school aged kids. 3 weeks ago our youngest child woke w/a bad cough. /1
We tested the entire family & everyone was neg. We kept both kids home that 1st day. School confirmed that bc our eldest was fully vaxxed & asymptotic she could be at school. We sent her back the next day, masked. Our kids did not drop masking when mandates dropped./2
The next day youngest spiked a high fever & had a very rough night w/a serious coughing fit that almost triggered a 911 call. The entirety of the week I was unable to work as I had a sick kid home. We all continued to test neg./3
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Some big news today. March 21 all remaining Covid restrictions will be gone. We’re all tired. We are done with Covid, but is it done with us? #nspoli
Where is the evidence for the sudden shift where we essentially skip an entire phase? From the beginning of the pandemic it was clear that Public Health was sharing the table with the Premier, and was driving the key decisions.
Those health decisions were enacted (sometimes well and sometimes not so well) by government. This doesn’t feel that way. Is this a political decision, consistent with Conservative governments across the country, or one that is based science, and community care?
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I recognize a lot of names in the list of authors




They are wise, and know far more about #InfectiousDiseases and #epidemiology than I do

It is important to look at what this report does and does not say…

I don’t think there is anyone who would disagree with the message in these slides

Closing schools is a bad thing

Remote learning is disruptive and can lead to worse educational outcomes

As with everything in this #pandemic, poor and marginalized families far worst

In this slide the #ScienceTable argues that vaccination reduces the risks to children

Currently less than 50% of the 5-11 cohort is double vaccinated

Once again the risk is greatest for our #children with comorbidities or low socioeconomic status

They admit they don’t know…
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Breaking: #Ontario


@fordnation, @Sflecce and @celliottability are collaborating to destroy

And more…

The cracks are beginning to show

Sure, there are some partisan apologists who justify this travesty

While we suffer…

Lack of proper #VaccineMandate

Allowing large groups to congregate unsafely

Refusing #PaidSickDays

Passing #bill124

And more…

Now our hospitals are overwhelmed, HCPs at the breaking point, No ambulances for emergencies


No #VaccineMandates

Insufficient #PPE

Hiding cases of #COVID19 from #parents and #students

No access to #PCRtest and limited #RAT kits

Our #children are at risk

They will get #Covid19

Some will get VERY SICK


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🧵Let's make it clear that caring about a child's physical health and wanting kids back in school is not a binary choice, and it should never be positioned that way. Kids need to be in school. We should also reduce their risk of infectious disease, now and always.

#onpoli #onted
Learning about children lost to #COVID19 is devastating, and will hit home hard for many of us. While children's risk is lower, this is a powerful reminder that risk is not absolute, and kids and the people they love need our protection, too.

#onpoli #onted #SafeReturn
For two years we've left the needs of children on the back burner. Their health, both physical and mental, and their education. Ontario has taken too much from our youngest people and they deserve better from us. We must move forward with their well-being in mind.

#onpoli #onted
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This article, Written by Howard Levitt, the best known and most widely quoted authority on employment law in Canada, is a MUST READ.…
“Insurance companies look for any way they can to deny or cut short a claim: that is how they make money. In the case of COVID-related disability claims, insurers are frequently denying claims due to insufficient medical evidence, for example, the lack of a positive COVID-19 test
Levitt: “According to the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, roughly 10 per cent of those who become infected with the virus become long-haulers.”

“Many Canadians despair of ever regaining the lives they lived before contracting COVID-19.”
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Pandemic of #unvaccinated, more like #PandemicOfInequities‼️
🧵Below are a few interactions I’ve had in the past year with people who have been left behind by our inequitable approaches and deficit model assumptions and labels.
Shared with consent on the condition of anonymity
Case1️⃣: recent refugees, husband works min-wage in a bakery, wife pregnant and earns VERY modest income through knitting. Have 3 children < 12 yrs old.
Whole family was unvaccinated until recently.
Few months ago, one child was exposed in school. Family didn’t have access to
Case1️⃣ cont’d: #RapidTests & frankly didn’t even know that was an option. Husband couldn’t afford to take a half-day off to get tested even when symptoms emerged. He ended up in ICU—sole bread winner for the family.
Even then the wife was hesitant to vaccinate herself or her
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I’m a Pediatrician = ❤️👶🏽🧑🏻👩🏾. I have worked in Children’s Hospitals, on medivac teams and now in the North. These are my thoughts on what we are facing with #Delta going into the fall
1. Wave 4 of #COVID will be a pandemic of #misinformation, under-vaccination and inadequate mitigating public health interventions (removing mask mandate, not addressing school ventilation, etc). We have reached the limits of what “encouraging people to get vaccinated” can do.
2. Who will pay the price? #Children, esp children < 12 who can’t be #VaxXed. It is misleading to say “not that many kids die”. #Mortality is a pretty crude outcome measure in #Pediatrics. What about disability, medical trauma, impact on families, mental health?
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An average of ~3500 Canadians die from the flu in a typical year.

That number sounds so small in the wake of #COVID19, but that's a lot of people lost to a preventable illness.

But this year all our illness prevention efforts wiped out the flu. Compare to previous years. 1/5
People over 65, kids under 5, pregnant women, and people with underlying health concerns are at greatest risk from the flu's most serious complications, but risk isn't absolute and perfectly healthy younger adults die from this preventable disease, too. 2/5

I don't know what the flu might look like in the next year or two, but my hope is that the lessons we've learned through the pandemic will carry forward and we'll do a better job protecting ourselves and each other. In all this devastation, we saved kids this year. 3/5
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According to numbers released by Statistics Canada today, 13,000 jobs were lost in April as Alberta became the COVID-19 hotspot in Canada and the United States. #ableg
The survey was conducted from April 11-17, which means the data does not reflect any of the recent public health restrictions that were introduced to address the soaring number of COVID cases in AB that led to the highest infection rate among all provinces and US states. #ableg
This shows that Jason Kenney and his UCP government's failure to act has hurt our economy and left thousands of Albertans unemployed. And their failure to act means the economic impact will be deeper and further delay the recovery. #ableg
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Sunday morning ER shift. Saw 4 sick COVID19 patients between 7-9 am! 2 more throughout the morning. 4/6 under 50. Youngest in his 20s. 5/6 ethnic minorities. 5/6 work or exposed to someone who is essential worker. They were all so sick. I wanted to cry, my heart was breaking. 1/
These are racialized essential workers and their families. They haven’t had access to vaccine despite wanting it. Government hasn’t protected them. No #paidsickdays. No protection of workplaces. And leaving “non-essential” factories, manufacturing and construction sites open 2/
The hallway in front of me had been nicknamed “McTavish hallway”. Many of the patients in these rooms would normally be seen in our resuscitation area pre-COVID. We have too many now. We are using every space we have to treat our COVID19 patients. 3/
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I'm tired of listening to our provincial government blame everyone but themselves. Teachers, unions, the opposition, Bob Rae(?). They've been in power for three years and the entire pandemic.

What do they feel they're responsible for? Is there a list they can provide? #onpoli
There are issues that are older than their govt. Absolutely.

That does not absolve them of responsibility to take action now.

We've seen them choose not to plan. Not to take proactive steps to reduce community transmission. To reopen too fast while building field hospitals.
They chose not to bring in the military to LTC during the second wave of the pandemic.


The situation continued to be desperate. Help was needed. How many people died? What did they not want exposed during the second wave?

Nothing changed, and we'd have seen it.
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🧵Canada's rollout of #COVID19Vaccine

Partial truths (aka half lies):

Fallacy: Ignoring vaccine safety protocols by waiting 4 months is ‘covering everyone with one shot'

Fact: You could end up in the ICU

Plan: @drmwarner - we need to communicate that to keep people safe
2/ Fallacy: Canada is waiting 4 months because of supply issues.

Fact: Canada has given the same # as many countries and has CHOSEN to delay shots longer than any other country in the world. This is a choice. Period.

Plan: if too many get sick, we need to change
3/ Fallacy: Delaying doses is safe

Fact: We aren’t even collecting patient data.

Plan: People half vaccinated should be identified in testing, hospital and ICU - and data must be collected. Tagging our data powerhouses.

If this is dangerous - change. Or just change now
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It's hard to believe 🤯 but @fordnation, @MonteMcNaughton, @celliottability have managed to design a #PaidSickDays scheme that leaves low-wage workers WORSE off. 😡 Here's why: ⬇️
The new scheme does guarantee workers their regular pay for up to 3 consecutive days. BUT workers cannot receive both the WIPB and the CRSB in the same week, so those who must stay home for the whole week will still be forced to take unpaid days, while forgoing federal CRSB. ⬇️
For minimum wage earners, this is devastating. Regular gross pay for an #ONpoli worker earning $14.25 for a 7-hour day amounts to $99.75. For 3 sick days, that same worker would receive their regular gross pay of $299.25 for the entire week, LESS than the gross $500 CRSB. ⬇️
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Let's breakdown today's announcement of the provincial Worker Income Protection Benefit (WIPB).

Workers were promised the best #PaidSickDays plan in North America -- THIS IS NOT IT.


#OnPoli #COVID19ON #PaidSickDaysSaveLives
WIPB provides 3 #PaidSickDays. It's way too little, way too late.

Workers need at least 10 permanent paid sick days + 14 days during pandemics.

It falls short of recent Bills 239 & 247, which govt could have passed with simple yes vote on Mar 1 & Apr 26 respectively.

This is a temporary measure, set to expire Sept 25. This is not the permanent protection workers need.

16 states in the US have permanent, legislated & employer-paid #PaidSickDays. It can be done. It must be done.

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Brampton positivity rate 22.4%. All-time high yesterday for Peel: 400 cases a week/100k. Sadly, one of lowest vaccination rates.

How can such stark inequities persist in Canadian universal health care? How can we curb Peel COVID-19 Crisis 1/4 Thread…
1. Workplaces: Currently 426 active outbreaks, 35.9% manufacturing/industrial. Ongoing non-essential manufacturing. Agencies sending workers across region. Govt must re-evaluate essential designations. For truly essential work, regulate agencies & provide PPE #PaidSickDays 2/4
2. Vaccine: Brampton 8 pharmacies, Kingston has 26 pharmacies per 100k . Hot spot pop-ups across GTA but Brampton till date only 1 pop up. We saw success of community partnerships. Many grassroots organizations @PCHS4U ready. Why is Brampton devoid of community partnerships? 3/4
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It’s sat am & I can’t sleep but want to remind everyone that Doug Ford & ALL PCs have sacrificed
🤬small local businesses for Amazon /Walmart
😱workers lives for corporations (loblaws)
😤kids lives for the economy
😭the environment for developers
🤮elders lives for private LTC corps
🥀the entire healthcare system for corporate profits
🔥poor neighbourhoods for rich
🤬healthcare workers for CEO bonuses
😤education workers for political gain
😖@Laurentian U for private (racist/homophobic) colleges
😢families for landlords
🥶the unhoused for the rich
🤬employees lives for Tim Hortons bottom line
😤a sustainable future / green economy for big oil
😖public education for EdTech companies
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NEVER forget this. #DougFord has been the client of one of the most manipulative dark actors to ever operate on the Canadian political landscape: Navigator. They have coached him, planted stories in the press, shaped social media responses through inauthentic activity. #ONpoli
Remember this piece of lockstep propaganda in #cdnmedia?

Take note of who falls for #DougFord’s ridiculous crocodile tears today. The Trudeau gov’t transferred billions to Ford for #COVID19Ontario relief measures. Ford hoarded the💰instead of implementing #PaidSickDays. #ONpoli
Now that there are petitions demanding #DougFordResign, suddenly this incompetent conman can produce the #PaidSickDays that he was given federal funding to help pay for, OVER A YEAR AGO? Anyone who falls for #DougFord’s soap opera acting, is a fool, a liar or an enabler. #onpoli
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