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10 Jun
@zapper_fi is an amazing project built on #Ethereum which allows you to see your assets, pools, and farms all in a neat organized dashboard.
( I actually discovered more than a few things I had forgotten about that had appreciated greatly!! So, thanks for that.)
Also, as of last week they have gamified the experience: The more times you connect your wallet, swap assets, or deposit/withdraw to/from pools, the more XP you earn, allowing you to level-up.
AND, there are awesome NFTs for people that reach certain levels!

Not only has the gamified aspect been fun, but it has led me to interact with more DeFi protocols and learn a lot about how Zapper.fi works.

NFT based governance, maybe? It would make sense to do this as people who have the NFTs would know about the app the most..
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10 Jun
Know anyone looking to get into #photography/video-graphy?

I am raffling off my camera (#Canon 550D w/ accs.) using the POAP.FUN raffle system.

#POAP.fun is built on #Ethereum and is an excellent example of a non-financial use of #blockchain technology. cont...
To take part in this raffle:

Claim the POAP badge required for entry by Direct-Messaging the @POAP-bot on Discord (channel does not matter since it's a DM) and tell it the secret phrase "Canon" (without quotes).

Then, join the raffle @ poap.fun/259

Good Luck!
A POAP.fun raffle is provably fair since it uses the gas used on the most previously mined block to cull user's numbered POAP badges until only one remains. So, no one has control over who wins.
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