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1/ We have always believed the gaming is going to lead crypto and blockchain mainstream adoption which is the reason @animocabrands invested in @AxieInfinity and the team behind it @Jihoz_Axie @trungfinity @Psycheout86 #NFT #Gaming
2/ Going down memory lane these are excerpts of our May 2018 slides (full presentation here:…) talking about our early partnership with @CryptoKitties the reasons why #blockchain #games could be significant for crypto adoption ImageImage
3/ Through decades of video game history we have made generations of players comfortable with the idea of virtual currencies and virtual assets and gaming has historically pushed technology forward. Gaming utility is entirely virtual and is its own raison d'être #premetaverse
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Dass die @esatusAG (offline atm 😅) Hostnames geheim halten will, sieht man an dem häufigen Einsatz von wildcard Zertifikaten.

Seine Private Keys auf mehrere Hoster und Betriebssysteme zu verteilen: Unschlau!
Produktiv- und Testsysteme (arguing from their DNS Name, eesdi-test.esatus DOT com) werden mit gleichen Zertifikaten betrieben.

Raucht mal weniger #Blockchain und macht erstmal eure traditionelle Krypto ordentlich!
Bspw Let’s Encrypt + jedem Host nen eigenes Zert
Warum wurde so ein wichtiges System an eine Bude gegeben, die nichtmal Prod und Dev sauber auseinander halten können? @HBraun @DoroBaer @PlateTobias #SSI #IDWallet
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Viajar con #Cryptos?
les traigo uno de los dos proyectos que me parecen interesantes para seguir. Uno ya lo mencione hace un tiempo #travala #AVA pero hoy les traigo su token es #LOC
La industria de viajes está revolucionando es un mercado de viajes basado en #blockchain. Al eliminar los intermediarios y las comisiones, los usuarios pueden ahorrar hasta un 60% en las tarifas de reserva.
Se puede elejir entre una variedad de métodos de pago, como tarjetas de crédito, #criptomonedas populares y #tokens LOC locales para evitar tarifas de pago.
como por ej: #Electroneum (#ETN), #Bitcoin (#BTC), #Ethereum (#ETH), #USDCoin (#USDC) y #Litecoin (#LTC).
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The Blockchain ⚡ - Explained Like You Are 5 😀!

The blockchain allows you to safely and securely transfer money without the need for a central authority or trust.

Here's a thread on what could be the greatest invention of mankind 🧵👇:

1. What's the problem 🤔?

Imagine that I'm going to sell a house to my friend and he gives me a downpayment on the house before he gets ownership of the property.

What's stopping me from running away to Antarctica and using the down payment for a luxury igloo 😂?
My friend has to either trust me, or we go to a 3rd party(like escrow) which locks the downpayment until I give my friend the keys.

What happens if the 3rd party runs away with the money?

We can't really trust strangers, nor enforce a contract as that takes a lot of money.
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@MilstGuga & I recently wrote a thread documenting what NFT marketplace @SolanArtNFT has made ($15m) & its listing habits.

Join us (@MattSolana @hoaktrades @secretpanda007) as we go down the rabbit hole of some of Solanart's accounts. After all, "blockchain is proof"🧵👇
Before we begin a shout-out to @MattSolana @hoaktrades @secretpanda007 & @Milstguga. Their analysis and digging helped me put this together.

There is a maze of transactions & linked accounts and we only scratch the surface here, so we could always use the help of more people.
Solanart take a 3% cut on all successful auctions. These fees automatically go to wallet E6dk...AuJH ("Solanart's Fee Wallet").

If you've ever sold an NFT on Solanart - open up your transaction and you will see the address come up, receiving a 3% cut of your listed price.
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In una settimana il Tesoro USA ha deciso, per la prima volta, di perseguire una transazione in cryptocurrency come riciclaggio di un riscatto e il governo cinese ha deciso di rendere fuorilegge sia le transazioni che il mining di valute digitali.
Che sta succedendo?🧵 Image
Il mondo crypto, e la "DeFi" (Decentralized Finance), crescono a ritmi veloci e le stablecoin sono passate da 30 mld$ a circa 125 mld$ di controvalore quest'anno.
Il regolatore ora andrà su queste ultime, che espongono al rischio di "corsa agli sportelli" in versione digitale🧵
Le stablecoin, infatti, sono state trovate più volte con riserve di denaro inferiori al "garantito".
Non è un caso che lo schema ideato da El Salvador sia centrato proprio sull'emetterle (visto che non può stampare $) come ponte tra #Bitcoin e sistema finanziario tradizionale 🧵
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Free Float Supply Nedir, Neden Önemlidir?

FFS, piyasa gerçeklerini ve dinamiklerini daha doğru bir şekilde temsil edip piyasa katılımcılarını daha iyi bilgilendirebilecek, daha akıllıca ve bilinçli kararlar alınmasına yardımcı olabilecek bir "piyasa değeri hesaplama ölçütü"dür.
FFS kavramı ilk olarak 1990'ların sonunda geleneksel hisse senedi piyasalarındaki mevcut hisse arzının daha doğru bir temsilini sağlayabilmek için ortaya çıktı.
FFS’ten önce, ihraç edilen toplam hisse sayısı (şirketin kaydında belirtilen toplam hisse sayısı) kullanılarak endeksler oluşturulup ağırlıklandırılıyordu.
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A new milestone for @MRPHSupplyChain, Morpheus Network Black. $MRPH has upgraded its platform drastically since its launch in 2019.

They have evolved into an enterprise-grade, next-generation global supply chain ecosystem.

#SupplyChain #Blockchain
Morpheus.Network Black represents the culmination of years of development, successful enterprise-grade implementations across the globe, an expansion of $MRPH's use cases and token utility, and a giant leap towards their goal of global adoption.
Some of the new features and solutions that the @MRPHSupplyChain team has been working on relentlessly lately include a Document Handling System, Digital ID, Fraud Prevention Protocol, and Big Data Analytics.

We will discuss these features in this thread.
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With the frenzy of NFT activity we've seen its hard to believe Solana is still in its infancy.

Early movers in the space were lucratively rewarded, so how did they go about achieving this?

This is a story is about everyone’s favorite NFT marketplace @SolanArtNFT 🧵👇
Before we start, shout out to community champion @MilstGuga who worked with me on this. It took quite a lot of digging so thank you also to those who shared their experiences.
Solanart (completely unaffiliated with the @Solana foundation despite its name) was the first NFT marketplace on Solana.

It's earliest listing in July was cryptopunk copycat @PunksOnSolana and the team is run by a lean four man team with some mod support.
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Upcoming Crypto Conferences in October-November

1. @tresconwbs World Blockchain Summit (Oct 13-14)

2. @FantomFDN Developers Conference (Oct 25-29)

3.@Blockworks_ Digital Asset Summit (Nov 15-16

4. @Blockchain_Expo Expo Europe (Nov 23-24)

#Blockchainconference #cryptoevents ImageImageImageImage

Interact with leading #Crypto & #blockchain projects, Network with Mena's foremost investors, Meet global crypto & #blockchain influencers and Learn from the pioneers at The World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

#Dubai #Cryptocurency #cryptocurrecy #summit #cryptoevent Image
@FantomFDN Dev Conference

The Conference will gather various crypto enthusiasts, innovators & developers for discussion about the research & development of #blockchains.

The event looks promising because of the vast value it’ll provide to upcoming innovators.

#FantomDC $FTM Image
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#CBDC = chronique de la disparition du cash et scoring social :
1/ Mastercard veut doter chacun d'un quota e-C02
le #CBDC c'est le Central Bank Digital Coin, ou monnaie numérique de banque centrale, opposé du Bitcoin #BTC et autres devises libres en #Blockchain, c-a-d anonymes et sécurisées lisez ceci :…
3- Christine Lagarde, patronne du FMI et chantre du #greatreset eco-techno-mondial nous explique pourquoi le Bitcoin n'est pas une monnaie et pourquoi le #CDBC c'est bien pour transformer votre épargne en dette...
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(1/n) Blockchain, Crypto thread 🧵

- Understand the basics, overview
- Past, present, future
- Different crypto coins and their uses
- Applications of decentralization
- Where, why, when to buy

Like, Comment, and Share if you liked this!
#Cryptocurency #Blockchain
(2/n) Introduction:
- Overview
- Decentralization
- Coins, altcoins
- Mining
- Transactions

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[Thread] Projet @polychainmon

Préparez le café et les gâteaux, mettez vous à l'aise et prenez le temps car le #thread est assez long.

Nous allons aborder dans un premier temps le projet sous forme de chiffres et de stats, puis dans un second temps, l'aspect jeu & #PlayToEarn
On commence par les investisseurs derrière le projet qui sont @MoonrockCapital (@polkastarter) & @Morningstar_vc

Ils ont permis de réaliser une levée de fonds de 740 000 $.

Ce qui permet à une équipe de travailler sereinement pendant plusieurs mois sans soucis financiers.
On peut penser que si des fonds d'investissements pousse le projet @polychainmon, c'est qu'ils pensent faire de l'#argent et qu'ils croient au projet.

On est donc (en théorie) loin du #rugpull avec la team anonyme sans aucune références.
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Why should you own @Thorstarter’s native token #XRune? How does it differentiate itself from existing launchpads? Here is our 8-point explanation; feel free to comment. I hope it is worth a #satoshi. As always, DYOR! #crypto #blockchain #DeFi #investing
1.@Thorstarter is a decentralized launchpad that brings deep liquidity to long-tail crypto assets right from the beginning. On the contrary, many launchpads fail to provide enough liquidity to projects, thus leading to high slippage fees and dissatisfied users.
2.@Thorstarter provides projects with liquidity grants to give them a kickstart before the launch via Initial DEX Offerings in which investors can grab a share of the early action. The project’s token enters a liquidity pool with XRune and is available to a wider audience.
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🧵6 Magical Reasons why we recommend to HODL $Rune, the native token of @THORChain. #Blockchain #Crypto #DeFi #investing
1. @THORChain is a liquidity protocol that thanks to its interface @THORSwap allows transactions across multiple blockchains. That is really powerful stuff given that no one else out there can do it now!
2. The price of $Rune is undervalued. The network had recently seen some network attacks. Many investors saw it as a bad sign, however, we believe that it is good that it happened in the early days. Thanks to them, the network is now better than ever prepared for the future.
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Are YOU into the #Metaverse?

8-tweet thread as a beginner's guide into the Metaverse: what it is, where to find it and the connection to #blockchain.

TLDR: An industry built by creators for everyone. A win-win for everyone involved.

Comment if you learn something⤵️
What is the Metaverse?
The conceptions of the metaverse emerge from science fiction as featured in Ready Player One or The Matrix. Same way it was hard to think in the 90s how the Internet of 2021 would be, we don't know how to describe it, but we can identify features
Feature #1: ℙ𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥
The metaverse cannot be turned off or put away. It never resets or pauses or ends, it just continues indefinitely.

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🏮 THREAD | Qu'est ce que @XPNetwork_ ?

Vous en avez peut être entendu parler, via des partenariats comme avec @ElrondNetwork, ou sur le fil de @NeronCrypto / @Neronlnvestment, sans avoir forcément dig.

👉 Mais de manière simple, c'est quoi ? Image
🔸 XPNetwork est la 1ère plateforme permettant la création de dApps #NFT (enchères, galerie, loterie, prêts...) sur n'importe quelle #blockchain supportée, mais aussi de migrer ces #dApps entre ces mêmes blockchains. Ceci via une interface graphique et simple ! (Drag&Drop) Image
🔸 En plus des dApps, XPNetwork est un bridge #NFT multichain : c'est à dire qu'il permet de #bridge (changer) ses NFTs de blockchain en blockchain.
Par exemple d'Ethereum à Avalanche ? Image
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Meanwhile for 5 days @SBF_FTX is still "consolidating"

But no for real. Maybe I am crazy right? Lets assume that.

How a mix of PS2H + bench32 addresses moved on each new #Bitcoin block = Consolidations of UTXO's.
If anyone know I am willing to listen.…
@SBF_FTX Meanwhile I still consider his statement shady with lack of substance and a way to hide this movement "under the rug".

Waiting for this "consolidation" explanation any time now.

Waiting ....…

Can't say but we still consolidating to ad-infinitum.

Right @SBF_FTX ?

Ah wait he, blocked me and left that vague explanation that supposedly happened "few days ago".
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¿Se imaginan una #blockchain en las que sus contratos inteligentes vengan por default con privacidad?

Bueno, ya existe, y se llama @SecretNetwork!

En este hilo no les voy a hablar de la red en si, sino como llegar a la misma con fondos!

Ya voy hacer un hilo explicando sobre la red en si, pero mientras los dejo con un hilo de @MessariCrypto como para que vayan haciendo su #DYOR

Pueden enviarse $SCRT a su wallet (recomiendo esta @keplrwallet), desde el exchange Binance. Justamente con SCRT se pagan las transacciones en esa red.

O pueden mover fondos a través del siguiente bridge
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NEAR is an open source platform that gives artists, communities, and markets the tools they need to create the world a more open, connected, and consumer-driven environment. 😁
$NEAR #NEAR #MetaBUIDL #Crypto #Cryptocurency #CryptoNews
When you consider the NEAR Ecosystem's development and sustainability, you can't help but feel proud of this community. 😎
NEAR blockchainexplorer is an online blockchain browser 🔎that displays the contents of individual NEAR blocks and transactions, as well as the transaction
histories and balances of addresses, for those who wish to try new things. 👀
NEAR has developed tremendously as a community in a variety of nations. 👀
🌐NEAR Protocol's official Indian channel is @NEARProtocol IN-Bringing #NEAR, closer to You.
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Okay, here comes the tl;dr thread. #hAppDevs this might be of value to you!
So, here's the tiniest tl;dr of all:

1. Privacy is important
2. Privacy norms look different in different social contexts
3. Good software respects the privacy norms of a community
4. The best people to make those design decisions re: privacy norms are the people who'll be using the software, so just do participatory design already
5. Here's one process called the Value-Sensitive Action/Reflection Model
6. Here are Holochain's privacy tools.
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Vlasti u #Rusiji nastoje kontrolirati internetski promet i cenzurirati sve što je protiv vodeće stranke. Aleksandr Litreev, popularni softver programer, sada gradi #decentralizirani #VPN za ruske građane i druge potlačene ljude širom svijeta, u borbi za demokraciju.
Najnoviji projekt Litreeva je @solarlabs_team, decentralizirani VPN temeljen na #blockchain i potaknut kriptovalutama. Platforma Solar Labs omogućit će ljudima diljem svijeta da ugoste vlastite VPN poslužitelje, za što će im biti plaćeno tokenima kriptovalute Solar Labs.
Ako dovoljno ljudi iz različitih zemalja ugosti vlastite VPN poslužitelje, bit će nemoguće ukloniti sve poslužitelje odjednom.
"Čak i ako će vlada učiniti sve što je potrebno da blokira našu uslugu, neće uspjeti ako jednostavno ne zatvore cijeli internet za cijelu zemlju".
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LFW Announces Partnership and Up to $10,000 Giveaway Program.⚡
🔥To commemorate their collaborations with major blockchain industry partners, they are giving away $10,000.00.💸
@NEARProtocol @hotdefisummer @ilblackdragon @4NTSGuild @NEARProtocol_IN @oddgems
🔥LFW is the #outcome of the perfect blend of #gaming 🎮and #blockchain technology, and also one of our most passionate projects in over a #decade, with more than 10 years of #experience specialised in game production industry and blockchain system #development.🤝
🗓️Program runs from 4:00 p.m. UTC on September 3, 2021 to 4:59 p.m. UTC on September 9, 2021
⚠️Read the blog and learn everything there is to know about the giveaway, as well as the regulations for participating.…
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