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Si usted es profesor,ra de Economía y no encuentra la forma de explicar por qué sube y baja el precio del bitcóin, le sugiero utilizar, a modo de ejemplo, el precio de los 💐 a las 18hrs en el Día de San Valentín, Día de la Madre...

#bitcoin $BTC #hilo
1. El precio de los 💐 vale lo que la gente está dispuesta a pagar.
2. El precio de los 💐 no está regulado.
3. El único factor que determina el valor de los 💐 es el que se establece entre la oferta y la demanda.
Ahora bien, si desea explicar si el bitcóin es una «gran burbuja» , le recomiendo leer lo que se explica en la imagen adjunta.
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Here's how to start with Token Engineering and Cryptoeconomics.
This thread is a summary from @trentmc0's introductory talk at the #tokenengineering workshop.
#Cryptoeconomics #Blockchain
1. "Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome" - Charlie Munger
Token based systems are generally modelled aroud incentives and outcomes.
2. When doing #tokenengineering for a system, first step is to define/list the participants/ stake holders of the token economy system.
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1) Fine, I'm doing this. I'm annoyed and peeved and goddamnit I'm doing this now.

I'm going to try to calm myself down in the next 5 seconds to do it in a funnier 'free yourself from the Matrix' theme for this, but THIS MOTHER FUCKER RIGHT HERE IS PISSING ME OFF.
2) First off, what is our national debt. As in, what form does it take. These are bonds, securities, etc, which are sold through the @USTreasury.
3) Obviously, these are IOUs from the US Federal Government. These are the basic building blocks of our debt. The more securities out there, the more our debt is, and when funds need to be raised more are sold, and people buy them because they trust in our country's stability
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1/ Time is nothing but the barrier we place between our current self and our ideal self.

We decide and control more variables than are out of our control.

#ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts #NationalDayOfPrayer #Motivation #DisciplineIsControl #DisciplineEqualsFreedom
2/ Discipline is our control over how long it will take to climb the wall
3/ Hard work, consistency, and goal setting are ways to measure our progress up the wall.
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Here are my favorite quotes from this amazing book. #THREAD
1. "Bitcoin can be best understood as distributed software that allows for transfer of value using a currency protected from unexpected inflation without relying on trusted third parties"
2. "While Bitcoin is a new invention of the digital age, the problems it purports to solve - namely, providing a form of money that is under the full command of its owner and likely to hold its value in the long run - are as old as human society itself"
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I was pondering about why #Congress was so quick to abandon #DACA. After years of #Dreamers protection, literally without a battle. Wouldn't they want the votes? Now we have a #CaravanOfIllegalls approaching the #BorderWall. No fear though @POTUS has activated the #USMC.
If they don't care about the votes it further confirms for me that if #HRC won, the plan would have been to eventually flood the country with immigration and destroy the #USA like the #UK.
(Follow me now)....
We would lose the 2A then the 1A.
We the People would no longer exist. Disarm the people then you can do anything you want to them. Control is the name of the GAME and DATA feeds control. Once we lose America we have an easy shift to a global government under the guise of ultimate freedom of the earth. New tech!
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Just saw the @ReadyPlayerOne movie and want to know how it stacks up against the reality of virtual reality? This thread that breaks down what RP1 gets right, not-quite-right, and flat-out wrong about the future of #VR, immersion, & the metaverse.
We’ll also examine the tech #ReadyPlayerOne left out altogether. After all, the film is set in 2045, and given the exponential rate of technological advancement, 27 years will likely yield some dramatic changes in society.
There are a few articles that have pointed out some of the basics, but having worked in the industry for 4+ years, I want to paint a fuller picture of our impending reality, with RP1 as the jumping-off point.
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1/ This ongoing thread and subthreads - mostly between @leashless, @pospigos, and @artbrock - is incredible. Deepest, no holds barred discussion I've seen about @holochain and it's potential fundamental design mistakes wrt how/how much it enables privacy/transparency...
2/ I'll give some central points here, but read the thread and all the sub threads, they're excellent...
3/ @leashless’s basic critique of @holochain: "'Social capitalism is just more capitalism...' We are just taking our relationships and making them legible to the market, for monitoring, tokenization, and extraction. We will not like it. We will not like it AT ALL.”
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I just published "Web3 Design Principles" - a framework of UX rules for Blockchain based Distributed Applications

To get the conversation started on the front-end experience of Dapps

TL;DR; tweetsummary ahead…

#Web3 #Design #Blockchain #UX
Decentralization, and the trustless exchange of value between peers, are the future of (a part of) the web. the Blockchain is the technology that for the first time enables the trustless, transparent, distributed, p2p, uncensorable communications that will create that future
Today those special properties of the Blockchain are only visible at the protocol level, the softwares creating the blockchain itself, but they don't bubble up to the front-end that users see and interacts with.
Distributed applications (Dapp) today still look much like web apps
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1/ Maybe, but here’s a YUGE prob for securities #tokens: do you need a securities brokerage account just to use the token? Most brokers & their custodians prob won’t integrate with a #blockchain, which means these incumbents can kill the industry simply by not integrating &...
2/ ...thus impeding the token’s use value & preventing it from ever building network effects. If every token must be a security, then @SEC_News should allow wallets to hold securities tokens for short-term, transactional purposes outside of securities brokers. Not doing that...
3/ ...would effectively give the incumbent securities industry the right to block securities tokens & the token industy would just leave the US. That would be anti-competitive, bad policy & just morally wrong. I hope the @SEC_News will get this policy right. #utilitytokens
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Ok thread #blockchain. Une blockchain = un registre open, décentralisé, vérifiable, insupressible, dont l'intégrité est garantie pke impossible à altérer. Chq nvel ajout est vérifié par un gd nb de personnes indépendantes. Dc : registre impiratable, inconfisquable, incensurable.
Principal challenge technique : permettre une haute fréquence d'écriture dans la blockchain (sachant que tte nouvelle inscription doit être validée par plusieurs personnes). Permettra le suivi fiable de n'importe quel flux de data en le rendant fiable et incontestable.
Si on arrive à cette "haute fréquence", ttes les industries voudront basculer l'enregistrement de leurs flux sur une blockchain, pr éradiquer les risques d'erreurs / malversations, et réduire les coûts d'intermédiaires => des 100aines de milliards d'économies à réaliser.
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In a malicious manner, @Comcast did TCP reset attacks on their own customers. Third party telecommunications packet sequences were intercepted, then tampered with. After intercepting third party data, Comcast forged packets, then injected said forged packets into the
original data sequence. Their injected packet was an automatic TCP reset packet. It was injected at the beginning of third-party packet sequences. After injected the @Comcast packet was then analyzed by Comcast's customer’s firewalls.
Said injected @Comcast packets were then the sole reason why Comcast provided firewalls denied other following lawful third party packet sequences. RST reset packets instantly kill the TCP connection. So as soon as their customers received the first COMCAST INJECTED
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Coming to you LIVE from the Penn Law School crypto law conference panel on blockchain shares. Updates on the progress of the Delaware Blockchain Initiative. Thread here.
"In DE, we succeeded in amending a boring, overlooked line in the law that changed everything about how a corporation could exist - the requirement that a corp keep a "stock ledger".
Now, corporations in DE (the majority of the fortune 500 and almost all of the tech unicorns over the last 10 yrs) don't need a "stock ledger" that's a book or an excel spreadsheet. It can just be a #blockchain . Crazy stuff.
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Not sure if I'm more upset that Kodak, the once global undisputed master of imaging has resorted to being a crypto-currency peddling huckster or that enough people bought into this to significantly inflate their share price…
#KodakCoin #KodakCES2018 #Kodak
The crazy thing is that Kodak isn't even the worst example of throwing cryptocurrency buzzwords about to pimp your share price. Even chilled beverage manufacturers are in on the action.…
#KodakCoin #cryptocurrency #blockchain
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[THREAD] Best podcast episodes on #Crypto #Blockchain #ICO #Token #Bitcoin economy in 2017 (ranked randomly) + bonus: best overall podcast episode waiting at the end!
1) The quiet master of cryptocurrency w/ @NickSzabo4 & hosted by @tferriss:
2) Why crypto tokens matter w/ @cdixon & @FEhrsam hosted by @a16z:
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[🔐 =💰 vs💸?]
With #BTC going 🚀 - tons of people are asking about crypto... 🤔
Nobody knows where this is going, even "experts" 🔮
Careful, crypto is more addictive than #GoT! 🐲
If you're new, here are some thoughts & resources to get started💡
[🔐 =💰 vs💸?]
Remember... This is risky. Trading is a full-time job 📈📉
Only invest funds you can afford to lose. 💥
If you're new, stay away from ICOs. 🙅‍♂️
Do your homework diligently 📚 Tips to get started:
[🔐 =💰 vs💸?] "Introduce me to Bitcoin in ONE HOUR" kit:
WHAT 🤔 10-min intro to #Bitcoin -
HOW ⚙️ 20-min visual intro to #Blockchain -
WHY 💡 20-min article on why #BTC matters -…
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#cryptocurrency adalah alat tukar yang menggunakan kriptografi untuk pengamanan transaksi dan penciptaan unit baru.
Untuk bertransaksi dengan #cryptocurrency, pengguna memakai kunci privat yang tersimpan dalam dompet kriptokurensi.
#cryptocurrency diklasifikasikan sebagai subhimpunan mata uang digital, mata uang alternatif, dan mata uang virtual.
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The Pirate Bay et Showtime ont semble-t-il fait exécuter à leurs visiteurs un script JS de minage de #criptocurrency…
L'article ne précise pas de quelle #criptocurrency il s'agit, mais une chose est sure, ce n'est ni du minage de #Bitcoin ni de l'#Ether
Vu la difficulté de minage actuelle pour ces 2 #blockchain, il faut impérativement des ASIC pour avoir une véritable chance de miner un bloc
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What is #Blockchain?

Blockchain could be the missing link in the renewable energy revolution ¦¦ #Crypto
VC: #Blockchain has potential to birth companies that are "2-5 orders of magnitude larger" than Facebook or Google
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1/ #Blockchain and #AI are two juggernaut technologies of our era. How do they connect?
One word: #Data
2/ In the world of AI, data is king, and so too are the data monopolists like Facebook, Google etc.
3/ Blockchain gives the data back to the people, breaking the data monopolies
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