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Should #smartcontract code execution always be dispostive? Can code execution actually bind participants if litigation is always available? Does extrinsic goverance of #blockchains that may alter #consensus governance weaken, or strengthen a protocol? Who should care? /1
Short answer- everyone. #Developers #investors & #lawyers all need to understand #blockchain & #smartcontract governance to understand what it means to build on top of others' tech. Can you patent new art built on a blockchain? Will your software work if the underlying chain /2
upgrades its code? What if the underlying blockchain forks? How can a #smartcontract advocate for or against software changes to underlying #blockchain system functionality? Is it worth investing in a project built on a frequently shifting foundation.... /3
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1) A memo to the #DigiByte #blockchain community on the real world adoption & commercialization of use cases built upon $DGB. Since 2014 I have had 100s, if not 1000s of both public/private meetings w/ many of the largest companies, gov agencies & banks around the world.
2/ These discussions have changed continually since 2014. They went from #blockchain is of the devil & devils Ponzi scheme must be stopped at all costs, to now perhaps being seen as the most pivotal technology of our era & future. This public change of thought took us a decade.
3/ These early meetings in 2014 often never even got to the benefits of $DGB, #Bitcoin etc but were a 5th grade level cryptocurrency Q&A session. Sometimes these people had never even heard the term #blockchain, let alone its value to humanity.
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Digital/NFT Art is taking over.

How do you take part in this revolution?

Thread 👇
1/ Digital Art has always existed.

What's different?


You can now verify ownership, timestamped and connected to the owner via an NFT, (Non Fungible Token)

NFTs can be bought and sold, attributed to Art, Digital Land, etc.

Read this ->
2/ So how do you get involved?

As a Collector: Investing/Buying Art/NFTs is different than just buying cryptocurrency.

Each Art piece and Artist is different and appeals to their set of collectors.

So a lot more investigating needed.
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El estado de Wyoming (EEUU) ha aprobado la solicitud de dar apertura a un banco comercial a la exchange de criptomonedas Kraken, con el que la empresa puede mejorar y expandir sus productos, según un comunicado de prensa.

Hasta ahora, Kraken dependía de terceros para ...

...las transferencias bancarias y otros servicios que le permitían interactuar con el sistema financiero convencional.

Ahora sus clientes podrán realizar operaciones bancarias directamente con Kraken Financial, tal como lo harían con su banco actual. Para empezar, la ...

...compañía ofrece a los usuarios la opción de depositar USD y activos virtuales, que se integrarán en los servicios de intercambio existentes. El comunicado de prensa establece que esto puede proporcionar a los clientes una mejor infraestructura financiera, una mejor...
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If you haven’t already got up to speed yet, please read Part 1 Super Thread here.


Part 1.5 is here, which looks at International Travel and the new #CommonPass platform.

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#NFT's are Catching Fire 🔥

25 Industries Being Disrupted as we speak. Thread 👇

2/ Art. HUGE Growth Industry for NFTs.

We've seen pieces go for $50,000+ and certain Artists sell out $100,000+ in a single day.

SuperRare alone report $2.3M Transaction volume

@makersplaceco, @SuperRare_co, @KnownOrigin_io, @mintbase, @niftygateway, @rariblecom
3/ Virtual Land. Another Monster Industry

Build virtual conferences, games, DeFi banks, art galleries, etc.

Over $50M worth of Transaction Volume so far! BEAST.

@decentraland @SomniumSpace @cryptovoxels @TheSandboxGame @AxieInfinity
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The ruling class has weaponized the power of both #fear & #conformity against us. That #Covid19 is the catalyst to usher in a new global architecture, that is, the #4IR, is not conjecture, not "conspiracy theory", but a fact. Full compliance & social license are required.
The ruling class has conspired to usher in a new global governance w/ #Covid19 as the pretext. WEF-UN-World Bank; a global consolidation of power, well underway. It is understood that the transition will cause unprecedented suffering. The only thing they fear is revolt. #SDGs
Children as human capital #data to be commodified on #blockchain linking behaviour to benefits.

The human population to be controlled "via #digitalidentity systems tied to cashless benefit payments within the context of a militarized #5G, #IoT, & an AR environment. @Philly852
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📢𝗦𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗹𝗲𝗿𝘁!

We are thrilled to announce our new series #Tech4India as part of the #ETI in partnership with #NESTMEA @MEAIndia & @PrinSciAdvOff

Stay tuned for:

🔸Info on key #emerging technologies & sectors 📡🧬🚀⚛️ 🤖

🔸Details on participation in the #ETI Image

Recent advances in 𝗤𝘂𝗮𝗻𝘁𝘂𝗺 𝘁𝗲𝗰𝗵 can bring paradigm shifts in #computing #communication & #cryptography affecting all sectors in the process

Participate in #ETI & help India prepare for the #QuantumRevolution 2.0⚛️


1/2 Image

We encourage people from varied backgrounds to form multidisciplinary teams and send us EoI on innovations like #QuantumComputing #QuantumCommunication & #QuantumNetworks

Selected teams will be invited to prepare a consolidated tech dev & adoption roadmap 4 🇮🇳
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I’ve been asked “How did you get that job?” a few times this week. With the markets alive again, people are starting to ask how they can get involved so, I have a CT thread/ story:

So you want to work in crypto?

In 2014 I was working a boring in office marketing job. A dear friend and coworker @Zukaza, would not stfu about #blockchain and #crypto. I broke down later than year bought some BTC.

A few months later, after some great price action, I was down the 🐇 🕳

I quit my job to become a full time independent market consultant aimed at helping crypto projects.

(This part was hard, lots of ramen.)

No tech background, can’t code, I started volunteering my “soft” skill set to anyone who had a crypto project.

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We have signed & executed a contract to allow for @HackenProof, the top smart contract auditing firm in the crypto space, to audit all of the Chain Games contracts!

We want to ensure our code is as secure as possible before pushing to mainnet so that you can be confident all
funds locked in our smart contracts are SAFU 🙌

They are completing the audit this week. Once the audit comes back clean and without any issues (we don't expect any), we will immediately push to mainnet!

We are getting close CHAIN GANG, can you dig it??? ⛓ 🥳
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The Round Table - Long Walk To Freedom.

It's a 1320 mile walk. The main purpose is to add Scots voters to a Scottish independence #blockchain database. It requires passport levels of ID. Don't give them your personal data. Alert your community. They are NOT the Round Table! ImageImageImageImage
Any Round Tablers out there? They may use your organisation's name to legitimise doorstepping the elderly to part them with their personal data. These are bad people. ImageImage
@themajorityscot have you heard about them heading off from @1EileanDonan on 18th Sept walking to every Scottish town on a data-mining spree for indy? Usual unsavoury suspects involved, inc Dave Lewelyn of mocking up pornographic photo of Mr Galloway and border protest fame.
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@eatonmatt FYI A radical political group calling themselves The Round Table are embarking on a walk to every town in Scotland to register thousands to a #blockchain digital ID, knocking on doors in a pandemic and introducing themselves as The Round Table.
I can't stress enough what big trouble they are so I am giving you a heads-up before it starts on 18th September. If you would like to know more I'm happy to go to DMs. Best wishes. 😊
@MattEaton1 vulnerable people across Scotland might be taken in by these data-mining political activists if they believe them to be Tablers.
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We have been added to @giantbomb, the largest video game database online!

Why does this matter?

@Twitch uses GiantBomb to list all of their games available for streaming! This was the first step to get us listed on #Twitch so users can start tagging the game. Image
& we will start showing up in the Twitch lists and categories!

We have already submitted new box art to be displayed on Twitch which should start showing up as soon as tomorrow!

Now begins the process of targeting mid/top tier Twitch streamers to get them to play & live stream
Super Crypto Kart!!!

Get ready for mainstream #gaming to enter into #crypto, Chain Games, and Super Crypto Kart!…

#gamer #gamers #videogames #supercryptokart #ethereum #eth #chaingang #web3 #blockchain #blockchaingames #blockchaingaming
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@elleprovocateur @Philly852 I tried to tell @dallasschools about #socialimpactbonds & #impactinvesting. Dallas being primed as the “global impact city” where the huge push for #prek is early access to kids + data to feed into their schemes to track human behavior + outcomes 4 profit #ROI
@elleprovocateur @Philly852 @dallasschools @salahboukadoum Years ago @AliceLinahan clued me in to the deceptive semantics surrounding the term “lifelong learning” and it’s not what most educators think. So I bought this book at her recommendation. If you hold the book up to a mirror what do you see? 👀…
@elleprovocateur @Philly852 @dallasschools @salahboukadoum @AliceLinahan Alice and I were able to connect many of the local players to this #socialimpact investing scheme in Dallas that involves a mayor, a non-profit, a DISD trustee turned @teainfo commissioner, and other useful idiots.…
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#Smartgrids: Peer-to-peer energy trading is a great #gridedge application!
Günter Mögele, a real #renewableenergy pioneer, gives valuable insights into the role of a prosumer in the "pebbles" project. In the @SiemensInfra solution, user-friendliness is crucial.
Curious how the #Pebbles #blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading APP looks like? Here is a screenshot of the savings and additional income that a prosumer generated with a #solarpower plant!
#Wildpoldsried is not only the home of #Pebbles peer-to-peer energy trading but has also a long track-record in #renewables & #sustainability.
The town in the German #Allgäu has won the #EuropeanEnergyAward several times. And is proud of it—with good reason! 🏆
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1. News: Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’ -Thread 8.31.20… #WhistleBlower #Voting #MailInBallots #Fraud
2. News: Indiana Rep Jim Banks Introduces “Support Peaceful Protest Act” To Prevent Rioters Arrested For Looting, Vandalism, or Acts of Violence From Receiving Federal $ Benefits… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtest
3. News: 'I am 100% Antifa': Alleged Portland shooter of Trump supporter (also an ardent BLM supporter) was previously arrested—and released—for bringing illegal loaded gun to a riot |… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtesters #Murderer
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The Billion Dollar #Art Industry is Moving to #Blockchain and you don't need to be a Millionaire to get started.

Article ->…

Collector or Artist, this is the perfect read. Image
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📢New Initiative!

We are thrilled to announce 𝗘𝗺𝗲𝗿𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗧𝗲𝗰𝗵𝗻𝗼𝗹𝗼𝗴𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗜𝗻𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗮𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲 #𝗘𝗧𝗜 in partnership with the New Emerging & Strategic Technologies (NEST) Division of @MEAIndia and the Office of the PSA @PrinSciAdvOff

ℹ️▶️… Image
The vision of #𝗘𝗧𝗜 is to understand, analyse & anticipate the impact of #emerging #strategic #disruptive #futuristic & #critical technologies on #economies #social_equity #security & #international_relations

Further, identify opportunities and prepare action-oriented roadmaps Image
Participants from diverse fields including but not limited to #Technology #Innovation & #SocialSciences are encouraged to form #multidisciplinary, multi-institution teams and get involved in the #ETI

If you are interested, contact us:
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"Social Media is nearly succeeding in silencing Nationalist sentiment, their endgame is to reconfigure society tied together by a global network where race and culture are eradicated. Whites are losing their voice en masse and Globalists are publicly celebrating. Cultural and
technological reckoning is inevitable against anti-Western (white) Globalists subverting Western Culture and advancement."
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I’ve just realised Assassin’s Creed is basically a Bill and Ted spin off video game, where young people travel through history and probably say So-crates.
Sorry forgot to include tags. #thoughtleader #blockchain #growthmindset
Me when I got to Athens in Assassin's Creek Odyssey.
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Twitter'da doğru içerik ve strateji ile içeriklerinize reklam bütçesi kullanmadan maksimum erişim ve etkileşim almanız mümkün. Bu konuda çok yakında #kriptopara kullanıcılarının karşısına çıkacak olan @BrokerAlien'ın 28 günlük Twitter analizini sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum.
28 günde atılan 9 Tweet ile 58.400 erişim, 4.549 profil ziyareti, 270 takipçi, 363 linke tıklama, 54 yorumsuz RT, 215 like, 86 yorum almışız. Günlük ortalama 2k erişime ve 10 yeni takipçiye ulaşmışız. Tüm bunlar organik elbette. Herhangi bir reklam bütçesi harcamadık henüz.
Twitter özellikle #bitcoin, #kriptopara ve #blockchain gibi alanlarında içeriklerinizi gerçekten sıcak bir kitle ile buluşturuyor. Doğru, düzenli ve kaliteli içerik üretmek bu noktada havuzdan sıyrılmanıza yardımcı oluyor.
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So of you may know I often point out the limitations of #Blockchain.

But I was curious if a current #Cryptocurrency or other type of hApp was built on #Holochain, could some of that data be populated onto a blockchain?

The only reason I could think of doing so would
be if a current #blockchain project wanted to remove the inherent blockchain issues, Scalability, Consensus, Congestion & Cost but still be able to retain their brand or "chain".

#Holochain mitigates all of these issues with unlimited scaling, the options of zero TX/RX fees it
would make sense for some of them to migrate to a cutting edge architecture that puts them in the new generation of #cryptocurrency while still being able to maintain their roots.

So I spoke with #Holochain lead #Dev @helioscomm & Paul advised that yes this is indeed possible.
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1) #DeAI will enable the next 10x leap of creating value from #ai models by establishing a digital ecosystem around data
2) #data is a digital-native asset that is destined to be collected, curated, processed, and monetized by digital-native ecosystems #DeAI
3) Centralization is limiting innovation: Central entities control access to key resources such as data and compute creating a barrier of entry for unwanted competition #bigtech vs #startup
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