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#LongCOVIDPhysio is an international peer support, eduction and advocacy, patient-led association of Physiotherapists living with #LongCOVID & allies
Oct 25, 2021 15 tweets 9 min read
#LongCOVID has long told the story of the vascular nature of #COVID (thank you Lauren for your incredible art) [all images described in tweet or AltText] #LongCOVID #LongHaulers have talked of the vascular effects of #COVID since Spring 2020, when many felt first-hand the multi-system viral effects
Sep 8, 2021 10 tweets 8 min read
#WorldPTDay is amazingly busy on social media today, showing how much our #GlobalPT community cares about the needs of ppl living with & affected by #LongCOVID … so here’s a SUPER 🧵 of threads
1/n Image What is #LongCOVID in over 50 different languages #WorldPTDay
May 10, 2021 19 tweets 9 min read
#LongCOVIDPhysio formed in November 2020 and as a group we’ve achieved a lot in this time. So what have we been doing in the context of #LongCOVID? A thread 🧵 longcovid.physio Firstly we provide loads of free resources with huge diversity of topics, including what is “#LongCOVIDlongcovid.physio/longcovid