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29 Jan 20
AISH recipients upset about lack of consultation on payment-date changes cbc.ca/news/canada/ed…
I spoke to people who receive AISH. They are unhappy the government didn't consult with them on payment day changes.

A spokesperson for @RajanJSaw says there were 'informal' consultations. The minister talked to "department policy experts and front-line staff." #ableg
@RajanJSaw Like my colleagues, @charlesrusnell and @jennierussell_ , I received emails that I clearly wasn't supposed to receive on this story (documented in this story).

It turns out it was the only way I was able to drill down on the fact the government didn't formally consult. #ableg
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21 Nov 19
BREAKING: the ethics commissioner has responded to the NDP's letter. Marguerite Trussler says the members under investigation by the elex comissioner (like Peter Singh would be in conflict of interest) if they vote on Bill 22 #ableg
MLAs who have close associates that are being investigated by elex commissioner, or who work for them, would likely be in conflict if they vote on bill 22, Trussler says. #ableg
Another interesting part of Trussler's letter -- she says 10 members of the public have asked her to investigate the matter, stop the proceedings of Bill 22 -- or they have shared concerns with her. #ableg
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20 Sep 19
Salaries for UCP political staffers have just been posted.
alberta.ca/political-sala… #ableg
Here's the tea. The UCP is listing the contracts on a biweekly basis...NDP contracts listed annual amounts. So I'm multiplying the amounts in the contracts by 26 pay periods. #ableg
Jamie Huckabay, chief of staff to the premier is making $224,120, slightly less than Notley's chief of staff Nate Rotman who made $225,000 #ableg
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16 Aug 19
the UCP government has appointed new board chairs for U of C, U of A, SAIT and Mount Royal. They all seem to come from business backgrounds. #ableg
Former Edmonton city councillor Michael Phair is no longer the chair of the University of Alberta Board of Governors. He is being replaced Kate Chisholm. #ableg
This seems like a really big deal. Phair was appointed as U of A chair by the previous NDP government to replace Doug Goss. #ableg
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3 Apr 19
.@rachelnotley says she is shocked that @jkenney can just "walk by" the bigotry expressed by Mark Smith. She says it goes to Kenney's leadership. She said he was tested yesterday and he failed. #ableg
Notley says she believes bigotry and the Kamikaze still will have an effect on voters. #ableg
Notley is asked about the new @planetjanetyyc poll showing the UCP still has commanding lead. She says it will come down to voters on election day. #ableg
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