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I’ve never known so many colleagues who are taking medical leaves (stress) or who have flat out quit. We keep talking about how kids are doing, how to help them cope, what their mental health is like…When do we start to show this level of concern for their teachers? #ableg #abed
And the answer to this is not to hand teachers a brochure that shows them all the vast numbers they can phone for "help". This only tells me who I can talk to about my problems, it doesn't address the problems themselves.
I have coping strategies. I go for walks. I talk about my stress. It doesn't change the fact that my workload is over my head. That I'm not qualified to help kids with their mental health issues. That all my PD has gone from teaching focused to student mental health focused.
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From the DM’s…

This is education in Alberta.

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed
We’re going to have to do this as a thread…

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed
The next two tweet are all together.

You should read every one.

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed
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At the UCP AGM waiting for Premier Jason Kenney a keynote speech to kick off today, starting a few minutes later than 11:30. #UCPAGM #yyc
Almost 30 minutes later, looks like we're ready to get started. UCP Calgary director of the board Cythnia Moore up at the podium now. Not seeing a ton of people wearing pins today.
Premier Kenney takes the stage with standing applause from membership. #yyc
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Enseignez-vous l'histoire au primaire ou secondaire dans un établissement d'enseignement canadien? Êtes-vous prêt à répondre à un sondage en ligne sur l'enseignement et l'apprentissage de l'histoire ?…
#abed @atassc
@atassc @ssencressc Il s'agit d'une étude unique en son genre sur les expériences des enseignants canadiens en matière d'enseignement de l'histoire !
@atassc @ssencressc Ce sondage vise à évaluer l'état de l'enseignement et de l'apprentissage de l'histoire de la maternelle à la 12e année au Canada. Il vous faudra environ 20 à 30 minutes pour répondre à l'enquête.
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Do you teach history or social studies in a Canadian K-12 (or “5e secondaire” in Québec) educational institution? Are you willing to complete an online survey about history teaching and learning? @atassc @ssencressc #abed…
@atassc @ssencressc This is a once-in-a-generation study of Canadian teachers’ experiences teaching history!
This survey aims to assess the state of K-12 history teaching and learning in Canada. It should take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.
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This morning, Education Minister Adriana LaGrange fielded some questions about the elementary curriculum piloting process in Alberta (background:…) #abed #ableg Critics say the sample size is too small to get meaningful results.
.@lanamichelin asked about the government's sample size goal, and LaGrange did not provide a number except to say they could have included up to 10 per cent of students. She said the process will help them decide if content needs to move to a different grade, for instance. #abed
.@reportrix followed up with questions about whether Black, Indigenous students are enrolled in the pilot at all. LaGrange pointed out that previous iterations of Alberta curriculum were not pilot tested in classrooms. #abed #ableg
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In about five minutes, Education Minister Adriana LaGrange will provide an update on additional steps being taken to support students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I will do my best to live tweet.

#COVID19AB #abed #yeg #yyc
LaGrange will be joined by Lorrie Jess, president of the Alberta School Boards Association and Wilco Tymensen, president of the College of Alberta School Superintendents.
LaGrange says in May, it was announced $45-million would be available for school authorities to address learning distractions, caused by the pandemic. She says today, government will distribute its funding at a rate of $490 per student for literacy or numeracy support
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Since the start of the school year the #UCP refused to contact-trace cases of #COVID19 in #abed schools & they didn’t require close contacts to isolate. We know via a leaked document the UCP deliberately covered up info gathered by AHS about the spread of #Covid19 in schools. 1/3
The document shows numerous schools with dozens of confirmed #COVID19 cases in the Central Zone. @JasonCoppingAB and @AdrianaLaGrange had this information and they covered it up. They hid it from students, staff and families at these schools. That is gross negligence. 2/3
This report only describes the Central Zone. There are four other zones. These reports must be released immediately and the #UCP must commit to updating them on a daily basis. The cover-up has got to end. #ableg #abed 3/3
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Getting this information was much more difficult than it should have been. It took a couple of months, and I still have unanswered questions. #ableg #abed…
Last year, we learned the original cost of the ABTraceTogether app was $650,000. But looking in the sole-source contract database I noticed there were actually four contracts with Deloitte for the app that added up to $1.7 million. #ableg #abed
I started posing questions to the health minister's office about whether these contracts represented the total cost of the app, and asking for usage data. My requests to government were ignored and I was told in person my questions weren't a priority. #ableg
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To recap the parts of today's Alberta government announcement regarding COVID-19 pandemic management in schools:
- Oct. 6 (tomorrow): The website reporting school outbreaks across the province will return. #abed #ableg
It sounds like the same system as last year, where schools will be listed if they have 2-4 or 5-9 COVID-19 cases reported (alerts) or outbreaks of 10 or more cases in a school. #ableg #abed
So far this year, some school boards have been reporting this on their own. Edmonton Public Schools is now up to 702 cases self-reported so far this year:…
I count 63 cases tallied here so far in Westglen school, (enrolment: 338 kids). #ableg #abed
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Premier Jason Kenney announces booster shots for COVID will now be available for people 75+, FNMI folks 65+ #ableg
Kenney says province seeking 6 million rapid test kits so parents in high risk areas, outbreak schools, can test kids twice weekly.
Background on folks calling for this… #ableg #abed
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EPSB special board meeting on COVID-19 in schools is going on now. Watch here:…
So far, have heard @shelaghdunn say she's stunned that AHS is tracking only suspected outbreaks, not cases, in schools during the 4th wave. #ableg #abed
Trustee Sherry Adams has questions about how EPSB can mandate vaccines for staff when some people may have allergies to vaccine components.
My attention is elsewhere today and I cannot live tweet this, but interested folks can watch at the link above ⬆️
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Watching Edmonton Public emergency meeting.

699 self-reported cases of COVID-19.

67 per cent are in students in K to 6.

#ableg #abed
Edmonton Public has 17 schools on outbreak status.

13 due to repiratory illness. 4 due to COVID-19.

Board chair @TrishEstabrooks said today's emergency meeting was called after parents urged the board to do more to get the province to do something.

#ableg #abed
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Edmonton's public school board is holding a special public board meeting tomorrow at 9 am, regarding the COVID-19 situation in schools and possible advocacy on mitigation measures: #yeg #abed #ableg…
Worth nothing EPSB has already been advocating for the Alberta government to take more measures to protect K-12 students.
Like here:…
And here:…
#ableg #abed
So has the Calgary Board of Education… #ableg #abed
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Elk Island Public Schools now has an online COVID-19 tracking tool.
Interesting nugget: 94 per cent of self-reported cases so far are in students, and 2/3 of those cases are in elementary students. #ableg #abed…
Seven Elk Island public schools have had outbreaks declared to date, but the website doesn't specify whether those are COVID-19 outbreaks. #abed #ableg
h/t to @highdeez for pointing to the St. Albert Public Schools COVID-19 tracker.
At least one school and several classrooms have gone online in that division:… #ableg #abed
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So we've all (well not all but most) learned we don't say "not all men" to a woman's lived experience.

Can we now add not saying "not all teachers/educators" when someone speaks up on their lived experience in education. If you didn't struggle or ignore students gold star!
But many of you who are doing the "not all teachers/educators" thing today are writing off a lived experience many have faced. And many adults are still traumatized and hey many kids are being put through that same system. Seclusion rooms anyone?
I have been advocating for not just the kids but also pay raises for EA's and better supports for teachers and all things asked of us. But tell me when was your last PD day about our kids? How much of your education was about properly supporting our kids?
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For several weeks, I've been trying to find out what is going on (or, not going on) with rapid COVID-19 testing in Alberta schools. #ableg #abed…
Some noteworthy things. The Canadian government has sent Alberta almost 4.4 million rapid test kits for COVID-19. So far, 1 million of them (less than a quarter) are reported as used. (Scroll down).…
This is a common pattern in most provinces. #ableg
The Alberta government says it has 980,000 rapid test kits, and that if schools want some of them, they can ask. Health professionals no longer have to administer these tests - folks could do them at home with instructions. #ableg #abed
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Here are some selected updates about COVID-19 in Alberta schools today:

Elk Island Catholic school board has added its voice to the chorus of boards/education organizations calling for the reinstatement of contact tracing in schools. Here's their letter: #ableg #abed
Speaking of Elk Island Catholic Schools, they also have a listing online of which schools have identified COVID-19 cases and outbreaks:…
(I guess you'd have to know the school names/initials, but folks could probably figure it out). #ableg #abed
For the first time, Edmonton Catholic Schools has released a number of COVID-19 cases they are aware of.
They know of 300 self-reported cases in 75 schools. AHS has confirmed respiratory outbreaks in five schools. #ableg #abed
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#ABEd #k12 “As schools across Alberta continue to struggle with outbreaks and soaring cases of #COVID19 [in schools], no changes have been announced around increased support for identifying cases and contact tracing”…
True test of “leadership” is not found in times of prosperity, health, & peace—those waters are calm & readily navigable: The true tests of leadership occurs in navigating challenge, distress, & upheaval well, at the least minimizing harms if not prospering.
“As many as 7 Calgary schools are now being investigated for #COVID19 outbreaks and, according to a letter sent to the province by the Calgary Board of Education last week, at least 350 self-reported COVID cases are now linked to more than 120 CBE schools” #k12 #Delta
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Hi, here is a brief bio and my platform. There are many issues to discuss at the Edmonton Public School Board and a good discussion is always important. All the best to everyone. ImageImageImage
A word of encouragement.

It takes parents to raise a child. It takes a village (#epsb @EPSBNews) to encourage parents that they are doing the most important job they will ever do all their lives.
#ableg #abed #epsb #ecsd #yycbe

For Orange Shirt Day let's inspire our students  that now they can help change the laws of Canada to include the right to Parent Directed, Charter Compliant, Local Education, so that the tragedy of Residential Schools  could never happen again. Image
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I just had a screaming, yelling, pushing incident with two drunk males late teens/early 29’s at the Calmar Fas Gas in @LeducCounty owned by @ParklandCorp.

You got it, no masks. Belligerent & foul mouthed. Cashier asked him to grab one, ‘I’m not wearing a f*****g mask.’

1/ 🧵
‘Why the f**k should I wear a mask?’ Because it’s law right now I replied. ‘It’s not a f*****g law.’

Cashiers didn’t have their masks on when I entered the store. Two @RCMPAlberta cruisers in town from @CityofLeduc & staff refused to call them or let me to use the ☎️to call 911.
Claimed they weren’t allowed to let customers use their ☎️ which is BS. I’ve used it before as has anyone who asked.

I10+ complaints about this location during our last mask mandate.

Yes we have a local bylaw 👮‍♀️. No, he doesn’t do his job - he educates - for 1+ yrs-same people.
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Great opinion article by Angela Grace, in the Red Deer advocate today in why Kenney won't back down on the horrendous curriculum.
#ABEd… Image
All Albertans should be livid - experts, school boards, parents, teachers.. hundreds and hundreds have shown why this curriculum is a step back. Why it needs to be scrapped and re-written, this time without the UCPs favorite racist being involved, Chris Champion
Join the protest this Saturday in #Edmonton, from noon to 2 pm. Come masked, and be as LOUD as you can. The UCP need to know that we won't let this go. This is about the future of our province and our children's education. Don't let Kenney force his ideology on you
#abed Image
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As of today there is a province-wide mask mandate in AB. Everywhere, EXCEPT IN SCHOOLS.
1. Schools, where we have UNVACCINATED kids sitting in a classroom together.
#abhealth #abed
2. Schools, where there will be indoor gatherings of > 10 people indoors on a daily basis (remember, the government strongly recommends that unvaccinated Albertans limit indoor social gatherings to a maximum of 10 people)
#abhealth #abed
3. Schools, where there have been no changes to optimizing ventilation.
4. Schools, where wearing masks would at least help mitigate spread of the infectious Delta variant.
5. Schools, where last school year a provincial mask mandate was in effect.
#abhealth #abed
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And Evergreen Catholic, in Stony Plain/Spruce Grove area: #ableg #abed
Masks now mandated in Grade 4-12 anglophone schools in St. Paul, AB… #ableg #abed
Foothills School Division requiring masks now for all staff and students now #abed #ableg
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