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This clip is making the rounds and has prompted the attached statement.

We’re not going to link to what appears to be the source, because the context and comments are appalling.

That being said…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed…
This is a deeply polarized and emotional issue for many, and while the nitpickers are out in full force, one thing that this teacher said is extremely important.

“It goes two ways. If you want to be respected for who you are, if you don’t want to suffer prejudice for your……
This is a cornerstone of not only the ideals of Canadian society, but also any civil society.

Acknowledging and respecting the mosaic that Canada aspires to be is a key component in making that mosaic function.

Canada has ideals that we aspire to.

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🧵I may be just a second grade teacher, but I’m also an Albertan who has thoughts and experiences with public education. Check them out here: #abed #ableg #abvote #firetheucp #abetterfuture Image
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Mega 🧵Part 4: This thread serves as a reminder of just some of the reasons as to why racialized Albertans should consider not voting for the UCP this election. #Ableg #Abpoli 1/x Image
Remember when during the height of Covid Kenney went on radio to blame the South Asian Community in Calgary for spreading Covid? #YYC #Ableg #Abpoli…
Remember the lack of supports after the devastating hail storm in Calgary in 2020 and how systematic racism was blamed for these lack of supports? #YYC #Ableg #Abpoli…
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Mega 🧵 Part 1: The UCP have been in power the past 4 years. A reminder of the disaster that has been the past 4 years. 1st & foremost, their handling of Covid, the worst-rated response in the country, should be immediately disqualifying. #Ableg #Abpoli 1/x Image
Indeed, the worst-rated Covid response in the country. #Ableg #Abpoli Image
Remember when the UCP lied about rescinding the coal policy and only backtracked after a massive groundswell of opposition? Those coal projects are still on the books. #Ableg #Abpoli Image
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UCP MLA's Peter Guthrie on the RVS. Link below to detailed article concerning the compalints from the RVS. I think we all know who is lying here and it's not the RVS. Choose wisely Airdrie-Cochrane. Vote ABNDP. 1/2 #Abpoli #Ableg #Abed Image
RVS's detailed complaints regarding lack of school funding. All lies according to the UCP's Peter Guthrie. 2/2 #Abed #Abpoli #Ableg…
"Rocky View Schools Division feels ignored by the Smith Government". Liars according to UCP MLA Peter Guthrie. #Abed #YYC #Abpoli #Ableg…
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Hey question for @yyCBEdu: why is Hillhurst School having a "wellness talk" tomorrow featuring a Fox News talking head and regular guest of Tucker Carlson who spouts misinfo and pseudoscience about kids' mental health? #yyc #ableg #abed… Image
@yyCBEdu There are many mental health professionals that could be tapped for this kind of talk that would be more appropriate and aren't approaching this from an ideological perspective. Is this reflective of @yyCBEdu's stance on children's mental health @LauraHack34, @patriciajbolger?
I'm sure @drangelagrace or some of her colleagues would have something to say on this
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From the DM's..

These were posted in a teachers group today and are being shared with permission.

And you really should read them.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed
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This is your daily pension announcement! Good news from @ATRFPension, the Annual Report has just dropped. I need some time to analyze the entire thing but the great news is...
#ABLeg #handsoffmypension…
The plan funded ration is up to 99% (up from 81% in 2014). This all important ratio means that assets almost = liabilities. This improvement is the result of important work the ATRF Board did over the last 10 years. #ABLeg
If you recall, some years ago Redford and Horner tried to cut the other provincial pension plans because they thought their funded ratios were too low. (maybe 80%)
Fast forward: all those plans above 100% and looking good. #ABLeg #neverbelieveapolitician
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I wrote a letter to @yyCBEdu Trustees about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in #yyc’s #CBE schools. Why aren’t we using all the available #IAQ tools: specifically, portable HEPA filters?
It's here:
But, sharing it here too for #AbEd folks! (Also, #comics!) 1/27 Handwritten text in blue and green says, “A Letter to the
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Ms. Notley, please do your homework. We did NOT cancel the PUF program. In fact, the age for PUF students who can qualify for these supports is as early as 2 years, 8 months of age. (1/4)
Alberta is the only province in Canada who funds students with educational supports at this age. In addition to PUF, we expanded grants for students with language delays. (2/4)
Here’s another fact: Under our government, our education system has the LARGEST budget in Alberta’s history. (3/4)
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The UCP boasted about a $13.2 billion surplus as vulnerable students are left behind. #ableg #abed
They boasted about a $13.2 billion surplus as kids go hungry.
They boasted about a $13.2 billion surplus as kids had their lifesaving surgeries cancelled because the hospitals were too filled with sick kids…
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#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
Dear Canadians:
Merry Christmas. You really need your own subscription, but here is the Front Page of the best newspaper in Canada; @EpochTimes
Please see below the "action itemes" from the first paragraph of 3 news items. ImageImageImageImage
1. We need free, not govt censored, speech, like the Twitter Files have proven, the Biden deep state has severely broken American law. Lady Justice is weeping.   (If King George had been able to shut down Am News in 1776, then no US, then perhaps Hitler wins WW2?) ImageImage
2. Now even the corrupted pharma controlled FDA has had to admit Pfizer's Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine is Linked to Blood Clotting. Time to listen to our Whistle Blowing Doctors @RWMaloneMD @P_McCulloughMD @PierreKory @DrAseemMalhotra and #StoptheShots ImageImageImageImage
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A tale of two headlines, months apart.

To deal with *labour shortages* “The Alberta government invested $8 million earlier this fall to create 69 “micro-credential programs” over two years.” After “$690 million worth of cuts they have imposed on post-secondary schools.” #abed ImageImage
“The @albertaNDP supports micro-credential programs, but the program is a tiny fraction of the $690 million worth of cuts they have imposed on #abpse schools. The #UCP’s] policies leave Albertans behind.”—@davideggenAB…
“For @UCalgary students, funding cuts have contributed to an increase in annual tuition of 25% over the cost 4 years ago.”

“If word gets out that the government’s not funding universities, colleges properly, then people just won’t come,”—@davideggenAB…
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An example of ableism in education in Alberta.
When covid first shut everything down how many could tell you how many education supports like EA's, SLP's and OTs were laid off? 126,000 ring a bell. Which kids did they support the most? Kids with disabilities.
What happened to the funding normally used to pay for them all if most were laid off? I mean Adrianna did make a statement on how it would go to supporting covid costs being used to protect students in schools. Few outside those laid off or the students impacted complained.
My son was forgotten for the last 4 months of his kinder year... and had PUF funding just gone. How many kids did that happen too? Considering 1 EA will support multiple children.
I mean there were rallies but mostly just parents and those impacted by the lay offs.
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Hey @EPSBNews this survey you're about to send out... the one you claim is a Pillar goal for diversity, equity and inclusion....
Why did you leave out disabilities?
The survey is to learn how to better support learners and you left this entire demographics out?
#abed #ableg
Did we assume children with disabilities wouldn't be able to answer the questions ? Did we leave them out for a reason?
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On Twitter, in response to the #Rally4Ed in Edmonton, Jim Simpson @EMJS10 asked - When people say, ‘save public education’, what do they mean? What needs saving? Who needs saving?
A vital question requires an answer. What sets public school education apart? #ABEd @SOSAlberta
What characteristics & project makes public school education unique, vital, and attractive, compared to state-funded denominational education, charter and other private schools, or home schooling? Why does public school education have value worth defending? @schill_dawg #Ableg
Two caveats. First, this is a summary of more extensive arguments I have been making for more than 40 years. Second, I am describing the ideal system of public school and it doesn’t exist anywhere. But it is pursued with passion in many communities.
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Tomorrow is the Day for #TruthandReconciliation – a day to acknowledge the histories and legacies of residential schools, and to honour the survivors, their families & communities. It aligns with #OrangeShirtDay, which carries a very important message: #EveryChildMatters. (1/4) Image
#AB’s government is committed to walking the path of reconciliation together with Indigenous peoples. Commemorating the tragic and painful history and ongoing impacts of residential schools is a vital component of this process. (2/4)
Now is a time for us to learn more about the residential school system and to continue our work toward reconciliation. I invite all #AbEd schools to participate in activities led by the @NCTR_UM and the AB Regional Consortia #ARPDC. (3/4)
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Because Alberta diverts almost $300 MILLION per year FROM public education to subsidize elite private schools—to subsidize the rich—there is less funding to support your child. (See linked thread below.)

Albertans have been conditioned to accept this instead of being outraged
The diversion of tax money to from public education to subsidize the rich is why Alberta public schools have some of the highest school fees and highest bus fees in the country. 🧵👇

When funding was given out for covid supports, elite for-profit private schools like Webber Academy received hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars in subsidies.
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It’s disappointing to see some individuals within the education system and the public playing politics on what for many is the first day back at school. School authorities are extremely well-funded. 1/5 #AbEd
In fact, they are being funded at record levels and have saved tens of millions in operating reserves. I’m pleased to see that many school authorities have decided to spend those dollars in the classroom where they belong, and are hiring 1600 new teachers and support staff. 2/5
I understand that bringing in an entirely new funding model in 2019, just before the pandemic, has been a learning curve for everyone. That is why we said from the very beginning we would be listening to school authorities and making changes as needed. 3/5
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Travis Toews right now at the Ed. choice forum: “I would fund transportation for students to go to private schools, and increase capital funding for charter schools.” #AbEd
Brian Jean: “We need to get back where we were 25 years ago in education. There are good and bad things in the draft curriculum. Math and ELA got some good reviews. Some concepts were age inappropriate. The grade 5-6 drama curriculum has some odd things.”
BJ: “Albertans were outraged when the NDP politicized the curriculum. So let’s get politics out of it.” 🙄
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This is damning. By removing prov mask mandates last yr, Alberta set up an internal experiment between schools boards. The province's own analyses found:

"School boards without mask mandates have 3 times more outbreaks in their schools, on average."
(Feb. 7/22) #ABEd
Case rates and hospitalization rates were also lower in areas with mask mandates.

All this time, they sat on AB-specific data re: masking & schools, directly linked to local communities. But politics prevailed & 'leaders' ignored evidence from the same experiment they created.
The source starts on p 73 of this court-ordered document that was just published…
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🧵Well, here we are #Hellberta. My husband can have known Covid positive students in his class, unmasked infecting anyone. @albertateachers this is a workplace health and safety issue, you have failed your membership since February. School boards for much longer.
I dare any of you to look my medically at risk 2 year old in the eye & tell her she is worth burying your heads in the sand. You know there are teachers and students with significant health conditions in your schools today,who you have FAILED to keep safe, just so parents aren’t
mad at you for using evidence to inform policy. Masks work. Isolation works. Sick kids should not be at school. After the hell of the last two years, this has been the worst part; people expecting my husband to show up and shut up about the risks to his daughter
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From the DM’s…

LONG thread on the current teachers vote and how our province got here…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed
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The continued #ableg cuts to education are not impacting all #abed students equally. I’m popping back on Twitter to speak to what I've seen happening. I'm writing this thread as a parent and past Trustee. I'm writing it to share what I learned and what I wish I did differently.🧵
Before I start, the language in budgets of “students who need specialized supports” includes students with disabilities, refugee students, and english language learners. But I want to name that the main conversation I'm having here is regarding students with disabilities.
Here’s the basics.

The Alberta government provides funds to school boards based on a set of formulas. They publish these formulas publicly:…
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