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Edmonton City Council is back and digging into the giant motion before them, on community safety and police budgets. You can follow along live on YouTube: #yegcc #blmyeg
This is the motion. And all of its many amendments.… #yegcc
Before getting to all these amendments... I've noticed that police speaking to #yegcc admit systemic racism exists but only in more general ways. There's not as much direct accountability or such for individuals. They're focus more on corporate-style changes, but within system.
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Long-time followers: I'm covering a special Edmonton public school board meeting today. Watch along here: #ableg #abed
First up, Chair @TrishEstabrooks accepts the official resignation of Ward A trustee @CJohner . She tendered her resignation after making racist remarks about refugees in the last meeting:… #abed
Trustee Sherry Adams says she wants to acknowledge Johner's service to the board during the last decade, particularly her attention to Indigenous students. #abed
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️ has @SPhillipsAB bring the fire! Not only is the Private Member Bills committee meeting tomorrow AM, but the Public Accounts Committee is meeting too! @SPhillipsAB is the chair! Look what is on the agenda: #ABLeg
"In particular, I will be asking questions related to comparisons between ATRF’s past performance under its own management and the performance of the Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP), which has historically been managed by Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo)."
And "We now know that AIMCo executives stand to gain millions in bonuses from increasing the size of the organization’s portfolio, and that AIMCo pushed to take over the management of ATRF. "

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What if I told you my son was left in diapers that caused rashes so bad his skin would blister while in his Public Pre-K? What if I told you he lost 10 pounds off his tiny 38 pound frame (28pounds) and when I asked the school team to help me track intake the teacher he's fine.
In fact she said she wishes she could have lost the weight so easily. What if I told you he was lost, forgotten, left behind, not included because of diaper needs countless times. What if I told you FSCD approved me having a school liaison for fear of my sons care?
What if I said that even with that I still have to involve Inclusion Alberta who only really just said next near could be better in a new school? What if I told you that upon getting the complaint the teacher and V.principal no showed at the last IEP meeting. Just SLP and OT.
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I’ve spent a lot of hours lately researching choice in education (at all levels). I’ve been trying to decide who wins in the neo-libertarian world of Milton Friedman adopted by the UCP. I can clearly see that it is neither parents nor students. #abed #abpse ...2
In the hope that choice meant a better education, improved results, more employability and special attention for kids with special needs, two decades of U.S. experience with failed voucher-systems (where money follows student) show “choice” was never for parents. ...3 #ableg
Choice in education has not lead to better student outcomes in the U.S. A multitude of studies prove it. Go online and see. Competition in a quasi-privatized, fractured system has only led to profit for the very rich or a sustainable faith-base for certain churches. ..4 #ableg
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Just chatting with one of my political confidants and the equalization referendum makes so much more sense now. THREAD
#ableg #fairdeal #Referendum #ableg #abed
Where has @jkenney faced some of his greatest opposition?

Public school boards, and municipal councils.
It's been rumoured for some time that there would be some slates run in the next municipal election.
The @Alberta_UCP tested this out with their so called "Students Count" slate in the 2017 #yyccbe @yyCBEdu election.
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Nearly half a million Albertans are unemployed or working reduced hours. Albertans are worried about jobs, our province’s economic future & the security of their families.

The Fair Deal report released today does nothing to address these real & urgent priorities. THREAD #ableg
Sadly, it is nothing more than a cynical, political distraction from this government’s failure to make progress on things that matter to Albertans.

Much of what is contained here is far beyond this government’s authority or jurisdiction. 2/ #ableg
One thing that is within the UCP government’s authority, are pensions.

The last thing Albertans want, is this Premier’s hands anywhere near their retirement savings.

3/ #ableg
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Here are some school choice thoughts based on happenstance conversations with two parents and a colleague re. teacher gifts last night (I guess we hob-nob 🤷‍♀️). A thread: #abed #abpoli #ableg
Parent 1 is stressed about what to do for teacher gifts b/c as a member of their niche charter board she is painfully aware of how “woefully underpaid” teachers are (her words, not mine), and doesn’t feel she could ever do enough in thanks, and is already at $500 on gifts. 2/15
She wasn’t *trying* to be patronizing, she’s a good person who also volunteers and makes monthly donations in the $1000s to various local charities. 3/15
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I’m pretty sure this government has no idea how many parents are terrified to send their kids back to school. Ir maybe they do and it is part of their home schooling (undermine public education plan). UCP Fearmongers! #ableg #abed
To use his own words, @jKenney “betrays the economic illiteracy of the UCP” and of himself, on several counts in this video, but we will start with 3 main errors. See thread and please retweet. I have no followers. 1/7 #ableg
AIMCo’s losses are much larger than other investment managers for pension plans across Canada. Don’t buy in. The evidence is published. Do your homework. I’m in MEPP myself, but does a really good job of explaining it all Also @yomeeks tweets. #ableg 2/7
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Okay Alberta peeps, when the government said school re-entry would happen under detailed plans we all thought they would be part of it.

Why wouldn't we? Governments are regulatory.

Now @AdrianaLaGrange tells us it is up to school boards to come up with their own plans. 1/x
Here's why the Alberta Government abdicating their responsibilities to boards/students is so bad. #ableg #abEd

Schools aren't set up for what is needed. More hand washing?

Does your child's classroom have a sink?

Hand sanitizer stations?

Additional cleaning? 2/x
Things can be done to close gaps but @AdrianaLaGrange has said the funding is in place for boards within their existing budgets.

This is a lie.

The #UCP has already cut budgets so deeply that without Covid-19 even taken into consideration some schools are losing most CTS 3/x
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So, I want to talk about a 2nd concern with the Choice in Education Act: opening the door to a massive expansion of charter schools while reducing charters' public oversight and accountability. #abed #ableg

(Note: speaking as a ed researcher here, not on behalf of the board.) 🧵
Currently, to establish a charter school, a group has to go to a local school board first and ask them to establish an alternative program. If that board agrees, boom, program established, no charter required.
The new Act enables groups to skip that step and go right to the minister to ask for a charter. No requirement to attempt to set it up as a properly public school.
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It has been 1 month since I was told by the office of @AdrianaLaGrange that my concerns regarding the education cuts would be answered by the minister "directly" and "ASAP". However, the story of this missing reply is a ride I did not want to go on

On Apr 3 I contacted both my MLA (@RonOrrMLA) and the EDC office in response to an email they sent to address my concerns over the mass layoffs taking place in May. Ron forwarded my 4 specific concerns to the EDC office so they could be properly addressed

After a few correspondences, I was told that I would get a direct response from the minister and that they were hoping for it to be "ASAP". Success! Instead, on May 6 I received the EXACT same copy and paste email I had been sent in the first place. Yup.

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🧵 Last week Minister @AdrianaLaGrange scolded the CBE, citing among other things their inability to put students first.

One would expect a leader in her position to lead by example: so let’s take a look back at some of her initiatives over the past year or so.
#abed #ableg
1. @AdrianaLaGrange Delayed school budgets until 6 weeks into the school year (Oct 2019) creating fiscal uncertainty for school boards. Not great for students!


#abed #ableg
2. @AdrianaLaGrange;
Quietly rolled back requirement to report class sizes. Also, not great for kids!…
#abed #ableg
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Every time I hear the @Alberta_UCP
trying to spin their drastic and cruel cuts to PUF programming, I hear the @dixiechicks in my head.

Even if you are not directly impacted by the decimation to PUF, the entire province of AB should be outraged by this news. #abed #ableg
To clarify, for those that don't share my inclination for angry @dixiechicks music:
Also, it has been bothering me for a while, so I just need to say it:

PUF = Program Unit Funding

So when you write "PUF funding" in a sentence, you are being redundant.

Please stop.
It burns my eyes each time I read it.
#abed #ableg
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Stop paying (mostly) women, tell them to continue working in a crisis (significant emotional labour & mental load, care work & educational expertise) for free. It's never "free". Carrying the mental load, emotional labour & performing care - costs - paid or not. #abed #ableg 1/
The assumption that (mostly) women, should do any care work because it's the *right* think to do, adds to the 2nd & 3rd shift, gender wage gap & makes the work invisible. It literally "doesn't count" - except that if you don't do it you are a "cruel" "selfish" woman. 2/ #ableg
Imagine telling oil field workers they should work for "free" because prices have tanked, we're in crisis, "need" oil, but can't pay them. Ludicrous? It is - but for some reason it's totally reasonable to suggest this for care work performed by (mostly) women. 3/ #ableg
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“We are disappointed that the government has dictated that we lay off these valuable staff members, who are directly involved in supporting student learning, even in this new temporary model of online classrooms,” says Board Chair Anne Marie Watson. 1/
“We worked hard to keep these staff employed as long as possible, but we really wish we had not been forced into taking this action.” 2/
“This was disappointing news to us because two weeks ago Alberta Education initially promised that funding would continue as status quo for the rest of the school year,” said RDCRS Interim Superintendent Kathleen Finnigan. 3/
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If you are not already motivated to stand up and fight for public education, we have some inspiring news for you!
We've received notice from our friends @backpackthefilm that their amazing documentary is NOW AVAILABLE FOR HOME STREAMING!!!
#abed #ableg
SOS has been facilitating screenings across AB since 2017. This film is incredibly impt viewing now more than ever!
Pls pay close attn to:
🍎How governments deal w public education during a crisis
🍎How vouchers divert public dollars to privately run schools
#abed #ableg
🍎The effects and growth of online learning (virtual schools)
🍎How inequity widens as a result of funding following students to schools of *choice*
🍎The possibilities (Union City) available when public education is properly resourced.
#abed #ableg
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Premier Jason Kenney is pushing tens of thousands of Albertans into unemployment amid a deadly pandemic by cutting crucial supports for Alberta students.

#25klaidoff #ableg #abed
On Saturday afternoon, the UCP released a brief statement indicating that funding for educational assistants, substitute teachers, bus drivers & others was being withheld from schools during the pandemic.

In total, Kenney is cutting $128 million from the school system.
NDP Education Critic @shoffmanAB noted many students are already struggling as they adjust to learning at home. Now, there will be substantially fewer supports to help them.
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Yesterday I was inconsolably depressed. I woke up from a stress induced nap, and immediately found out that my son and other children with ASD or other special needs had lost their support staff at 1pm on a Saturday. I understand all parents are dealing with

The stresses of job loss, financial strain, children losing instructional time, but I have to say that this whole situation has been especially hard for those who have special needs or are parents of those with special needs. There is already a deep and pervasive worry for

My Children’s futures at the best of times, given their challenges. Now I have to navigate trying to fill in the gaps that are left by stripping my 4 year old from his EA who has been working tirelessly to support my son and his teacher during this crisis. My son’s

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1/ So. The cuts of @AdrianaLaGrange to #abed stop delivery of lessons to kids with special needs and those without internet access.

This is @UCPCaucus fraud. How?

The govt is responsible for delivering education, but it's funded in part by federal transfers and the
2/ locally-collected Education Property Tax.

So these services have been paid for.

@jkenney now refuses to deliver them to those most in need. But he's keeping the money.

So nothing for those kids, but still spending millions on his oil propaganda pals.

That's corrupt.
3/ And I am not using the word "corrupt" as hyperbole. It's literally corrupt to take money and then refuse to deliver required services through firing the people who deliver them.

Every Conservative who objects to tax fraud should be howling for resignations.

And @UCPCaucus
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Cancelling of classes by #abed was a necessary measure to help limit the spread of #COVID19AB. Teachers and support staff worked tirelessly for the following week to transition their resources to a virtual delivery method. Many skipped their ‘spring break’ in order to do so.
Because our family is with the Catholic School division, we started online learning last Monday (our Spring Break is in April). I am going to provide you with a bit of a *reality check* about what our first week of structured online learning is really like.
My husband is a principal with the district and I work full-time in academia. So, one could say we are well-equipped to educate our children with the assistance of teachers online.

(Narrator: they were not)

We have three children in grades 2, 6 and 8.
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A memo to school boards today from Alberta Education deputy minister Andre Courbold tells boards they should give layoff notices to school support staff as soon as possible so they can apply for EI and other federal programs. #abed #ableg
"Substitute teaching is a casual occupation under federal employment rules. Our direction to school authorities is to limit the use of substitute teachers effective March 31 so these individuals can apply to the expanded federal employment insurance program..." #abed #ableg
"... as well as other federal support programs." #abed
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This government has just announced that they are forcing divisions to lay off thousands of working people in the middle of a global pandemic and a massive economic crisis. #abed #ableg…
These workers - educational assistants, office administrators, bus drivers, and other education workers - are our friends, neighbours, family members. Many of them are already supporting families challenged by this crisis. Many of them are single parents.
The answer, the province says, is to force even more workers onto federal financial support programs, at a time when those programs are already massively stretched and when the feds have asked employers to keep people if they can through wage subsidies.
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Hi everyone. I work in a high school. Part-time teacher, part-time Inclusive Learning team. That means I’m in the classroom AND help set up accommodations for students that need them. This is a (long) thread #abed #ableg /1
I started this because I have read and heard people express that they expect students to complete work everyday, and if they can’t, they should fail, or have to do this year over. /2
What I’m thinking about is: how are we SUPPORTING students right now? Schools provide WAY more than instruction and assessment and even in those areas, such a wide range of programming for a wide range of learners. /3
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