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ME activist longing for a cure, or some form of treatment. Mum of 3, grandmum of 3. Lived with the horrendous & disabling disease ME (not CFS) for 25+ years.
Dec 26, 2021 • 19 tweets • 8 min read
This👇tweet’s in response to a screenshot in 1 of @keithgeraghty’s tweets. It set off a thread where I laid my soul bare hoping those in power, whether doctors,psychiatrists,psychologists, politicians,or whoever, would finally see it & acknowledge our reality.
#ME #LongCovid 1/18 For the first time in years, apart from drive-bys, my husband took me to the beach yesterday. I FORCED myself to walk to the water as it was so inviting on a hot evening. I swam a few strokes, then just floated. I could hardly make it out of the water & up onto the sand…

Dec 31, 2020 • 7 tweets • 6 min read
1. It should not be that people end up traumatised by visiting Drs; that they put off going because of how they’ve been disbelieved, dismissed,treated as hysterical, or even yelled at. I know many of you with #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis can relate to what I’m saying.

#MedTwitter 2. I’ve grown to dread every visit to Drs & specialists. Not one of them has ever been truly interested in acknowledging that I have #ME, or taken it into account when ‘treating’ me. I use that word loosely, cos unless they acknowledge it,how can they fully treat me?