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Each person deserves to #LiveAsYouAre. We will always stand up for Michiganders of all identities and build a future the next generation can be proud of. #MILeg
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"Today, I rise to remind you that #SomeoneYouLove has had an #abortion.

I had to end a much-wanted pregnancy due to a diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy. There was no chance for the fetus to live, & if no action was taken, I would have died, also." — Sen. @rosemarybayer #MILeg 1/ @rosemarybayer “I’m grateful that Roe was in place so my doctor could do what they needed to do to protect my life and any future life I might create.”

— Sen. @rosemarybayer #SomeoneYouLove #AbortionIsHealthcare #MILeg 2/
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Sen. @rosemarybayer on the Oxford HS shooting in her district: "It’s been more than 2mos since that day, & sadly, more than 7mos since legislation was intro'd in the House & Senate that, had it been acted on, might have made a difference in the outcome." #MiLeg #EndGunViolence 1/ Sen. @rosemarybayer on how SBs 550-553 & HBs 5066-5069 would save lives:

"These are bills that would require guns to be stored safely to prevent injury & provide criminal penalties if failure to safely store a gun results in injury or death." #MiLeg #EndGunViolence 2/
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As Michiganders work hard & play by the rules, Republicans devise plans like a $2B giveaway to corporations that raked in profits during the pandemic. That's 6X what the GOP would offer nurses, first responders &other working families — &they're hoping you won't notice. #mileg 1/ "When I think of who needs the biggest break right now, it's exhausted teachers, nurses, childcare providers, grocery clerks & delivery drivers. The ppl who have suffered most during COVID, making middle class wages, w/ mouths to feed & bodies to clothe." — Sen. @jimananich 2/