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The @BrennanCenter has updated its tally of new state voting provisions, finding that as of March 24, state legislators have introduced 361 new bills with voting restrictions — an increase of more than 100 bills since their last update in February.…
Last week, the Texas Senate advanced a bill that would limit early voting hours and prohibit drive-through voting and the sending of vote-by-mail applications to all voters. #txleg…
The new Georgia voting law makes it harder for Georgia residents to vote — and makes it a crime to hand out water to those waiting to vote.

Now, a new Florida bill would also ban giving water to people in line to vote. #FlaPol…
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I heard that it was advised one should read the 39-bill #votersuppression package that dropped in #MIleg yesterday before calling it a voter suppression package. I've spent the last two days pouring over all of the bills and am feeling quite prepared to comment. A🧵...
These bills are copies of voter suppression bills that have been introduced in 40+ other states – that perpetuate lies and conspiracies to strip Michigan voters of their rights. This isn't what anyone wanted or needed
Many of these bills are non-solutions in search of non-problems. On their face, most of the bills are the same attacks sweeping the nation. A direct retaliation to a record number of voters turning out to make their voices heard. But this package is uniquely insidious and racist.
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The new federal COVID relief law contains provisions that would essentially call a three-year truce in new state corporate welfare programs. As then-VP @JoeBiden famously said about the Affordable Care Act, "this is a big f**king deal." Quick thread:
The American Rescue Plan Act creates a $220 billion Coronavirus State Recovery Fund. To share in this money, states can't "directly or indirectly" fund new tax cuts with it. That specifically includes "a rebate, a deduction, a credit or otherwise."…
That means that between 60 days from now and the end of 2024, states that create new tax credit programs will have to pay the federal government back the net amount of however much tax revenue they lose to those programs. Essentially, any tax abatement would cost twice as much.
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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is giving another update on the state's fight against COVID-19. Watch live here:…
Whitmer notes US surpassing 500,000 deaths due to COVID-19.

"It's enough to fill the Big House in Ann Arbor five times over."
Whitmer: "If we took one minute of silence to recognize each life, it would last" more than 10 days.

Says it is important to remember the cost of the pandemic and to stay vigilant against its spread.
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Just now, SML Mike Shirkey, on a hot mic on the floor of the Senate speaking to Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist: "I frankly don’t take back any of the statements I made — I take back some of the words I chose." #mileg
I need to wait for the recording to posted for this session video to confirm this, but the Senator appeared to stand by the assertion that supporters of former President Trump did not instigate the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.
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.@GovWhitmer delivering her latest presser on COVID-19 now. Watch live here:…
Whitmer's presser comes a few hours after the Senate GOP unveiled its own plan for how to use federal relief funds.

The plan is different than her plan, but also different than the House GOP plan.

Differences = delays in allocating money…
Whitmer: We are seeing an increase in vaccines provided by the Biden administration.

"It's not nearly as fast as we would all want, but it's headed in the right direction and we are grateful."
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New: You know those (debunked) stories about dead voters in Michigan?

Several bipartisan bills filed *before* the Nov. 3 election could've cleared up some confusion/misinfo about "dead" voters (along w/other issues).

The bills are back before #mileg now…
Michigan lawmakers are discussing these and other election bills now. Many of these bills have bipartisan support and, in theory, create changes that may restore confidence in the electoral process.…
House GOP lawmakers discussing fears they and other Republicans have expressed about chance for fraud when state mass mails absentee ballot applications (possibly going to non-eligible voters.)

Don't note these same apps are widely available online…
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It’s crazy to think that it has been exactly one month since the riot & siege on the Capitol by domestic terrorists. An actual month has gone by. A 🧵👇🏾
And 2 days ago the House voted to remove MGT (who—similarly to others—pedaled in the conspiracy theories that led to it) from her committees—as pretty much everyone now knows. And *only* 11 congressional GOP members voted to remove her from committees. Only 11. 2/11
That’s 199 members who are okay with someone who (among other things) shared a meme of a noose with these words superimposed:

“If we want to make America great again we will have to make evil people fear punishment again.”

The meme is awful & in👇🏾 3/11
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There’s been a lot on my mind lately as we grapple and contend with the recent events over the past months occurring in Michigan & last month in D.C.

You know what’s coming: A 🧵👇🏾
Not going to lie—it’s been traumatizing. Part of me thinks it’s foolish to admit that because there are those for whom that is the point. 2/17
The cruelty of perpetuating the trauma—retraumatizing people and communities of color is the point. But we can’t change or fix it if we don’t talk about the elephant in the room. So talk I must.🗣 3/17
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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announces that contact sports can resume on Monday, Feb. 8 - as long as masks are worn. If masks cannot be worn, athletes must undergo regular COVID-19 testing. This lifts a ban that started on Nov. 18, more than 2 1/2 months ago.
Whitmer: 'I know these past months have been tough on all of us ... (including) student-athletes. ... I appreciate the passion of our young athletes. ... Our numbers are now in a place where we can allow our kids to get back in the game.'
The latest move by the Whitmer admin to lift restrictions comes as Michigan ranks 5th-lowest among states in the per-capita case rate over the past 2 weeks.
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THREAD: Today, I submitted a resolution to investigate and expel Rep. Maddock for violating his duty to support the MI and US Constitutions.

One week ago, thousands went to our Nation’s Capitol because of perpetual lies and distrust lobbed at our institutions. 1/

These lies were spread by those elected to uphold our Constitution. This led to an unprecedented insurrection and acts of sedition. Our Temple of Democracy was desecrated in ways we could’ve never imagined.

These events were not random. 2/

They were coordinated and fanned by months of lies by the President, Senators, members of Congress, and other elected officials. They amplified lies about the 2020 elections, which was the very way they were elected into office. 3/

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THEY DID IT! Michigan @MomsDemand volunteers sent thousands of calls and texts to the commission and state legislature asking them to keep the statehouse safe from armed insurrections by prohibiting open carry. #mileg
The Michigan statehouse had to shut down three times in the last six months due to threats from armed extremists. Lawmakers felt the need to wear bulletproof vests to legislative sessions. And armed domestic terrorists had planned to kidnap and kill the state's Governor.
There is no place in a healthy democracy for armed intimidation. Especially in and around statehouses, courthouses and municipal buildings. Over 40 states allow open carry and in 2/3 of those states it’s almost completely unregulated.…
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NEW: The Michigan Capitol Commission, in a sudden reversal, voted unanimously Monday to ban the open carry of guns inside the Michigan Capitol, effective immediately. Story coming to @freep #mileg #guns
Critics say the ban does not go far enough and the carry of all firearms, whether they are carried openly or concealed, should be banned by anyone who is not law enforcement.
Here is our story about the action the MI Capitol Commission took today to ban the open carry of firearms inside the state Capitol.
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Okay in 2020 Michigan:

* Passed the largest expansion of expungement ever (arguably ever in the United States)
* Passed all 20 pieces of legislation from the recommendations of the Task Force on Jails and Pretrial Incarceration
* Occupational Licensing reform
* SNAP reform
There was more, but it is actually possible that MILLIONS of people will be benefited by these changes and it all happened in a state with GOP control of the legislature and a DEM Governor

EVERY legislator and our Governor deserve a lot of credit for working together #mileg
Obviously, there is still a LOT of work left to do and we are dealing with a full-on COVID crisis in our prisons and jails.

117 people have died from COVID in Michigan prisons as of last night

We need the vaccine in our prisons and commutations for people at high-risk ASAP
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A huge thank you to everyone in the Michigan Legislature....all 20 bills created out of Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration have now passed and are headed to @GovWhitmer for her signature

An amazing accomplishment #mileg

As a result of this work...

People will not be incarcerated because of drivers license suspensions unrelated to dangerous driving, this is one of the largest drivers of incarceration in Michigan

Officers will be able to give citations in lieu of arrest in many of not most misdemeanor situations....something I testified about in front of the task force myself.

Many jail mandatory minimums were eliminated
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Michigan's legislature just passed a registry bill which over 100 experts and directly impacted people testified against (1 pro).

There is NO evidence this bill will make Michigan safer, the Michigan AG opposed it, and there is a LOT of evidence it will make us less safe #mileg
Why did Michigan's legislature respond to a court decision finding that Michigan's SORA was unconstitutional by actually making SORA worse??

You would have to ask them, but what they did was not evidence-based reform #mileg
Even worse, all the people who voted for this idiotic bill inevitably say it is to "keep Michiganders safe"

Whenever I ask any of them to share any evidence registries keep Michigan (or any state safe)...


But they sure will say it over and over again
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Ballots are now being distributed to fill the vacancy.
Sharon Baseman, from Oakland County, has been elected to fill the vacancy of Michigan's 16th elector. Receiving 15 votes from the other electors. #ElectoralCollege
In their oath Electors swear 3 things: 1️⃣ to uphold the constitution of the United States 2️⃣ to uphold the constitution of Michigan & 3️⃣ perform the duties of their office (elector of President & Vice President of the United States). #ElectoralCollege
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I'm inside the Michigan State Capitol where our electors are set to vote at 2 p.m. today. The capitol is closed to the public and only select staff, pooled press, and electors are inside. Heavy state police presence in the capitol building. #ElectoralCollege #mileg
The meeting is officially convened. Michigan's executive branch leaders are in primary colors in the front row (left to right) AG Dana Nessel, SOS Jocelyn Benson, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Singers just sang the national anthem & Black National Anthem #ElectoralCollege #mileg
Invocations came from a Rabbi & an Imam. Quite a moment when Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Attorney General Dana Nessel, & Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack are recognized. All dignitaries are women. Gov. Whitmer gets a standing O from electors when she starts to speak.
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The News endorsed would-be election thief Jack Bergman, calling him "a welcome voice of reason and responsibility." Image
Bill Huizenga wants to throw out Michigan's votes for president. He was endorsed by the Detroit News, and they claimed he "is willing to work with the other side of the aisle to find solutions." Image
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Gov. Whitmer is scheduled to provide an update on the state's efforts to combat COVID-19 at 1 pm. Watch live here…
Whitmer press conference starting.

She's talking about a Jackson couple who recently died due to COVID-19…
Whitmer: "We're on the brink of incredible medical breakthroughs" when it comes to distributing a COVID-19 vaccine.

She reiterates critical health care workers in hospitals and first responders will be first in line for the vaccine
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Giuliani spoke *for hours* without a mask on during Wednesday's legislative hearing in Michigan. At one point, he asked a witness sitting next to him to take off her mask (she did not).…
Story: Rudy Giuliani tests positive for COVID-19 days after more-than 4-hour long maskless meeting at Michigan Legislature.

At least 1 lawmaker + MIGOP party chair Laura Cox say they'll get tested. House session/cmts still planned for Tuesday…
The day after Rep. Matt Hall chaired the hearing with Giuliani, he led a legislative hearing on COVID-19.

Sen. @CurtisHertelJr, who's on that committee and attended the COVID meeting, had some thoughts on Giuliani's diagnosis…
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In an unexpected start to the morning, I agree with @DickDeVos here.

It's time we fundamentally rethink our approach to economic development. #mileg 1/
About a year ago, I wrote about the flaws in our current approach and need to overhaul our approach to incentives and economic development in an op-ed for @crainsdetroit…
And just yesterday, I pointed to these flaws in a floor speech on a current package of bills that would give Meijer tax breaks for their automated warehouses - their argument being that companies like Amazon get far more in incentives than they do.

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Democratic Rep. @DarrinCamilleri tries to swear in @RudyGiuliani. Chair Matt Hall says that won't happen. Goes to a vote; Republicans vote down the motion. #MILeg
Chair Matt Hall says each representative on the committee will be allowed to ask @RudyGiuliani one question. No follow-ups allowed "because of the shenanigans" of trying to swear Giuliani in. Says this committee meeting will last around three hours, until roughly 9 pm. #MILeg
.@RudyGiuliani, as part of his testimony to the House Oversight Committee, is questioning a "witness" he brought. Nobody is under oath. This is... not usually how testimony to committees works. #MILeg
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Rudy predictions:
-he'll call for paper ballots (MI uses paper ballots)
-he'll call for an audit (will already happen under MI Constitution)
-he'll tell #MILeg to steal the election (illegal under MI law)
-he'll say challengers were removed (dozens testified they were inside TCF)
Did not predict "no one will be able to see or hear anything because the feed is so terrible" but here we are
.@darrincamilleri is supported by Michigan law in his call for the visitors to be sworn in (via @SCLiedel)
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