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As promised, here’s a dive into one state which has few requirements to publicly report how #opioid settlement funds are spent—and issues are already arising: Michigan. #THREAD
2/ Last summer, the Michigan legislature allotted $39M of settlement cash to the state health dept. For the next six months, there was almost no public info on how it would be used. No news releases. No invitation to apply for grants. "It was a black hole," said @opioidpolicy.
3/ Even the state’s Opioid Advisory Commission—created to evaluate the use of settlement💵—couldn’t get details. “It makes it difficult for us to do our job,” said chair @cara_poland. “We can’t really identify the impact of those dollars if we don’t know how they’re being used.”
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Today, the Michigan Senate passed an 11-bill gun safety package - including Safe Storage, Universal Background Checks, and Extreme Risk Protection Orders. Speaking on my bill - which creates the ERPO Act - I shared stories of the lives these laws could have saved. #mileg
Back in 2019, after I first introduced a version of this legislation alongside then-State Rep Robert Wittenberg - I hosted a roundtable discussion on “red flag laws” in my district, in Berkley.
This panel featured no legislators - but did include Mary Miller-Strobel.

Mary spoke about her brother, Ben.

“My brother and I started the summer each year jumping into Lake Michigan on Memorial Day weekend. He was my hero. He was a hero to a lot of other people too.”
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Seeing a number of business groups and those that purport to promote “freedom” decrying the Michigan legislature taking up a repeal of so-called Right to Work, so it feels like a good time to thread some facts: #mileg
RTW laws have no significant impact on attracting employers to a state. Area Development magazine noted RTW ranked 14th in location decisions, behind infrastructure, available land, construction costs etc. In all the years they’ve collected data, RTW never broke into Top 10.
However, there is significant data to show that workers in RTW states, both union AND non-union, have lower wages by an average of $1500 a year and a decreased likelihood that workers will get health insurance or pensions through their jobs.
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Nearly a million people in Michigan without power today. Storms swept the country, but Michigan took the brunt of power outages - again. Most of those without power are DTE Energy customers. A thread 🧵 1/
DTE Energy - an investor-owned utility monopoly - is among the least reliable energy providers in the country. Every year, when storms hits, hundreds of thousands lose power - sometimes for days on end. 2/
That hasn't stopped them from raking in record profits. Last year, they raked in $1.1 Billion, up front $907 million the year before. 3/…
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Yesterday's action by the minority in the Michigan Senate to adjourn the body early seems to be at least 3 things:

(1) anti-constitutional;
(2) anti-majoritarian; and
(3) counter-productive.

#MIGov #mileg

The People of Michigan, through their constitution, vested authority to preside over the Michigan Senate in a single officer:

the Lieutenant Governor (who is the president of the Senate).

This constitutional directive has been explicitly recognized in Senate Rule 1.101.

The Senate (by majority vote) may adopt rules governing its procedure, but those rules must not be inconsistent with the constitution and are subject to constitutional limitations.

Senate Rule 1.101 provides that:

(1) the Lt. Gov is the Senate president; and

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NEWS: Let MI Kids Learn, DeVos-backed ballot group behind proposals to allow tax breaks to fund accounts for kids to go to private school or pay other education expenses, withdraws petitions.… via @crainsdetroit #mileg
Ballot committee's spokesperson says goal always was for the GOP-led Legislature to pass the initiatives into law, not for them to go on the 2024 ballot. But Ds won legislative control in November, thwarting that plan. (The state had not yet determined if there were enough sigs.)
Secure MI Vote, a Republican-aligned ballot drive to tighten voting rules, also withdrew its signatures. That proposal was neutered by voters' passage of Prop 2, which expands voting options and keeps intact ID rules.
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When it comes to oversight and transparency, #miched #education #charterschools are the worst in the country.

It’s not just that they’re almost all for-profit. They are but #OhioEd has for-profit charters for example and much greater 🔎.
#mileg #mipol #migov @Network4pubEd
For-profit #charterschools run on small profit margins for students—as far as we can tell. So it gives charters like those in MI every incentive to cut corners. That’s one problem. #mipol #migov #mileg

But here’s something I’m guessing MI charters really don’t want #mileg members or #miched journalists looking into: property holdings.

The real profit is in various property bought and maintained with tax support. @NPEaction

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Have you heard about Michigan’s ongoing fight for an increased minimum wage and paid sick time?

On Tuesday, the Michigan Court of Appeals heard arguments on a case that will directly impact workers – including care workers – across the state. Read more:…
We joined our friends at @rocunited and @momjustice, for a rally and press conference in support of raising the minimum wage and earned sick time. All workers deserve higher wages and paid sick leave — people should not have to choose between their family and their paycheck.
We stand in solidarity with workers across Michigan and we hope the Court of Appeals reaffirms the lower court’s decision, which would raise the minimum wage and ensure workers are able to earn the sick time they need and deserve. #MILeg #ProtectMIWorkers
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I always go back to @matt_barnum on this, who said we need to take seriously the alarm from school leaders even as we explore the mismatch with admin data.

It’s silly to argue that admin data show anything like a crisis on teacher exits. Those data don’t.

But I’m surprised that with advent of mixed methods in policy research more folks aren’t looking for ways to join both #educators perspectives and admin data.

I suspect some of this comes down to the same old difference in the way economists study data without always interrogating sources.

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🧵 for #MIpol reporters: all fall I called Ducey MVP of #schoolvouchers and here he’s getting that actual award from Jeb Bush’s ExcelInEd

That group damage to #miched is huge. They’re behind 3rd Grade Fail modeled on #FloridaEd. Snyder gave them literal seat at the table

1/ Image
ExcelInEd will lead the fight against repeal of 3rd Grade Retention in the new #mileg. @PaulaMEAPres @mrobmused

Expect bogus “inside” stories like this one, which got started pre-Whitmer #migov and then released early in her term to keep foot on gas

ExcelInEd *seems* safe because they’re moderate relative to crazy Dixon-type book ban howls today and have impressive array of moderate funders you’d expect from a Bush-led org.

And as an org in many ways they are. I’d take them over @BetsyDeVos any day.

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For non-MI folks:

A Sunday thread 🧵 on the history of Let MI Kids Learn, the pre-packaged name for @BetsyDeVos #schoolvouchers in #miched

@DianeRavitch @saribethrose @vicpasquantonio @Network4pubEd

Among the dozens of #schoolvouchers plans I’ve seen, this was the worst in terms of transparency—alongside #azed and #floridaed.

In particular no failsafe against Chatfield-style allegedly abusive schools.

Whitmer actually vetoed the plan originally a year ago. And as early as then, the state GOP didn’t expect to win the #migov (save for a more recent post-primary fever dream) in #Election2022

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THIS WEEK I'll be in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin to help @momsdemand volunteers and other gun sense champions running for office. Here's the info - hope to see you there! 🧵
ILLINOIS: Come support @momsdemand volunteer and gun sense champion Rep. Maura Hirschauer (@votemaura) in Springfield on Thursday, Oct. 6.

RSVP here:… #twill
MICHIGAN: I'll be joining the House Dems on Thursday, Oct. 7. We're just FOUR seats away from a gun sense majority.

RSVP here:… #mileg
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"Today, I rise to remind you that #SomeoneYouLove has had an #abortion.

I had to end a much-wanted pregnancy due to a diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy. There was no chance for the fetus to live, & if no action was taken, I would have died, also." — Sen. @rosemarybayer #MILeg 1/
@rosemarybayer “I’m grateful that Roe was in place so my doctor could do what they needed to do to protect my life and any future life I might create.”

— Sen. @rosemarybayer #SomeoneYouLove #AbortionIsHealthcare #MILeg 2/
"There are many other reasons to need an #abortion with devastating consequences without having that option — physical health, mental health, financial health — life itself can be at risk if we take this option away. "

— Sen. @rosemarybayer #FreedomToDecide #SomeoneYouLove 3/
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THEY DID IT!!! In primaries across Kansas, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio last night, TWENTY ONE @MomsDemand volunteers won and will advance to the general election in November.

Follow and support these gun-sense champions to help elect them this November! 👇#DemandASeat
Last night was a BIG NIGHT in KANSAS, where not only did the pro-choice movement get a huge win, but @MomsDemand volunteers @NinaforKansas, @joellahoye, @Linda4Kansas also won their primaries! Support their campaigns for more wins on issues you care about.
In ARIZONA, our gun sense candidates are up against some frightening gun extremists. Thankfully @MomsDemand volunteers @ChristinePMarsh, @lauraforAZ, @JenLongdon, @allmond4az and @nancygforAZ will be on the ballot and leading the fight for public safety. #azleg
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A few thoughts on the term limit changes/financial disclosure amendment that #MILeg voted to put on the ballot yesterday and why I was a yes (🧵):
Firstly, this was a vote to simply put the measure on the ballot. Nothing effectually changed yesterday, and I want that part to be clear. But given the conversations over the last several years I've had with constituents, I know this is a matter people are passionate about...
and should have the ability to vote on. Regarding the term limits piece, this would change the current limits (3 two-year terms in House, two 4-year terms in Senate, 14 years total) to a total of 12 years in/between either chamber. Term limits have had many negative effects,...
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Michigan Sen. Lana Theis joins the growing conservative trend of baselessly accusing political opponents of being pedophiles/groomers. #MILeg
Sen. Mallory McMorrow, who was mentioned by name in Sen. Lana Theis' fundraising email, points out that campaign rhetoric can have real world consequences.
Sen. Lana Theis' fundraising email accusing Sen. Mallory McMorrow of grooming seems to be backfiring.

McMorrow's response on the Senate floor now has 3.5 million views and counting, with fundraising links in the replies, after Hillary Clinton shared a video of the speech. #MILeg
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Thread 🧵

@SenMacDonald10 , "Michigan School Safety Task Force" Macomb County Representative @PLHornberger and the disgraced, illusive and removed from committee assignments Domestic Abuser Rep. Steve Marino Mi #HD24 have as you guessed it, all stayed silent
On today's gun violence that took place at @cvhs_bigreds . No surprise task force member @PLHornberger hasn't spoken out, after all she displays the @NRA sign proudly in her office. We need elected officials who will stand up for #schoolsafety not those who turn a blind eye
@SenMacDonald10 I'm calling on you to support SB550 and SB553 - and do whatever it takes to get them passed! Gun violence happened in YOUR district on YOUR time, are you really going to stay silent during an election cycle? Just so happens you decided to run for my district--
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Sen. @rosemarybayer on the Oxford HS shooting in her district: "It’s been more than 2mos since that day, & sadly, more than 7mos since legislation was intro'd in the House & Senate that, had it been acted on, might have made a difference in the outcome." #MiLeg #EndGunViolence 1/
Sen. @rosemarybayer on how SBs 550-553 & HBs 5066-5069 would save lives:

"These are bills that would require guns to be stored safely to prevent injury & provide criminal penalties if failure to safely store a gun results in injury or death." #MiLeg #EndGunViolence 2/
"Guns would have to be kept in a secure lockbox, in a location a reasonable person would believe is secure, or securely locked w/ a locking device.

We are all safer when guns are stored unloaded, locked & separate from ammunition." — Sen. @rosemarybayer #MiLeg #EndGunViolence 3/
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As Michiganders work hard & play by the rules, Republicans devise plans like a $2B giveaway to corporations that raked in profits during the pandemic. That's 6X what the GOP would offer nurses, first responders &other working families — &they're hoping you won't notice. #mileg 1/
"When I think of who needs the biggest break right now, it's exhausted teachers, nurses, childcare providers, grocery clerks & delivery drivers. The ppl who have suffered most during COVID, making middle class wages, w/ mouths to feed & bodies to clothe." — Sen. @jimananich 2/
Sen. @JimAnanich on the GOP bill to shower corporations that profited during the pandemic w/ $2B in giveaways:

“The small businesses that have truly struggled during the pandemic – like restaurants & brick-and-mortar retailers – would get virtually nothing.” 3/ #mileg
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👏👏👏 "Phone rates for prisoners will drop down to 21 cents per minute down from 91 cents per minute. The move comes as part of a mandate from the @FCC requiring lower fees for prisoner phone calls." #PhoneJustice…
"A 2014 study of incarcerated women found that those who had any phone contact were less likely to be reincarcerated within the five years after release. In fact, phone contact had a stronger effect on #recidivism compared to visitation." #PhoneJustice
#Michigan families bear the costs of prison and jail phone calls, paying tens of millions to talk to their loved ones. #PhoneJustice
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The @ProgressMich report shows the dangerous hypocrisy coming from the GOP & especially Michigan Rs. Read:👇🏾 1/6…
This is what is said aloud in interviews
“Senate GOP spokeswoman Abby Walls responded: “We need to focus on unity, not pushing around partisan reports meant to further divide us.”

But they ignore that there’s #NoUnityWithoutAccountability & refuse to be held accountable.
The @ProgressMich report is clear and damning and based on their very own words and those of their supporters. 3/6

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Michigan Senate GOP releases results of 2020 election investigation and, not surprisingly, concludes the outcome 'represents the true results.' It recommends citizens use a critical eye toward people who've 'pushed demonstrably false theories for their own personal gain.' #MILeg
Michigan Senate GOP urges AG Nessel to consider investigating people using misleading and false info about Antrim County to raise money or publicity for their own ends.
Michigan Senate GOP's report commends clerks for discovering and removing 3,500 absentee ballots submitted by voters who were alive but then died before Election Day. Oversight Committee concludes most allegations of deceased or non-residents voting were false. #MILeg
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Bills I intro'd w/@StateRepSteph inspired a @JohnAuchter cartoon in @MichiganRadio due to the ridiculous reaction they evoked from the MI GOP. The state of our politics are in a very sad place as these are thoughtful bills that would solve a problem for residents across MI #mileg Image
The bills would help SOS @JocelynBenson address the backlog of people/businesses needing to renew licenses, registrations, permits, etc. with the SOS due to COVID - with one-time federal COVID relief funding. #mileg
GOP leadership in the #mileg played a key role in creating this problem by granting 13-months of extensions for renewing licenses, registrations, etc., and then requiring all of that business to be conducted overnight when they let the extensions abruptly expire on March 31.
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Today, MI Sen. Elections Committee is passing voter suppression bills that threaten to disenfranchise thousands of voters. Sen. Republicans designed these bills to take away choices on Election Day by removing the option to prove a voter’s identity by signing an affidavit. #MILeg
Michigan already has a voter ID law on the books that has effectively balanced the need for security and accessibility in our elections for decades. These anti-voter bills are just another attempt to put up barriers between people and their right to vote.
There is no significant evidence, after decades of studies, of voter fraud related to Affidavit Ballots. Maybe because the only form of fraud policies like this prevent – someone impersonating another voter - is so inefficient and carries high penalties.
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