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#heatoreat #energyprices #EnergyCrisis #energy #CostOfLivingCrisis

tweeps, just got in from work, shit just got real....... Mum's in tears.....

standing charge also doubled two further things to note,

the letter also warns that their bill will increase *the the same percentage* in October, ie: to £6,600

the doubling of standing charges is, according to Martin Lewis, to *cover the cost of the companies which went bankrupt*

and I have a question
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they are going to bin the GDPR and grab our NHS data just as they attend the US private healthcare conference in Vegas, whilst forcing us all to utilise the Palantir healthcare app that will scrape all our personal data
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Ian Duncan Smiths proposals on the bonfire of regulations, I'm wondering if anyone involved in Finance, Human Resources and other industries might take a look.… I've only just downloaded it, but already have grave concerns

1: GDPR Reforms, JEEZ Tories want to get their hands on all our data so SO MUCH

our data is worth a fortune, and Palantir is already involved......
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#Trump #Brexshit #Russia #RussiaUkraine

link to my copy of the Mueller Report, makes fascinating reading despite the redactions! Volume 1:… Volume 2:…
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The Heritage Foundation & Oliver Dowden's speech on "woke" in the age of google search, how many warriors of the war on woke have even bothered to ask the question

"what is the definition of woke" Image
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next time you see a tweet from an MP boasting about wage growth, and employment rates and GDP, here's a little thread of charts to dispel their lies: a chart that shows employment rates
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oooo, I collect memes & antivaxx jokes, so here's a little thread on #NastyPatel #PritiNasty
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look at the share a handful of RW billionaires (who don't pay UK taxes on their profits) control
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I maintain ministers only listen to their Koch funded Tufton St, so called "think tanks" advocating for supply side policy changes, and to the loony toon #GBD #HART & #UsForThem antivaxx / mask arseholes.......
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Be afraid, be VERY afraid. Today's #Expreshit JRM article: Supply Side Reforms

NHS privatisation, remove worker rights, bash unions further, reduce unemployment benefits EVEN FURTHER, deregulate the banks - they've already had a £1 BILLION tax cut, whilst the rest of us suffer.. ImageImage ELECTIONS BILL: VoterID disenfranchises MILLIONS of Labour voters, MILLIONS, let that sink in
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why has army been called in to vaccinate,
drive ambulances
& HGVs

why is the govt desperately trying to recruit teachers who've left / retired

reducing the self isolation period from 10 to 7 days

asking hospitals to prepare for mass casualty events next month how are hospitals going to separate out #Omicron from #Delta patients, given both can infect you at the same time - they are *separate* variants

we don't need a #Delta #Omicron super variant where the *supposed* mild #Omicron combines with the deadlier #Delta variant!!!!!!!
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Why the Rule Makers Are Rule Breakers | Psychology Today… let's not forget this xmas day, that whilst loved ones died, BOJO & his mates held parties, left, right & bloody centre ImageImageImageImage
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Another terrifying article from @BylineTimes

Scientific Racism
Nazi Eugenics (currently happening under the guise of COVID in my opinion - in plain sight) Image we desperately need to rid ourselves of the current govt & cabinet. They are platforming and employing academic KKK! FFS... Image
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This video of NHS staff talking about their experience throughout the pandemic is really powerful. Click here to watch it: Image
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COVID is airborne

Your actions tell the entire planet's population you are working hard to reach herd immunity through infecting our kids with a pathogen that kills & maims.



In individuals at low risk of COVID-19 mortality with ongoing symptoms, 70% have impairment in one or more organs 4 months after initial COVID-19 symptoms, with implications for healthcare and public health…