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On top of publishing the home address of the family of pro-EU Legal professional @JolyonMaugham, Julia Hartley-Brewer has some wonderful views on the NHS which #BBCqt viewers would love to hear.

@JolyonMaugham "But he put his own address in the article; she just tweeted it":

I used to publish my address in my CV. That CV & Jolyon's articles were pre-2016.

Neither he nor I had yet started getting death threats in a political domain where a life has already been taken.
@JolyonMaugham So, with the following she has on twitter, to intentionally tweet out an article including that information, in a time when such information can literally be lethal... is despicable.
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Peter Sissons dead. Here's my Sissons story.
I was at uni in Middlesbrough at the time he was doing #bbcqt which had been in the town hall that night. Afterwards he was spotted by is in the Madison nightclub, proper sticky carpet job about the Linthorpe Centre shopping arcade. 1/
He's cracking on to some women, looking incongruous in his suit in that club on a Thursday, but some women are giving him plenty attention because TV star and all that Mate of mine's brother decides he's had enough of this,

So he drops his keks and boxers and shouts, "Ow! Peter Sissons! Look at my knob!"

Sissons looks over, acknowledges the sight with a slight nod, and turns back to the ladies.

My mate's brother was hoyed out by the bouncers.

The end.
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Interesting how “Losers’ Consent” is recently Brexiters’ new favourite chewing gum flavour. “Losers’ Consent” in political theory relies on two absolute preconditions: a) the vote is seen as legitimate; and b) the “victors” accept any mandate is limited by the Rule of Law. #bbcqt
So, yeah, @MarkReckless. If you really wonder why “Losers’ Consent” is not forthcoming, maybe a certain level of introspection is also needed, into how the “victors” have tried to overreach at every possible level. #bbcqt
What “Losers’ Consent” DOES NOT mean, is: sure, you won 52-48, so I acquiesce to you doing whatever you want in perpetuity. #bbcqt
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Just a reminder.

#StopTheCoup #bbcqt
"Proroguing parliament undermines parliamentary democracy."

"To suspend parliament explicitly to pursue a course of action against its wishes is not a serious policy of a prime minister in the 21st century."

"A policy on Brexit to prorogue parliament would mean the end of the Conservative party as a serious party of government."

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To commemorate the decision of the Scottish people to remain in the UK 5 years ago, please enter the 'Parcel O' Rogues'.
A gallery of #SNP's huge number of criminals, convicts, the accused and their many odious fellow travellers.

Who better to open it?
First, take a stroll around the Sturgeon Room to remind us how she happily cosies up to the lowest of low.

Here she is with the convicted double-rapist, #SNP activist Brian Gillies.
Next, the accused. Ms Sturgeon was so close to her friend and mentor, the ex First Minister Alex Salmond, more of whom later. The political romance seems to have stalled of late with charges of sexual assault and attempted rape.

The piece is titled #NippyKnew, in a gilt frame.
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Using hashtags and trending words - How not to make a hash of it on twitter - a thread.

#Stopbrexit #Stopthecoup #FBPE #FinalSay #PeoplesVote

Sadly I see too many people saying that they don't see the point of #hashtag ging - or that it is silly - or doesn't help....

So bear with me here...

#StopBrexit #StopTheCoup #LiarJohnson #DeathByBrexit

This couldn't be further from the truth, using tags well, in any situation on twitter, helps you reach further and link up with other people


Even people in other countries

#FBPE #HaveDemocracy #StopFascism #facciamorete #FBR

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Not a #RemainerNow but a quick thread on Government ministers calling #Proroguing Parliament an outrage just a few weeks ago.

Will they now do the honourable thing and resign?

Do feel free to send any we miss.

First it's Chancellor @sajidjavid, so how about it do you have any principles at all? #timetoresign


Second, how about Health Secretary @MattHancock, do you have any principles or is your job more important than credibility and your country?


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Sajid Javid says prorogation of parliament would be "trashing democracy"

@lbc #c4news #newsnight #r4today

In June 2019 Amber Rudd said Boris Johnson proroguing parliament would be outrageous and ridiculous

@lbc #c4news #Newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PoliticsLive #bbcaq

And here's secretary of state for health and Johnson lickspittle, Matt Hancock, saying prorogation would go against "everything that those men who waded onto those beaches fought and died for"

@lbc #c4news
#wato #Newsnight #r4today #bbcaq #politicslive
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Ok this is going to get me some grief from some of my brethren on here. Please understand why I'm setting out this thread.

I'd like to talk directly to the Labour soft left. I'll pick out a few MP's and ask you to consider this thread. #MoreThatUnites #GTTO
@LucyMPowell You have recently been on the receiving end of questioning the tactics of the lord ad in the guardian, you commendably made the point that at the time when Boris Johnson is to be ushered in as PM. Our efforts could be better directed.
You have now been on the receiving end of the neo-liberal media machine. Nick Cohen has questioned your morals and has claimed you give anti-Semites a free pass. This shows that it's not just the Corbyn faithful that the machine will attack, it's anyone who disagree's with it.
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1) Everything that is wrong with @BBCNews and #bbcqt in one clip
Bruce allows Tim Martin to repeat rubbish on #Brexit completely unchallenged

Bruce is not stupid, she's knows his points are worthless, but allows him to vent before moving on

It's exactly why we are where we are
@BBCNews 2) Tim Martin was wheeled on as the celebrity #Brexit guest. He was asked about 3 things.

On vaccination he basically said "I dunno"

On knife crime he was rightly ridiculed for attributing knife crime to fashion choices

He has no special insight on anything, especially Brexit
@BBCNews 3) yet on that #Brexit question he was given free reign to rabbit on in a monologue of undemocratic EU, £39b richer & low tariffs for e everyone

The same tired 2 year old lines that have been banged out like a recording by Brexit spokespeople

Every point long disproven

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It's becoming pointless trying to debate Brexit on any TV panel show. And I say this as a participant.

Due to the fact the media is entirely unrepresentative of the public, it's 3-4 Remainers constantly interrupting one Brexiteer. Tonight's #bbcqt is no different 😩
TV is obsessed with diversity. Yet we have a serious problem with diversity of thought & politics. How can 52% of the population be so continually unrepresented? It's becoming a tragic dereliction of duty. There's no wonder people are just switching off the MSM
We constantly hear "there are no people like me" in terms of race or gender. Brexiteers are entitled to say that, too. It's just unfair, one person being thrown to the dogs, while the others have time to plan their next attack. It's a cabaret of bullying
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.@antoni_UK on @bbc5live now talking about EU citizens and #EUelections2019
Really good point by @antoni_UK about @the3million EU citizens knowing what the values of the EU mean to people because we essentially live them.
Actual panel discussion with all panel members, incl @antoni_UK, to follow later after #BBCQT:
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BXP has no manifesto, no detailed policies & no plan for #Brexit (no, "just walk away" isn't a serious plan outside of a pub!)

Why are people willing to vote for a shady outfit that isn't a party, has dodgy finances & will likely adopt #UKIP's *no work* habit?
What's more, BXP now say they want to run in the next GE, even though the leader admits #Brexit isn't the answer to any of our domestic problems — you know, all those problems Leave voters thought Brexit was going to fix.

Somehow it feels like this is all about the salary and perks for some of the BXP's candidates, and that they're not taking the business of representing our country in an international forum seriously - as indeed those who were previously part of UKIP never have.

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A perfect example of Nigel Farage (1) refusing to listen (2) refusing to let others speak (3) denying he said something that he did say (about Norway and Switzerland, and on @bbcquestiontime).

He had said it on #bbcqt. It's a running issue. Shouldn't #bbcqt have been prepared?
Sorry to bang on about last night's @bbcquestiontime.

Fiona Bruce failed to get beyond the level of "stop bickering".

One of the issues at the heart of this is truth v untruth. She was unwilling to let participants debate that, so Farage in particular got away with lots of fibs
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Well done @bbcquestiontime, a 19-year-old Tory who's willing to vote for Nigel Farage. Totally representative of young women....
I've enjoyed watching people intentionally misinterpret my above tweet.
Women aged 18-24 voted 80% Remain. 10% voted UKIP in 2015. Yet the woman in that age group who spoke the longest on Brexit was a pro-Farage Brexiteer.
On top of being the only young person featured on their social media for that episode.
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"If you're interested, & I'll fund it somehow, I think you're the perfect guy, what we'd like to do is help knit together a populist nationalist movement throughout the world."

Bannon talking to @Nigel_Farage re alliance with Orban, Sisi, Modi & Duterte.
“Paradoxically, this generation of populist nationalists leads the way on international political cooperation.”

@Elif_Safak adds more to #Bannon’s list: Erdoğan in Turkey, Abascal in Spain, Salvini in Italy & far right parties in Poland, France & Austria.…
This was filmed in 2017 & is taken from the new documentary about Bannon, @TheBrinkFilm.

There's a moment in this clip when Farage looks towards the camera, clearly thinking: "I'm being filmed conspiring with a far-right extremist. If this ever gets out it won't look good."
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"LEAVE MEANS LEAVE. If Ireland is a problem, LET THEM HAVE IT."
The irony of people who campaigned to "take our country back" are now happy to literally lose half of it! WOW
@bbcquestiontime #bbcqt
JEESSUS ****** I just played that back. She actually says we should "let Scotland go as well"!!!
**** it, why don't we just turn leave and remain areas into their own individual countries.
Since when is it patriotic to want to tear your own country to shreds!?!?
Yes, I'm aware we're four countries. In my head we're a country of countries, so I often use the term interchangeably for both. Didn't mean any offence.
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Like very many people I'm alarmed at the massive threat #ClimateChange directs at the people of this planet, a threat that is already killing large numbers of the poorest. Unlike #XR I don't think this can be tackled in a single issue apolitical manner - that approach will fail
The 1st reason for failure is obvious, the capitalist economic system goes into crisis when growth falls much below 3% a year. That 3% means production will double every 24 yrs so even renewables replace 40% of fossil fuels CC gas production will rise
The second is that for many people a threat in 2050 is impossibly distant in comparison with paying the rent at the end of this week. We need a movement that addresses immediate in your face problems of low rages, high rents, racism & all oppressions
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#BBCQT #EuropeanElections2019 #T4TM

Tommy Robinson is running as an independent MEP candidate for the EU elections

1/x My THREAD on Tommy and who supports and funds him. Why does he exist?


It's backing from far right 🇺🇸 necons 😠

Please read this article about John Bolton's GATESTONE INSTITUTE on Islamophobia and their spreading of misinformation.

Wild claims about European cities losing control - shared by networks to magnify.…

Wikipedia describe Gatestone as -

"An anti-Muslim[a] THINK TANK with a focus on Islam and the Middle East. The organization has attracted attention for publishing false articles and being a source of VIRAL FALSEHOODS"

How does this relate to Tommy R?
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Here’s your first look at this week’s #bbcqt panel. With us in Nottingham are Victoria Atkins, @JonAshworth, @vincecable, @CarolineLucas and John Rhys-Davies. Join us on @BBCOne and @bbc5live at 10:35pm on Thursday
Conservative crime minister Victoria Atkins MP joins the #bbcqt panel this week
Labour’s @JonAshworth is with us in Nottingham #bbcqt
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Which "Leave" did ALL 17.4 million people vote for?
Was it WTO Brexit?
Was it Canada FTA Brexit?
Was it Norway Brexit?
Was it Malthouse A Compromise Brexit?
Was it Malthouse B Compromise Brexit?

Which "Remain" did ALL 16.1 million people vote for?
The one defined in the Treaties
To be fair it's probably a good thing that @bbcquestiontime haven't invited me on yet...
Every time someone suggested a Brexit plan I'd just be like "Did 16.1 million people vote for that? No? Cos I know something 16.1 million people DID vote for!"
"But the EU isn't status quo, it's ever-closer union".
A) Principle of conferral (below)
B) The European Union act of 2011 (UK law) stated that any further transfers of power to the EU level, including loss of veto would need to be put to a referendum.
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Virtually every panel from #newsnight to #bbcqt has been dominated by Tory Brexiters & born again Labour "we must deliver #brexit" ones

One key outcome of @TheIndGroup is it's forced @BBCNews to actually feature authentic Remain voices rather than just red/blue Brexit supporters
@TheIndGroup @BBCNews The BBC has failed on #Brexit on many areas but a key 1 has been "balancing" Labour & Tory #Brexit voices - in reality you can barely put a cigarette paper between Corbyn and May on their positions

Labour & Tories are on the same side on this

@TheIndGroup @BBCNews We're still seeing this lack of true balance on the BBC. Labour's ask for a CU in May's deal is being called a soft #Brexit alternative when in reality May's deal already includes a CU in all but name. They're arguing over wording, not substance.

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In 2019, there have been 13 episodes of #bbcqt

Only ONE episode (the 6th episode - #1393) featured a panel with a majority of Brexiters.

The 13 episodes so far this year have featured 44 Remainers and 21 Brexiters (a bias of over 2:1).

@bbcquestiontime you're fooling nobody.
In 2018, there were 39 episodes of #bbcqt

Only ONE episode (Ep8 - #1356) featured a panel of majority Brexiters.

Episide 20 (#1368) featured no Brexiters at all. 13 episodes featured only one Brexiter on the panel.

In 2018, #bbcqt featured 64 Brexiters and 131 Remainers.
In 2017, there were 39 episodes of #bbcqt

Only episodes 12 and 13 (#1322, #1323) featured more Brexiters than Remainers on the panel. Episodes 15 and 19 (#1325, #1329) featured no confirmed Brexiters at all.

In 2017, 67 Brexiters and 128 Remainers featured on the panel.
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#MarchToLeave featured two Loyalist Flute Bands from Scotland today. #LivingstoneTrueBlues and #MusselburghTrueDefenders. LTB's emblem is a combination of a Confederate flag and the Red Hand of Ulster. A "Tim" is a Catholic, btw. LTB also marched in Newcastle with MTL. 1/6
Here's #BillyMitchell a member of LTB who has made regular appearances on #bbcqt. Also a @ukip member and former candidate.
LTB celebrated one such event in 2013 where Mr Mitchell "got a point in against an snp msp of Asian descent".
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