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@carolecadwalla @globalhlthtwit @devisridhar @richardhorton1 @Dr2NisreenAlwan @Johnrashton47 This was @tomaspueyo on 14 March soon after his article saying “the UK must lock down now” went viral.

Also interviewed here is Prof John Edmunds - one of the govt’s key modellers. On Sunday, Edmunds admitted to #Marr that late lockdown was a mistake.
@carolecadwalla @globalhlthtwit @devisridhar @richardhorton1 @Dr2NisreenAlwan @Johnrashton47 @tomaspueyo Writing in @TheLancet in January, @richardhorton1 had spelled out the danger posed by #coronavirus.

Here on #BBCQT he describes the government’s inaction as “a national scandal,” & says the UK “wasted February” when we should have been preparing.
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Ystdy, In answer to @Keir_Starmer’s question why the coronavirus test-track-and-trace system was not up & running, @BorisJohnson responded angrily that it was.

Now @guardian reports it is not expected to work at full speed until September or October.…
This week #C4 finally broadcast @BorisJohnson’s #GreenwichSpeech on 3 Feb in which he warns against allowing #coronavirus to “trigger a panic” which results in measures “that go beyond what is medically rational” & do “unnecessary economic damage.” WATCH 👇
On 20/5, the PM promised a fully operational “world beating” system by 1 June.

Last week, @didoharding who is heading the govt’s Test & Trace system told MPs the system won’t be fully operational at local level until the end of June, 4 weeks after lockdown restrictions ease.
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Tell me this doesn't translate to:
"Yeah we've killed thousands of people... Get over it."
#BBCqt @Helen_Whately
BTW, Helen Whately is the one who had the most patronising reaction I've ever seen after someone suggested giving power to people outside of London.
I mean... I don't want to say Priti Patel, Helen Whately and Jacob Rees Mogg were bred from the same soulless void but... that amount of contempt for normal people... I need to believe it's rare.
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How about this for a question tonight @bbcquestiontime the house Dominic Cummings claimed was his Dads was a lie, Dom is on the deads as an owner. It was Dom’s second home, directly against the law to visit at the time. #fionabruce #bbcqt
Full land register document.
“Leaving your home - the place you live - to stay at another home for a holiday or other purpose is not allowed. This includes visiting second homes.”…
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@JMPSimor There were initially 2 UK producers, Smiths in Luton and Medtronics in NI.

Smiths formed a consortium with other UK manufacturers, shared its IP & has an order for 30k #ventilators, with an initial 5k to be delivered soon-ish (presumably part of the 12k that's really only 8k).
@JMPSimor Here's an article about Smiths:…
@JMPSimor Smiths make the Parapac ventilator, which does not require external power & is intended for mobile use, such as in ambulances, BUT is not guaranteed to be suitable for longer-term use.

Medtronic (Galway) make Puritan Bennett PB980 & PB840 ventilators for critically ill patients.
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1/3. On 13 March, @Channel4News reported on a new rapid #coronavirus testing kit - made in the UK - that diagnoses #coronavirus in 10 minutes!

They aren't available in the UK yet.

#NHS staff can't get tested.

But this report shows test kits being sent to Bahrain. #covidー19
2/3. It seems utterly bizarre that boxes of rapid #Covid19 test kits are being exported around the world, whilst frontline #NHS staff have to risk their health without PPE or tests.

It would be great if @cathynewman & #C4News could ask @MattHancock what the logic is behind this.
3/3. Watching this the govt's U-turn is very stark.

"As the WHO urges countries to step up testing for #coronavirus, the UK appears to be adopting a different approach. Ystdy (12/3) it said it would only test people in hospital." #Covid19 #Corona #Covid
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Boris Johnson's #Covid19 response is a study in "dither and delay".

"Britain was given a head start to tackle the coronavirus as it spread through other countries.

Much of that time has been wasted"

@LBC #c4news #bbcaq #Newsnight

All 'journalists' who repeatedly told us Boris Johnson was "following the science", even tho' his actions contradicted those of almost every other nation, & criticism of him was biased & insincere:

You were wrong, & 1000s will now likely die because of it
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Hancock mentioned this on 19/3/20 #bbcqt. It will use blood (pinprick) and give a result almost immediately, "like a pregnancy test". It had "been approved" (he didn't say by whom) a couple of days previously.

Given that he said it shows immunity it is presumably a form of antibody test. It's not clear if it will detect (or distinguish between) IgG and IgM.

Given that it usually takes a few days for antibody levels to rise detectably, the test will presumably not be useful until a few days after the onset of symptoms or exposure.

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We keep hearing that the UK's key vulnerability in dealing with #Covid_19 is NHS Staffing.

Given that before 2016, EU citizens made up 5.5% of the population but 7% of our nurses and 10% of our doctors, so my question is... what the hell happened in 2016!?
It's almost as if telling a group of people who statistically keep this country alive (EU citizens are more likely to be doctors & nurses than Brits) that we think they're worth nothing more than points in a system...
...isn't the best way to prepare for a deadly viral pandemic?
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"If you get one serious case [of coronavirus] in a care home you could get a mortality rate of 30%"

ONE audience member:
For the record, I reckon he was probably clapping to support what was being said, then realised that the reason nobody else was clapping was because it would look like a happy clap.
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Crises like these hold up mirrors to societies. The really disturbing senario is the UK Government is right. That we don't have the attention span, social capital, economic structures or will to maintain disruption long enough so pushing back social distancing is the right call.
That's my problem with this. You don't need conspiracy theories to explain why the UK Government is doing what it's doing. The UK Government has just been quite open about that. Critics need to contest the two central premises of the decision not suggest there is a secret one.
Premise 1. That if we push the button now by late May/early June a revolt by a bored and financially ruined populus will force at least a partial return to normality and slam into the viruses second wave. Looking at British society is that entirely unreasonable ?
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Right now, Question Time is asking where we're going to get the NHS doctors we need to deal with a Coronavirus pandemic.
I sure hope we haven't done anything that makes the doctors we need feel like we see them as nothing more than immigration points.
I mean that would be just STUPID! We'd basically be killing ourselves...
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I am still thinking about that #BBCQT woman.
She wanted to know how much "interpretation services" are costing the #NHS.
So here is the answer. /thread
The #NHS in England doesn't collect the data, and last time this was asked was 2010/11 with 80% of trusts in England responding to an FOI. The final figure was a guesstimate of £23.3m for the entire NHS or 0.02% of the budget. /1…
So, as interpretation services are needed by a specific person, how much can we extrapolate that adds to each individual consultation cost?
Firstly, in today's numbers, 0.02% of the current NHS budget in England (£132bn) is £26.4 million. /2
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On #bbcqt former head of the Commission for Racial Equality Trevor Phillips said "there are three young people, mostly young men, dying in this city [London] every week from knife crimes.”
The latest official figures published yesterday show that 71 homicides involving a knife were recorded by the Metropolitan Police between October 2018 and September 2019 -an average of 1.3 a week…
BBC London research for the whole of 2019 found there were 94 fatal stabbings in London in total - 1.8 a week on average. 23 were teenagers - an average of a bit less than one fatal stabbing a fortnight. The majority were young men and boys…
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Dear Labour MPs,
When you're talking about the kind of change you want to deliver for people, maybe try using the word "serious", "deep" or "wide-spread".
The word "Radical" has lots of connotations... none of them good!
The replies🙄
Who are you talking to?
If you're talking to fellow socialists, fine. Use words like radical & comrade.
But if you want to appeal to those in the middle ground who want real change but worry when they hear Labour called Extreme in the media...Get your thesaurus out!
To those calling me a hypocrite because I used the word radical when I was trying to convince MPs on the left of Labour that they could support a second referendum without compromising their values...
You're proving my point. Speak the language of the person you're speaking to!
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For all those denying any #BBCBias on @BBCNews & @BBCPolitics shows, here's some of the formal 'corrections & clarifications' to "mistakes" made by the @BBC in 2019, which all *completely coincidentally* helped the Tories by damaging @UKLabour's reputation.
The audience laughing at Boris Johnson during the @bbcquestiontime Leaders Debate about his response to a question about 'trust' was *accidentally* edited out.
When Boris Johnson completely messed up Remembrance day by setting off to early then laying a wreath upside-down, the @BBC *accidentally* showed footage from the previous year.

Also, Fiona Bruce on @bbcquestiontime saying Vote Leave did NOT break the law - when they DID.
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[Thread]1/ This one is about the fake news claiming that a sick boy on the floor of a hospital in leeds was staged by his mother. We know the story is real, Dr Yvette Oade, chief medical officer at Leeds even apologised…
2/ Firstly, the bots and sock puppet accounts are on the case on Twitter. As you can see, an identical tweet claiming the mother staged the photo was circulated on Twitter. It's literally copied and pasted, and the accounts are targeting it at various influencers
3/ Even more alarming is on Facebook. The exact same tweet is mentioned on dozens of fairly dodgy looking FB accounts. What's more, is that some of these posts are pasted into groups where they get liked and commented on, often by people who seem to believe it ... #bbcqt
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How it is possible that @BorisJohnson is being investigated in the USA for potentially being compromised but nobody in the United Kingdom including the #bbcqt #media #Police have investigated this #crime #Brexit the #GeneralElection is days away #ReleaseTheRussianReport
The intrigue over a 'buried' probe into Russian spying deepened last night amid claims in security circles that it contains references to blackmail fears concerning Boris Johnson. #ReleaseTheRussianReport
One expert witness, who gave evidence to the ISC inquiry, has claimed privately to friends that he believes Boris Johnson was 'compromised' by a Russian businessman on a foreign trip in 2016
This is getting crazier 😱 #ReleaseTheRussianReport #GeneralElection2019 #GetJohnsonGone
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Something which cannot be repeated enough times.

"EEA migrants pay more in taxes than they receive in benefits."

(From the final report on "EEA migration in the UK", Migration Advisory Committee, September2018)

@the3million @eucitizenschamp @InLimboBrexit

"EEA migrants contribute much more to the health service and the provision of social care in financial resources and work than they consume in services."

"There is no evidence that migration has reduced the quality of healthcare."

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[#Thread - Rant about British Politics and Disinformation] 1/ We are reaching an extremely alarming stage of the normalization of deliberate disinformation. In recent days we have seen Tories intentionally mis-edit @Keir_Starmer 's interview, create a false fact-checking account
@Keir_Starmer 2/ & create a fake labour manifesto website with the url . As a consequence, they have been condemned by Twitter, and even @piersmorgan - which really shows how low they have sunk. (That's not a dig at Piers Morgan, simply a reflection he's called it out)
@Keir_Starmer @piersmorgan 3/ I say normalization because Tory politicians, including Johnson himself, owes his 'success' to disinformation. Remember the lie on the bus, #Brexit? In the recent #bbcqt the first question of Johnson literally was about his lack of trustworthiness. Of course Johnson laughed
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Jeremy Corbyn fans are currently targeting and viciously bullying a heavily pregnant Jewish woman because she wore a satirical tee-shirt pointing out that their hero, the jezziah, was a positive irritant and obstruction to both the anti apartheid movement and the Irish peace
These hypocritical cultists are screaming abuse at this sweet lady, and calling for her to lose her job, all for pointing out that their “saint jezza” is a hypocritical lying antisemitic misogynist fraud, who has never done anything other than seek to increase his own power
These rabid racists (because they are - to a person - spewing antisemitic filth too) have DONE EXACTLY THE SAME THING that she is accused of - photoshopped an image of the glorious leader stealing the limelight from the genuine AAM - and filled it with antisemitic hate
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[thread] There’s been some discussion over @UKLabour’s tax policy in the last 24 hrs, given a bit of prominence by #bbcqt. An audience member said that, though he earned over £80k, he was nowhere near the top 5% of earners & went so far as to say he wasn’t in the top 50%. (1/8)
This is clearly false, but it has given rise to an interesting debate about tax, high pay & low pay. (2/8)
Whilst I get that those earning good incomes may not feel ‘rich’ for a variety of reasons (e.g outgoings, especially housing costs), the focus should really be on some very stark figures on low pay. That what’s often lost in any discussions about tax bands & top rates etc. (3/8)
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Journalists right now. #BBCQT
Well of course.
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