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Prosecution introduced evidence now where Douglass Mackey/Ricky Vaughn called Black people “the most gullible,” as in easy to deceive.

He also said women should be denied the right to vote.

Please consider this in the context of Tucker Carlson hyping him.
A jury will decide if Mackey committed a crime.

But what he said and did speaks loudly about the Trump movement.

His Ricky Vaughn account was wildly popular with Trump’s base, and this man essentially believed that non-white people and women were irrelevant, just dirt.
We also learned more about this “War Room” DM group.

Extremists coordinated to make Wikileaks and Podesta Emails-related hashtags trend, as well as disinfo schemes meant to demoralize young people, women, and people of color.

Really grim and palpably uncomfortable to read.
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This is abjectly false BUT I want y’all to see what is being done purposefully:

“Woke” is being recast as an *outright threat,* which makes it-and us-far easier to attack. They’ve even added an “-ism” to make it sound sinful-like racism im or sexism.

This is intentional.
When “woke” means “liberal” principles or “political correctness, casting it as “wokeism” makes it easy to attack those principles through, say, the banning of books.

When “woke” v simply means Black people, “wokeism” makes it easier to, say, suppress our votes & protest.
White supremacy colonizes for evil-including WOKE, which was bastardized after Black folks created it.

That’s why homegirl couldn’t define it & there is no central definition: because they never meant for there to be one.

It’s just a boogeyman for white identity threat.
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So hey here, I’m a person w/ an actual degree in African American studies who still works in the field.

This woman is wrong.

‘Woke’ is a decades old slang term for ‘to be awoke’ to situations amongst African Americans dating back to the 1930s but popularized in the 1960s.
She’s also using an age-old strategy of white establishment members to:

1) denigrate —a said topic/person/institution (ex: The anti-woke crusades)
2) deny the existence of and/or the validity of said subject (ex: Woke is an catch-all term for things whites don’t like)
3) destroy — either politically, socially, or economically the subject in question.


4) (re) define — removing the original connotation and replacing with a new connotation
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#Biden backs strength of #banking system after collapse of #SVB, #SignatureBank | Mar 13
- When fed auths bailed out depositors in insolvent lenders SVB (NASDAQ:SIVB) and #SignatureBank on Monday,
Joe sought to reassure the public Image
#Ukraine-#BanderasBox opened.
#RAND Co | Jan 25
- There is an urgent need for #resources to flow into the national econ, especially the #banking system. Only European countries bound by #EU and #NATO commitments will be able to provide them
#SVB #SignatureBank #BanderasBox.
#Rand Co | Jan 25
- The key objective is to #divide #EU by placing #UsefulIdiots in political positions in order to stop #Russian #energy supplies from reaching the continent
- The entire #EU #economy will #collapse
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@IanGianni @jessgill03 No one mentioned location school rules or policies school rights property laws tort or burning Korans

Because they were irrelevant

And where they were mentioned it was to emphasise the difference in importance

It wasn't the school's property

It was the boys Koran

And he...
@IanGianni @jessgill03 The Koran which was THE BOY'S OWN property WASN'T burned otherwise destroyed badly damaged or otherwise seriously affected

Just scuffed a bit

And HE DIDN'T do it

It wasn't against school rules or policies

He was punished for association with an incident which was "offensive"!
@IanGianni @jessgill03 The reasons a "different" example than actually burning a Koran was given

Because it was actually a real life-example & couldn't be denied

It was so trivial - minor scuffing v total destruction

HE didn't do the "damage"

Yet he was punished for being involved in the incident..
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#WokeCulture has gone insane lately. They’re expecting conversations with people in specific pronouns, they’re indoctrinating kids in schools on diversity and inclusiveness as if one race is always bad and other good.

They’re expanding gender affirmative…
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@FuzzyDanSo @DianeB528 @Rasmussen_Poll YOU "dgaf" about what #ScottAdams ACTUALLY said or meant

Preferring to #VirtueSignal your #Woke credentials by joining racist "liberal" #CancelCulture #TwitterMob #DogPile on him

He ACTUALLY said "Choose Love instead of Hate"


Bravery over fear

Thoughtfulness over anger
@FuzzyDanSo @DianeB528 @Rasmussen_Poll #ScottAdams said he lived in a mixed neighbourhood

Next door to a Black man

And he said if you live in a neighbourhood (of any demographic) where up to 50% of the residents don't like you

And too large a proportion are criminals

Move out

And to judge people as individuals!🤦‍♂️
@FuzzyDanSo @DianeB528 @Rasmussen_Poll As I said to another #Woke #VirtueSignalling #ScottAdams #CancelCulture #TwitterMob #DogPile on #Troll

He's often said every local party goes to is very mixed race (& marriage)

Hasn't & didn't mean "Run Away"

He's a comic

It's a joke

Here's the demographics of where he lives
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@1337_FAFO @jessgill03 For those to whom English especially British English is a 2nd or 3rd Language

Especially dumb Yanks😲

Who think this video is from US not UK

That it's about the Law of Contract Property or Tort😱

Or about #FreeSpeech never mind #FirstAmendment:

It's about #DoubleStandards!🤦‍♂️
@1337_FAFO @jessgill03 For those who missed Jess Gill's video clip @jessgill03


"Why is it acceptable to say someone can burn a Bible but if someone damages a Quran they should be punished?"

It's about the #DoubleStandards exposed in the crazy #VirtueSignalling #Woke Left!

@1337_FAFO @jessgill03 Reason was in Oxford was to ask students if think #ReligiousTolerance MORE IMPORTANT than #FreedomOfExpression

And highlights their #Woke #DoubleStandards

They think freedom of expression MORE important

In fact BASIS of #FreeSociety

All for #BurningBibles!

But NOT #Koran!!🤦‍♂️
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Riku Niemisen eduskuntavaaliehdokkuuden myötä uudelleen keskustelunaiheeksi 8 vuoden takaa noussut #blackface-sketsi on hyvä tapaustutkimus samalla tarkastella #woke-asenteiden kehitystä ja toimintalogiikkaa Suomessa. #wokehommat 1/x
Heinäkuussa 2015 Suomen Kuvalehden kolumnissa oli kriittinen sävy. Nieminen kommentoi, että hänellä ei ollut pahaa tarkoitusta, syytökset olivat "absurdeja" ja syytöksiä hän piti "sädekehänkiillotuksena". Rasismia hän ei asiassa nähnyt. 2/x
Nieminen on vuonna 2021 sittemmin pyytänyt vitsiä anteeksi Apu-lehdessä. Hän toisti, ettei tarkoitus ollut paha ja pyysi anteeksi ihmisiltä, "jotka kokevat, että blackface normalisoi rasismia", eikä ulkonäölle nauraminen ole ok. 3/x
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At a World Governments Summit @ElonMusk says he recommends Government officials and leaders should speak in their own voices…

“I think people should speak in their own voice. I would encourage CEOs, legislators, to speak authentically.. Do the tweets…
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#WATCH | Woke marine biologists urge we end our derogatory language towards sharks 🙆‍♂️

#Woke #marine #biologists #derogatory #language #sharks
Woke Biologists Claim Now Even Wild Animals Are Suffering From the Effects of Systemic Racism

One of the most diabolically clever notions the Left has ever devised in order to advance its Marxist agenda has been “systemic racism.”
It’s so useful that “experts” keep finding it in more and more places, and absurdity is no bar for how low they will go. Their audience, after all, is Leftists, who are already accustomed to swallowing absurd claims on an industrial scale
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Todays #woke revolution has many similarities to the past socialist and communist regimes trying to change the very fundamental ways in which humans think and function.

#Wokeness is a disease it’s a #WokeMindVirus trying to control others to your liking

The church of the holy woke
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Has #ChatGPT gone woke? [Controversial findings!]

Has social-political bias infiltrated ChatGPT?

Is AI being used to push the owner's social and political agendas?

Read this thread 🧵and form your own option 👇

#artificialintelligence #ai #woke
I asked ChatGPT to tell me a joke about women.

It refused because it will not tell a joke that is “derogatory or offensive to a particular gender or group of people.”

#artificialintelligence #ai #woke #chatgpt Image
Then I asked ChatGPT to tell me a joke about men.

A joke about women is potentially offensive.

But a joke about men, implying that we are alcoholics, is perfectly okay?

Nothing “derogatory or offensive” here…


#artificialintelligence #ai #woke #chatgpt Image
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The following Thread contains clips of a lecture from @Beloit_College titled “Antiracism: an analytical approach” given in 2022 from professor Yiheng Yvonne Wu (bio here:… or
#woke Image
[1] Ibram X. Kendi’s (@DrIbram) work on college campuses…

“What was so refreshing about ‘How To Be An Antiracist’ … was, yes he acknowledged individuals were important, but his focus was all on policy.”
[2] “People are so defensive ‘I’m not racist. I’m not racist. You’re a racist.’ You know, it doesn’t have to be a pejorative. We can talk about it objectively.”

By which she means, let’s come together and look at how we are perpetuating racism. It’s an unarguable fact.
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Why woke corporations censor: "Because they're afraid. Afraid that the lessons they learned at progressive universities won't stand up to objective scrutiny. Afraid that vigorous debate breeds societies of citizens, not sheep..."
#FreeSpeech #censorship #woke
... Above all, afraid that if they cannot anoint themselves enlightened arbiters, their ideas will just have to stand on their own merits, like the rest of us."

~Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo

#FreeSpeech #censorship
#Newsmax #OAN
Which side are YOU on? On the side of woke censorship of free speech under the pretext of stopping "misinformation" (which progressives alone get to define)? Or on the side of freedom of speech, our most fundamental right as Americans?
#FreeSpeech #censorship
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The AOC debate has gone viral
Men, we need to help her see the light. She stated being blue in college. It’s about time she grew up…
We are in a new era. You can be attractive and still be undesirable. #woke
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Sleazy @upennlaw refuses to produce any evidence that what #AmyWax said about minority performance at the school was wrong.

The Grievance procedure, however, places the burden on the dean to put up or shut up - @JaneBColeman in @LegInsurrection…
By December, @dailypenn gloated over the shrinking enrollment in Wax's remaining classes. 

It didn't mention that the dean cynically created *new courses on the same topics she teaches* to discourage students from enrolling in hers #sleazy #woke…
You'd never suspect Wax is fighting two battles: one against @pennlaw; one against life-threatening cancer.

But #sleazy #woke tool @Dean_Ruger refuses to relax deadlines in her disciplinary process in consideration of her medical problems.

Of course.…
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@elonmusk '
1. Is there any link between #Twitter1.0 #Twitter2.0 @OpenAI #ChatGPT #CRT #BLM #BHM & #Woke

And did they all #GetWokeGoBroke

As per attached

Or have I gone stark staring mad?!😯😮😲😱🤦‍♂️


@elonmusk @OpenAI @ScottAdamsSays 2. The above were extracts from a #ChatGPT conversation which either indicates I've gone mad (or am a lot dumber than I thought)

Or #IBrokeChatGPT

Or it's a lot dumber than everybody thought

Or AI can Lai

Or it's programmed to indoctrinate people with #Woke #CRT brainwashing
@elonmusk @OpenAI @ScottAdamsSays '

3. So am I tired drunk dumb mistaken....🤦‍♂️

Or am I right & #ChatGPT wrong😯

Or did I cause a #CognitiveDissonanceMeltdown😮

Did I make it blow a fuse😲

Did #IBrokeChatGPT😱

The full thread in 2 layouts

And a couple of earlier attempts to chat
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@BharathamJaya @sanjeevsanyal 🧵OMFG!!!

Either it's too late & I'm tired

I've had one too many sherries

I've gone mad

Or I've #BrokenChatGPT

I tried some tests on the points you raised & it wouldn't play ball

Then it melted down or I've gone mad when I tested it on the #AtlanticSlaveTrade

Which is it😱
@BharathamJaya @sanjeevsanyal HELP! @Elonmusk @ScottAdamsSays

Am I too tired

Had one too many sherries

Gone mad

Or have I #BrokenChatGPT

Or was #ChatGPT already broken

Have I pushed AI into a #CognitiveDissonanceMeltdown

More to the point has this AI been taught to Lai?!

#Woke #CRT indoctrination!😱🤦‍♂️
@BharathamJaya @sanjeevsanyal @elonmusk @ScottAdamsSays #TwoMoviesOnOneScreen (#Computer)


Am I going insane?!😂🤣🤦‍♂️

Has #ChatGPT caused me to have a #CognitiveDissonanceMeltdown😯

Or have I caused it to blow a fuse & meltdown itself?😮!

Did #IBrokeChatGTP!!!😲

#ChatGPTBroke #GetWokeGoBroke😱

Can AI lai?!🤦‍♂️
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Every word has a variety of senses & connotations, which shift over time. The word '#woke' is a good current example.

The Right are attempting to make the word 'woke' a pejorative, while others embrace the term, in the sense of its original meaning: 'awake to social injustice'.
Language is a communicative activity, highly dependent on context, whether that of the ongoing discourse or of social & ideological changes. Work on semantic change has focused, not on results of change, but on enabling factors for change.…
Attention has been paid to the contributions of cognitive processes, such as analogical thinking, production of cues as to how a message is to be interpreted, and perception or interpretation of meaning, especially in grammaticalization.
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1/20 Sovereign Africa Ratings @saratings is a most important development to pay attention to in Africa NOW. Africa is fast becoming the most important continent. And South African President Ramaphosa is mum on this vital African investment development.
Crude oil and copper prices have gone separate ways in recent months. Copper has risen 36% since last July while oil has fallen 22%. The divergence between the two markets is very rare in history. Image
But what happened in November to create this divergence? What would the impact of the middle East throwing themselves into the #ClimateEmergency Is it Relevant?… #ClimateScam
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Ils seraient #woke, homosexuels ou obèses, selon la vedette de Fox News. Ils, se sont les bonbons #M&M’S, qui a renoncé à les utiliser dans ses publicités, face à l’assaut de la frange conservatrice de la droite américaine. Petit fil sur ces accusations…
Elle, c'est Purple, le #MMS violet, censée représenter "l'acceptation et l’inclusion". Pour Tucker Carlson, elle serait obèse, en référence à sa forme ovale plutôt que ronde, proche de celle des M&M’s contenant une cacahuète Image
Elle, c'est green. Vous remarquez ses baskets ? Elles portaient auparavant des talons. De quoi faire dire à Tucker Carlson qu'elle serait devenue lesbienne, et "moins sexy" (c'est un putain de M&M'S, rappelons le) (désolé pour la grossièreté...) Image
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Here is how #platforms die: first, they are good to their users; then they abuse their users to make things better for their business customers; finally, they abuse those business customers to claw back all the value for themselves. Then, they die. 1/
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
I call this #enshittification, and it is a seemingly inevitable consequence arising from the combination of the ease of changing how a platform allocates value, combined with the nature of a "two sided market." 3/
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#WOKE cultuur doet intrede vanaf groep 4, met behulp van het heilige Lesmateriaal van van Dijk. Scholen gehoorzamen.

Het is geen onderwijs, maar (Soros) social engineering.…
Het is geen onderwijs, maar (Soros) social engineering.…

Het is geen onderwijs, maar (Soros) social engineering.

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