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Sept 29, 2019 Disney CEO Bob Iger Run for President? Oprah Winfrey Network #OWN 🤔👀🇺🇸👀🤔
Why is Oprah always involved with the pedos ?? 😂🤣😂🤣Why did Oprah want Bob Iger to be president ?? 🤔🤔🤔 Who controls the children ??
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1. Attorney General Barr will attend a closed-door lunch with Republican senators next week -- will be Mr. Barr’s 1st face-to-face meeting with Republican senators since Roger Stone uproar… #Trump2020 #News #ShareTheNews
2. #Trump nominates Dana Wade for commissioner of FHA;“Dana Wade is a spectacular individual who has been enormously valuable to President Trump & this dept” said HUD Sec Ben Carson. “We look forward to Dana’s very capable guiding hand… #News #ShareTheNews
3. President Trump praises Martha McSally, Doug Ducey as GOP ‘warriors’ to help keep Arizona red at rally… #Trump2020 #News #ShareTheNews
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1. President Trump Will Attend Daytona 500 As Grand Marshal 🏁 🇺🇸 🏁

Plans To Take A Lap In Presidential Limo TODAY!… #Trump #News
2. 🏁 🇺🇸 🏁 President Trump ad to air during Daytona 500 broadcast.

Start your Engines. 🏁 🇺🇸 🏁

#TheBestIsYetToCome #Trump #News
3.) 6.1 Million Individuals Off Food Stamps Under President Donald Trump… #Trump #News
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1/ This Administration gave Puerto Rico the LARGEST FEDERAL DISASTER GRANT in American history. TRUMP was ALSO the FIRST President in history to authorize RECORD LEVELS of EMERGENCY CASH on the ground in Puerto Rico BEFORE the storm hit.
2/ Yet Democrats slammed us for not distributing enough supplies & funding in time.

BUT WE NOW KNOW that Puerto Rico leadership was engaging in MASS CORRUPTION resulting in 3 GOVERNORS IN ONE MONTH

WE NOW KNOW that over four (4) Puerto Rican elected officials have been…
3/ …either investigated - or arrested - for corruption and interference as it pertains to hurricane assistance - INCLUDING THAT INCOMPETENT, SELF-SERVING, SPOTLIGHT CRAVING MAYOR CARMEN YULIN CRUZ FOR FRAUD & OBSTRUCTION

WE NOW KNOW that HAD President TRUMP given Puerto…
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WHAT IF this is a subtle way to let #Q+ @realDonaldTrump
know you're an Anon at Rallies?

•Think about this:
1.) Not #Qanon gear ✅
2.) "White hat" 😉 ✅
3.) Can easily add a black sticker of a "\" strategically ✅
4.) Official Campaign gear! ✅

#WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening
And imagine a group of many Anons wearing this #WQKE hat at a #TrumpRally with #Seventeen T-Shirts or Jerseys?
1.) No one can ask you to leave for wearing a number.
2.) No one can ask you to remove your #WOKE hat since it's Official #KAG #Trump Campaign Gear.
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The #PutinsPuppet Paradox
1/13 If you’re one of those #MAGA People (like me) you have no doubt seen @realDonaldTrump
Called “Putin’s Puppet” and May have let it get to you or just laughed it off.
I’ve done both but anymore, the latter is best AS IT IS laughable. BUT..
2/13is it true?? I mean could our
Beloved @POTUS be a tool of the EVIL #RUSSIANS!? 😱
Depends on who you ask...
@RepAdamSchiff aka Adumb Schitt and @RepSwalwell Aka
“Erica” have said without a doubt @realDonaldTrump not only #Colluded with Russia to win the election but...
3/13 that @realDonaldTrump is in fact a #Russian AGENT!! 😱
Adumb Schitt most notably said there was even evidence... and not just classified but also
“OPEN SOURCE!” Meaning a simple interweb search and I’d find out I voted for a Russian agent! 😂 But unfortunately...
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1/ Dear #SocialJustice warrior,

You are #woke but you're not awake.

Since the beginning of time there have been those who seek to gain power or maintain power. This is a sad fact of life. There is truth to the #GameOfThrones
2/ For those of you who are #woke yet asleep-

There are those who powerless & become bitter.
There are those who are powerful & become greedy.
There are those who fight for the powerless & become caught in the powerful's web.
3/ You say you're #woke because you fight for #SocialJustice -causes that seem fair and equitable

-against inequality, rich vs. poor, white vs. black, male vs. female...

That sounds great.

Until the light filters beneath your lids & you begin to ask questions...
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The great one @marklevinshow thread.

@DonaldJTrumpJr explains why Now was the right time to write the book #Triggered.
.@DonaldJTrumpJr explains the values that made him a conservative.
.@DonaldJTrumpJr explains why he calls @realDonaldTrump The blue color billionaire.
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I’ve been in LA for a few days now.
Woodland Hills area
I am happy to report that both of my Uber drivers thus far
have been #WOKE
Fantastic conversations!
One a white male, one a black male
🇺🇸Patriots, even Cali is waking🇺🇸
I was filled with such hope 1/4
What was even more encouraging was my trip to Santa Monica Pier. Dressed head to toe (literally) in Red White and Blue
No one punched me in the head😂
or said a negative word to me
Gave these Commies a shot of Patriotism with a smile
My hat was a nice MAGA alternative
My tour of Warner Bros Studio was also encouraging
with a few “Go Trump” and “He’s kicking ass” comments after eyeing my MAGA gear
One even bought my coffee☕️

I’m wearing MAGA everywhere
I’m conversing with and
Redpilling people at every opportunity 3/4
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1. #News ~ Fashion Notes: Gorgeous Melania Trump Ends G7 Trip in Nautical Alaïa, Michael Kors… #Trump @POTUS @FLOTUS #G7Summit #G7Biarritz #G7 #France
@POTUS @FLOTUS 2. #News ~ President Trump Teases "Very Big Trade Deal" with the UK Following Successful Brexit… #Trump @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @FLOTUS #G7Summit #G7Biarritz #G7 #France
@POTUS @FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump 3. #News ~ Huawei engaged in talks w/ Russian government to install Russian operating system on 360,000 tablets to be used in next year's census in Russia, according to Reuters.…
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🔹If it’s the victors, and oppressors, who write the history books, how can we ever truly know what stories were lost?
🔹Has it never occurred to you as somewhat odd, that despite historical accounts of advanced civilizations from 2000 BC, and onwards, ...
...that very few of these great cultures are mentioned much in the Bible? Never mind those that came before them❗️
🔹The main trajectory of biblical historical value, appears to be limited to such a small region of the world; namely, Israel, and surrounds. (Including Egypt.)...
That is; I mean, ISis-RA-EL‘s land❗️
(What’s in a name, ja?)
🔹There weren’t many other nations mentioned much; not even many Westerners /Europeans,
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.1. Dear friends on THIS journey in THIS specific 3D time/space: I recently have been struggling (valiantly, in my humble opinion) with thoughts of extreme despair, hopelessness, and suicidal ideations. I saw this 🌈over my family homestead shortly b4 things turned bad 4 me.
.2. I had a panic attack for nearly 3 consecutive days;×I actually began making a #PLAN of my own. But, these messages have me hope, thx @LauraMagdalene4.
.3. Then, last night, I slept with a precious rock near my bed and asked for Universe guidance. What I got at 3:30 a.m. was not some lovey dovey angelic fufu message. It was the difficult to take, hit you in the gut, heart, and third eye simultaneously type of message.
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1/ FIRST ANALYSIS of @facebook's #Libra: Facebook completely misunderstands money. 🤣😩 Facebook understands payment systems--but that's not the same as money. Two telling quotes: "Libra is backed by a reserve of real assets." "Many cryptocurrencies today (eg #Bitcoin & #Ether...
2/ ...have no underlying assets to back them." Money is a good that serves as an HONEST LEDGER--it doesn't need to have intrinsic value because it attains value by people trusting it to be an HONEST LEDGER. Money is just a bookkeeping system--not all bookkeeping systems are money
3/ ...yet @facebook throws gobbledygook at us by asserting #Libra has value because it's backed by "bank deposits & short-term govt securities." 🤣 Well, at least it appears Facebook doesn't have plans (yet) to engage in fractional-reserve banking with Libra Reserve's assets...
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1. This was written by someone you all know. He was paying VERY close attention to the #DeepState #Cabal debacle all the way back in June of 2017. This is the definition of being #Woke.

"The conclusion of James Comey's appearance today, 6/8/17:

Trump never did anything illegal"
2. "Trump never asked me to do anything illegal"

"Trump never asked me to stop investigating anybody or anything"

"Trump is a wild card sometimes and I am slightly inept so I was unable to accurately judge his shrewd abilities and intentions"
3. "I asked a friend to leak my memo to the New York Times so that a probe would be initiated into Trump"

"I was told by Loretta Lynch to call the 'investigation' into Clinton's secret email scandal a 'matter' and not an investigation, which made my spidey senses tingle."
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It's a fairly dry piece with lots of data, but very important for pro-Israel activists to understand that the loss of support for Israel on the left is a package deal, i.e. part of a larger &massive shift in views that are not necessarily reality-based.…
E.g. despite #woke claims about US racism, "multiple recent studies find no racial disparities in police use of deadly force. The odds of an unarmed black person being shot by police appear to approximate his/her chance of being struck by lightning."…
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Military caught in the act of #weatherWarfare proof proof and more proof. Please watch this short video I made
proving beyond a shadow of a doubt our weather
is being manipulated
controlled and causing havoc on the USA.#SilentWeaponsForQuietWars @SandyRiosTweet @BrianKempGA
Guys I'm not here to make friends although friends are good. I'm here to speak the truth to wake the masses to do something about this madness listen the same thing is happening right here today in Georgia we have no clouds they're heating the Nano particulates making it hot
There are people dying homes being destroyed Farmland being destroyed crops Farmers can't even get there seeds in the dirt 4 repeated flooding. Is this okay with you? Are you going to sit on the sidelines and keep your mouth shut? If so please don't follow me. Wake up and speakup
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So you heard about what's going on in Hollywood through #TheGreatAwakening & #Qanon drops or you already were #WOKE with the flood of 🍕Gate.

But how knowledgeable are you on the subject, REALLY?

Do you know the origin of Hollywood?
How bout the species of holly wood?
Magic of Holly Wood

The druids were tree worshipers, especially the oak. The holly was their most sacred symbol because it was sacred to mother Holle or Hel, the [Norse] goddess of the underworld…
thus we have Holle, or Holly-wood (Hel-wood, the “place of magic”) and home of the Illuminati’s mass propaganda and conditioning machine in California. The holly wood was a favorite source of magic wands.
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1. I've been providing evidence about AG William Barr, aka CIA agent Robert Johnson, and his heavy involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair (the Enterprise) and "Pegasus". He facilitated and protected the massive cocaine smuggling program into Mena Arkansas.

2. A very meaningful drop from Q.

In that message, Q brought comfort and reassurance that what we as Anons are doing for the #TheGreatAwakening is the heart of why Q is here in the 1st place. Love of country, love of freedom and the pursuit of truth.
3. In the end of that post, Q said:

"Difficult truths will soon see the light of day. WWG1WGA!!!"

I think we found one. Numerous people were involved in Pegasus and Barr helped protect them as deputy Attorney General and as Attorney General during the George H W Bush years.
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To all the people, designated White by colonizing nations, who are becoming disillusion by your evangelical or Christian faith: When you walk away from Jesus you are not #woke. You are operating out of the white supremacy you say you abhor. 1/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism
When you walk away from Jesus and Christian faith to be “woke” you are walking away from a faith that sprang from brown, indigenous, colonized people. You’re walking away from faith born on the underside of empire in the context of oppressed peoples. 2/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism
You’re walking away from the faith of enslaved people who found such profound liberation in Jesus that they broke laws to gather together and worship in #trees! 3/
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1. Ilhan Omar: "Obama is a 'pretty face' who got 'away with murder'".

Just when you thought this woman couldn't get any worse...she gets better? She almost sounds like a #Woke #QAnon #PATRIOT! So, what gives?

These statements are indicative of a script.…
2. People have reached out to me about Omar and AOC, asking if I think there's a chance that at least those two are part of some scheme to undermine, upset, and divide the democrat party? Truth is, if they're real...their positions are truly dangerous. If they're not!
3. These two political extremists are working to turn the democrats on their heads. What if this was all scripted? Remember this...#Q and @realDonaldTrump have secured resources in their fight against the #DEEPSTATE. Should it surprise us to see plans to embed d-party usurpers?
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#QAnon Where it all began...
#QAnon Early days...
#QAnon Day 2.
Makes me realize March 28, 2019 will be 17 months of Q.
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Is [PP]landed the #Keystone ?
Did #Q & #POTUS open the door of all doors? The public must get ready for the truth #ChildSacrifice #ChildTrafficking

ThankQ @JoanofAmerica @stormypatriot21 @ks374365 👈🏻 this team is amazing. #Qarmy #DarkToLight #WWG1WGA…

The mother of [PP]landed began in 1916 and with a lot of controversy.
None more than her ties to the #KKK
If you're 1 who felt she was admirable like @HillaryClinton once said then your mistaken.…
Just read a few quotes she made👆🏼
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i had a very nice experience today which i want to share and -SHOCK!- it involves me speaking positively of a man

which doesn't happen much round these here parts
i went to meet one of my best friends. she's recently started dating this dude

he was coming to meet us (so i could Assess Him. you know, that terrifying Best Friend Assessing Your Boo moment)
as he came into the cafe, he saw that we were in an animated conversation

he goes "oh hey! i can come back in five minutes if you need to talk privately or anything"

OH. you're POLITE polite
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