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(Ugh) The spoiled #woke college kid brats trying to shut him down from revealing this queer theory, #pedophilia, #anarchy, nexus of beliefs of the #QueerTheory Founders.

Its every college, free speech is dead on campus.

Western Civilization is in its death throes.
Studies related to Drag Queens and children: 


"Drag queens, otherwise known as “female impersonators," are most typically gay men"

Jennifer O’Brien Ph.D.

All Thing LGBT


The proportions of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles among……
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The war against the #WOKEagenda is in full effect.
Here’s how #WOKE came to be everywhere, what it aims to do, and how the future can potentially play out.
How we ended up here.
After the second red scare (1947–1957) there was a massive purge of communists in America.
2/23 The communists/marxists then went underground to lick their wounds and regroup.
In the 1970’s, some of these left over marxists created ‘Neo Marxism’, and decided to infiltrate the educational to slowly infect and remedy the mistakes they made last time.
3/23 They have had 50 years to secretly fester and grow like a bacteria, throughout our educational system and HR departments of corporations. It has infected professors, department heads, curriculum , politicians, heads of states etc.

So what is this ‘neo Marxism’?
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Konstantin Kisin è un autore satirico russo-britannico, nato e cresciuto a Mosca.
qui si rivolge ai #woke e alla loro visione del mondo, in particolare alla favola del #cambiamentoclimatico cui spetterebbe a noi occidentali porre rimedio...

sono 4 video da ascoltare BENE
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@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett Ignoring fact that 50% of studies can't be replicated

And "Sociology" & related "Medical" type "studies" are the worst culprits

The ones that say otherwise are highly biased cherry-picked "studies" of self-selected participants by activist "researchers"…
@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett As I said

Depriving #TransKids of proper counselling😯

And railroading them down the so-called "#AffimativeCare" pathway😮

Is what is killing them😲

And that's what YOU support!!!😱🤦‍♂️

It's worse than the Liverpool "Care" Pathway!!!…
@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett #TransActivists have no self-awareness!

And no shame!!!

Depriving #TransKids of proper counselling😯

And railroading them down the so-called "#AffimativeCare" pathway😮

IS WHAT IS #KillingTransKids😲

And that's what THEY support!!!😱🤦‍♂️…
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Die AfD gewinnt an Stimmen, weil die Menschen AfD wählen wollen, weil sie eine #rassistische & #xenophobe Politik wollen, weil sie gegen eine offene Gesellschaft sind und gegen die pluralistische Demokratie. Früher war das tabuisiert, wehrhafte Demokratie, Lehren aus 1933-45 ../2
Nun aber wettern auch andere Parteien gegen #Woke #Gendergaga #Paschas, stellen #Menschenrechte und #Flüchtlingskonvention in Frage, verschieben den Diskurs nach rechts. Es fallen alle Schranken am rechten Rand. Auch sie sind Brandstifter und Gefährder der Demokratie /3
90 Jahre nach #Machtergreifung die Machtübertragung war, ist Demokratie wieder gefährdet, nicht primär durch die Rechten, sondern durch die Mitte, die die Rechten für nicht so schlimm hält, weil sie meinen, vom Hass nicht gemeint zu sein. 😱 Um sie müssen wir kämpfen!
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so tweeps, in a light hearted venture, I've got a confession!!

I became *voluntarily* infected by

the #WokeMindVirus whilst I was in college and am now proudly #woke

quick *thread* 🧵 on what #WokeCulture & #wokementality ACTUALLY means: Image
don't let the daily heil, expreshit or s*n poison your mind, be alert to: Image
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Arguments for "woke" Christianity. A thread.

I've been debating what the Christian right calls "woke" for years. It's always the same points. So instead of addressing them over and over again. I thought I'd create a thread to book mark. Warning-this will be long. 1/
My background. I'm a preacher's kid, been a Christian my entire life (I'm 56). I've also voted Republican, Democratic, Independent. I'm not particularly partisan and I think the marriage of Christianity and politics is incredibly dangerous as proved throughout history. 2/
The denomination I grew up was fairly liberal. However as an adult, I attended evangelical mega churches that became increasingly fundamentalist over the years. I was like a frog in boiling water-not recognizing the changes in doctrine until the Trump era. 3/
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I said I thought it was an overcorrection, which I can speak on as a Black person because we, alone, get to decide how we feel personally about something that could be racist or offensive.

I did NOT say anything about “being woke” being an issue or a problem EVER.
What y’all NOT gon’ do is infer that I believe — or EVER said — that being cognizant of the hate and racism and micro-aggressions in this white-supremacy-fueled nation is a bad thing.

An #OverCorrection means folks CARED about not being hateful

#BeingWOKE is the GOAL.
#BeingWoke & the use of the word #Woke was OUR thing. WE told each other to #StayWoke. It was OUR way of encouraging & reminding each other that better can come if we stay vigilant & focused on moving forward despite the hate.

Those against that movement made it a pejorative.
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این رشتو درباره Woke culture یا فرهنگ وُک هست که لازمه همه درباره‌ش آگاه باشیم. یکی از مفاهیمی که توی سالهای اخیر در دنیا بخصوص جوامع غربی بشدت رواج پیدا کرده، «وُک»(woke) هست؛ وک یعنی بیدار.
اگه توی فرهنگ‌نامه‌های رایج(که اکثرشون رو چپ‌ها یا افراد تحت تاثیر گفتمان چپ نوشتند)،/۱
دنبال تعریف وک بگردید، این واژه، "حساس به بی عدالتی و مخالف نژادگرایی"، "آگاه به حقایقی که قدرت نمی‌خواهد شما بدانید"، "کسی که به مسائل اجتماعی توجه دارد"، "آگاه" و "حاضر در صحنه" معنی شده؛ امااااا! این کاربر به کل نظر دیگه‌ای داره و معتقده که واقعیت وک برحسبِ/۲
نحوه اِعمال این مفهوم، داستان کاملا متفاوتی از اون تعریف زیبایی داره که به مخاطب القا میشه. کنار همه این معانی زیبا و اخلاقی، چند ویژگی وکها بطور مشترک در مارکسیست ها و اسلامگراها وجود داره که به وفور در دنیای واقعی میبینیم. این ویژگی‌ها از این قرارند:/۳
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Die Desinformation #Russlands und seiner Trolle stellt die größte Bedrohung dar, mit der wir derzeit konfrontiert sind, die in eine militärische Bedrohung endet. Sie ist eine existenzielle Bedrohung für demokratische Gesellschaften.
Wir müssen aufklären!🧵
„A Love Letter to America“, schrieb der ehemalige KGB-Agent Yuri Bezmenov, der 1970 nach Kanada flüchtete. Er warnte vor dem Plan der Sowjetunion, die westlichen Gesellschaften von innen heraus zu zerstören.
Bezmenov beschreibt die Strategie der „ideologischen Subversion“, um „die Wahrnehmung der Realität“ zu verändern.
Ideologische Subversion hat nichts mit Spionage zu tun. Es ist ein Prozess der massiven Gehirnwäsche, mit vier Grundstufen.
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#Wokeness has been hitting so high due to liberal left policies these days. Lots of corporate sponsors for trans, tons of corporate ads for trans folks.

Literally from 8 clinics in the entire USA in the 1990s to 300+ major pediatric gender affirmation clinics in 2023 & new…… ImageImage
We should go back to basics for sports where only biological men participate in men’s sports and biological women participate in women’s sports. No trans people.

Better to have separate events for trans women and men for their own sports meets & events. Image
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#Budget2023 and #NetZero a thread. The UK is lagging behind in its commitment to achieving a drastic reduction in GHG emissions & protecting us against climate change.
#Budget2023 has an industrial strategy. However, it is clear that it will be insufficient to meet the requirements of #NetZero in the right place, in a timely manner in order to reach the target by 2040, not 2050. We are in war-time crises of an unprecedented kind.
Russia has been waging a cyber war against the West for at least 10, if not 15, years. Now due to #Brexit, #COVID19 , & #WarInUkraine, prices, especially energy & food, are spiking, but the Tory govt is either inadequate or absent in response.
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#Wokeness has been rising in the masses lately. People, students and kids have been systematically brainwashed & indoctrinated with inclusion messages, pride flags, LGBTQ+ rallies, hate crimes, drag Queen shows etc.

Men cross dressing as women, men staying in women’s dorms, men……
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#Wokeness has taken a strong foothold in our degrading society these days. Thanks to the woke liberal leaders, they’re taking advantage of your feelings and scoring political points. Think for yourself & your kids, stop this woke indoctrination.

People are offended if they’re
-…… Image
Law & Order: Microaggression Victims Unit (MVU) 😂

Sounds appropriate for woke liberals

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1)🔎 Kerkgenootschap waarbij het lijkt alsof de geloofsovertuiging overeenkomt,met de #WEF #SDGs van #Agenda2030, ofwel de doelen worden meegenomen/behandeld vanuit kerkelijk perspectief, of ze mengen opzettelijk de SDGs met het geloof. De Remonstranten. #D66 #VVD #uitpluizen
2)🔎 Thema's vd #TheGreatReset en volgens #Agenda2030. Ik zag #D66-ers, #VVD-ers en beleidsmedew in het ledenbestand en #Kaag was te gast. Ze werken naar 2030 toe en hebben daarvoor een werkgroep aangesteld. Ik ga de agendapunten en personen linken. (Christa Anbeek #MtF?)
3) Zo kwam ik hierop: In 2010 ontving het Remonstranten Broederschap de Bob Angelo Penning vh COC.
In 2013 werd de Penning uitgereikt aan Carolien vd Lagemaat, Transgenderbeweging. Zij had invloed op de inwerkingtreding vd Transgenderwet,zij zit bij de #VVD en de Remonstranten
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Prosecution introduced evidence now where Douglass Mackey/Ricky Vaughn called Black people “the most gullible,” as in easy to deceive.

He also said women should be denied the right to vote.

Please consider this in the context of Tucker Carlson hyping him.
A jury will decide if Mackey committed a crime.

But what he said and did speaks loudly about the Trump movement.

His Ricky Vaughn account was wildly popular with Trump’s base, and this man essentially believed that non-white people and women were irrelevant, just dirt.
We also learned more about this “War Room” DM group.

Extremists coordinated to make Wikileaks and Podesta Emails-related hashtags trend, as well as disinfo schemes meant to demoralize young people, women, and people of color.

Really grim and palpably uncomfortable to read.
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This is abjectly false BUT I want y’all to see what is being done purposefully:

“Woke” is being recast as an *outright threat,* which makes it-and us-far easier to attack. They’ve even added an “-ism” to make it sound sinful-like racism im or sexism.

This is intentional.
When “woke” means “liberal” principles or “political correctness, casting it as “wokeism” makes it easy to attack those principles through, say, the banning of books.

When “woke” v simply means Black people, “wokeism” makes it easier to, say, suppress our votes & protest.
White supremacy colonizes for evil-including WOKE, which was bastardized after Black folks created it.

That’s why homegirl couldn’t define it & there is no central definition: because they never meant for there to be one.

It’s just a boogeyman for white identity threat.
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So hey here, I’m a person w/ an actual degree in African American studies who still works in the field.

This woman is wrong.

‘Woke’ is a decades old slang term for ‘to be awoke’ to situations amongst African Americans dating back to the 1930s but popularized in the 1960s.
She’s also using an age-old strategy of white establishment members to:

1) denigrate —a said topic/person/institution (ex: The anti-woke crusades)
2) deny the existence of and/or the validity of said subject (ex: Woke is an catch-all term for things whites don’t like)
3) destroy — either politically, socially, or economically the subject in question.


4) (re) define — removing the original connotation and replacing with a new connotation
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#Biden backs strength of #banking system after collapse of #SVB, #SignatureBank | Mar 13
- When fed auths bailed out depositors in insolvent lenders SVB (NASDAQ:SIVB) and #SignatureBank on Monday,
Joe sought to reassure the public Image
#Ukraine-#BanderasBox opened.
#RAND Co | Jan 25
- There is an urgent need for #resources to flow into the national econ, especially the #banking system. Only European countries bound by #EU and #NATO commitments will be able to provide them
#SVB #SignatureBank #BanderasBox.
#Rand Co | Jan 25
- The key objective is to #divide #EU by placing #UsefulIdiots in political positions in order to stop #Russian #energy supplies from reaching the continent
- The entire #EU #economy will #collapse
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@IanGianni @jessgill03 No one mentioned location school rules or policies school rights property laws tort or burning Korans

Because they were irrelevant

And where they were mentioned it was to emphasise the difference in importance

It wasn't the school's property

It was the boys Koran

And he...
@IanGianni @jessgill03 The Koran which was THE BOY'S OWN property WASN'T burned otherwise destroyed badly damaged or otherwise seriously affected

Just scuffed a bit

And HE DIDN'T do it

It wasn't against school rules or policies

He was punished for association with an incident which was "offensive"!
@IanGianni @jessgill03 The reasons a "different" example than actually burning a Koran was given

Because it was actually a real life-example & couldn't be denied

It was so trivial - minor scuffing v total destruction

HE didn't do the "damage"

Yet he was punished for being involved in the incident..
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#WokeCulture has gone insane lately. They’re expecting conversations with people in specific pronouns, they’re indoctrinating kids in schools on diversity and inclusiveness as if one race is always bad and other good.

They’re expanding gender affirmative…
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@FuzzyDanSo @DianeB528 @Rasmussen_Poll YOU "dgaf" about what #ScottAdams ACTUALLY said or meant

Preferring to #VirtueSignal your #Woke credentials by joining racist "liberal" #CancelCulture #TwitterMob #DogPile on him

He ACTUALLY said "Choose Love instead of Hate"


Bravery over fear

Thoughtfulness over anger
@FuzzyDanSo @DianeB528 @Rasmussen_Poll #ScottAdams said he lived in a mixed neighbourhood

Next door to a Black man

And he said if you live in a neighbourhood (of any demographic) where up to 50% of the residents don't like you

And too large a proportion are criminals

Move out

And to judge people as individuals!🤦‍♂️
@FuzzyDanSo @DianeB528 @Rasmussen_Poll As I said to another #Woke #VirtueSignalling #ScottAdams #CancelCulture #TwitterMob #DogPile on #Troll

He's often said every local party goes to is very mixed race (& marriage)

Hasn't & didn't mean "Run Away"

He's a comic

It's a joke

Here's the demographics of where he lives
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@1337_FAFO @jessgill03 For those to whom English especially British English is a 2nd or 3rd Language

Especially dumb Yanks😲

Who think this video is from US not UK

That it's about the Law of Contract Property or Tort😱

Or about #FreeSpeech never mind #FirstAmendment:

It's about #DoubleStandards!🤦‍♂️
@1337_FAFO @jessgill03 For those who missed Jess Gill's video clip @jessgill03


"Why is it acceptable to say someone can burn a Bible but if someone damages a Quran they should be punished?"

It's about the #DoubleStandards exposed in the crazy #VirtueSignalling #Woke Left!

@1337_FAFO @jessgill03 Reason was in Oxford was to ask students if think #ReligiousTolerance MORE IMPORTANT than #FreedomOfExpression

And highlights their #Woke #DoubleStandards

They think freedom of expression MORE important

In fact BASIS of #FreeSociety

All for #BurningBibles!

But NOT #Koran!!🤦‍♂️
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Riku Niemisen eduskuntavaaliehdokkuuden myötä uudelleen keskustelunaiheeksi 8 vuoden takaa noussut #blackface-sketsi on hyvä tapaustutkimus samalla tarkastella #woke-asenteiden kehitystä ja toimintalogiikkaa Suomessa. #wokehommat 1/x
Heinäkuussa 2015 Suomen Kuvalehden kolumnissa oli kriittinen sävy. Nieminen kommentoi, että hänellä ei ollut pahaa tarkoitusta, syytökset olivat "absurdeja" ja syytöksiä hän piti "sädekehänkiillotuksena". Rasismia hän ei asiassa nähnyt. 2/x
Nieminen on vuonna 2021 sittemmin pyytänyt vitsiä anteeksi Apu-lehdessä. Hän toisti, ettei tarkoitus ollut paha ja pyysi anteeksi ihmisiltä, "jotka kokevat, että blackface normalisoi rasismia", eikä ulkonäölle nauraminen ole ok. 3/x
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