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1/ Dear White churches, Please do not say you are doing anti-racist work, if you are not willing to apply the call to love your neighbor to your politics.
2/ Politics is the decisions we make about how the polis will live together.

Brown, colonized, lynched Jesus has much to say about how the people should live together.
3/ Race, itself, is a #political construct; conceived by Plato in 360BC as a way to order society.

You CANNOT engage issues of race and muzzle yourself on issues of politics. You simply cannot. It is not possible. Race is a political instrument.
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#Woke since 1997 Zach de la Rocha former lead singer of Rage against the machine #TakeTheCountryBack Are you ready. It's almost time!
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@Ben_BlackWhite @VardysGuitar Are you mistaking me for one of these goons?!

@Ben_BlackWhite @VardysGuitar Or are you perhaps mistaking me for one of these goons?!

@Ben_BlackWhite @VardysGuitar No, it must be thse Goons

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What we have been told about this world is not what it is

This realm have the Dermiurge pawns and the light bearers. Those pawns know the truth abt the exact nature of this world but it doesn't benefit them to tell the truth

In fact, they are under strict orders not to let
the cat out of the bag. They are mostly more than 4 billion. They are here to sustain the illusion, mainly thru religion and "education."

Dont be fooled, many ppl who "believe" in God know that they ain't any God but it's a trap for light bearers. The same applies on many things
They can only tell some through telepathicaly for those who are psychic

One of my then supervisor psychically told me that if a light bearers is really #woke, them (pawns) will naturally feel very horny for him/her

Then they initiate sex so that they can capture the soul
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#RightWingRadical Yea I will admit it I scare my wife with my thoughts and my actions! Cause I’m not gonna sit back and let the crazy #Left destroy our country without a fight! They aren’t hiding their crazy ideas and pretend like they are normal! #Defendthisnation #Fight
Why should I feel sorry for you? You are living in the greatest country on the planet! You #resist got it all wrong! The communist in China would love to be free! Yet here you are doing their bidding for them! #walkaway
The #medialies! #Wakeup your #woke rhetoric doesn’t make a lick of sense! Cops pick on black people, there is systemic racism it’s all hogwash! #GeorgeFloyd died of a fentanyl over dose! If that was a white dude under that cops knee the media wouldn’t have give a shit about him!
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There are accounts on Twitter who scan hashtags like "#BLM" or "#Antifa" trying to enforce pc code on issues of race etc. They've no authority. My advice: treat them as if they're Taliban cleric or similar fundamentalist trying to impose religious mores on otherwise free people.
Anyone who denies another person an opportunity to discuss/debate issues like race, gender etc, on the basis that they're not qualified because they're the wrong color, gender, or political party - these #woke pc enforcers are in fact the REAL fascists.
Be sure to remind them of this when they start brigading.
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Has anybody ever had any disagreement from a #woke individual, that doesn’t come across immediately hostile, or degrading? 🤔

I’m yet to experience it myself 😕
Having this wonderful exchange at the moment.

Likening the Suffragettes to BLM and TRA’s 🙄 ImageImage
Jesus Christ mate really!? 😂 Image
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To stand for women’s rights (particularly as a female) = hostility, verbal abuse, as well as death/rape threats.

But go off about how you’re not just misogynists, masquerading as #woke “progressives”.

Y’all are sick.

Trans rights are not women’s rights.

Women = Adult Human Female.

Women’s rights are solely for the protection of the female sex.

Trans women are male.

Therefore, they have no right to appropriate the hard earned, fought for rights, of women.
To clarify:

I stated “as a female” in the initial Tweet, to signify the minuscule fraction of abuse, I would personally receive, as a male expressing the very same views as said women.

Further cementing my belief in this being nothing more than a misogynistic front.
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Let’s not forget the whole thrust behind the BLM movement is actually prison abolition and defunding the police, *not* improving the lives of people. The group which organised this panel also wants to decriminalise paid rape.
As you can see from the blurb, the aim is total anarchy.

I had no doubt whatsoever before it started that no one would come up with any reasonable alternatives to punish or deter criminals and in fact the topic of defunding the police or abolishing prisons wasn’t even discussed.
The panel was an eclectic mix.

The chair Josh Virasami is *sort of* an official leader of the UK chapter for BLM.
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#BREAKING:So with elections less than 70 days away,#Trump's Director of National Intelligence(DNI) ABRUPTLY decides that MoCs will NO LONGER receive in-person briefings on foreign election meddling,just written reports?Hmm
#TheResistance #Election2020 #SaturdayThoughts #FBRParty
Folks, I've said it before and I'll say it again. CHEATING, possibly with #Putin's help, has ALWAYS BEEN #Trump's strategy towards reelection and keeping the Senate under #GOP control. Possibly why #SusanCollins et al, PLAY ALONG

Election meddling is part of the strategy for keeping the Senate under #GOP control. Exhibit A👇

#TheResistance #SaturdayThoughts #fbrparty
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@jjmgerald @WestHullensian @JToulson Oh sorry I thought you set a new precedent by changing that rule to you can come up with facts without regurgitating the evidence over & over again

Even if you've come up with total bollocks like you continually do

Especially about #Slavery
@jjmgerald @WestHullensian @JToulson Sorry I thought you set a new precedent by changing that rule to you can come up with facts without regurgitating the evidence over & over again

Even if you've come up with total bollocks like you continually do

Especially about #Slavery

And #Slavs

Here's more from #Woke #BBC
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Haha, #yleastudio ei vieläkään muista mainita, että kukaan ei edes pidä Valion turkkilaista jugurttia rasistisena, vaan koko juttu oli @YasaAnter läppä. #parodiahorisontti
Jugurtin ihmisoikeusaspektit mainittu!
Ja sitten palataan jälleen Valion ja jugurtin ihmisoikeuskysymyksiin, kun oikeita ilmiöitä jätetään avaamatta. #woke #sjw #mobrule #postmodernism…
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“These companies, which rely on extraction and #exploitation to secure their profits, have an incentive to form tight bonds with #police forces, which function to uphold and protect their interests in the face of #community opposition."
by @AlanRMacLeod…
"JPMorgan Chase CEO Jaime Dimon very publicly took a knee outside a New York branch of his bank in early June, also circulating a memo declaring the financial institution’s supposed dedication to struggling against injustice." Image
"As the principle drivers of #capitalism, corporations are actively holding back the emancipation of oppressed groups and cannot, by their very nature, be vehicles for positive social change. "
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Woke #mondayreport #mondaythoughts #news
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Let's take a look at how even the subject of modern dance has been infected with #CriticalRaceTheory from this #StruggleSession at Indiana University. Part 1...
Modern Dance is white supremacy according to #IndianaUniversity dance professor. Part 2:
This next part makes me particularly sad. While the arts are often left leaning, they've been one of the remaining areas of classical learning. You know, with an actually talented teacher who you work with as an apprentice. Imagine being a dance student under this:
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We celebrate that dance is a place where people of different backgrounds can come together around a common love for self expression through movement. But we are watching our dance communities crumble under the divisive ideology of critical theory/identity politics.
There are still racial injustices in the world. We believe that the best way to fight them is to work together as a community and as equals, regardless of skin color, sex, sexual orientation, gender, etc.
We see the racism happening in the classic sense, but we also see the racism happening within woke ideology and we are standing apart from it.
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Last Night I recorded the first segment of “#Behindthescenesconversation.” On my Podcast-#TheProverbialLifePodcast On that episode, I had a conversation with my wife about her experience with me being in the #Woke Movement and how that impacted our family.
The Purpose of these segments is to expose the behind the scenes, ugly effects that the #Woke-movement has on (White)Pastors, (White) laypeople, and (Interracial) marriages.
I need your help. For my next episode, I am looking to interview (preferably) a white pastor who has struggled with the implications that the #Woke produces. If you know anyone that might be interested have them reach out to me. Thanks.
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1. Here is a complete #redpill timeline for those who are not yet #woke.
Megan and Harry leave royal family.
Prince Andrew is a convicted pedophile and was close with #JeffreyEpstein.
2. Research #EpsteinIsland if you have a strong stomach.
Wiki leaks exposed #HRC and she deletes 340,000 emails.. #Trump gets elected. #HarveyWeinstein, #Hollywood’s biggest germ was arrested.. All of the sudden he got the virus?
3. #PrinceCharles & now the #Queen have the “virus”, the queen fled the palace to isolate weeks ago. All of your Hollywood favorites have the virus. #Adrenochrome is your topic here.
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Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called "The Pledge". The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered,normal.
But of probably isn't
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1/ Friends, I've just sent over to @USCatholic a notice that I won't be writing for them any longer. It was a difficult decision because I enjoy it and because I think contributing to the debate as a public intellectual is more needed now than ever. I hate to walk away.
2/ There is something else here I want to talk about, though.

There are some who will read this, I think, who will be surprised to hear that I would reject being called a liberal. Others, I feel sure, don't think I am #woke enough and find me too conservative.
3/ I have spent a long time cultivating that.

The worst thing about l'Affaire Dolan in my view is his reflexive defense-- 'Well, I make both sides angry.' This is too simple and too irresponsible to be acceptable, but it's right in tempo with our public conversation.
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1/ 🔥Wow! Bill Gate is getting HAMMERED GLOBALLY on Instagram…

a user estimates 4 MILLION comments a day being DELETED
2/ 🔥Wow! Bill Gate is getting HAMMERED GLOBALLY on Instagram…

a user estimates 4 MILLION comments a day being DELETED
end/ 🔥Wow! Bill Gate is getting HAMMERED GLOBALLY on Instagram…

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Extravagant success of Ashkenazi #Jews in wide range of intellectual domains serves as solid refutation to already exhausted #woke narrative of oppression, victimhood, & intersectionality. Why?/1

#IQ #psychology #intelligenceresearch #groupdifferences
"In the first half of the 20th century, despite pervasive and continuing social discrimination against Jews throughout the Western world, despite the retraction of legal rights, and despite the Holocaust, Jews won 14 % of Nobel Prizes in literature, chemistry, physics..."/2
"..., and medicine/physiology. In the second half of the 20th century, when Nobel Prizes began to be awarded to people from all over the world, that figure rose to 29 %. So far, in the 21st century, it has been 32 %. Jews constitute ~0.2 % of the world’s population."/3
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The #QAnon thing is getting out of hand.

1) Children in DUMBs
2) Hillary & Soros arrested & confined on Navy Ships
3) #JFKJRLIVES & is working "behind the scenes."
4) Imminent indictments
5) #3DimensionalChess
6) POTUS was "selected by God"

And worst of all: #TrustThePlan

BY DEFINITION #QAnon is a #PSYOP. While it may have originally caused some to become #woke & do individual research, it's morphed into a hindrance to the pro-#POTUS crowd who believe there r "secret teams working to take down the cabal," & that "Trump is going to save us."

The #DeepState is overjoyed that it has essentially crippled the entire conservative/libertarian movement to the point that they take no proactive steps on their own (other than making #MAGA choo-choo memes and chirping #WWG1WGA).
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