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24 Apr
Here we go.

So, I was at the freedom rally in Prince Albert on the 17th of March. Loud and proud, hugging and shaking hands with everyone, just like I have been for a year, at rallies with 10k, 5k, 3k, 2k,1k, 500, etc etc etc.
Now because of some mysterious "heightened risk"
they are trying to tell me and everyone there that they have to "self-isolate"?

Let's take this a bit further, shall we. I have been out and about for the past 6 days since that rally. I have been to costco, I have been to the coop numerous times, I have been to gas stations,
and numerous other stores. I have been to many customer's houses.
Will the SHA demand t hat those places close, will t hey demand that every single person I have been in contact with since last Saturday have to "self-isolate"? Nope, they won't close costco, they won't close
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20 Apr
But I'm just an anti-mask covidiot...I wasn't the one walking around, driving my car, pushing a skateboard alone with a diaper on my face subjecting my body to the consequences of something that does absolutely nothing to protect you or anyone else. I know most people will
refuse to read this because their radio or tv didn't tell em this, but I thought I would post it anyway.
The existing scientific evidences challenge the safety and efficacy of wearing facemask as preventive intervention for COVID-19. The data suggest that both medical and
non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks. Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological
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20 Apr
When I was growing up the thing that concerned me the most about the Soviet Union was the idea that they were behind the "Iron Curtain". That people were prohibited from moving freely from within Soviet borders to other countries.
That the people were forbidden from hearing and seeing from relatives and friends. If they attempted to break those rules they would be sanctioned by the state. They were scared of their neighbors and the greater community from snitching on them to the "authorities"
and be sanctioned or imprisoned. It was such a scary thought, imagining living under those conditions. I remember how great it felt to be so blessed to live in a free country and free society. I never dreamed I would experience that sort of tyranny in Canada. I took that freedom
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8 Apr
After one full year...
British Columbia
The population is 5,153,039
Deaths 1449
Chance of survival 99.97%

The population is 4,436,258
Deaths 1980
Chance of survival 99.96%

The population is 1,178,832
Death 430
Chance of survival 99.96%
The population is 1,380,935
Deaths 917
Chance of survival 99.93%

In Ontario
The population is 14,755,211
Deaths is 7308
Chance of survival 99.95%

In Quebec
The population is 8,575,944
Deaths 10645
Chance of survival 99.88%
New Brunswick
The population is 782,078
Deaths 30
Chance of survival 99.996%

Prince Edward Island
The population is 159,819
Death 0
Chance of survival 100%

Nova Scotia
The population is 979,449
Deaths 66
Chance of survival 99.993%
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18 Mar
The United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), a supranational agreement created and developed by the UN, has the real potential to seriously compromise our national sovereignty, supersede Canadian law, and give rights to a recognized group in Canada outside
of federal legislation, rendering the vast majority of Canadians without rights to large swaths of land;
UNDRIP would effectively be interpreted to supersede the current language of Canadian law from "meaningful consultation" to "prior and informed consent",
in relation to any development on any hereditary land, disputed or otherwise, essentially giving veto power to hereditary chiefs using traditional law that in fact does not have legal standing within the laws of Canada;
Canada has already an effective system of consulting
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11 Mar

While keeping us all occupied with wuflu, the Liberals have been quietly pushing through Bill C-15, UNDRIP. This is the United Nations agenda that will take away your land from under you. Essentially South Africa here in Canada.
The CPC has also been very quiet, even though there are MP's that oppose this legislation.

Please call and/or write your MP telling them to vigorously and vehemently oppose this bill! It has gone through second reading with a vote in the house coming soon!
I can't possibly explain to you how critical this is!

Please please please share this and call/write your MP. Our sovereignty depends on it!

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2 Mar
When the media does hit pieces criticizing critical thinkers as conspiracy theorists, it's purposeful. It is promoted as simply a response to "crazy" ideas and "conspiracy theories", but in actual fact it is a coordinated effort to get the reader/listener, the masses,
to dismiss/reject anyone who criticizes the established and prevailing narrative.

Does this look familiar?
Avoid abstract ideas - appeal to the emotions.
Constantly repeat just a few ideas. Use stereotyped phrases.
Give only one side of the argument.
Continuously criticize your opponents.
Pick out one special "enemy" for special vilification.
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1 Mar
Here we go folks. I’ve been all over this country creating/promoting/supporting and speaking at freedom rallies over the last 3 years.

Now it’s Saskatchewan’s turn!


We are joining the world in a massive freedom rally March 20th.
So Far we have invited Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Vladislav Sobolev, and others. We will be adding to the list and updating you as we move along.
We will be inviting the Liberty Coalition Leaders and members! Randy Hillier, Maxime Bernier, and Derek Sloan
You have 3 solid weeks to plan. Let’s send the strongest message yet!

2 clear points.

Uphold the Charter

Open the Debate. Transparent and accountable decision making.

1 clear message.

End the measures that are destroying our lives, our economies, our families,
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23 Feb
I can show you scientific studies that shows data that proves masking the population, especially kids, doesn't work to stop transmission. I can use common sense to show you that whatever you are exhaling is going into the air around me, regardless if I'm wearing a mask or not.
The opposition, the prevailing narrative, relies solely on the strawman argument that "the numbers would have been higher without them", without a shred of empirical evidence.
Once you accept that reality, ask yourself, why? Why would they mask you and your kids?
I can show you scientific studies and data that proves the PCR test is a fraud and governments depended on that test and the numbers derived from it to justify their actions to the masses. The masses that were made to be fearful, fearful to the point of paranoia.
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20 Feb
If you’re having a hard time understanding why your country doesn’t look like your country anymore, it’s because it’s not.
We are under global governance. Everything Trudeau has brought forward in the way of policies, regulations, WuFlu response, climate change policies,
destruction of our economy, etc, is not guided by Canadians elected to represent Canadians. These policies are created and distracted by unelected foreign entities like the UN, IMF, WEF, UNESCO, and many like them. This is happening because our elected officials have
ceded our sovereignty to this unelected foreign entity.
This is why you don’t recognize your country. This is why pastors are being thrown in jail for simply preaching to their congregation, people being arrested for simply exercising their rights under the charter,
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19 Feb
Of course this bill was sponsored by Cheryl Gallant, the only CPC MP to vote against the Paris Accord. The liberals shot down this bill because under sustainable development agenda the government< who is being directed by an unelected foreign entity, will use the
"climate Emergency" to expropriate land from land owners as part of a "green initiative". It's coming folks. It's not going to get any better, in fact, far worse from here on in.

This will be/is one of the mechanisms/programs the UN/Unesco are using/will is to expropriate your land. biospherecanada.ca/18-sites?fbcli…
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8 Feb
You believed in a theory that C02 creates cooling, then warming, then climate change and that throwing your hard earned money at the problem would solve the problem. Then you believed that an illness with a 99.8% recovery rate needed total lockdown and the trampling of our rights
While the same “scientific modelling” was used for both to I still fear in the masses. Yet somehow I’m the conspiracy theorist? You base all of your decisions on the colour of someone’s skin, yet I’m the racist? You base all your decisions on the gender of someone,
while allowing a man to pretend to be woman and beat women in women’s sports, yet I’m the misogynist? You denounce borders and support mass immigration creating mass unemployment and less opportunity for those coming to this country while destroying the culture of this country
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3 Feb
Here’s the deal. If you have been so manipulated by the media and the singular, locked down narrative, and you’re that scared of an illness that has a 99.9% recovery rate, showing numbers derived by an unreliable PCR test, while the frail and old are dying because the government
refuses to use hcq and ivermectin, then fill your boots. Wear 3 masks, stay isolated from the world, let your business be destroyed, mask your kids ALL day, keep them from healthy socializing and playing sports, and take the untested vaccine, hell take em all, twice, three times.
That’s your choice. But please remember that your choice has much greater consequences for everyone around you. You are giving the government power they should never have. You’re making these horribly consequential choices based on one narrative, an unchallenged narrative,
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2 Feb
@PremierScottMoe , you wanna talk about harassment. How about all the people who were simply exercising their right under our charter,by assembling peacefully and expressing themselves freely,that received heavy handed fines in the amount of $2800ea?

Fines/actions that are actually against our laws in Canada and Saskatchewan. having police officers break their oaths, each one of them have taken. Directing law enforcement officers to break their oath, break the law, and actually harass law abiding citizens who were simply
exercising their rights, is the definition of harassment. So far as having those officers serve these fines at the homes of Saskatchewan residents. I don't know about you, and I'm not a lawyer, but it seems to me that lawsuits may be coming forward soon. hopefully some
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1 Feb
Quick math. 1.7 million Albertans have been tested. Alberta Health concedes that 4% of those tested are false positive. (It’s much higher).
120,000 cases. That means that 68,000(4%) have been false positives, out of 120,000 cases. More than half of all cases are false based
on their own under estimated false positive numbers. I’m going to assume these numbers are similar across the country.

We having our freedoms trampled on, livelihoods ruined, and lives destroyed over this? And we’re supposed to thank Shahab and
Moe for the great work their doing? The NDP wants Moe to destroy more lives and businesses and childhoods while taking more of our freedoms.

We have zero representation in government in Saskatchewan and expected to just shut up. Not going to happen. We are representing more and
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13 Jan
So let's get this straight. To the governments in Canada that are destroying our economies, lives, and livelihoods, stating that they are "protecting" the healthcare system by instituting draconian lockdowns and restrictions. If this was about health and a virus...
Why didn't you simply invest some of that $359 billion into more staff/beds to accommodate the 2nd wave you claim we are experiencing and leave us all the hell alone and not trample on our rights or destroy our economy? Next tweet for the answer...
Because they have all been complicit in the destruction of our economy and our lives and livelihoods as per the great reset/agenda2030 while at the same time using wuflu as cover for a financial meltdown these same "elites" helped create. Formal agreement between WEF and UN 06/19
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3 Jan
Message to Premiers & Governments across the country: It’s time for you to base your decisions on the best interests of the people, not your handlers. Even though the majority believe the mass media narrative, it is your duty to make decisions on behalf of the people.
You have all based the measures taken on a PCR test that is greatly flawed, useless at 40ct. You’re destroying lives and livelihoods because it’s politically expedient and consistent with the prevailing narrative created by the media. You’re either extremely ignorant or complicit
Consequences to these decisions and measures taken far outweigh the risk that COVID presents. It’s time for you all to grow a spine and to stand up as you were elected to do. Our prime minister and his cabinet have been dictated to by unelected globalist WHO/UN officials
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12 Dec 20
Please tell me what is more reasonable...

Locking the province down, destroying the economy, destroying people's small business, destroying jobs and opportunity to earn a living and support a family, destroying lives, all based on a case count
derived from a test that has been ruled unreliable in courts of law for a flu that has 99.7% recovery rate for anyone under 80yrs old...

Demanding the government respect and uphold the constitution and charter of rights and freedoms, and in that, prove, demonstrably that the measures taken are appropriate for the circumstance, like using a debunked PCR test to
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25 Nov 20
1) Reminder to police officers, as a peace officer, you made an oath to uphold the law, part of that oath is to NOT follow orders that are unlawful. You are all quite possibly breaking that oath and the law by issuing fines that contradict the constitution.
2) It’s your sworn duty to refuse directions/orders that are unlawful.
"I solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be loyal to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada and that I will, to the best of my ability, discharge my duties as a member of the (insert name of municipality) Police Services Board faithfully, impartially and
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25 Nov 20
1) As Canada’s only NGO that is dedicated to opposing globalism, the UN Agenda, and The Great Reset, while informing and educating the masses as to the enormous consequences to the freedom, sovereignty, and prosperity of our Nation that those agendas have,
2)we are creating and planning The Great Reset Summit. We will be bringing together some of the worlds foremost experts on all issues related to globalism and the globalist agendas, including their direct connection to Covid19 and the measures governments have taken in response.
3) We, naturally, do not receive government grants(tax payer money) to fund the opposition to the establishment government’s commitment to those agenda goals. We need your financial support to ensure we can move forward effectively with this enormously important project.
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24 Nov 20
1) According to the CDC, 330,000 Canadians have contracted Covid. (Based on a test that has been proven in Portuguese court to be incredibly unreliable)
According to the CDC, 11,000 have died.
3.3% death rate. 96.7% recovery rate.
Vast majority of those deaths are people aged
2) 77 or over. Seniors are very typically more vulnerable to the flu. Not any different than any other year.
Consider that most of those deaths, especially with the elderly, were combined with 2 or more co-morbidities, like cancer, diabetes, pneumonia, TB, COPD, etc.
3) Well over 99.5% of people under the age of 77 who get this flu, will recover.
Overall death rates, province to province, have remained the same, or dropped over last year.
Somehow these numbers equate to government justification for lockdowns?
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